Swing Lifestyle Review (2020)

Swing Lifestyle

Swinging is quite in vogue nowadays as people are seeking ways to spice up their conjugal life.

"Swing Lifestyle" website is a paradise for swingers looking for different sexual activities and sultry encounters.

Nothing is out of bounds here and you can look for different sexual encounters suited to your choice.


  • This site is one of the oldest and most established websites for swingers and is quite popular among the individuals who are seeking partners outside their relationship or marriage.
  • It has a huge and active user base. Therefore, you are going to find individuals interested in a swinging lifestyle.


  • The website interface is very redundant and outdated.
  • The website features tons of advertisements that will affect your overall experience.

Swing Lifestyle is a very credible website for people who are seeking consensual non-monogamous relationships.

It is one of the most established websites out there for swingers who want to indulge in sexual encounters of their choice.

Swinging is quite in vogue nowadays as people are seeking ways to spice up their conjugal life. "Swing Lifestyle" website is a paradise for swingers looking for different sexual activities and sultry encounters. Nothing is out of bounds here and you can look for different sexual encounters suited to your choice.

Swing Lifestyle Review

Swingers enjoy a healthy sexual lifestyle as they get to interact and have fun with different partners. Those who love to explore the possibilities presented by a swinging lifestyle can register on ‘Swing Lifestyle’.

The term ‘swing’ can be applied to various aspects of an individual’s sexual demands and preferences. Would you like to ‘swap partners’? Do you like to watch your partner having sex with someone else? Are you looking for an orgy? Do you want to play with ‘toys’? Is BDSM the scene for you?

Well, welcome to the world of multiple possibilities. Welcome to the ‘Swing lifestyle.com’. Here, you won’t only meet ‘like-minded’ people but you will also be able to share your experiences and interests with those people.

Sex & Relationship Expert gives us a great insight into the life of swingers.

The best part about this adult site is perhaps its entire 'execution' style. Nothing is 'gross' or 'vulgar'.

A lot has been invested to ensure that the entire presentation is classy and erotic simultaneously. Swing is a common term used in the ‘adult-circles’ not just today, but for quite some time now. For example, you might have heard people asking do you swing both ways.

It simply means that the person is curious whether you are bisexual or not. Swing Lifestyle also ensures that bisexual couples get to satisfy their urges with the consent of their partners. Few platforms offer such flexibility to open-minded people.

A forum of a dating site is a place where you will get to know and meet people with similar interests and opinions when it comes to sex life and relationships. The Swing lifestyle also offers you the freedom to get to know your type with complete privacy.

What is the Main Reason for the Growing Popularity of Swing Lifestyle?

To start with, the site is pleasing to the eyes and simple to use as well. It is a site where you can simply get to know people who are interested in getting intimate with multiple partners while they are in a committed relationship.

By using this site you will get to experiment and explore your different fetishes and fantasies. The quality of the profile photos and other details is quite a treat to watch. However, you can choose not to display your profile photo or limit its access to few people.

This site uses different options that will help you to decide what and how others shall view your profile. Your private details and private tastes are secured with the website. Here you will be escorted to a world of sexual fantasies that will come live in front of you.

If you have entertained a fantasy for a long time but you were too shy to share it with someone, then the Swing lifestyle will prove to be your best friend. This website falls under the ‘dating website’ category and it also encourages its members to physically meet-up with whoever they want to.

The site is elaborate and neat. Here you will quickly locate what you wish to find. Various sections such as the 'Swinger's Blog', 'Swingers Forum', 'Swinger's Club', 'Swinger's Party', and Swinger's Articles' will enable you to explore your options easily.

Swing Lifestyle

Also, unlike other adult sites, you are not simply confined to certain ‘checklists’ only while creating a profile. The all-new 'Text box' feature on the website allows you to share intimate details about your sexuality or your kinky desires.

The ‘Sex toy’ category is a sex fetish wonderland! Here you will be blown away by various methods that can be utilized to take you to an ultimate high of sexual satisfaction. Just like the rest of the site, this section is well-listed under more categories than you can ever imagine.

This also provides you with a better insight into the world of superior sexual adventures that can become a reality with the assistance of these sex toys.

Various categories of sex toys like ‘Oral suction cup’, ‘Pegging’, ‘Master Series’, ‘Powerful toys for Powerful women’ share insights about the various innovations that can elevate your experience while you are masturbating or playing with your partner.

You don’t have to masturbate traditionally any more as you have new ways to tickle your urges. However, despite its various attractive features, the best part about the Swing Lifestyle is perhaps the activity-oriented interaction with other users.

