Complete Guide on Yoni Massage (2020)

Yoni, a term that could be new for many of our readers, firstly needs clarification about itself.

Yoni is another term for the vulva of a woman, which represents the goddess Shakti.

Yoni massage is a  full-body massage that focuses on the erogenous parts of the body, which thus help to develop connectivity.

It helps to build a sexual and karmic connection between the male and the female, or often between two females.

Yoni massage mainly emphasizes on all the erogenous parts of the body.

yoni massage

Light breathing during the yoni massage ensures that the receiver feels deeply satisfied with the massage. Yoni massage  is not done for an outcome resulting in orgasm, but to relax the body and the mind from any stress.

For the massage,  the surrounding environment plays a major role  as setting the right environment ensures that the person feels relaxed and safe. The temperature of the ambience is often the best way to  make a person comfortable. 

Setting an amicable temperature, which is not too high or low, is often suggested. Performing a yoni massage in a good ventilated place can also be a great way to ensure that the yoni receiver feels comfortable and relaxed.

 Excellent lighting coupled with romantic music is the perfect setting for the yoni massage.

In the meanwhile, make sure that there is no tampering of privacy as it is  an entirely private affair. As we proceed further, the receiver of the Yoni massage is expected to set her body free as she has to calm her nerves and feel  the soothing ambience.  

Introduction to Yoni Massage

This relaxing surrounding instils confidence within the massager to continue the yoni massage further. Breathing plays a  significant role when it comes to yoni massage. The meditative breathing exercise ensures that you can reap great benefits of the massage.

The benefits of Yoni massage are umpteen. Yet to take advantage of such benefits, you need to ensure that you keep on breathing continuously. A perpetual breathing pattern helps you to connect with the other person as well as calms down the nerves.

Another reason why you must not miss the breathing during the yoni massage is that it increases the blood flow to the vagina. . As you continue breathing, hold the breath for seven seconds and breathe in sync with your partner.

This ensures that the flow of blood is directed to the private area. Having increased blood flow ensures that your private areas are highly sensitive and it makes it easier for the yoni massager to leave a lasting impact.

Before we get into the process of having the yoni massage, it gets imperative to explore the benefits of having a Yoni massage. Regarded as one of the most effective ways to relax the body, it is worth exploring the other benefits too.

Benefits of Having a Yoni Massage

Understanding the importance of Yoni is  essential to know the benefits. Yoni is considered to be the storehouse of various emotions like stress, fear, and worry. Moreover, Yoni is the powerhouse of the latent and hidden energy of a woman.

Massaging a Yoni ensures that the hidden energy is  traversed and the stress is relieved. Tantric practice  makes sure that women’s stress is relieved through her Yoni, thus  providing her pleasure. Healing center of a woman is her Yoni.

Thus, it needs to be kept healthy and active as an active and healthy yoni makes the woman feel relaxed. The stress has to be relieved and removed from the Yoni to ensure wonderful healing. This is where Yoni massage comes into play.

Removing the various blockages and negative energies that have accumulated in the Yoni is very important.

Blockages can be in the form of aftershocks or bad experiences. Energetic, physical, emotional or psychosomatic whatever be the type of trauma, the origins of the blockages need to be removed. This is why it is important to have a Yoni massage done.

The blockages can have harmful impacts on the health as well as the social well being and relationships of a person.

It might lead to the manifestation of certain diseases and can also spoil your relations in the long run.

Emotional blockages can lead to deteriorated mental health and relationship failures too.

Trust issues, insecurity, fear of loss are many such  problems that constitute negative energy.

Yet, it is often difficult to find out the origin of such blockages. 

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Self-Yoni massage is not  usually a recommended practice; experienced therapists ensure that they massage their Yoni carefully. Any mismanagement of the blockages is detrimental to health. It can lead to further complications and  hence, it becomes  essential to have your Yoni massaged by a professional.

A woman who has had her Yoni massaged has  experienced a feeling of relief, joy, and pleasure along with the restored harmony in their lives.

The Yoni massage also ensures that the blood flow near your genital areas increases. This, in a way,  makes the privy areas more sensitive and increases sexual pleasure too. Consequently, sexual awareness increases, thus improving the sexual life of a woman.

Full body orgasm can be another benefit of the Yoni massage. Having a full-body orgasm releases a lot of negative energies from within and radiates positivity. . Many chronic ailments have also been treated through the Yoni massage.

