Best Fleshlights for Complete Girlfriend Experience (2019)

Fleshlights are my favorite sex toys.

When my girlfriend is angry at me, this beautiful sex toy is what helps me sleep 😀

Fleshlight is one such sex toy that every guy must try once in his lifetime.

The almost real feel of a pussy. Just add some lube and you will be addicted.

I contacted all fleshlight manufacturers to give us samples, we compared them, checked them on multiple parameters and came up with our final recommendations.

Best Fleshlight

What is a Fleshlight?

A fleshlight is a tool similar to a flashlight in shape, but it is used by men to masturbate.

If you are trying to fulfill your sexual desires but you are unable, then you need to look for something which is professionally designed to allow you reach orgasm and enjoy your sexual pleasures.

There are several manufacturers of the fleshlights in the market. You can get one which can fulfill your sexual fantasies.

When it comes to buying the devices, you can order online discreetly. It will be packaged in a pack which will not reveal its content and get delivered to your doorstep.

The masturbating tool comes which clear instructions which you can follow to get started in your sexual pleasures.

Here we have a list of top ten fleshlights and a buyer’s guide so that you can always make the right decision when choosing a masturbating tool.

Best Fleshlights for Complete Girlfriend Experience (2019)

The male masturbator is also referred to as a pink lady.

If you are looking for a way you can last longer with your partner, then you need to practice. The unit is designed to allow you masturbate hence practice. 

Several people have recorded significant improvements in their sexual performance after carrying out enough tests.

The materials used to make the masturbator are almost similar to the feel you develop when engaging in real sex.

It is highly sensitive and safe for you to masturbate.

The stamina training device was designed to replicate intense sensations during intercourse. 

High sensation helps in increasing sexual stamina. You improve your performance, techniques and even heighten the intensity you achieve when in sexual intercourse. 

Even if you have never enjoyed full organism, the trainer will help you practice till you reach the climax in your sexual pleasures.

It features several functions which make it full of pleasures. For instance, you have to loosen the ends, penetrate and then tighten the end cap when in the artificial vagina.

This one deserves to be on the #1 spot for best fleshlight.



  • End Cap controls suction
  • It will train you to become hard and long
  • Easy cleaning
  • check
    Helps you last longer in bed
  • check
    Highly sensitive
  • check
    Safe materials
  • Cannot perform a blow job

My verdict: this is definitely the best feeling fleshlight among all. A good lube and you are all set to fly 🙂

It is a sex toy with a 3D realistic vagina.

Apart from a realistic vagina, you also have a mouth masturbator which comes with teeth and tongue.

If you love those types of intercourse such as blowjob, the masturbator can help you perfect your skills.

You enjoy high versatility after buying the tool. For instance, one side is
designed to mimic the woman mouth with tongue, teeth and deep throat.

The other side features a realistic vagina.

Value for money is guaranteed upon buying the device due to the two sides which help you achieve different types of sexual intercourse.

It is a realistic 3D textured sex toy with ribbed design for maximum stimulation.

 In each thrusting of the dick, you are stimulated to the maximum. The design ensures you achieve a marvelous experience in your sexual intercourse.

 Other features which make the unit stand out include a pair of lips, pliable tongue and firm teeth which make you achieve a realistic blow Job experience.

A detachable stoker provided is super easy to clean.

You only have to flush under running water, and the tool will be ready for the next day simulation.

 High-quality body safe TPE material used makes the device highly flexible. You feel a skin like a touch when playing with the sex toy.



  • One side: Vaginal ; other side; Mouth and teeth
  • Realistic 3D texture
  • Every part is detachable so easy to clean
  • check
    Realistic 3D texture
  • check
    2 in 1 design
  • check
    Body Safe TPE material
  • No blow job capability

You can also use any of the best fleshlight sleeve to use it in this equipment.

The Riley masturbator comes in an advanced design to help you achieve maximum stimulation.

It is a replica of celebrity Riley Reid. If you have been admiring the body of the celebrity, you have a chance to masturbate with a tool engender to mimic her lovely body.

