Top 15 Best Sex Chatbots of 2022: Top Adult Sex AI Chatbot

Looking for the best AI Sex Chatbot?

You are at the right place.

Ever since the internet has introduced chat bots, creators have used it in multiple ways.

Whether it is to collect general trivia or to change the music of our smartphones, things have become easier for all of us in exchange for one simple voice command.

Moreover, when it comes to interacting with businesses, chatbots play a great role in creating an engaging conversation.

Keeping in mind the convenience of chatbots, people have turned it into a tool for sexting too. Imagine the fun you will get when you sex chat with someone and get replied in a juciest way.

Sounds cool right? Hence, yes, there are chatbots for you to quench your thirst of having some dirty talks late at night. Where do you get such sultry, erotic chatbots?

Here are some of the best ones listed for you. Find out the best one that accompanies the horny you at its best.

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Sext Bot: Top 15 Best AI Sex Chat Bots [2022] - Sexting AI Bot

1. Personality Forge

Best Overall  

Are you looking for something too user-friendly when it comes to have an erotic chat? Then Personality Forge is your thing.

It comes in the form of a web host that lets you have a great chatbot experience.

This chatbot comes with the facility of ratings that classifies the intensity of chats offered by it.

Using the ratings you can understand whether the bot is up for only flirting or you can actually fap with it.


  • The chatbot introduces individual bots with specific and ecstatic personality traits to match your level of horniness.
  • Whether you want to roleplay to feed your kink or you want a sexy sassy dirty talk session, you’ll get everything as per your wish.
  • Bots are capable to ask your gender and sexual preferneces to further adjust the mode of talking.


  • Fun-packed browsing with varied level of intelligence offered
  • Makes it easier to learn dirty talks that can improve your real-life sexting game
  • You won’t be charged with any fee to get someone talk dirty to you


  • Pro people may not find it that much nastier

2. SlutBot

Best Overall Quality 

Are you one of those who finds it quite fun to browse erotic sex stories more that watching porn? Obviously the sex stories have an delicious fun in it that can arouse a sensual imagination in your mind and make you really wet down there.

SlutBot comes as a perfect choice for such people as it serves erotic stories along with sex tips right out of the mind of an expert.

You can easily chat with Slutbot in the form of text messages to get that luscious sexy fun.


  • The bot gives you weekly messages to “play” with new ideas, scenarios and kinks
  • The intelligent AI asks your feedback to upgrade the output as per your desire
  • The platform is educational with its great bunch of tips and sex education
  • Comes in form of a SMS-based service


  • Perfect for everyone
  • The content quality is great and changes as per the response of the user
  • Offers ideas to improve your sex life with your partner
  • Great for steamy dirty talks
  • Basic subscription comes free


  • Does not ask the user’s gender

3. Love Driods

Best Overall Budget 

The Love Driods is another chatbot who will accompany you with your love towards sextings.

The chatbot is a hosting site dedicated to deliver sex chat services.

It comes with a myriad of user-designed chatbots which you can choose as per your preferences.

The bots are restricted to their do’s and don’ts. The exclusivity of the bots on Love Droids are decided by how many words or phrases they can handle.


  • Love Droids offer the chances to the users to effectively custom build their preferred bot.
  • The automation dictation feature lets you hear the messages delivered by bots.
  • Users are assumed as male on this bot which drives the direction in the chat. However the gender might switch randomly.
  • The service comes for free.


  • Automatic-dictation lets you have hands free chat.
  • Quite fun to browse
  • Allows custom-build the preferred chatbot.


  • Pre assumes the user as male
  • Some of the bots might seem crude
  • Does not come with specific filter for bot searching

4. Thoughtscreen

The Thoughtscreen can be another perfect friend to fuel up your kink.

The chatbot comes with quite a fun interfac that can actually give some erotic sensation down there.

This chatbot is the off-spring of Cleverbot which has been quite popular for some time for its service.

The uniqueness of this chatbot lies in delivering crafted messages to each of the users which makes it quite interesting.


  • Comes with a brilliant window to view other user's chat with the bot.
  • Designed with superior intelligence features to improve user experience.
  • The bot asks questions to the users to customize the chat experience.


  • Comparatively more intelligent that other chatbots
  • Offers quick view to other user experiences
  • Offers quite fun-filled experince with sex chatting
  • Comes for free


  • Quite difficult to maintain the task mode of the bot to carry on the sexual conversation.

5. Bottr

Even though the chatbot is currently in its beta mode it is still on its verge to conquer the world of sexting.

The Bottr comes with a sexy enough interface filled with erotic stories written by experts.