Yoni massage has a large potential for curing life and making it simpler and it is something that no woman should miss out on. Now that we have known the benefits of Yoni massage, it is important to find out the right way of doing it.

Starting from the preparation stage to the ending, let us explore it and know more about the same.

Benefits of a Yoni Massage

Preparation Stage for the Yoni Massage

The Yoni Massage needs preparation before you start it. Certain rules  should be followed  to make your body attuned to the  ambience around.   It is recommended to stay alcohol-free as well as free from caffeine at least 48 hours before the Yoni massage begins.

Maybe a detox session can make things better and add further value to the Yoni massage. It is very  essential to tune your body according to the requirements of the environment. On the day of the Yoni massage, it is suggested to have a light meal.

Stay away from non-prescribed drugs and keep 7 days in abeyance. Discussing with the therapist is very important prior to the session. It ensures that you are well aware of what to expect from the massage. Moreover, you can also state the requirements for the massage.

The touchpoints can be  mentioned by you accordingly, such that the blockages can be eliminated effectively. A discussion about the past traumas or the aftershocks with the practitioner can help them to  understand the different touchpoints to release the negative energy.

Moreover, Yoni massage is all about building a connection with the therapist, and to make sure that it improves the success rate of the Yoni massage.

Why is setting a certain threshold of expectation important?

Don’t you want to explore the reasons as to why you were drawn towards the tantric massage? Having your Yoni massaged, must draw in some connotations and ensure that the negative energies get released from the body.

Sharing your  intentions with the therapist has always proven to be the best way of making a connection and knowing what to expect from the same. You must not jump into the Yoni massage with any form of expectations.

If you don’t have any experience, you are sure to enjoy the massage  as the expectations can often be the hindrance for you.

Now coming to the portion of relaxation; its main reason is to give you complete pleasure and soothing effect.

Making you let go of the various stresses starts with this phase.

Breathing is an integral part of this process, so  if you focus  on improving the breathing, it can be quite relaxing.

Following a definitive set of breathing patterns can induce harmony and sync with the therapist.

Using the powers of imagination, you can feel the bits of energy moving from one psychotic level to another.

yoni massage 3

The pleasure can only be derived if there is a  constant channel of communication. Periodic feedback can ensure that you stay in sync with the therapist and let them know in case of any discomfort. If you would like them to increase the pressure or maybe reduce it, state it clearly!

Train your mind to understand the importance of relaxation, by training your brain cells repeatedly by humming a relaxing tone and trying to hypnotize yourself in the process.

Make the Yoni Available for the Therapist

It is important for you to ask queries from your therapist clearly when he comes close to give the Yoni massage. Having transparent communication enables you to take control of the massage. Once you are ready for the Yoni to be massaged, only then you should allow it to begin.  

It is recommended to not follow any strict thumb rule of sequence, rather focus on the relaxation part. In few cases, it has been observed that if you start the Yoni massage while you are not  ready, deriving pleasure out of the massage becomes challenging.

In some other cases, the relaxation procedure, that is loosening of the cells of the body and the muscles, can be more time consuming  than the Yoni massage. Yoni massage can take place through several steps  hence making it a complicated yet satisfactory sequence..

Starting with the groin and the pelvic area, the massage starts giving you the needed pleasure. Following it, the G spot is located  when the therapist slides his arm slowly into the Yoni. As the Yoni is approached, insensitive areas become sensitive.

Five Misconceptions about the Yoni Massage

Areas of numbness are activated in this stage by the various activation procedures. The Yoni canal is then  recovered by the therapist. In scientific terms,  it is also called as mapping the Yoni. As this is done, it releases the negative energy from inside.  

Removal of the blockages and the negative emotions takes place. A woman can experience a ton of emotions ranging from sexual pleasure to relief from the past chains of trepidation. In every way , this is the most relaxing part of the Yoni massage.

The healing of the Yoni can be regarded as one of the most important phases of the Yoni massage. The elevation and euphoria within a woman can be attained in this stage. It has also been observed that the women reach a state of orgasm and sexual stimulation in this stage of the Yoni massage.

Now, let us explore the various types of Yoni massage and how to do them. This will help you in exploring the right techniques to massage and the right amount of pressure to give.

