All Japanese Pass Review (2020)

All Japanese Pass

All Japanese Pass is not a standalone website, with its premium subscription, you get the ‘pass’ to several other websites which exclusively extracts content from the Nippon Island.

Do you love Japanese anime? Then here is a live version of it.


  • Free pass for over 20+ websites with content on Japanese MILFS, Tokyo Bang, Schoolgirls, etc. With the subscription, you even get a quality assurance.
  • Content update is very stead, with around 30-50 videos being uploaded every week.


  • Payment gateways have pre-checked cross fills, this keeps adding money to your total. So, you need to be alert and uncheck at every stage.
  • Download speed is degraded even with fibre optics connection.

The sole aim is to create and deliver genuine porn from the Land of Rising Sun. The site has been technically updated and made advanced and its user interface is cordial.

 The detailed review will clear all the doubts if you still have any.

As the name of the site suggests, All Japanese Pass isn't just a standalone website. With a subscription membership with this site, you receive a free pass to access a huge flurry of websites which bring content exclusively from the Nippon land, right at your fingertips.

This site, launched in 2010, is fairly established in the pornography market. Not only there are thousands of videos and photosets to choose from, but this mega network also contains twenty sites specific to your fantasies and fetishes, featuring beautiful Japanese babes.

Content update is frequent, with fifty-plus videos uploaded every week.

With affordable subscription rates, you get tonnes of content to access- so you'll receive the deserved bang for every buck you spend here. In this review, we will bring you a detailed analysis of “All Japanese Pass”, and we hope we can clear all your doubts before you opt to subscribe.

What makes "All Japanese Pass" well-received among the viewers?

The first thing that stands out with this site is the sheer quantity and variety of content you get with a subscription to this site. There are over 15,000 plus videos to choose from (no typos here!), catering to all fantasies and fetishes you might reserve from solo action to threesomes and orgies.

With 30-50 videos being uploaded every week, the content quantity is nothing short of crazy. As the name suggests, with a subscription here, you get a free pass to content from over twenty plus websites including Japanese MILFS, Tokyo Bang, J Schoolgirls, Big Tits Tokyo et cetera.

The sites are enjoyable and cater to every need that you might have, even if it is weird and uncanny (The Japanese specialise in crazy fetish content).

This network brings you a massive platter of authentic Japanese porn right at your fingertips at an affordable price, and some of them are even uncensored (which is a big deal because most of the Japanese porn videos have censored the exposure of genitalia).

Although there is no full high-definition content, there are still hundreds of material which can be streamed in standard HD resolution (720p).

There is a convenient HD filter equipped with the search engine of this website, which allows you to filter out the available high definition content from the standard definition content, hence giving enough convenience for you to find high and stream high definition videos with ease.

When a website is this far and wide, it goes without saying that the site should offer handy search tools and seamless efficiency.

With “All Japanese Pass”, you get just that. The search tool is awe-inspiring, using both basic and advanced search methods with certain tags and convenient filters- be it high-definition filter or other feature intrinsic filters (date uploaded, length or ratings).

The interface is amicable for the users, and performs well across all platforms, be it PCs or even mobile/tablet devices if you want to enjoy the content here while on the move.

Also, you can choose from a wide array of photosets made available for you in this site featuring more than hundreds of Asian babes. Each set has roughly between ten to fifteen photos, which you save in your hard-disk in .zip format.

You can also rate the videos and pictures here and save them to your Favourites as a collection.

Website Overview

Link to the website:

With over 10k videos and hundreds of photosets to choose from, All Japanese Pass has achieved high benchmarks here with their colossal content platter, serving porn exclusively from the Far East.

It claims to provide the best Asian Porn, and boy does it deliver!

The preview scenes are not deceptive, and you get content as promised by the site. 

All Japanese Pass-min

From solo action to hardcore sex scenes, this site provides it with all. There are over 30-50 video updates every week, and that is massive. All the above qualities have made this website stand out from its possible competitors.

One thing that might appear to be slightly disappointing is the absence of high-resolution or 4k videos here.

The highest quality provided here which you can stream and download is just 720p. But that’s no reason to fret, as all the videos, be it high definition or standard definition videos, are of legitimate quality.

There is no limit on downloads, which earns this website some deserved brownie points without a doubt. All the videos featured here are mostly upwards of 15 minutes, going all the way up to an hour.

