DesiXnxx Website Review (2020)


DesiXNXX is an Indian adult website with a plethora of sexually explicit content. The site contains only hardcore Indian porn videos and photos. 

The term Desi is loosely associated with a few countries, for example, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

If you hear the conjuncture “desi,” be assured that someone is talking about any one of these countries.

DesiXNXX is a free porn website, and if you are into Indian porn, you will enjoy watching the content of DesiXNXX.

In case, you watch only HD resolution videos, you might not feel pleased because here the users upload mobile shot homemade sex tapes.

We have reviewed DesiXNXX for you to share an honest opinion about the site.

We know that there are a lot of dedicated amateur Indian porn materials and websites available on the internet; however, it always makes sense to go through the review of these websites first before becoming their member or paying for the memberships.

Luckily, DesiXNXX is a 100% free adult site, and you don’t have to pay anything to view or download the content of this site. What we liked about DesiXNXX is that the site is free, and there are more than 30,000 videos to explore and download.

You don’t have to become a member of DesiXNXX to start uploading or exploring the contents. The clips available at DesiXNXX are mostly short. You will get to see Indian beauties sleeping on the bed all naked and in some videos, their partners are seen to be playing with their boobs.

Most of the screencaps on DesiXNXX have Indian stunners, all set to give you a hard on.

The average length of these videos will be around 8 minutes. Indian porn niche is one of the most searched niches on the internet, mostly because India has the highest population, and we can imagine why there is a need for Indian porn sites.

The videos that are uploaded in DesiXNXX are mostly filmed on mobile phones, and therefore they are not available in HD format. Just a few scrolls, and you will realize that there are tons of amateur porn content available on the site.

Even though the clips are not available in HD format, they are somewhat decent to watch. All of the materials are homemade, and you are going to have a good time with that. There are no scripts involved, no fake orgasms, and no fake moaning sounds, whatever you will watch is genuine and 100% exclusive.

The videos will have girls who are above 18 years of age, and there will be many aunties in hardcore banging scenes. The site doesn’t showcase any underage girls, so don’t worry about jerking off watching a minor girl.

What makes DesiXNXX popular?

There are many reasons why DesiXNXX is one of the most preferred Indian porn websites. In most of the top-labeled adult sites, the max that we get to see is a sub-category with only a few Indian porn videos, but we want more than just a few.

The site has over 30,000 porn videos, and each clip comes along with impressive photo galleries. Which means you will get to explore galleries and videos. There are only a few Indian porn sites that will offer these many porn materials and that too for free.

DesiXNXX is free, and you can download or stream unlimited porn content. This is the reason why DesiXNXX has a considerable number of fans. There is no room for fake boobs bouncing while having sex or fake orgasms; whatever you will see is going to be 100% legit and pure.

The couples or girls that you will see are not pornstars, they are ordinary people, just like us.

Now, wouldn't you like to watch an Indian hottie with real boobs? Another reason why the site is popular is that the Indian population is massive, and most of these people are only looking for sex and not scripted ones that we get to see on or Naughty America.

We know nothing is real on these sites. The videos that you will get to see here at DesiXNXX are not scripted. There are no crew members, no additional lighting, the girls are all-natural, and moaning that you get to hear is real as well.

The couples can be seen having a good time, and the girls, in general, are not shy to suck cocks, and neither the men are afraid of licking the pussies. Whatever you see is pure and honest. And that’s what makes DesiXNXX the best among all the other adult sites.

In some of the videos, you will see the girls feeling shy to get naked, while in others, the girls are as horny as the men. We do think that most of the ladies were unaware that they are being filmed, and that’s what increased our curiosity.

Indian girls are known for their shy nature, and we are sure if they would have known that they are getting filmed, they might have said no to it. DesiXNXX ensures that the viewers get to enjoy all of the content, and that’s why they have kept their website very straightforward.