You can use the sexual tool for pleasure or increase your sexual stamina. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, the device can play a significant role in helping you get rid of the premature ejaculation problem.

Utopia texture makes you enjoy each stroke. A combination of tight and ribbed design makes the artificial vagina stand out.

The toy can be a great couple’s toy which you can have in your home so that the man can masturbate and improve his sexual performance. 

You are assured of strong suction each time you penetrate the tool.

Suction can be controlled so that you achieve real sexual feeling.A sleeve warmer provided takes the pleasure to another level because you will have the feeling of engaging with a real vagina.

 If you like to make your sexual life confidential, you can easily hide the sex toys when travailing.They make it easy for you to enjoy sex from any location which is unlike full body sex toys.

The celebrity Riley whom the sex toy was made to mimic has performed in several movies.The engineers took time to come up with a sex toy which will serve you in different pleasures.

You will always feel proud having the sex toy in your home.It is easy to use, just follow the simple instructions provided and you will be good to enjoy sexual pleasures.


  • Exact replica of celebrity riley reid's body
  • Helps in premature ejaculation
  • check
    Advanced design
  • check
  • check
    Utopia texture
  • check
    Strong suction
  • You can only use it with a computer
  • It should be handled with care

You may have heard of the Pink lady. The masturbator is of high quality which assures you the best sexual feeling.

The smooth and soft design ensures canal replication. You feel the intense sensation when with the toy as if you are with your female counterpart.

Maximum comfort and lubrication is achieved by buying the sex toy. The selection of materials ensures you have a sex toy which is safe for you to apply in your daily life.

Tests have been carried out to ensure the materials used cannot expose you to any form of health complications.

You enjoy sexual pleasures with peace of mind upon buying the sex toy.

The design makes the masturbator easy to clean and use. If you can apply proper care, the male mastrurbator sex toy will be the best option.

It can last a lifetime if you take good care of it. Materials used to make the sex toy are safe and nontoxic. There are no phthalates applied in the making of the sex toy. 

Over 8 million people have bought the masturbator from different parts of the world, and most of them are very happy with the performance and design in general. 

You have the option to tighten and loosen the unique end cap to control suction and enjoy added realism easily.



  • It is without  phthalates
  • End cap can used to control suction
  • Weight : 1.63 pounds
  • check
    Soft canal replicates
  • check
    Easy to sue
  • check
    Nontoxic materials
  • No blow job option

It is a clear male sex toy. Real feel material used to make the sex toy makes it ideal for your masturbation process.

The maximum sensation is achieved due to the extremely lifelike materials used to make the unit.

You will feel as if you are in bed with your partner due to the great sensation developed due to use of special materials to make the unit. 

It is very easy to use. When it comes to cleaning, you do not have to worry. A flush of flowing water will remove the contents and make it clean.

The safe and non-toxic material used ensures you engage in a sexual encounter with a vagina which will not expose you to side effects.

It is highly durable if you follow the right steps while applying the sex toy, it can last a lifetime hence saving you money in the process.

Unique features such as partner play make you achieve oral stimulation. The spit and twist motion makes you achieve massive ejaculation.

The design is unique making you have a unique tool in your travel bag.

The device is small and lightweight which makes it possible to travel with it so that you can always have the opportunity to engage in sexual adventures while traveling.



  • Made from patented for realistic feeling
  • Weight : 8.8 ounces
  • check
    Patented real fell skin material
  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Unique design
  • check
    Safe and non-toxic
  • Sing side design, no blow job option

The toy vagina can assure you maximum stimulation.

If you are looking for sex toys to make you enjoy sexual intercourse, then you should think of buying the Stoya male toy.

You do not have to worry on how you can get started; it comes with a great design and simple instructions which you can follow to get started in your sexual pleasures.

It is available in a realistic skin color which will make you get erect within a matter of seconds.

The fleshlight girls are sold in a careful packing which makes it easy to access your toy with confidence.

If you are not getting enough sex from your partner,the sex toy can be a great addition to your home.

It will allow you enjoy sexual adventure even if your wife is not in a position to offer the sex you need.

It can be applied to both stamina practice and sexual pleasures. Easy to use design allows you to enjoy sex from any location.

