Top 23 Best Gay OnlyFans Account to Follow in 2022

Top 23 Best Gay OnlyFans Account to Follow in 2021

Looking for the best gay onlyfans accounts? you are at the right place.

Over the years, Adult content creators have had tremendous success and popularity using the OnlyFans platform.

OnlyFans give excellent opportunities to amazing content creators from all gender expressions, backgrounds, and sexual orientations.

OnlyFans is the best platform for the creators of gay adult content. There are many gay content creators on OnlyFans who are currently producing high-quality material for their fans.

If you are searching for the top gay OnlyFans accounts that you want to subscribe to, then this article is for you.

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Best Gay Onlyfans: Top 23 Top Male OnlyFans Account (2022) - HOTTEST

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Uncensored gay OnlyFans content

Adam Coussins has been into fitness modeling for a few years. Adam is one of the best male models on Onlyfans.

No doubt he deserves the #1 spot for best gay onlyfans.

He has posted a lot of entertaining content on the OF page to please his fans and to remain always on the top.

You can enjoy professional photoshoots, shower videos, and even filthy and kinky content on his Onlyfans account. He surely has pushed his limits to make his subscribers happy.

You can subscribe to his OF account at just $12.99 per month. He also offers attractive subscription bundles to his regular subscribers.

You can subscribe to his page for just $27.28 for 3 months, $46.76 for 6 months, and $77.94 for 12 months.

Adam Coussins

Best dick pics and videos on OnlyFans

Get naughty with Ben Dudman, who has the best gay account on Onlyfans. Ben is a very popular fitness model who has also done many shoots in his underwear only. 

If you are into hot boys then you should definitely check out his OF account. Every week, Ben posts a lot of sensual content like his professional pictures with some of the greatest photographers, behind the scenes of sexy photo shoots, doing fun with friends, and full frontal. 

He has a perfect body and he has been improvising his content regularly and now he is going full frontal on his account and that makes him the most popular gay member of the OF community.

Just look at his hot and nude body by subscribing to his account at $12.99 only.

Ben Dudman

Hottest Porn Star

Austin Wolf is a well-known name on a wildly popular Cockyboys porn site. Over the years, Austin has grown in his unique form of sexual energy and now he has been showcasing his talent on Onlyfans also.

Austin is one of the best OnlyFans male models and pornstars. He makes sure that he always has something new to offer his legions of adult movie aficionados.

You can subscribe to his OF page at just a nominal fee of $9.99. With this subscription, you gain access to his exclusive content of more than 1500 hot and steamy archived videos.

Austin Wolf is in the top 0.07% of all creators on ONlyFans. 


Gay celebrity XXX OnlyFans account

Arron Lowe has been a popular face since the time he participated in Big Brother. His fame rose quickly when he joined OnlyFans and became the best gay creators on the platform.

Arron with his huge assets gathered a huge following on his OF account. If you are a fan of some raunchy gay XXX content, then you should check out Arron’s OF account.

You would be more than happy to know that Arron’s OnlyFans page is free and does not require any subscription fees.

Get instant access to all his content for free. However, the content that you get with this free subscription is less hardcore.

Although there are many nude shots of him on the page, they are just like the teasers. If you really want to enjoy his premium content, then you have to purchase them separately. 

Arron Lowe

Top gay OnlyFans performer of 2021

Jason Genesis has the best gay account on OnlyFans and if you want to enjoy some 18+ content, then you should definitely check out his account.

Jason is active when it comes to posting some of the nastiest, raunchiest gay porn stuff on his account.

His content is so entertaining that it can give major competition to even big production companies and studios.

His OF account is full of different types of XXX content. He is one member of OF who doesn’t shy away from steamy public gay sex.

Other than this, he also provides elaborate roleplay videos that fulfill your gay fantasies. His cute tight ass can handle any type of anal punishment like a total champ, and this dude is no doubt one of the uncommon creators on OF that!

Jason Genesis

Best diverse gay OnlyFans creator

Shane Crommer is a legitimate fitness coach and the best gay creator on OnlyFans. Even Shane posts helpful guides and tips on how to stay physically fit on his OF account.

Do not get disappointed as Shane is also active on OF posting many standard dick pictures and videos of his erect penis.

You can also make a request to Shane for his exclusive and customized content for a fee.