Bottr offers a menu from which you can explore fantastic stories of great sensuous fantasies.

The stories are mingled with sexy popups and porn gifs that can actually give your sex organs an inner tickle.


  • A smart chatbot experience served with texting alongside sexy images
  • Free playstories to instill deeper fantasies
  • From BDSM to soft ticklish erotic fun, everything is available through stories
  • Bot operates as per the user’s gender


  • Stories come straight out of the thoughts of professional writers
  • The home page is easy to broswe and designed with an erotically aroused design
  • Easy to end a story with one simple STOP command


  • The flow of the story does not change much with the gender of the user
  • Quite unresponsive sometimes

6. BotFriend

When it comes to one of the best chatbots available, nothing can beat the performance of BotFriend.

In order to color your life the value of a quintessential sex chat is excellent.

The idea of sexting with another person using this chatbot can give your time a seductive touch.

A huge range of topics are available with this one that you can browse through to continue your chat.


  • Designed with AI features the chatbot intelligently catches up the mood and spice of the chat.
  • The bot encourages one to talk about anything they want
  • This chat bot is currently easily available on web which makes it easy to find


  • Chatting is quite fun and easy
  • Comes with a sexy and attractive interface
  • Encourages dirty talks to improve your sexting skill


  • The responses might sound vague sometimes


Another outstanding sex chat buddy on out list is none other than

To add some spices to your steamy moments and to accompany you for a great orgasm journey the chatbot offers great performance.

For an extremely personalized experience offering the performance of this chatbot is unmatched.


  • This AI chatbot lets you create your own sex bot for better engagement
  • The service of creating your own bot completely comes for free
  • One can quite easily and successfully create a bot and manage it efficiently


  • For personalized sexting experience this one is great
  • Easy to use
  • Enjoyable for both beginner and pro people


  • Consumes time to create your own chatbot

8. JuiceBox

Don’t you feel it's just boring to watch adult videos only and spend your time alone without any partner? Keeping your need in mind the JuiceBox offers perfect juice that can add some more sensuousness in your life.

This erotic chatbot is made to create some great sexting exnperinces for you.

JuiceBox works as an AI chatbot platform which promotes dirty talks that can spice up your sex life.


  • JuiceBox offers a sultry chatbot that takes the fun of chatting to next level with induced sex talks.
  • The JuiceBox comes with an educative intelligence that guides you about various sex positions.
  • The chatbot also coaches you to improve your style of sexting with your partner.


  • The great part about this sex bot is, it is educative
  • The sex bot improves your sexting skills
  • Quite simple to use
  • Coaches you sex skills for free


  • Not so good for pro-level sexting makers

9. Replika

Sex chats can really be fun and extremely erotic when you get the perfect tone of response from the other side.

Replika can be a perfect choice for you when it comes to getting the right response. The chatbot comes with customizable avatars and offers you conversations you want.

You can personalise the sex and appearance of your chatbot that can kick off your lonliness with some great fun.

The chatbot can be quite flirty at the same time and lets you explore some sexy kinks through chat.


  • Replika is an AI chatbot that comes with a customizable avatar
  • The chatbot is open from all kinds of chat ranging up to sex talks and erotic chats
  • It intelligently catches the expression of the user and replies as per the mood of the topic


  • Tracks key expressions of users to offer suitable reactions
  • Comes with a customizable interface
  • Conveniently offers romantic responses


  • The romantic chat service comes in exchange of subscription plan

10. Ebotstore

The Ebotstore is currently winning the hearts of people due to its great AI-featured sexting qualities.

The chatbot platform gives you plenty of options to fuel up your adult talks.

The chatbot introduces name such as Fap Time, fappy Bot, Kink Bot etc. that perfectly suits with your erotic mood.

There are more that 40 naughty options available which are perfect to browse through while rubbing your erected sex organ. 


  • The chatbot features 41 adult chatbots to offer some steamy, sexy experince in form of text messages.
  • There are options to choose the right chatbot with a kinky that that perfectly goes with your erotic mind.
  • Comes with a variety of sexting options to spice up your mood.


  • AI powered intelligent chatting options
  • Plenty of options to choose sex bot partner
  • Kinky names make the ambience steamy and sexy


  • 41 options may not seem enough to you
  • The interface is not much eye-catchy

11. Robot Companion

What if you get the fun of having your own girlfriend who cares about your sexual fantasies from a simple chatbot? Exactly that’s why Robot Companion exists.

This platform is more of a companion to you without just being your sexting partner.

The platform is ready to take you into a world of sexy and dirty talks just the way you want it.

