Make $100/day Uploading Porn/Sex Pictures (2020)

Let me talk about Make $100/day uploading porn/sex pictures today. I have already shared a porn video make money method on this website, today i will tell you how to Make $100/day uploading porn/sex pictures. The method is somehow similar and i will try my best to explain it to you in as simple language as possible
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Explain me the method?

I will strongly recommend you to first check porn video upload method of making money, it will give you moe clarity on what to expect. Here are the steps for this method:

  1. Find hot sexy pictures
  2. Watermark these pictures with your affiliate link
  3. Upload them on the internet (sex picture upload websites)

When people will go to your affiliate offers and then sign up you will get a commission. I have written an article on this PPL vs PPS Make Money with PPL offers – Adult CPA – Adult Media Buying

Why i like this method?

Firstly this method is extremely simple to implement, any one can do this. Then, once you upload enough number of pictures, you don’t have to worry about anything, you will be making money in your sleep as well 🙂

How and where can i find photos to edit?

There are multiple places to find such photos.

  1. Google images
  3. Porn pinning websites
  4. Sub Reddit

Create a folder and start adding all the photos to this folder. Try to find high quality and large photos (at least 600×600)

What kind of photos to download?

Go with popular genres, like teen, amateurs, big tits, milfs etc

Make $100/day uploading porn/sex pictures

How to find adult affiliate offers?

Until now i am assuming you have purchased a hosting with free domain name , now you need an adult affiliate account to get dating offers. I have always recommended crakrevenue Crakrevenue Review and Payment proof as my personal choice for adult offers. I have been using them for last 3-4 years now and have made thousands of dollars. They are the best adult affiliate company on the internet. Click here to signup at crakrevenue Crakrevenue Review and Payment proof

Getting accepted by crakrevenue has been of much debate lately. Check my article on how to get accepted on crakrevenue How To Get Approved By CrakRevenue?

Now the money-making method is somehow like this. You will buy ads with your domain name, and then redirect your domain name to the dating offer that you will get from Crakrevenue. You will make money off people who ends up signing up to the offer. If you choose PPL then you will get close to $3 per sign up, if you choose PPS then you will get close to $40-50 per signups. Read my article here Make Money with PPL offers – Adult CPA – Adult Media Buying

Payments are processed using Payoneer. check my article on this Payoneer Review – Receive payments – Get Free $25. You will also get free $25 per signup


How will  i make money with such adult affiliate offers from Crakrevenue?

When you upload thousands of these watermarked photos on the internet, people will start entering your domain name in their address bar. They will then be redirected to your adult affiliate offer and if they end up signing up , you will get a commission. ~$3 for PPl, and ~$40-50 for PPS

What are the requirements for this method to work?

  1. Domain name
  2. Web hosting

purchasing a domain name is a must. Although it will cost you $12-15/domain name, but if you buy a starter hosting pack at Bluehost, you will get the free domain name along with it. It will just cost you around $50 per year, so this is a small investment compared to the returns you will get. Even if you can get 2-3 signups on these dating offers, you can easily make $100-$150, so the earning potential is endless. Check my guide on how to buy bluehost hosting

Now you must be wondering why do i need a domain name for this method?

The affiliate links are really ugly and hard to type into the browser. Buy buying a domain name, you give a very easy way for people to enter that domain name in their browser address bar. Something like is easy to type. All you have to do is to redirect the visitor from this domain name to your adult affiliate offer.

Now many of you must be thinking about this investment of money that you need to make in hosting and the free domain. Trust me once you understand this method and once you start seeing the results or income you make, you will be thanking me. Check my article on Bluehost hosting review  and then visit how to buy bluehost hosting  and buy your first hosting to make money online

How shall I redirect the domain name to adult offer?

Redirecting the domain name is very simple and straightforward. If you purchased a bluehost hosting and free domain, then you can check this article


Watermarking the images?