You can subscribe to this diverse gay OnlyFans creator’s account for $14.99 per month. No doubt, if you are willing to pay this amount, you can enjoy some of the best gay porn content on Shane’s OF account.

Shane Crommer

Has one of the hardest working dicks on OnlyFans

Elio Chalamet started off working on BelAmiChat. Elio has one of the best gay OnlyFans accounts.

He is originally from Slovakia and is best friends with Nils Tatum and Paul Cassidy. Elio has one of the hardest working 8-inch long dicks on OnlyFans.

You can subscribe to his gay OF account by paying just $5.40 per month. Other than this, he also offers long-term subscription bundles at reasonable prices.

You can get access to his OF page for 3 months at $28.78, 6 months for $50.36, and 12 months for $71.94. 

Eli Chalamet

Great for gay solo and group content

Awards- Winner in the Best European Twink category at the Prowler Porn Awards 2019 and Winner in Favorite Cam Guy category at the GayVN 2019 Fan Awards

Paul Cassidy was born on 10 June 1998 and his real name is Nikolas Levicky. Paul is a Hungarian pornographic actor who posts excellent gay solo and group content on OnlyFans.

He has also been a famous bodybuilder, adult, webcam, and fitness model.
You can subscribe to his OnlyFans account at just $5.50 for 30 days.

Other than this, there are some exciting offers on subscription bundles viz. $26.38 for 3 months, $46.16 for 6 months, and $65.94 for 12 months.

Paul Cassidy

Toppiest Top

Awards: 2021 GayVN "Favorite Cock"|2020 GayVN "Performer of the Year"|2020 Str8Up Gay Porn Awards "Favorite Gay Porn Star" and "Favorite Topping Performance"|2020 Grabby Awards “Hottest Cock”|2019 Grabby Awards "Hottest Top"

Cade Maddox has won many awards as a gay pornstar for his huge cock. He has been named as the Hottest Top of 2020 by the folks at Grabbys after watching his porn work.

How can OnlyFans remain untouched with this super hot wolf and his howling? Cade has been the top OnlyFans creator with a variety of hot content and steamy hardcore action.

Once you subscribe to his OF account, you can see his very popular cock in action. On his OnlyFans account, you get to enjoy some exclusive offers, hardcore content, and not to forget a personal orgasm experience. 

Cade Maddox

Most Loyal Fanbase

There are many gay content creators on OnlyFans but not all of them have the type of loyalty Alexander Mecum now enjoys.

It has been years since this hot gay model, adult performer, and social media standout have been steaming up the internet. Now, he has landed on the OnlyFans platform where he showcases his many talents.

His unique and disarming charm has made Alexander the most popular gay content creator on Onlyfans.

With his boy next door good looks, he can become your favorite in just a few seconds. However, when he reveals his exhibitionist side, he just heats up the eroticism up to a whole other level.

Subscribe to his OnlyFans account at just $10 per month and gain access to an entire universe of steamy and sexy content, including live shows and more. 

Alexander Mecum

Best OnlyFans gay Latino porn account

It has been more than half a decade now, Danito has been popular as one of the hottest gay Latino pornstars on OnlyFans.

If you are a true fan of gay porn, then you should definitely check his OnlyFans page. Danito has been quite active on OnlyFans posting a great collection of nudes and pornographic content.

On the other side, he also takes extra efforts in providing you with top-notch content to satisfy your kinky needs.

Danito is also an expert in voyeuristic and exhibitionist behavior, which has been every gay porn fan’s fantasy.

You can subscribe to his OF channel by paying just $9.99. However, you get access to his general content only at this price.

But he regularly runs promos for long-term subscribers and gives them exciting offers to enjoy his hot gay porn content.


Jock porn OnlyFans content

You may have seen Matthew Camp as a guest judge on Slag Wars. He is one of the best Jock pornstars on OnlyFans.

An undeniable gay porn icon, Matthew has posted numerous entertaining adult content on the OnlyFans account.

This includes videos of him squirting his load, sucking cock, fucking one of his hot gay friends, or getting railed hard in the ass.

If you are into some hot gay porn, then you can subscribe to Matthew’s OnlyFans account at $10 a month.

You can even save on this nominal fee if you choose one of his subscription bundles for 3 or 12 months. 

