Adult Email Marketing – Build Mailing List and Make Money (2020)

Let me today talk about Adult Email Marketing - Build Mailing List and Make Money. If you have any familiarity with Internet marketing then you might already know that money is in the Size and Quality of your Email List. People like Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, John lee Dumas (all online Entrepreneurs) are making millions of dollars through their email list. Although these people are in non-adult niche but the effectiveness of email list cannot be ignored
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If you have a great email marketing campaign then making money would be very easy. You can expect a Return on Investment (ROI) of even 1,000% if your email marketing is spot on. If you are totally unaware about what a mailing list is and how to get one then keep on reading i will cover everything in detail. 

This guide will help you understand Adult Email Marketing in every adult niche:

  1. Webcam models
  2. Adult webmasters
  3. Adult affiliates
  4. Adult performers

What is Email Marketing?

If you have a product/service to sell, then pitching your offers to people on their email is what is known as email marketing. Just like you would be buying “ad spaces” or online advertisements, here you are not paying to promote yourself. Lets say you have a list of 100 people who might be interested in a product that you want to sell, so you send them all your offer or your product description and lets say 3-4 of these people end up buying your product, then this form of making money is known as Email Marketing

Similarly in adult industry, if you have a mailing list, then you can promote your Adult affiliate offers and make money of people who end up completing the action that you want them to complete.

The best part about Email Marketing is that you are not paying any money to market your product (although first you need a highly responsive and quality email list)


How to Build a Mailing List?

The size and quality of your email list is your asset. How to obtain those email address, you might be wondering now. Let me give you an example: Think of the those websites that you visit that are related to your interest/hobbies/passion/liking (except social media of course). Lets say you are interested in learning guitar, and lets assume you are visiting for learning guitar. Most often than not you will see a pop up/widget/offer where something valuable is offered in exchange of your email id.

Like “Learn 10 mistakes that you might be making while learning guitar, Signup up to get free PDF”. This is a perfect example of Leadmagnet (A lucrative offer in order to receive your email id)

Similarly you on your own website will be doing everything to receive that precious email id of interested people.

[Guide] Email Marketing for Adult Sites, Content – Networks, Companies and Services

If you have an adult website (containing pornographic images, sexuality etc) then forget about finding a good email marketing company. Email marketing is the most crucial and important part of Internet marketing. Today I will tell you how to do Email Marketing for Adult Sites

If you own an adult website or have adult content on your site then sooner or later you will be thinking about incorporating Email marketing. After doing some research you will find out that none of the major Email marketing companies like Mailchimp, Aweber does not allow adult content.

Even if you are thinking of doing Adult affiliate marketing for making money even then you will need a solid email marketing company to handle everything. Making money through Adult affiliate marketing requires you to have an amazing email marketing plan, so it becomes even more crucial for you.

(Check out the following helpful and additional articles that will help you get started in adult affiliate marketing : Adult affiliate marketing Make Easy Money

[Guide] Email Marketing for Adult Sites, Content – Networks, Companies and Services

So then you will have the following questions in you mind:

  • How can I do email marketing for my adult website
  • Best Email marketing company for adult sites

When I was doing reasearch for this article,  found out that not much information is available on this topic. Even forum threads does not give a satisfactory answer to users problems. So I decided to do even more research and also incorporate my experience in order to make this a one stop solution article for anyone facing this problem

If you don’t want to do any hard work and are ready to shell out some money then the best solution for you is “Ynot Mail”. This is the only reliable Adult email marketing software on the internet. It incorporates all the features that a good ESP like Mailchimp offers.

The only downside is it being insanely expensive. Compared to non-adult ESP the prices are almost double. I will soon be writing a comprehensive review of this service till then you can check the comparison of prices of Ynotmail compared with other companies in this space :

Mailchimp pricing:

[Guide] Email Marketing for Adult Sites, Content – Networks, Companies and Services

Ynot pricing:

[Guide] Email Marketing for Adult Sites, Content – Networks, Companies and Services

After reading this brief intro that I have given you might be feeling hopeless or really frustrated that why the hell is it so difficult for adult sites to do email marketing. Yes mainstream companies like mailchimp prohibit us, also CANN_SPAM act has its own not-so friendly rules. But worry not, thousands of adult websites are sending millions of adult emails everyday. So how are they doing this, lets find out

There are two ways to go about Email marketing:

  1. Self hosting
  2. Using a ESP or Email service Provider

The choice to choose one between the two depends on many factors like Size of your adult email list, Money you are willing to spend, the convenience that yo are looking for