As it is with Asian Porn, scenes take some time to build up and hence the video duration might be a tad bit deceptive when it comes to actual action. But considering the size of the collection, one thing we can assure you is that there is no scope for any disappointment.

A wide variety of Asian models are featured here and almost all of them are within the age of eighteen to thirty. However, Japan is infamous for airbrushing and fabricating, so it is hard to tell whether the models are that young.

But if you are an aficionado for Asian Porn, it shouldn't be any reason to worry. The site is very professionally built, with both the options for basic and advanced search. You can use categorical filters as well as filters based on video attributes (length, upload date or rating).

You can also filter out the high definition content from standard resolution videos as well. Since the site is a massive network for other sites, you get a lot of bonus sites you can access with your subscription.

The subscription rates are affordable as well, and you can be very well assured that it is worth every dime you pay.

You can also select from the hundreds of erotic photosets featuring Asian babes. Each photoset has about 10-50 photos on an average, and you can download them to their hard-disk in .zip format.

Pricing & Membership Fees

All Japanese Pass is your ticket to a vast library of porn exclusively from Nippon. It is a very established website, and it not only has tonnes of content to offer but also features some fantastic bonus sites to offer: tailor-made to suit any kind of fantasies of fetishes you might have.

What you get in exchange for your membership is massive, and that too at an affordable price. There are multiple subscription offers to choose from, both short and long term. Trial membership of three days will cost you $1 only (charge recurs at $49.99/month if not opted out).

For one-month exclusive access membership, it will set you back by $19.99 (charge recurring at $49.99 if not opted out before expiry). There is also a three-month membership as well, which you can avail at an affordable price of $44.97 (recurs at $89.99/3 months thereon).

We will suggest you go for the one-year subscription, which only charges you $9.99/month (a total of $119.88). You can pay using either MasterCard or VISA. Make sure you opt-out of the already checked cross-sells to other sites in the payment gateway if you don't want to avail them.

Otherwise, you will be billed extra for that. You can check out the deals and discounts offered here using this link:

Performance Score (Out of 10.0)



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

9 / 10

Quality Of Videos

7.5 / 10

Quantity Of Videos

9 / 10


7.5 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Value For Money

9.5 / 10

Exclusivity Of Videos

7 / 10

User Interface And Layout

8.5 / 10

Overall Score

83 / 100

Site statistics

  • Bonus sites: 22 bonus sites as a part of this network.
  • About the Content: An extensive collection of porn videos and photo sets featuring both amateur and professional Japanese babes satisfying all your fetishes and fantasies.
  • Content Exclusivity: There is very little exclusive content, most of them are derived from DVDs.
  • Models: 2,311 models featured on this website as of now, ages 18-30 (no accurate information is supporting the fact).
  • Model appearance: Both amateur and Asian professional models, ranging from petite to average-sized.
  • The total number of videos: 15,000+ scenes (4,000+ DVDs, approximately 100 min.)
  • The average length of videos: 15 min upwards
  • Maximum resolution of videos: 1280x720 (both dl and stream)
  • Live Cam: No free live cams available with this site or any of the member sites of this network.
  • File Sizes (HQ): JPG = ~2 MB, ZIP = ~60MB, MP4 = ~600 MB-1 GB (average size, HQ)
  • HD Videos: 464 videos, both in MP4 and Flash format
  • Payment CC Processor: Secondary- CC Bill
  • Accepted modes of payment: MasterCard, VISA
  • Download Limit: None
  • Download Managers: Yes, should work.
  • Languages available: English, Deutsch
  • Channel Max: 8
  • Able to pause/resume.
  • Test Software: IDM
  • Download Speed: Browser: 1.3 KB/sec. (638 MB video, Fibre Optic internet)
  • Bit-Rate: 2200 k
  • Total number of photo sets: 330+ galleries
  • Photo details: Amateur to Semi-professional high definition photos, Little airbrushing, downloadable in .zip format
  • Slideshow availability: Yes
  • Watermarks on photos: Yes
  • Picture dimension: Recent- 2784x1856, Older- 1024x1723 (Sizes might vary a bit)
  • DRM Protected: No

Competitors of All Japanese Pass

To find uncensored Japanese porn videos is a huge task, that too in a legitimate amount. This is where All Japanese Pass comes into the picture. All Japanese Pass is smashing it when it comes to providing such a wide array of uncensored content.