Stoya is compact and effective in offering you the much-needed simulation in the sexual encounter.

Your sexual life will be transformed for good upon buying the sex toy. It has all the features you need to enjoy good sex.



  • Weight 727 gram
  • It is a water based suitable lubricant
  • It does not require a battery
  • check
    Discreet Packing
  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Highly durable
  • check
    Nontoxic materials
  • check
    It is compatible with Windows
  • check
    It records clear and sharp videos
  • No blow job

It is a translucent sleeve which has great design to assure you maximum sensation. With a waterproof case, you can easily travel with the sex tool to any location. 

You will not get sexually starved after buying the sex toy. It is highly versatile;
you can use it under the shower or even in your tub. Quick and easy cleaning
makes it the idea for busy men.

To clean the device, you just take out the sleeve and apply running water. A flesh renewing powder prevents the surface from getting sticky with time. 

It is extendable to fit penis of different sizes. Accessories such as shower mount suction pad allow secure mounting on all flat surfaces. The sleeve warmer has a vibrating bullet.

It is designed to meet the needs of men who travel a lot. Secure packing design makes it possible for you to pack the device in a secure case so that you can move with peace of mind.



  • Weight : 1.1 Pound
  • check
    Ready for travel
  • check
    Quick and easy cleaning
  • check
    Fleshlight renewing powder to avoid stickiness
  • check
  • Does not allow oral sex

The fleshlight comes in a real feel material. You feel a soft, warm and pliable
sensation when interacting with the toy.

If you are used to real sex, you will not get bored upon buying the mastrubator.

The designers took time to come up with a vagina which feels like the real thing so that you can be assured the best level of sexual sensation.

Each stroke will make you feel the sensation you develop when engaging in sex with your partner who has a tight pussy.

You do not need a lot of training before you can start using the male masturbator.

 It comes in a design which is easy to use. With proper care, the flesh light can serve you a lifetime. 

It is safe and non-toxic so that you can always achieve peace of mind while enjoying sexual pleasure.

There are no phthalates used to make the sex toy. Careful selection of materials ensures you achieve a lifelike feel when in the artificial vagina.

The discreet design allows you to achieve peace of mind when traveling with the toy.

Even if you love traveling, or you are among those people who will like to keep their sexual life private, then the design of the sex toy makes it discreet. 

Easy to clean design ensures you do not compromise on hygiene when applying the masturbator. Remember the masturbator is built to last a lifetime. With proper cleaning and care, you are always assured the best in your sexual life.



  • Light and compact design
  • Single handed grip
  • check
    Patented real feel materials
  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Nontoxic materials
  • check
    Safe materials
  • check
    Discreet design
  • check
    It durable
  • It is too soft can break while performing

It is a hyper-realistic masturbator which allows you to achieve the best sexual

You can enjoy different sex styles with the masturbator. For instance,
those who love doggy style will find it very helpful.

It is a marvelous masturbator which is made in the replica of Riley Reid’s butt. For those who love bondage sessions, it is a great sex tool to have in your home.

Some of the ways you can apply the sex toy include increasing sexual performance or just for pleasure.

Advanced design allows you to use the tool in bondage sessions. The coiled design with ribs will enable you to achieve unique pleasure. 

The stimulating texture in the design of the sex toy makes it achieve a great level of satisfaction when applied correctly.

Strong suction is guaranteed to make you cum in the vagina. You can easily control suction by loosening or tightening the unique end cap.​

It comes with flash lube sample to allow you get started quickly. Sleeve warmer makes you take the pleasure to another level.

The design makes it stay close to the real thing.

You can apply it when alone or in a couples play and the results will be excellent.



  • Loosen end cap for less resistance
  • Its material gives you real pleasure
  • check
    High-quality device
  • check
    Increases stamina as well as pleasure play
  • check
    Strong suction
  • check
    Coiled and ribbed design for maximum pleasure
  • No blow job features

The Jenna male sex toy comes in an advanced design to assure you maximum stimulation.

 It is a high-quality masturbation device which is an replica of the fleshlight girl Jenna vagina.