Different Types of Yoni massage

There is an exhaustive list of Yoni massage which is available,  right from the subtle, gentle one to the one that awakens the nerve cells present within. Yet, some of them focus  entirely on the Yoni, while others lay much more importance on the area surrounding it.

Circling the Yoni

Circling the area around the Yoni is one of the most important tricks for increasing the flow of blood in this region.

Once you start circling, we suggest that you make circles of different sizes as the size of the circle changes gradually, you can be sure that the flow of blood shifts towards the clit. Circling  the hood of the clit has to be gentle. This is the most delicate part of the female body.

Hence, it needs to be treated with the utmost care and concern. Avoid any direct touch with the sensitive clitoris.

Instead, lay more emphasis on the hood of the clit. It is also important to understand that different women possess different thresholds of sensitivity. Thus, it gets  essential to adjust the massage as per their needs.

Syncing the Labia

The labia are the vertical  lips of the vagina which are highly filled with blood vessels and nerve endings. This makes it  vital for you to focus on the labia more than  the clit. It is the most ignored and least explored part of the vagina.

Having such a beautiful shape, like that of the pear, you must not ignore it. Instead, trying to sync the vertical lips through the vertical massage can make her feel better. Slow and gentle touching around each lip and rubbing the fingers around each of the lips can instead make her feel great.

Female masturbation

As you have been masturbating  for ages, learning the art of female masturbation is   an excellent skill. Over the clit hood, you must use two fingers, one on the right and the other on the left. With both the fingers around, just push and pull the skin of the hood.

This will instil the flow of blood due to the continuous opening and closing of the vaginal opening.

Make sure you remain gentle as you massage yourself r, as this must not be painful. What is important is to have a consistent variation throughout the process; that is to relax the clit and not give her an orgasm. As you are looking to make her feel relaxed, you must vary the speed and direction.

Alternate the push and pull effect and vary the pressure on the vaginal opening to make her feel relaxed, yet not out of place.

How to Give a Real Yoni (Pussy) Massage

Give the G Spot Massage to end it big

It will be blatant lying if you say that you are not looking to give her an orgasm. Most therapists generally avoid orgasm during the massage, yet times have changed. But, it is always better   to have the consent of the woman whom you are healing.

If she agrees to have an orgasmic effect, it is insisted to consider Yoni as a whole. Don’t segment it into specific parts; instead think of it to be a combination of various parts. Stimulating the multiple areas together can be challenging at first, yet it must be given a shot.

Try to use both the hands to stimulate the vertical lips and the hood. As you slowly press against the vaginal opening, increase the motion and alternate it accordingly. Upon consultation, you can also use penetrative stimulation.

Penetrate two fingers of yours  inside her vagina as you stimulate the nerve endings present within. Continue it in a repetitive motion, and if you are well aware of where her G Spot is, you have hit the jackpot. Give  an excellent stimulation to her G spot as you perform the come hitherto position.

It can be the best way to get the  finest customer review. Some of the most frequently asked questions are covered in the next section. Make sure you read on and check if your questions have been answered.

1. How many bucks do I need to shell off for a Yoni massage?

Yoni massage comes at a very cheap price. Yet, the experience that you get cannot be compared with the cost. It just costs close to $300, yet it is highly valuable. It is worth having this if you find difficulty in connecting with your internal sexual desires.

2. Is there any spot known as the U spot? What is its significance?

Yes, you have heard it right. The body of a woman is a  beautiful mystery. If you have heard only about the G spot and the A-spot, let us brief you about the U spot. Present near the vaginal opening on either side of the urethral opening, it has erogenous capabilities.

 It is able to produce highly erotic feelings; it can be stroked lightly to give the best pleasure to the woman.

3. Does Yoni massage have any side effects?

No, as per the research being conducted till now, Yoni massage has shown no side effects. Instead, it has many advantages over the other forms of massage. Being the  centre for stimulating the entire body and releasing the negative sexual energies from within, Yoni massage is a perfect practice.

If you are a woman or are the lover of a woman who is suffering from a low sexual urge, it is time to explore Yoni massage. It gives an intense feeling as the nerve endings  get stimulated due to Yoni.

Overall, Yoni should be the way to go if you are looking for a healthy living. A healthy sexual life should be your foremost priority, and it should never be compromised at any cost. An important factor about Yoni is that it is not done for attaining orgasm, but to increase sensitivity and relieve stress.

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