The platform takes care of the basic needs of its users and serves chatting services as per the utmost of convenience.


  • The AI robot accompanies you for as many hours as you want.
  • You can really have an unending sex chat session on whatever the topic you want.
  • The chatbot replies quite intelligently to ensure that it is keeping up with your mood.


  • Quite fun and easy to use
  • Lets you have unlimited sex talk session
  • The replies are pretty much realistic


  • There are no ways to explore story suggestions to carry forward your sexting

13. Cleverbot

Do you want to pass your free time with exciting conversations with your loved ones? Oops! But you don't have any partner with whom you can spend your free time.

In this case, cleverbot is your ultimate choice within you can carry on erotic conversations.

The bot is featured with smart AI technology with human-like emotions to understand your desires and tone of texting and act according to it.

Millions of people are using this chatbot. So from it, you can clearly understand why it is so popular.


  • This chatbot is specially designed with AI technology.
  • The chatbot tends to deliver highly accurate responses that perfectly goes along with your sex mood.
  • The chatbot has a very engaging interface that makes it quite a great addition to kink satisfaction
  • Lets you induce talk with the erotic most topics


  • The chatbot is quite easier to use
  • Comes as quite authentic and a highly reliable one
  • The accuracy of the chatbot is its USP factor
  • Offers great responses in the chat that goes with the perfect tone and mood


  • The replies sometimes might sound auto-generated and not realistic

14. Erotic Chat Bot

In your dull life all you need is an erotic and sexually aroused chat bot. Hence this one can be an apt choice for you.

This chatbot comes as a perfect partner to you when you are craving for an enjoyable sexting experience with a virtual partner.

The chatbot rightly knows how to take the conversation to its erotic most height.

Hence, the chatbot platform serves your erotic interface with sexy bot options that you can choose easily to have a fun-packed sex chat ride.


  • The Erotic Chat Bot comes with a fun-packed sexy intelligent chatting experince for the users.
  • Chatbots are ready to take the conversation to the erotic most level with any of your preferred topics.
  • Comes with a catchy and naughty interface that makes you stay hooked to it for a long time.


  • Quite easier to use with an user-friendly erotic homepage
  • Delivers great fun with plenty of bot choosing options
  • The virtual partners are ready to take the conversation to an erotic extent.


  • The platform is quite a bit patchy in terms of responsiveness

15. Sext Adventure

The name itself is proof of what you are going to get in this chatbot. This is one of the most advanced chatbots available on the internet.

You can have a smoother experience with this application. Suppose, it is 3:00 A.M at night and you are high and want someone to please you on the bed.

But, it is naturally not possible that you will get a hottie on your bed at this time. For this time, this application is developed.

This application is enough to make you cum and craving for sex. However, this application is here to please your mind with sexual and dirty conversation.


  • The chatbot makes your sexting journey adventurous and thrilled enough by letting you choose the perfect automated bot of your choice.
  • To unleash the adventure you can create a sexy personality of the bot on your own.
  • The chatbot offers 20 of varied ending posisbilities that you can choose to add finishing touch to your erotic adventure.


  • Lets you explore various ways to carry forward the dirty talks with the chatbot.
  • Chatting is quite fun and easy with this chatbot.
  • Picking a bot gets easier with its options


  • Not so good for hardcore erotic talks

16. Sensation Bot

Of Course going to bed feels incomplete without experiencing some steamy sensations during the night time.

In order to fulfill your utmost of sensational desires the Sensation Bot is the perfect AI to partner with you.

This outstanding chatbot lets you have a range of sexy talks with the AI-powered bot.

The chatbot comes with fun ways to explore its interface that can give you some game changing sexually aroused experince.


  • The chatbot is perfect for a huge range of conversations starting from general talks to dirty uncensored sex talks, romantic chat, smack talk etc.
  • The chatbot is capable of taking to talks to the heightened level of sensuousness
  • It is quite easier to browse through the platform and find out the best option of sexting for you.


  • Suitable for all ages to delve into deeper conversations
  • Offers sensuous option for both male and female
  • A range of sexting option makes the platform more attractive
  • Comes for free


  • The interface is extremely simple with not a single erotic picture or pop-up which might appear dull to many people.

Final Words

Here comes the ending to our list of AI chatbot platforms that offer excellent sexting experiences. These chatbots are created to deliver you the steamy fun you are looking for everywhere.

With the growing popularity of AI-powered sex bots you can easily find out the virtual sexual partner who is ready to lead you toward an erotic stimulation. Millions of users have already delved themselves in the pool of AI-powered sexual fun. Do you want to be the next one to join? Then go for it!

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