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Top 5 Adult Professions in Amsterdam

Among the many offerings found in Amsterdam, there’s one thing that particularly stands out. Nope, not the scenic canals, nor the notorious coffee shops with their "herbal" delights. We’re talking, of course, about the sex workers…

This city is a global hotspot for those intrigued by the adult entertainment industry, not just for the pleasure seekers, but also for those considering a career in this saucy sector.

So, whether you're thinking of joining this industry, looking for some naughty fun, or simply curious about the different jobs that make the city tick, join us as we explore the top 5 adult professions in Amsterdam.

Escort Agencies

In the Netherlands, escort agencies are a dime a dozen. However, if we had to pick one city that offers the best selection of sexy girls, Amsterdam takes the crown, always!

As a client, you can find someone to cosy up with who's just your type… someone who meets your exact needs. Looking to get down and dirty with a busty blonde in the comfort of your home? You got it. Seeking a quick suck-and-fuck in a private hotel room? Go for it! Escort agencies cater to every whim, whilst ensuring a discreet and safe encounter behind closed doors.

For escorts, joining an agency opens up a world of established clientele. In fact, some agencies even go the extra mile to vet clients, ensuring a safe working environment.

As you can see, escort agencies are the perfect choice when it comes to safety and stability for sex work. That being said, there are some untrustworthy agencies out there, so be sure to do your research before indulging. If you want our advice, consider becoming a part of the Tippelstraat’s Amsterdam escort platform. This renowned website not only attracts a considerable number of punters in the city but also serves as a hub for reputable agencies, offering ample opportunities for those seeking employment.

Window Prostitutes

Who knew window shopping could be so exciting?! Nothing screams "Amsterdam" louder than the iconic Red Light District, where sexy window prostitutes have turned the art of seduction into a public spectacle.

Here, babes of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds jiggle their bums and flaunt their tits behind a window, offering a menu of pleasures to those brave enough to knock. Fancy blowing your load after a quick pint? Simply stroll through the street, take your pick, and enjoy a spontaneous yet memorable encounter.

If you wish to be on the other side of the glass, the role of a window prostitute offers flexibility and the chance to make a quick buck. The setup allows you to dictate your schedule and services, and most establishments even provide security. The catch? You can’t pick your guests, and the rent for your glass-encased boudoir isn’t always cheap. It's not everyone's cup of tea, especially with the whole world as your audience, but for the bold and the beautiful, it's a way to rake in the cash.

Private Houses

Moving on to something a little more discreet, we've got the private houses or ‘privehuizen’. Tucked away from the bustling streets, these houses of pleasure offer a more reserved, yet equally thrilling experience compared to their Red Light counterparts… catered to those seeking a raunchy time without the public spectacle.

In these private sanctuaries, the selection may be less extensive, but the appeal lies in the quality of encounters and the charm of secrecy. Whereas 50 euros might get you a quick, 15-minute suck-and-fuck in the Red Light District, the same amount may get you up to an hour of erotic mischief. More bang for your buck? How could one say not to such a treat?

For workers, these houses provide a semblance of security and a more personal space to ply their trade, away from the prying eyes of the public. Sure, the competition might not be as fierce as on the streets, but who can say no to a safer, more controlled environment, often with lower overhead costs?

Independent Mistresses

Alright, you kinky beasts, this one's for you. Looking to explore your wildest fantasies with someone who knows exactly what they're doing with that whip? You and every other deviant in this city!

Luckily for you, finding a dominant mistress in Amsterdam is nice and easy. What you should know, however, is that these goddesses of domination aren't just hanging around on corners. Nope, they've gone digital, so be sure to browse the internet and online directories for the perfect match. When you do find one willing to take you under her wing (or whip), you can choose between a home visit or a trip to one of the many SM Houses scattered across the city.

For Sex Workers: Thinking of strutting your stuff as a mistress? Honey, you're about to enter a market that's hungry for what you're serving. The demand is sky-high and the market is hungry for what you’re serving! And the beauty of it all? You get to call the shots. So, if you're ready to whip things into shape and make a name for yourself in the neon-lit nights of Amsterdam, it's time to step up and show the world what you're made of.

Massage Parlours

A massage that tackles those stubborn knots? One that involves a sexy, oiled-up lady rubbing her naked body on yours? A happy ending, you say?! Yes, yes, and god, yes. Now that’s our idea of a soothing experience.

Enjoyed by men, women, and couples alike, the many legal and licensed erotic massage parlours in Amsterdam can pretty much be found on every corner. With so many affordable masseuses willing to show you a good time, it’s often the best and cheapest option for those just looking to relieve themselves after a long day, instead of paying twice the amount for your typical hooker.

For those looking to spread the joy (quite literally), working as an erotic masseuse requires a magic touch and an open mind. It's a profession that demands skill, empathy, and a genuine passion for bringing pleasure and relaxation to others. With a diverse clientele ranging from weary travellers looking to unwind to couples seeking to spice up their journey together, the opportunities to make a meaningful impact through your work are endless. Plus, you get to make people happy for a living, and how many jobs can say that?

Now Go Have Some Fun…

So, there you have it - Amsterdam's adult scene in all its glory.

So, whether you’re looking to get lucky or earn some dollar, remember to keep it cheeky, keep it safe, and most importantly, have fun. There are so many naughty adventures to be had in the city of Amsterdam, so get out there and indulge.

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