Sometimes you may be seeing the beautiful Jenna Haze in magazines, and you feel like you should be in bed with her.

You have the opportunity to have a feeling of her vagina if you buy the masturbating device made to mimic her vagina.

The sex toys can be applied to increase sexual performance or even to improve your stamina while in bed. 

Obsession texture opens as you penetrate mimicking the real thing.

As you go deep, the opening tightens with soft bristles which can make you cum if you have not laid a woman for long.

Strong suction ensures you achieve the maximum simulation you need to enjoy your sexual life. Small end cap allows you to control suction and the time you take to orgasm. 

A sleeve warmer makes you explode with sensation. When alone or with your partner; you can apply the device to achieve the best sexual satisfaction.

 Your sexual desires are well catered for after you decide to use the tool in your sexual is even more stimulating the actual sexual intercourse. 

The orifice is directly molded from the pornstar Jenna Haze. If you have ever seen her adult performances, you will agree the male sex toy can assure you the maximum sensation you are searching for so long. 

The feeling you will develop will make you feel being in her world.



  • Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer to take it to the Next Level
  • Features are molded directly from pornstar Jenna Haze 
  • End cap for suction
  • check
    It records videos in ultra HD
  • check
    It also streams in superb quality
  • check
    It is durable
  • check
    It is highly flexible
  • check
    It is of high quality
  • check
    It has a good microphone
  • check
    It is reliable 
  • check
    It has a high resolution
  • It is compatible with computers only
  • It is shipped to few countries

I hope you loved each of our fleshlight review and now its time to educate you on how to buy that perfect fleshlight for yourself.

Buyer's Guide

To buy the best fleshlight, there are several factors you should take into consideration.

For instance, you should factor the type of sex you enjoy most. There are others who enjoy oral sex, anal sex or those who would love to penetrate the vagina. 

The fleshlights are made to mimic different sexual organs.

You can find one made to mimic the vagina, lips for oral sex and the butt for anal sex. Here are some of the factors you should take into consideration before buying fleshlights:

  • check
    Fleshlight Orifices:The orifice can be made to resemble a pussy, butt or mouth. It depends on the type of sex you enjoy. For example, if you enjoy oral sex, then the best fleshlight to buy should be the one made to resemble the mouth. There are some designs which have one side mimicking the mouth and the other the vagina. If you prefer different sexual encounters, you can opt for one which has two sides.
  • check
    Fleshlight Girls: Some fleshlights are made to mimic the shape of famous pornstar vaginas. If there isa given pornstar who drives you crazy while watching her adult movies, you can order fleshlights made to mimic her body parts. From our review about you can order Jenna for example.
  • check
    Internal texture: The internal texture will contribute towards the simulation you will achieve. A fleshlight with ribbed internal texture will make you achieve fast simulation.
  • check
    Sleeve warmer: A sleeve warmer is an added feature in some fleshlight which adds warmth to the device. The warmth makes you feel as if you are in the real action with a warm pussy or butt.
  • check
    Closer to the real thing feels: To achieve a lifelike feel, it is necessary to check out fleshlights with features such as pliable, soft and realistic feel. Check the product description so that you can make the right decision.
  • check
    Size of your penis :The fleshlights can last a lifetime. To avoid cases where you can order a device which is too small to fit your penis, take measurements of your erect penis before you proceed to order the fleshlight.
  • check
    Sex act : There are different sex acts; you may prefer vaginal, anal or even oral. You should check and ensure the fleshlight you are about to purchase is made for your favorite sex adventure.

Which fleshlight do we recommend?

You must be wondering: what is the best fleshlight?

After reviewing the above ten fleshlights, there is one which is designed to assure you value for money. 

We recommend Zemalia Male Masturbator. The masturbator comes with teeth, tongue and the vagina. You can use it to enjoy vaginal sex or even a mind blowing blow job.

Also among top fleshlight is stamina training unit male masturbator.

Here i will end this list of best fleshlight and i hope you found a great pick for yourself.

If you found these fleshlight reviews helpful, then kindly share it with your bros and help them live a happy life as well.

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