The landing page of the site is overloaded with explicit material. Once you browse through the website, you will be surprised to see how simple the site is. Even though the video lengths are small, we don’t have any complaints whatsoever, because everything is free here.

All the girls in the videos are having a good time, and they are giving the best blowjob to their partners. Once you visit DesiXNXX, we don’t think you will want to go anywhere else. Streaming and downloading is a piece of cake, and you will face no difficulty in downloading any of the content.

Download as many movies or photos as you want! After all, you won’t be paying anything at all!

Website Overview

Website Address:

Website layout

After visiting DesiXNXX, we were bombarded with a massive amount of Indian porn content. The home page or the landing page of the site has nothing else, only tons and tons of porn content. On top, you will see the number of videos that the site has.

We scrolled down a bit before clicking on any of the thumbnails, just to see what else was there. After scrolling down, we saw the collection of the most viewed category, and finally, there was a gallery category.

There is a small tab on the right, which, once clicked, will show you the hottest collection of cute and beautiful Indian girls. We were amazed to see these girls because some of them were genuinely good looking.

Photo galleries

DesiXNXX has 533 galleries so far. In each of the gallery, you will see the number of photos each set has.

We clicked on some of the galleries and found selfies of naked girls. These girls have clicked nude selfies and probably have shared with their partners, or they might have uploaded them on DesiXNXX.

You will be surprised to see the photos because the photos are shot nicely, and the girls are hot. They have clicked their naked self, and in most of the pictures, they can be seen showing their massive breasts. Once we were satisfied with the photo collection, we moved to the video part.


We found that there are 30507 videos, and the users submit all of the videos because each video is filmed privately. In the beginning, you will see the recent videos uploaded by the members. Each clip has a thumbnail of an Indian woman.

However, in some, we could see hardcore banging thumbnails, as well. We clicked on one of the video thumbnails to check the video quality, and even though they were shot on a mobile phone, we were happy with the quality.

Some of the video clips are as short as 45 seconds, while others are 9 minutes long. On average, the videos will be some 7 minutes long.

Click on the thumbnails to start watching the videos. You should have a Flash Player installed on your computer, though if you would like to stream them online and if you wish to download the video, then click on the “Download Here” option, and the video will be downloaded.

Once downloaded, you can decide to save it on your mobile phone to get your hands dirty later.


Navigating DesiXNXX is easy. It will hardly take a second to find what you are searching for.

The search is responsive, and you will get to see the correct results. We don’t think the site is too old because the oldest video that we could find was uploaded in 2014, so probably, that’s when the site was launched.

There is no menu, and neither can you look for categories, but the search bar will help you find what you are looking for. Each video thumbnail will give you the title of the video and also the length of the video. For downloading, you will get two options, 360p and 720p.

If you are into Indian amateur porn, then yes, DesiXNXX will please you. Each video will have some tags, and you can click on those tags too to watch relevant content.


All the girls on DesiXNXX are gorgeous Indian stunners. Some are young, while others are mature.

These Indian bombshells are blessed with beautiful, caramelized, and brown body. Readers may note that these are not pornstars. Just some regular college-going, homemakers, or working professional ladies having sex with their partners, and getting filmed.

Pricing & Membership Fees

DesiXNXX is a free Indian adult site. You don’t need to pay anything to start watching their content. There are no subscription fees, and neither is there any membership fee. You can browse the site and view the content or download them as many times as you want.

This is the reason why people visit DesiXNXX again and again. The max that you need to do is type in DesiXNXX on Google search and start exploring the site. Also, if you have some homemade sex tapes with you, which you would like to upload for others to watch, go ahead and upload them here.

The site will not ask you to become their member. There is an upload tab in the bottom, click on that to start uploading your content. Just remember that the file size should be under 100MB, and the duration should be a minimum of 1 minute.

The video cannot contain any watermark, and no underaged people are allowed. We do agree that the content of DesiXNXX does not look professional, but don’t you have to pay a dime a dozen to watch studio-produced videos and photos?

