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Ladadate is a dating website which links people from all over the world, especially the UK, US, Canada and Australia.

You can match with the people who are looking for relationships, including marriage purpose as well.


  • The customer support is quite helpful and active 24/7.
  • The site supports political as well as religious refugees.


  • The site is not responsible if your confidential information gets leaked.
  • Some calculations are not completely reliable.

Please go through the whole review to get an idea of your future experience on the website.

Check the positive and negative points and then choose if you want to visit them.

Ladadate is a dating site that links men from all over the world, especially from the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada. It helps to get in touch with women from Eastern Europe who all are looking for relationships which includes marriage purposes as well.

The main focus of Ladadate is to connect men and women with the help of their online dating site platform. If you are bored from being single and didn’t yet find your soul-mate, then this site is all you need. It is easy to get your dream boy or girl here at

In real-life, there are a finite number of people whom one can see as a potential lover. But at this dating site, you can see thousands of women searching for their partner. There is no sign-up option for women here at this site. All of them are clients of marriage agencies that are working with Ladadate.

For the client’s safety, they have Anti-Scam policy which protects the user from several possible fraud scenarios. In case of any insecure site, they block those profiles from the site. Ladadate provides you with services which help the user to communicate with the other user comfortably.

The best thing about it  is, they continually progress to keep pace for their client’s needs. They assure their client to get convenient and comfortable service that make their dating process enjoyable. Every single day people like us connect to the and find the love of our life. enters the door to experience a social media online dating platform. The site allows you to communicate with people from your preferences. This site will enable you to get in touch with Russian girls who are ready to be your girlfriend and wife as well.

What makes Ladadate different from others? 

A compelling reason which makes Ladadate different from other service, is that it holds the responsibility of the clients of providing what they are looking from the site. Ladadate gives you the services which lets one share your photos, videos and also communicate through text chat and live video chat.

They help you to use romantic tour for your strong relationship, which allows you to get to know more about the person better. The main focus of this site is to help you to meet the person you can fall in love with in the real life and the one who loves you back with the same feelings.

It wants you to help with your relationship, that the relation they started with their online platform will be life-long. After selecting your favourite woman or the one whom you are interested in, you can keep their profile, you can send them a message and you can save their contact details.

Even if you find anyone of them are not interested at all, you can add them in ignore list as well. If you want you can send gifts through Ladadate supports senior dating as well.

Senior dating can be a robust process because the older a person gets, the harder it is to communicate as older people does not have any idea from where to start because they are mature enough for all of this.

It is difficult when you are in your 40’s and 50’s, and you want someone to complete your love life. But here at Ladadate, it will be easy for you to get your personality through an online dating site. You will get to know the person in real life as you will get a chance to meet them and travelling a lot together.

You both will get an opportunity to spend time. Users have a sufficient amount of knowledge to get things done. You have more time to share activities. You can meet your person when your students are at college.

You don’t have to spend time to convince them as they are grown-up now, and they understand your needs and love. Senior ones can share things as they both are straight forward about mutual understanding. As a senior one, you don’t need any skills to start your life again with someone else.

You can be frank with the other person because nobody is watching you directly. The best thing about is you don’t have to make any contact until you want to.

There is nothing expensive and related to payments as there is no online work, online meeting, online food, and drinks through the internet.

Website Overview 

Website address

Estimated Visit last month: 263.2K

This site is easy to use and is free to use. And for all the men this site has a wide range of attractive and beautiful women.

This dating site was created with a noble aim: to help people from all over the world to find love. 


This site will help to find you the best girlfriend or even wife. Girls from different countries are eligible brides. You can choose any men or women from this dating site. The interface of this site is user-friendly and straightforward.

You can check the top-bar to find some information about the services, which includes a gallery and home page. You can get 24/7 service that provides you with live-chat and support system. The next thing you will see the slide-bar, it has more information about the services offered by

This bar has messages icon, chat invitations, account details, credits, settings, and customer services. Users need to thanks to the services because it’s as simple as ABC. In this site, you have a 99.9 percent chance to get your loved one, who can be your partner in the future.

With the, it becomes easy to find your partner because the process of this site is easy and fast at the same time.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The site of has a good offer for the men. Men can sign up for free.

There is no membership fee on this site. In place of it, the customer can buy credits. Customers are rapidly purchasing activities along with sending the message that includes (7 credits), taking part in live chat (1 credit per minute) and watching videos (10 credits).

Customers can also use credits to buy gifts, they can range from a big toy for 140 credits and to purchase jewellery, they will need 720 credits. There are no charges for registration. As soon as you register on the site, you can get the possibility of paying for additional services.

To pay for the premium services, a user needs to purchase some credits. It cannot be transferred to anyone or anywhere except the platform of Your credits will be expired when it is unused for some time. For now, this period is 365 days.

Additional services are available for lending, along with personal messages, short videos, letters, and presentations. This site also contains text chats, delivery of the gifts, and request for contact.