You can use any free image editing tool for watermarking, almost all of them comes with the capability of watermerking your images. Since you have more than 1000 images to watermark, doing them individually will be difficult and hence you must download a bulk watermarking software. Many of them are freely available on the internet, check them out and download one for yourself

Since these free softwares are very slow, and you have thousands of images to watermark, i will recommend buying a paid tool.

Text to watermark with?

I will ask you to test this text. Write different variations and see which text gives you maximum clicks. For something like ” Check more hot girls on 0” i get close to 10-15% click rate. Which means, for every 1000 views of the image, about 100-150 people end up going to the domain name.

Make $100/day uploading porn/sex pictures

What is the conversion percentage?

If you send 100 people to your affiliate link, how many actually signs up. This depends on many factors and it is hard to give an absolute number to it. But usually you can expect 2 conversions per 100 people. But i wont ask you to take this as absolute number. Some people have witnessed that even sending 1000 people only got them 2-3 conversions, so test this as well

Where to upload these watermarked pictures on the internet?

there are many places to upload these pictures. You can check my list of :

TIP: you must add your domain name in title of the picture as well. For example, hot sexy babe dancing – check more hot girls at

What should be my upload frequency?

You should target 100 photos per day. The money will start coming in just few days. The more photos you upload the better it is.

Note:Don’t do the mistake of uploading all the 1000 photos at once, the slower the better.


I hope you like this article on Make $100/day uploading porn/sex pictures

Tips to be successful

Are you planning to make money by uploading your porn or sex content on different adult platforms? If yes, then you need to have a good game plan.

This section will tell you what the game plan should be.

People think that selling online porn or sex pictures is easy; however, they don’t know that there are many people just like them who are doing the same. And the competition is extremely tight.

Tips to be successful

First things first, you must be at least 18+ to join any adult platform and sell your alluring photo. After that, you need to choose the right platform where you are going to sell them. Webcam sites like Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, MyFreeCams, and so on are the best to sell them.

You need to pick a site where there are more users who will check out those pictures. Also, those pictures must be good enough to get sold. For that, you must stand out as the best.

Now, let’s get into the real tips. Read them all and get to know how you can actually make money by selling your nudes and sex pictures.

Always be active 

No matter which platform you are going to choose, you will require a dedicated fan base. What members fail to understand is that they need to keep them engaged to lure them into buying those sex pictures.

You will find online sex models who upload pictures to sell and set a price. However, they often forget one golden rule which is to engage with the customers.

And engagement with the customers would happen when you will come online regularly. People don’t just buy random sex pictures. There are some really hot porn stars who are readily available and selling it and making a lot of money.

However, you are new. Hence, remember to stay in touch with your fans.

Communicate with your fans and promote your content 

The next thing that you need to do is to promote your content when you come online. Tell them that if they want fresh content, they can go to your account and purchase them at a decided cost.

Your account is the leading marketing platform. You are the brand for those pictures and your fans must be aware that you have something fresh so that they can go and check it out.

Ask for recommendation 

Another thing that you can do is to sell custom sex and porn pictures. You can always ask for suggestions. This tip really works! You can collect ideas, and once you are ready with those photos, just let your fanbase know about it.

You will see that those pictures are getting sold like hot cakes. Fans love it when their favourite star listens to them.

Be unique and try kinky poses

Some members are tired of seeing the age-old porn photos. They need something new and fresh. You can try out different fetishes and sell those photos. The more the niches, the better the price you can charge.

Domain maintenance and improvements

The domain that you need to choose for hosting your porn for free is FastComet Hosting. However, you need to ensure that your domain is free from bugs and viruses.

Your trusted fans can be from any part of the world; you must ensure that your domain works 24x7, no matter when they visit.

Whenever the domain requires maintenance, go for it to keep operating even if you are unavailable to check if there is something wrong with the site.

Fastcomet is the most affordable domain site. It would cost you hardly $59 a year. You can also get your domain and share the same with all of your fans.

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