VRHush Review (2020)


Watching a hot girl having sex on the video is exciting. Just imagine if you can feel like having sex with that girl sitting in your living room!

That is what Virtual Reality brings you with the aid of a specific device.

The video can be viewed in 180 or 360 degrees, and with a three-dimensional effect.

All you need to do is wear a headset, and the scenes roll out in front of your eyes. With everything, not too far away from you.

The videos have a perfect mix of colours and technically superior. The variety in VR Hush is plenty. 

There are those threesomes with two females and a guy or a gangbang were so many naked people are in front of your eyes screwing away. Nothing is taboo here, and lesbian sex with anal penetration is commonplace.

It is what one would call an Immersive experience. The bog porn stars do display themselves here and combined with Virtual technology; it is a fantastic experience.

What makes VRhush so Popular?

Hush brings you Virtual Porn from the Americans. The idea is to make you have sex with the sexy babes on the video, which you always have dreamed of.

If you are not satisfied with one, you can even do it with two. All you require is a VR headset, and there are many available in the market.

The best ones are the Oculus or a Gear VR to have the best impact. If it is for android phone, then a cheap one will do. Expert advice is best, and therefore you can contact the support team who would guide you correctly.

VR Hush

Babes you would encounter on this site are the best you would ever see. This comment has some bias. The way the girls get so close to you is far better than the one who is staring at you from the TV set vo.

This unique effect is what does the trick and makes VR technology a big hit. The voice is ultimately yours. You can continue to be a voyeurist or the one who will jump into the actions. Imagine, that you are licking the Jill Cassidy’s pussy. Ella Knox has lovely tits, and you can suck on it.

Shy Love is known for her doggie sex, and you can go behind her. There are so many fantasies we have, and Virtual Reality does push us one step closer to it.


Website address: https://vrhush.com/

Estimated Visits Last Month: 550K approximately

This site launched in 2016 and since then the 360-degree technology became part of their website. They introduced the 180 degrees with a three-dimensional format after that.

It is a matter of time before they start shooting with 360 degrees combined with 3D. VR hush is growing in popularity day by day.

VR Hush

Porn has been around for a long time now, and the fans do get a feeling that things are repeating themselves. There has to be some distinguishing feature in the world of Porn, which would keep the fan interested.

Your search would end most probably when you come across VR Hush. The combination of virtual reality with the top models oozing sex does the trick. You feel that you can touch them with your hands and almost participate in the action.

VR Hush comes in with a great website. It is the simplest of layouts and is very user-friendly. There is no doubt that this would suit the male rather than the other sex. The thumbnails are the key to all this. The choice of which video you want to watch can be determined by pressing the thumbnail.

If you wish to watch soft Porn, then it guides you to it or even otherwise. The trailers are available so that you can make your choice. If that is not enough, a short description is there for you to understand what the video is all about. It would be like reading a porn story.

People Try Virtual Reality Porn

There is a total of 102 models on VR Hush. They are neatly indexed, and a short bio is available about them. You can travel directly to their video if you are encouraged by what you see. The guys and the babes display themselves in the Model index either in total nudity or dressed skimpily.

This should not bother you much, for they exhibit their sexy bodies in the videos. Vr Hush may be nascent to the industry, but they have steadily built up a collection. Updates are twice a week, and that helps the cause. In case, you do not have a device now, the video can be watched in typical fashion too.

The website has an embedded player to reset the mode it should be played in and the streaming continues. In case you do have a device, it is better to read through the Help section until your doubts are cleared. This knowledge about the technology in hand would help you enjoy the VR experience.

Assuming that you are well versed with the working of the new device on hand, check out the content that has been made available to you video 180 degrees and 360 degrees. The videos followed a storyline and acted out by top stars.

The sets are beautifully lit, and the background music suits the scene being viewed. This kind of setting is further enhanced by Virtual Reality, and the 3D effect merges with it wonderfully. It would be best if you were not convinced that every VR video might have the same appeal.

It is just VR Hush that has professionals who are skilled at this. This is more justified when you are watching Threesome video clipping. You need to search in your collection for a title called B/G. The device is user-friendly and generally compatible with devices that are at the high end.

Since it is the males who like this action more, the videos are taken in such a way to suit the male POV. It is better to know that a few Czecmodels also have crept into the star-cast along with the dominating American models. Apart from a few scenes, the scale is generally good enough.

The sex consists of a lot of Hardcore actions like licking the cunt, Pussy shots from various angles and all looks great in the videos. The viewing can be split up in three ways like from a woman's perspective, a few may watch it from the perspective of a 3rd person, and for the rest of them in POV.

The varieties are so many on VR.

Alix Lovell, Top VR Hush Porn Star - Interview

Hush with twosomes, threesomes, group and orgy sex, strange fetishes, MILFs, gang bang, Petite teens, office porn, etc., which star in them a diverse set of actors and models. The scenes have pages that offer a lot of download options, and optimum results are there for all different devices. They also show you the Tech specs for each file are also available.

The informative section is there to help you set up everything and provides various guides for any type of headset. Check out the simple model index to navigate the content and filter videos in the ways possible; do use tags or the function of basic search.


Users can do their rating, commenting, and choose their favourite scenes and models. No other porn form can even come near the VR model of Porn.