Even if the customers are not able to get the additional services, they have the right to reimbursement of the credits. Terminated accounts lead to the loss of the loans. The primary services aimed at communication between the users of the site.


cost (usd)

Easy To Use

$0.60 per a credit

750 Credits

$0.40 per a credit

Site Performance score



Easy To Use

7 / 10

Easy Registration

5 / 10

Number Of Accounts

3 / 10

Quality Of Profile

5 / 10

Simplicity Of Search

7 / 10

Customer Support

5 / 10


3 / 10

Site statistics 

  • Financial security- Yes
  • Innovation features- Yes
  • Service variety- Yes
  • Scam- Yes
  • Possible fake profiles-No
  • Two-way video chat-Yes
  • Free photo access-Yes
  • Fake profile-No
  • Nationality-Yes
  • Ethnicity-Yes

Competitors of

Different sites are well-known and trustworthy when it comes to dating sites. This site has eight recognized competitors and these competitors are:

  • eHarmony: this site is one of the largest available platforms for Russian dating, more than 66million members.
  • Match: this site is not a Russian site, but it comes with lots of dating opportunities. It reaches 24 countries and 15 different languages.
  • Brides and lovers: if you want to join a reputable website to get your partner, then you should give a try to brides and lovers. This site has more than 150,000 different members and 400,000 profiles.
  • Russian cupid: this site has over 1.5 million members and 30 different niche dating sites.
  • EliteSingles: this site will help you to get a friend or long term relationship.
  • Russian Flirting: this site is 100% free to use, and it launched in 2015, signing up is easy, and you can link this with your social media account.
  • Russian Hearts: the website has over 897,000 users, and if you registered to this site, your account would be in the latest registered list.


  • Thousands of ladies are available from different countries on this dating site. All of them are real ones with a real profile.
  • The anti-scam policy is there on the website to protect clients from different scammers. Nobody can do any intentional deception.
  • All the ladies have gone through the verification process, so you know that you are having a conversation with a real person.
  • This site provides you with a different way of communication such as video chats, text message, and also meeting to know the person in real life.
  • This profile provides you with single men and hot women with great matchmaking possibilities.
  • You will get the 24/7 online support.
  • This site will help shy people to get in touch with each other. it will help to connect with the other person to know about their likes and dislikes.
  • It will facilitate the life of a lonely person from their monotonous life and to meet their loved ones in real life with no trouble.
  • This site supports religious and political refugees to find peace in a new country.
  • It shares tips on how do you get the perfect date of your life.
  • This site gives you a chance to find someone of your age. Seniors can also use this site as this site is getting more and more famous nowadays.
  • A chance to get a partner of different gender, you can get non-respective people in real life who are looking for insult because of gender preferences. But with the help of this dating site, you won’t face such problems.
  • Everything will be transparent and straightforward when it comes to
  • This site will help you to find a self-confidence person who can deal with problems on their own.
  • You will get socially-friendly communication that does not depend on stereotypes.
  • Save your time, money, and nerves and get your dream girl or boy right here at
  • There is no risk to marry an unknown person, and you have time to know more about that person.
  • This website will let you find the person with common religious values, interest in collaboration trips, healthy lifestyle and sports as well.
  • Live chats will let you know if the person is real or you are dealing with a fake one.
  • If you think there is an unwanted and fake profile, then you have protection service as well.
  • All the information in the account of the user is relevant, authentic, and eligible.
  • User can suspend the activity in their account if there is any case of a security breach.
  • This site can help you to get rid of unwanted aggression and other violent rules of communication.


  • The site bears no responsibility in case of confidential information becomes available to someone because of your rude behaviour.
  • This site does not have the responsibility of your direct or indirect intellectual, emotions, or physiological damage.
  • Some of the users are not satisfied with the amount or capabilities of the services.
  • By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree that all activities done under your supervision and site is not responsible for any harm.
  • This site is failing to receive the desired result relying on the info presented on the website.
  • Sometimes it fails to receive the services due to errors, interruption, and technical problems.
  • Some calculations are not entirely reliable.

Customer Support

This site does have the right to change the privacy policy and add more information to it. The site has the right to track the number of people in different parts of the site, but they do not identify the user anyway. You can register to Ladatdate via social media networks.

The site will be able to access the information you post. In case you select to register with personal information, the site will get access to such data: name, ID, profile pictures, photos, age, gender, nickname, language DOB.

This site has HTTPS/TLS encryption to protect the personal information of the user. This site provides a 100% guarantee of your data. Your data can never be transfer to anyone without your permission. The site will become anonymous to make your data account safe from unwanted people or scammers.

This site provides you with a 100% guarantee that you will not be recognized or identify by anyone. Delectation of your account will not affect your message. You just need to take care if you shared your data with the anonymous member of the platform.

Final Verdict

This site does not collect any private information from the users who are not 18. And for the users under 18, it is strictly prohibited to use the website. If they find any user under 18 or find out the information is not eligible because of some reasons it will erase their profile.

You can contact the company if your children use the website or trying to get access to the services. Users must accept the terms and conditions along with current privacy policy. Ladadate can track your activities on the website and collect the statistics regarding your most preferred services.

The site can use your personal information to make the website safer and productive.

In the registration process, you need to give some data to the site including full name, gender, relevant address, relevant email address, your age as well as you DOB, hobbies and preferences, detail of your physical appearance occupation and appearance, weight and height, historical background, information about your family, education, ethnic and religious preference, your relationship status and also attitude having kids, favourite pastime, and your appropriate annual income.

Parting words

Using this online platform, you will get the profiles of Russian girls. This site is not a scam and the company has checked all women during the registration process. All the women have to give a real photo holding a sheet of paper, where the name of this site is written.

And after this process, Ladadate provides you with a real account. Visit the official website of for a better experience.

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