Adult email marketing using an email service provider

I have always preferred convenience over the extra effort that you need to put. If spending that extra few dollars are bringing me a great deal of convenience then I will obviously go for that. Here the ESP comes into play with their slick interface and amazing options and high deliverability you don’t need to worry about anything. The problem being that in adult entertainment industry or porn industry or escort industry or even webcam industry these normal ESP do not entertain adult content

Ynot mail comes as a great alternative, but they are charging a premium for their exclusive service. And why shouldn’t they, they ae the only one doing that in the market right now

Here are the advantages for using a ESP or email service provider for your adult email marketing efforts:

  1. Low initial cost as you don’t have to pay for servers, softwares etc.
  2. Email list is managed by ESP
  3. You don’t need to learn or hire a technical person to handle your self hosting requirements
  4. You get the benefits of the experience of that company in email marketing and hence you get great templates, high deliverability, suggestions and many more amazing benefits

The only disadvantage being high cost. If you have tens of thousand os people on your email list (first of kudos for such great list) but you will have to spend a lot o maintain that list in a ESP

Self hosted Adult email marketing

This is what most email marketers in adult industry and adult affiliate marketing use. A good autoresponder, own servers and SMTP server for delivery

The biggest advantage this borings is cost effectiveness and comes as a great alternative as ESP is not available. Since the cost increases with increase in size of list, using a self hosted solution will keep the cost same even if you have 100,000 people on your list. Imagine the cost for that with a ESP

The cost elements are:

  1. Autoresponder software (only one time payment)
  2. Server cost
  3. Cost of experienced professional if you don’t know a thing about all this

Is you follow the CAN_SPAM rules and also Sender policy framework record, you wont be facing any problem with email deliverability.

The only extra thing you need to do is to make regular IP reputation check using the following free service Ip blacklist check

Now you must have already decided which option suits you best.My guess is Self hosted solution, so the next question will be what is the best Self hosted email marketing software. Here are the two most popular softwares used by professional in adult space:

  1. AutoResponse Plus
  2. Interspire

Additional important knowledge for you all

Since you are doing email marketing for adult sites, I will recommend you to regularly check whether the IP address of he server is not blacklisted. You can easily do this using :

How will I send these emails? Where will these emails get stored? How will i get the statistics of people opening my emails?

For this you will need a dedicated email list manager, the one i recommend is Mailchimp (it is adult friendly). Although it's a paid service, but you will get the to manage the first 2,000 subscribers for free (although with limited functionality)

This is an excellent service to draft email campaigns, check open rates, build email capture widgets, etc


What does an Email Capture form or Leadmagnet looks like?


Creating your email form is extremely crucial, and you must test it as much as possible to get the highest converting one. You must change the copy (test), display image, position etc to see which one performs the best. In the end your goal is to get maximum emails.


  1. The copy of your email capture form must be highly enticing and must relate to the target audience. You must give your audience a reason to subscribe to your email list. People already are receiving multiple emails in their inbox, hence they will only subscribe only if they are highly interested.
  2. Keep the form fields to the minimum, only the email id and name will suffice


Double opt-in vs Single opt-in?

You must use Double opt-in compared with single opt-in to prevent yourself from considered as spam. This is the best way to reduce the spam complaints from people you will be sending your email campaigns to. Why Double opt-in is preferred because it wont allow people to put someone else email id as they need to click on verification link as well that will be sent to the email id they enter

Also, you will see higher engagement rates as people took the extra step to confirm their email address and hence showing their interest in the content of the website


Segmenting your Email list

This step is extremely crucial and lets know the interest of the people signing up. If you are sending emails of selling mobile phone to people who are looking for laptops than most probably they either wont open the email or just wont interact.

Email list segmentation helps improving the conversions, hence this step is crucial is success of your adult email marketing campaign

You can segment the list on various factors such as:

  1. GEO Location
  2. Opt-in Form
  3. Open rate


Writing amazing emails for your adult email marketing campaign

Although this topic looks trivial, but trust me this is very important. The story you tell with your words, your word choice, arrangements of different parts in your email, everything is crucial in your success. Since we are dealing in adult industry, you also need to focus on not getting your emails delivered to spam folder.

Let me go through this broad topic of writing effective adult marketing emails one by one

Preventing/Avoiding Email Spam Delivery

If you don't know what spamming is then let me define it for you. If you send the same (irrelevant and unsolicited) message (email in our case) to a number of people without their permission. Email clients use many techniques to classify emails as spam or not, one is to look for shady words which give resemblance of spam. So you must avoid using these words in the content or title of your email. Although giving you a comprehensive list of all these spam words will be out of scope of this article , there are many good article on the internet which have complied such list.

