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African Casting Review (2020)

African Casting

If you are looking for a niche adult website which contains videos which features and glorifies African women, African Casting is the one fascinating website in P-town.

One of the most significant bragging points of the site is that the content on African casting is all exclusive and is not available on any other adult website.

The users availing the website get bonus content from nine sites which are focused on black adult professionals, and other bonus sites. 

However, the collection isn't too big; there are only about 80 scenes available on the website.

The contents are dated, and the updates aren't clear. The review proceeds to give a detailed understanding of the characteristic features of the site.

African casting is an African porn site that features African women. The basic outline of this entire website is that it tells the story for African women who are trying to show that they can make it to the adult/ porn industry.

It's a false casting couch website based on false promises, where a guy will pose as a casting man looking for models, etc., and as you know, the rest is nonstop porn entertainment. It is claimed that these scenes on this website are what sets the entire site apart.

It is one of those websites that will make you spend hours and hours on your couch, sitting and playing with yourself.

What Makes African Casting Popular?

African Casting is a brand new site that is not only fun to watch, but it is the best when it comes to authentic African porn cast.

The website may not give a fancy look, but for the ones who are looking for the quality content, it is the best.  The site has a plain white background, but the thumbnails are colourful.

Apart from the cast, another reason why this website is popular is that the sorting feature on the homepage is very user-friendly. 

The drop-down menu has a list of sampling services that are available along with the list of the categories. Plus, the search feature is also very basic, unlike a lot of websites. 

African Casting

There is also a model section on the website, which helps the viewers in searchingThe process of downloading videos is also very easy. All the users have got to do is right-click and bam the option of downloading the footage will be there. 

The website also has a great sorting option; the viewer can sort the videos based on various parameters like most recent, most viewed, most discussed, top rated, etc. All the videos on the website are pretty decent, and some of them are also available in HD quality. 

Lastly, the reason why the website is famous among so many people is that the maximum number of faces on the website is new. Moreover, all these features ease out the viewer's pursuit of watching great porn videos that suit their tastes.

There are external site links on the website, and the users can get a live cam session. Access to these websites is free, so it is a win-win situation.


Website address: https://africancasting.com/

Estimated visits: 126.52K

The performance of African Casting

As earlier stated, this website has cast women from Africa. But one thing that you need to note is that you will be able to view porn from more than one site.

African Casting
The material available on African Casting is jumbled together, so it becomes difficult to differentiate the videos from one site to another. But this doesn't hamper the viewing experience. There are about 50 videos at your disposal.

There are interlinked websites on African Casting so the viewer can see a lot of content if they have taken up the membership.

The major doubt that people have is, "Are the models actually African or not?" Another reason why the performance of the site is great is because the viewer gets to know a little something about the model who is cast in the video, and their doubts get clear beforehand regarding the cast.

The movies can be downloaded using the right-click feature. The movies are a little bit lengthy, and the majority of them are in full HD.

Another great fact about the website is that there are no photo sets so that the user can make their way through the material very quickly. In the paysites section, the user can find links to various other websites.


Like any other website, the signing up process for the membership of African Casting is similar. The only difference is that the user will have to subscribe through the premium plans.

For one month, the amount is $29.95; for three months, the membership amount is $59.95, and for six months, the membership cost is $99.95. You can make the payment through PayPal, MasterCard, visa, bitcoins, and discover.

One thing that you need to keep in mind while making the payment is that uncheck the pre checked cross sale if they don't meet your preferences. The monthly and quarterly payments are recurring.

Performance Scores



Website Design

7 / 10





Video Quantity












Image Quality


Overall Score

8 / 100

Site Statistics

  • It is a paysite that shows amateur and interracial porn
  • African Casting has been  operating since 2005.
  • The owners of the website are anonymous
  • The website's current estimated value is $8770 plus
  • The location of the website has been traced down to the United States
  • The Alexa ranking of African Casting is 274767
  • It has a premium subscription option


One of the major competitors of African Casting is the African Fuck Tour.

It is about a guy named Antonio who visits Africa for a reason. But end up filming women. There are about 80 videos on African Fuck tour. And each of the videos features a different African lady/girl who Antonio has picked up from somewhere.

The users don't see the part where he is picking them up. Instead, basic information regarding the scene is given in the descriptions.

The descriptions of the video in African Casting are like a recap of what actually has happened, and there's only a little knowledge available regarding the lady/girl he has picked up.

The website guarantees that the women are African, and they actually are. Majority of the website claim that the women are Africans, but they actually aren't.
African Casting


  • Other websites claim that the girls are African, but they aren't, but in the case of African casting, the girls genuinely are Africans who are from Ethiopia and various other countries in the continent. These women have charming accents, and they are genuinely dark-skinned beauties.
  • The content on African casting is all exclusive, and the scenes start with interviews in apartments or cheap hotels.
  • All the videos that are there on the website are of HD quality 1440*1080. 4200k, and they are played in the flash players.
  • The users who are viewing the website get bonus content from nine sites, which are focused on black girls and other bonus sites.
  • African casting is one of the most accessible websites when it comes to the navigation part. There are features like sorting, rating, pages, comments, categories etcetera that make the website facilely to use. The user can also select the duration of the movie as one of the search criteria. . In this way, they will be able to select the video based on their length.
  • The biggest pro is that the viewer can also download these videos, all they have to do is right click on the screen and the movie will get downloaded.


  • There are about 80 scenes available on the website, which proves that the site isn't tremendous when it comes to diversity of content.
  • Updates aren't clear
  • Everything available on the website is dated. And no one knows as to when the site has updates
  • No photo sets are available, and all the scenes have about 12 video caps
  • The videos on the website don't live up to the claim of casting aspect.


Like the videos, the support of the African cast is great. If the user comes across some issue with the African Casting's website, then they can directly contact the administrator, and they are there to help you!


This website is definitely on the right track, and this is one niche that everyone is striving for, and they have made it available.
The filming of the movie is consistent, and is done as home footage; a lot of camera moments are included and are shot in the perfect manner.
The only downside is that the videos are in standard definition. And no galleries are included. The monthly membership fee of African casting is high.
But the only thing that the user needs to keep in mind is that it's an amateur site, so the video makers don't have an HD camera or a tripod stand for making the videos.
The people expect the videos in the amateur site to be raw and unedited, and this is what they provide. The scene in the movies is done greatly, especially from the POV section.
African Casting

Parting Words

Though it is not a big website, it does have exclusive and amateur content. The exclusive scenes are available in HD. The best part is that you can download movies and watch them later too.

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