Matthew Camp

OnlyFans’ best bear

If you are into hot and hairy men, then who can be better than Teddy Bear. Teddy Bear is no doubt the premier bear creator on OnlyFans right now.

Subscribe to his account if you are into adult content featuring a manly man with all that hair in all the right places.

Apart from subscribing to his OnlyFans page for typical porn content, you can also buy actual Teddy Bear merchandise like apparel and other exclusive content.

When it comes to exclusive content, Teddy is one of the top creators on OnlyFans. For his exclusive and customized content, you just have to request him with a message on his OnlyFans, and pay his rates

Teddy Bear

Treats his members like a reward for his OF subscribers, and is well worth it.

Noah Cavill is no doubt the hottest gay porn model in the industry. He has the hottest gay OnlyFans account on the site and is quite active in posting entertaining content.

Muscular and blonde, Noah has a huge fan following both on Instagram and OnlyFans.
At just $12.99per month, you can enjoy all the sensuous videos and pictures he posts on his OnlyFans account.

And if you are more interested you can also access his exclusive and customized content by paying a little extra.

There are also exciting offers on long-term subscriptions to his OnlyFans account. You just need to pay $31.18 for 3 months and $54.56 for 6 months to enjoy his content.

Noah Cavill

Perfect for fans of gay porn collabs

If you are into gay couple content, then you should definitely check out Jony Peder’s OnlyFans account.

Jony’s OnlyFans account is completely loaded with romance. This hung Argentinian man with a hot body has a great collection of hot sex pictures and videos even with quarantine underway.

That’s thanks to his handsome lover, Martin. The first thing you will see when you subscribe to Jony Peder OnlyFans page is love-making with Martin.

Together as a couple, they make the hottest gay couple. Jony’s tattoos and a good-sized cock make him the most popular content creator on the OnlyFans site. 

Jony Peder

Yummiest Screen Name

LetseatcakeXx is no doubt the yummiest screen name on OnlyFans. The account is handled by two hot gay models.

On this OF account, you get to see not one but two hot guys suck, fuck, and enjoy their bodies in an amazing number of ways.

The two hot models are Kaden and Tyler Hylls behind the screen. If you are really into eating some cake, then all it takes is a single click of your mouse.

Subscribe to their account and check out their hundreds of full-lengths and hardcore videos.

Make sure your one hand is free while holding onto that mouse, or your smartphone, as once you get a look at these two hot studs, your other hand will definitely be on your dick.


Cutest Couple

Naughtygaywelsh account has the cutest and super hot gay couple on OnlyFans. At the cost of one, you can enjoy the two hot guys, what else can you expect?

From their account, you can clearly see that the two guys are in love with each other and they are very proud to show off their love on social media. To make their fans happy, they show off their sexual escapades.

You can subscribe to the gay Onlyfans account of this fun-loving and highly sexual couple.

They have been posting a new full-length video four times a month. You get to see all this wanking action for one low monthly rate of just $10.99 per month. Watch out for their discount offers to save even more.


A great gay OnlyFans up-and-comer

Alexander definitely has on the hottest gay onlyfans account.

He is considered to be one of the top gay onlyfans account to follow by many. 

Alexander “Palex”

A Great bottom who sucks a good D

Stallion Fabio is the hottest gay content creator on the OnlyFans site. This man’s package is huge and he knows very well how to use his French “baguette”.

On his OnlyFans account, he is quite active and regularly posts some x-rated content, dirty duo action, some solo fun in public places and so much more filthiness.

Just subscribe to his OnlyFans page and get access to hours and hours of content to enjoy.

There is also an exciting offer going on long-term subscription bundles of his account, viz. $81.55 for 6 months and $124.72 for 12 months.

Stallion Fabio

Top OnlyFans gay star for couple videos (OF page not available)

Levy Van Wilgen is a famous Instagram star and photo blogger. He is into traveling, modeling, and menswear fashion.

Born on 13 December 1996 in Gorinchem, Netherlands, he is the top OnlyFans gay content creator for hot couple videos. He launched his OnlyFans account to share his hot, and sexy content with his followers.

He has posted over 150 videos on his OnlyFans page and there is a lot more to see on his account. He teams up often with other popular and hot Instagrammers and OnlyFans guys to jerk off and make hot content. 