Since we are dealing in adult industry le me give you some examples of such words: Sexy, big tits, milf etc,  you get my might i hope.

Writing amazing highly converting and engaging  Emails for you email list

Becoming a sales writer or drafting such emails takes experience. There are even specialists out these who are experts in writing highly converting emails and they charge a lot for their service. Worry not, you don't need such elegance, you just need to get the job done.

The most common technique used online for writing effective emails is the use of AIDA. This is like a to-do list that you must follow in each email you write

  1. Attention: Target and capture the attention of your audience
  2. Interest: First few lines and words are very important, this will help the person decide whether they want to read the rest of the content or not. Hence give them something interesting, a bait to read the rest
  3. Desire: Instead of stating the advantages of your product, target and focus on their desires, and how your offerings can fulfill those desires
  4. Action : Your call to action must be so good that the person should be bound to click on it

Here are some additional tips that you must follow:

  1. Keep to one idea per phrase
  2. Add the name of the person (you captured the name along with the email id). This makes the email look more humane and personal
  3. Keep short sentences (20 words max)
  4. Keep away from words that might get you in spam folder

Now let me give you the exact steps of writing your amazing Email

  1. Title Matters a lot: A teasing and intriguing title does wonders to the open rate, so make sure your title is well thought of
  2. Relating to the problems of the user: A person will only open you email if it offers them something that is missing in their life. If a person is interested in online business, but rather receives an email of online dating, its highly unlikely that he/she will open the email
  3. Offer your solution: After you identify the problem, its you job to give the best solution possible
  4. Give them reasons to choose your product/service : You don't just have to introduce your product/service you wish to tell you audience exactly how and why your offering is what they want. Give testimonials, social proofs, use numbers instead of text (For ex: 85% of people have found their life partner using our service)
  5. Tell them exactly what they will get: Make sure the user knows exactly what he/she will get in return of the money.
  6. reassure and show authenticity: Studies have shown that offering money back guarantees have resulted in increased sales.
  7. Use psychological hacks: Limited time offer, open to only first 1000 people, etc such techniques have worked wonders fo increasing sales


Adult Template Email designing

Template is important, it makes the difference. A great looking HTML template can work wonders for your email campaign. Remember the goal is to make the user buy whatever you are selling, hence you must optimize everything you can. Your email must be trustworthy, reliable, enticing, professional and friendly. Also a great design looks pleasing and makes the user more inclined to buy what you are offering. Follow the advice in the following steps:


Use tools such as Adove color wheel and Paletton for finding the right color combination for your template. Not just for email campaigns, even your website designs should showcase the niche of your website. If it is Hardcore (Bright red and black), pink for teen niche.

Layout should be correct

organization of your email is also very important. It should be readable, and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some tips for you:

  1. It should be under 800px
  2. Choose one among Single Column Layout or Multi-column layout
  3. Single Column Layout:
    1. Easy to read
    2. Best suited for "Call to Action" type of emails
    3. Best of conversational style emails
  4. Multi-column layout:
    1. E-commerce type emails are best for this
    2. Helps in better display for content

Call to Action - The one area that will drive conversions

I wrote a full article on Creating Call to Actions – Adult Media Buying . Call to action is all about standing out and grabbing attention. Usually it is in the form of a  button, and it should be clearly standing out from the rest.

HTML is the key 

One mistake people might make is using image instead of HTML. This might land you in spam folder. Emails are scanned, before  they are delivered, and when you use an image, there is nothing to scan and the probably of your email landing in a spam folder is high. Make suer you content contribute at least 60% of the email.

Designing your template using Online tools

There are many tools available that can be used to organise the elements of your template. After figuring out the colors, the layout, and content of the template, organising them is made easier with online tools such as Template Builder . An amazing tool to build this template.

Tip: Also make sure, you make the template and email responsive. Using Responsive Email


Must Follow steps before you send your first email

Compatibility with email providers

A great service known ad Email on Acid is a great way of testing your email (preview your email) of various different email clients (as well as on mobile devices)

Knowing your Spam Score

Spam score is used to calculate the likeliness of your email landing in the Spam folder. It is a scale from 0 to 10. "0" being the best, meaning you should be aiming for 0

Ip address affecting your spam score

SenderScore is a great resource to find out where your IP address has been blacklisted. If your spam score is high, a major reason could be that your IP address is blacklisted. A score of 85 or above tells you that you can continue sending emails. Sendscore will analyze your IP address to give you a score


I hope you like this article on Adult Email Marketing - Build Mailing List and Make Money

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