VR Hush does not cost you much. The subscription fees are pretty standard and reasonable. All these prices are quoted regularly. Time to time they also throw in an offer in the form of a discount at 29%.

There are no bonus sites included with a membership, and there is no trial option, but you can watch and download 1-minute trailers. With so many addictive cosplay porn around, the prices if offers are undoubtedly worth the penny.

However, be careful while pre-checking the cross-sells and uncheck other sites' additional offers while entering your credit card information. You can process your payments through MasterCard or Visa.

The payment processor is relatively safe, and there are no independent merchants other than MasterCard and Visa.

Membership Fee & Joining Info

  • $24.45/30 days, recurring $24.45/30 days
  • $59.45/90 days, recurring $59.45/90 days
  • $99.45/1-year, recurring $99.45/1 year

With so many addictive cosplay porn around, the prices it offers are undoubtedly worth the penny. However, be careful while pre-checking the cross-sells and uncheck other sites’ additional offers while entering your credit card information.

You can check out the latest offers on the memberships and other perks at https://vrhush.com/join/

Performance Score: (Out of 10)



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Quality

8 / 10

Image / Video Quality

8 / 10


8 / 10

Content Amount

7 / 10

Download / Streaming

8 / 10


8 / 10


8.5 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10

Value for Money

9 / 10

Overall Score

8.5 / 100

Site Statistics

  • 5400 x 2700 px 4K streams at a bit rate of 30600 Kbps
  • 3840 x 1920 px FULL HD streams at a bit rate of 30200Kbps
  • 2880 x 1440 px FULLHD streams at a bit rate of 20300Kbps.
  • 2160 x 1080 px FULLHD streams at a bit rate of 12100Kbps.
  • 1920 x 960 px HD streams at a bit rate of 4300Kbps

Formats of VRHush are:

  • MP4(Oculus Rift / HTC Vive / Windows MR 180)
  • MP4(Playstation VR) (40000kb/s, 2880x1440)
  • MP4(Gear VR 360 HD 60 FPS)
  • MP4(Smartphone 360 HQ 60fps)
  • MP4(Oculus Rift / HTC Vive / Windows MR 180.
  • Free paysites available and redirected automatically.

Resolution rating icons

  • HD: at least 1280x720px.
  • FULLHD: at least 1920x1080px.
  • 4K: at least 3840x2160px


  • Round the clock Assistance.
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Mobile responsive interface.
  • High-quality 180° videos
  • Exclusive hardcore content
  • Regular updates sometimes twice a week.
  • No ads or pop up
  • High-quality content
  • Perfect help page
  • Updates are regular
  • MILFs, teens, office porn, etc., starting a diverse range of hot models.
  • Membership is cheap; quality is excellent,
  • Good mix with threesomes.
  • The new 5 K resolution in a few videos.
  • MP4 files suited for use with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Smartphone devices.
  • Multiple setup options, including POV and POV for women too.
  • Very sizable library to choose from.
  • Lots of American porn stars.Bonus sites don't have more VR porn


  • No Bonus contents.
  • Regular downloads can be slow.
  • No streaming options.
  • Stories are without much content.
  • No advanced search.
  • Insufficient model Information and comment making facilities do not exist.
  • No screencaps
  • All mobiles do not have this download format.
  • Not much depth in the scenes after a good start.
  • Not enough Porn content but the fan hopes for the better.
  • Library requires a lot of sprucing up.
  • A very generic approach to VR porn and the scenes lacks intimacy often.
  • Competition may surge ahead if VRHush does not innovate.
  • The annual membership is a bit on the higher side, comparing the number of videos available.
  • Download files are over 5GB, which seems to be on the higher side. While there are 2D videos with lesser sizes, that's not much of a kind perk from the viewer’s perspective.


However best they are, VRHush faces competition from similar sites in the VR Industry.

Some of them who pose a real threat in the rising popularity of VRHush are competitors of the site such as Ba Doink VR, PropertySex VR, StockingSex VR, Fakings VR, CzechVR, Virtual Real Porn Sex BaBesVr, etc.

However, VRHush is continuously in the search for innovation and would try to win by a nose always in the Virtual market.

VR Hush


VRHush provides round the clock service except on weekends. You can reach them via their online contact form available on the support page. Simply fill-up the form and your queries with problems will be resolved at the earliest.


VRHush doesn't offer bonuses or an extensive collection, but the membership is cheap, quality is excellent, and you get a new scene each week, so it's well worth considering. At present, there are not many videos on this site, but with consistent updating, they are growing very fast.

The material they have at present is of super high quality and immersive. You will definitely have fun, and some of the videos are pretty damn innovative. VR Hush nails every aspect of the VR experience, starting from the highly technical areas to the more intimate performer dependent elements.

They are steadily adding extra new scenes each month, adding to an archive that has already been steadily growing since 2016. So, if you're in the market for a reliable source of top-notch VR porn, you'll want to add this site in the top of your list.

Parting Words

Despite the name of this site, I couldn't keep something this hot a secret from all of you. The biggest names in Porn are gangbusters in 3D and a 360° view, so you better get on this as fast as you can, before you regret it.

I really unable to narrow down any kind of con, but I guess it wouldn't be too greedy to say that some bonus content would always be helpful. Still, this site is a real winner.

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