Some of their close competitors are JAV HD network, which gets a slight upper hand due to their all high definition content. Zenra is also an excellent alternative to All Japanese Pass with similar variety and content.

You can also take a look at some of the big streaming sites such as Video Box or VideoZ which have hundreds of DVDs featuring Asian Porn. Those streaming sites are certainly not focussed on porn from the Far East, but they do possess enough material to make the aficionados content.


  • All Japanese Pass is a network which provides you with a staggering amount of porn material consisting of tens of thousands of videos and hundreds of linked websites.
  • It is a Fairly established website, so you get quality assurance with your subscription.
  • There is content for literally every fantasy and fetish you might reserve, even if it is out-of-this-world uncanny and weird. Any fetish you might have, this website has got you covered.
  • Although most of the content is in standard definition, there are hundreds of high definition content to choose from- which you can either stream or download.
  • All the videos are upwards of fifteen minutes.
  • Hundreds of videos are uncensored, which is a huge deal when it comes to Japanese porn content infamous for blurring out genitalia.
  • Thousands of models are featured here, ranging from teens to adults.
  • There is a right mix of straight-up action and story-driven porn. Stories might prove to be a tad bit drab, but it brings in a legible entertainment quotient.
  • The standard definition videos are up to standard as well, so you can give them a look.
  • Content update is very regular, with 30-50 videos (yes, you saw it correctly) being uploaded every week. That is just massive.
  • Content offered by twenty-two bonus sites which are a part of this network.
  • Even after such wide access and tons of content offered herein exchange of your subscription, the rates of membership is very affordable.
  • The interface of the site appears very polished and friendly. The content lives up to their preview, and there is no discrepancy whatsoever.
  • It has both basic and advanced filter-equipped search for your convenience. There are certain tags and feature-based filters (high definition content which filters out HD videos from the standard definition ones, length, date uploaded and rating).


  • The first significant flaw visible with this site is the absence of full high definition (1080p) videos. The content of standard high definition videos is also comparatively very little among all the content this site has to provide.
  • The girls might appear to be very beautiful, but the performances in sex scenes are very drab and lack passion and intensity as compared to the single ones. The co-stars are even worse and lack creativity.
  • The Model Index is useless, as there are no legitimate statistics about that model, and there is no update regarding any new scenes where that model will feature.
  • Download speed is below par even with fibre optic connection.
  • There is also a practice of rotation done with the videos, which is not at all an ideal thing for a credible porn website.
  • Payment gateways have pre-checked cross-sells, so you have to be aware to uncheck them if you are unwilling. Otherwise, the extra charge might prove to be costly.

Payment gateways have pre-checked cross-sells, so you have to be aware to uncheck them if you are unwilling. Otherwise, the extra charge might prove to be costly.

Customer Support 

With a secure website, you expect efficient customer service, and All Japanese Pass doesn't fail to keep up with the expectations. You can get quick, friendly and privacy-protected 24x7 customer service using the link

You can submit a complaint ticket regarding any discrepancy, respawn your password, live chat with customer care for any technical difficulties or cancel your account. It also contains a wide array of FAQs which might help you out with any generic problem that you may have.

You can contact them with their toll-free number at +1-855-200-3171.

External Ratings

If you are still not convinced with our analysis ratings, here are some opinion-based ratings provided for you to compare:

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Total Average Score: 88.5/100

Our rating: 83/100


All Japanese Pass promises to deliver a platter of porn exclusively from the Land of the Rising Sun, and it executes its promises very well.

With multiple videos being uploaded every day and a massive array of network sites, it would be foolish of you to pass up on such an opportunity if you have a thing for Asian porn- which comes with a very affordable price.

It provides to every fantasies and fetish you might possess, and you won't be disappointed with the quantity they offer in exchange for your subscription.

It brilliantly fares when it comes to providing uncensored Japanese porn videos to you, as it is a big deal to find the ones which don't have the genitalia blurred out. However, the presence of more high-definition content is desirable from such an established website.

The absence of 1080p videos is disappointing, but the videos provided here aren't that bad in quality. The site is advanced, and its user interface is amicable. Overall, if you happen to love Asian Porn, then this site is worthy of your subscription without a shadow of doubt.

Parting Words

Hope you liked our detailed review of "All Japanese Pass" and cleared your doubts regarding the same. Stay tuned for more such comprehensive reviews. Till then, stay entertained.

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