Levy Van Wilgen

Hot Latino gay OnlyFans creator

Mark Tanner is definitely one of the hottest Latino gay OnlyFans creators. On his OnlyFans account, you can see an excellent combination of his twink and hunk.

He seems to be pretty vers as well, so you can expect to get tons of hardcore content that you can enjoy and jerk off to.

Mark is quite active on his OnlyFans account and he promises daily updates, so there is always going to be something fresh and new to enjoy.

Mark always entertains collaboration videos and fun fan requests. Just message him on his account and get ready to enjoy some of his exclusive real hardcore content.

On his OnlyFans account, you can discover tons of hot new guys to follow as well. Now with over 60 videos, there is a ton to see for new subscribers.

Mark Tanner

Master at teasing his OF followers

Marc Rose is a strapping hulk of a man with a huge body. He has a 44-inch chest and a thick cock that can impress any guy or even a girlgh.

He has an appealing physique that is quite similar to an Olympic diver. With his unflappable nerves of pro-male talent, he is the most popular gay OnlyFans content creator.

He is also a fitness model and keeps posting fitness tips on his OnlyFans account for his subscribers.

He is a very adventurous gay pornstar who does everything in intimacy. You can subscribe to his OnlyFans page for just $4.50 for 30 days.

Other than this, you also get exciting offers on long-term subscription bundles like $23.98 for 3 months and $38.96 for 6 months of uninterrupted entertainment. 

Marc Rose

Expert in creating hot, steamy, exclusive gay content

If you love hot, steamy, and exclusive gay content, then you can check out William Seed’s gay OnlyFans account.

He is a muscled-up stud who uses his OF account to provide his adoring fans with his naughtiest, wildest, hottest content.

He has also been the winner of the Favorite Gay Model Award at the 2018 Pornhub Awards.

Subscribe to his OF account to enjoy some hot exclusive content. Once becoming a member of his OF account, you get to enjoy a regular dose of this big-dicked daddy. He is no doubt one of the top 20 best gay OnlyFans content creators.

William Seed

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Kind of Content Can I Find on OnlyFans gay accounts?

You can find a wide-ranging and diverse type of content on OnlyFans gay accounts. In 2016, when OnlyFans first opened, it offered only adult-oriented content to subscribers. However, with time, the variety of content on Onlyfans gay accounts has changed drastically. Now, you can also find more genres like gaming, celebrity, fitness, and influencer content on OnlyFans.

Q2. Are OnlyFans gay accounts different from other creators?

No, OnlyFans gay accounts are not different from other content creators. It is just that the content they produce is primarily within the gay porn category. Apart from this, there is no difference between OnlyFans gay content creators and straight content creators. Some of the gays OF accounts are handled by gay couples and they show their chemistry by posting their sizzling photos and videos. Depending on the creator, you can subscribe to the gay OnlyFans account for a fee or at no charge at all. Apart from their general content, you can also access their exclusive and customized content for extra charges.

Q3. Do Any of The Best OnlyFans Gay Models Offer Free Subscriptions?

Yes, there are some of the best OnlyFans gay models who offer subscriptions on their accounts. However, with the free subscription, you only get to access the general content of these OnlyFans gay models. If you want to see their premium and exclusive content, you have to pay for those separately. Other than this, there are also many other OnlyFans girls’ accounts that are free to subscribe to.

Q4. Can I chat with OnlyFans gay creators?

Yes, you can chat with OnlyFans gay creators. It is quite easy to send a direct message to any OF creator whose account you have subscribed to as this is an in-built feature in the OnlyFans platform. However, after sending the message to your favorite gay OnlyFans creator, expecting a reply from him can be disheartening sometimes. Getting a reply from your favorite OnlyFan gay creator is a sure thing if they provide a tip message service that guarantees responses when you pay to chat with them.

Q5. How Do I Find My Favorite OnlyFans Creator?

No, you cannot search for your favorite OnlyFans creator. Searching the OnlyFans page for your favorite creator is not allowed because of privacy concerns. The database of content creators on OnlyFans is not available for people to search. However, you can use several other third-party search tools. The other simple way is to visit the Instagram or page of the gay content creator you want to search on Onlyfans, as it’s usually linked there.

I hope you loved our list of top male onlyfans, if you have any suggestions kindly share in the comments section below.

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