Such sites charge you a bomb, and here at DesiXNXX, you are getting everything for free. So, no complaints. The site has only homemade content. You can expect to see adult movies which are filmed in the bedroom or in public places.

And we can’t deny the fact that there are people out there who enjoy watching amateur porn content and that’s why sites like DesiXNXX exists. Even though the site doesn’t claim themselves to be an amateur adult site, looking at the content, we can see that everything is amateur.

These are not trained professionals, just simple people enjoying sex, and that’s about it.

You should go to their picture galleries though because you are going to enjoy what you see. The site is available for mobile users as well. So, if you don’t like to stay stuck to your laptop or desktop, then feel free to browse their mobile website.

Site Performance



Image Quality

7 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10

Content Amount

10 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10

Download/ Streaming

10 / 10


8 / 10

Bonus Score

4 / 10

Overall Score

80 / 100

Site Statistics 

  • Most Popular Models: DesiXNXX is a platform for amateur Indian porn, and it is based on the user’s submission. They don’t have any professional performers.
  • Models: All the girls in DesiXNXX are above 18 years of age, and they are all ordinary people like us.
  • Body Type: The girls are slim or healthy. Many girls are fair; however, there are dark complexion girls, as well. The girls have beautiful and large breasts.
  • Total number of videos: 30507
  • The average length of videos: 7 minutes
  • Bandwidth: Many
  • Image Quality: SD, 360p or 720p
  • File Size:100 to 200 MB
  • Buffer: 1 second
  • High Resolution: No
  • Video DRM: No

Competitors of DesiXNXX

There are a few 100% free Indian porn websites available on the internet that offer excellent quality amateur porn content. Because sites like these exist, we can only imagine why DesiXNXX will not have any competitors.

Even though DesiXNXX provides a ton of free materials, there are a few sites, which are giving fierce competition to the site. Some of the websites that we think are giving a hard time to DesiXNXX are Indian Porn Videos, Fuck My Indian GF, and Suck Sex.

Indian Porn Video

Indian Porn Video is free just like DesiXNXX, and the site offers a massive amount of amateur porn content.

The quality of the videos is good, and the site has many good-looking Indian girls. As the site is free, you will not have to pay anything to become their member, and on top of that, you can upload homemade sex tapes on the site as well.

Fuck My Indian GF

Fuck My Indian GF is not a free site, and you will have to pay to watch its content. The site offers a galore of top-quality amateur homemade porn content that you are going to enjoy. Other than that, the place looks good, and navigation is easy.

Suck Sex

Finally, we have Suck Sex. Suck Sex offers unlimited downloading and streaming, and the content is purely Indian porn content only.


  • DesiXNXX is a free Indian porn site offering the best quality legit and exclusive porn content.
  • Most of the videos are of good quality.
  • The site has only homemade porn videos.
  • The website looks excellent, sleek, and is easy to navigate.
  • Viewers can upload their content on the site with just a few clicks.
  • The site is available in the mobile version.


  • Many videos are only 40 seconds long
  • There are no bonus sites available

Customer Support

Unfortunately, you can’t get in touch with DesiXNXX. Also, it is a free site, and since there are no membership or subscription fees, you don’t have to worry about anything. If you wish to take down any of the porn content, you can click on the “Content removal request” tab.


We think that DesiXNXX is an excellent Indian porn site and contains loads of amateur homemade porn videos. The gallery is gigantic and showcases some of the gorgeous Indian sultry babes that you will ever get to see.

The site looks sleek and straightforward, and the best part is, you don’t have to pay anything to start browsing the site. You are free to download unlimited porn videos and save them on your mobile phone. The site hosts more than 30,000 videos and over 26,000 galleries.

Parting words

Finally, we have come to an end to our DesiXNXX review. We hope that you will go and explore all the exciting content of DesiXNXX. Don’t forget to come back for more amazing reviews. Until then, go on and have fun!

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