Here you will be encouraged for indulging in group activities. This enhances your chances of ending up in a sex party or orgy and you will also get to share activities and interests of your daily life. Sometimes, you might end up with a best friend with benefits for life!

The articles and concerns are relevant and properly explained. The various psychological aspects of any sexual desire or its expected consequences are explained intricately here. The chat room is a perfect place for you to flirt and engage with interesting members on the website.

The idea of safe and hygienic sex is addressed on this site with a lot of emphasis. It is important in today’s time and age to practice the proper hygienic requirements that come along with any sexual adventures. Various topics like ‘how clean your sex toys’ and many such topics can be found.

Finding and discovering like-minded people was never so easy. The site makes it easy for you to locate the events and other swingers nearby. This is quite a relief as you don’t have to conceal your emotions and desires from the world any more.


Website Address: www.swinglifestyle.com

Estimated Visits Last month: 5 million+

Launched in the year 2001, this site is quite popular among the users and visitors. The site has an estimated 16 million registered members, making it rightfully one of the most popular adult websites that are providing services.

You will also notice the fact that there are around 5000 active swingers available at any given point of time on this site. With around 300 chat rooms in total, there are about 7000 new visitors and users added every week.

The chatting option is available under the free-user category. However, you can only receive and view the messages as a free user. The message notification is also another convenient feature of this site that updates you whenever someone texts you or replies to you back.

This ensures that you don’t miss out on any important messages from the interested users and members. The users must be above 18 years of age, and the largest age group falls under the 25-35 bracket.

The site is dominated by male users mostly. However, there is an impressive population of the female swingers prevalent as well. The other surprising fact about the Swing Lifestyle is that it comprises a large number of members from couples that makes it a broad-minded site.

Do's and Don'ts about Swinger Lifestyle

Various sexual acts that involve wife swapping, husband exchange and threesomes are encouraged on this site.

These are acts that satisfy a wider group of people. Some people also believe that such acts of sexual indulgence are healthy as they will also allow you to explore the limits of your sexual urges and fantasies.

If you love to watch people having sex together or want to engage with multiple partners at a single time then Swing Lifestyle can be your go-to site. If you have a fetish that requires you to practice BDSM then you can seek such partners through this site. As more and more people are exploring the world of S&M, it is only normal if you want to know more about this.

Your swing experience could range from anything like nice traditional sex to a kinkier ‘whip me up’ kind of experience. Feel free to be able to express yourself to the people of your type. You might want to stir-up your current marital boredom using some great sex.

Why not involve more people into this? This has led to several successful collaborations and friendships between couples who love indulging in experimental sex and enjoy it within a closed circle.

This site has also helped individuals to strengthen their relationships in many ways. Various people have found their perfect compatibility when it comes to pleasing and offering the right kind of pain. While many members of this site have started their swinging clubs, you must not feel left out in action.

The various encounters and get-together are also made interesting here. On some occasions, you can dress up in costumes for costume-themed kinky parties. This is a place to be if you wish to dress-up as your true inner self and enjoy the sex of your lifetime.

Performance Scores



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

9 / 10

Qualty of members

9.5 / 10

Database of active users

9 / 10

Chances of finding an attractive date

9 / 10

Mobile app

7 / 10


8 / 10

Value for money

10 / 10

Genuineness of profiles

10 / 10

User-interface & layout

10 / 10

Overall Score

90.5 / 100

Site Statistics

  • Video chat option? - Yes
  • Blocking option? - Yes
  • Is a free trial offer available? - No
  • Popular features – Hot Dates, Swinger Clubs, Travel
  • Is the mobile app available? - No


It has been analyzed by users and experts that the pricing at the Swing Lifestyle is one of the most feasible ones in the market.




1 month

14.95 USD/month

14.95 USD

3 month

9.98 USD/ month

29. 95 USD

6 month

8.33 USD/ month

49. 95 USD

12 month

5.83 USD/ month

69.95 USD

Also, you will be offered a lifetime membership of $149 only. With the ‘free feature’, you can still take a look at some of the ‘steamy photos’, but the nudity shall be blurred.

You can also receive and read the messages but you need to purchase a premium membership for being able to reply to the received messages.

The payments can be made through various methods like cheques, money orders, credit cards, etc. However, you will be redirected to another site called ‘Dashboardhosting LLC’ for all the transactions initiated.


  • This is one of the oldest adult websites available and also quite popular.
  • The site is a beautiful maze of some of the most explicit sexual fantasies.
  • There are around 300 chat rooms in total.
  • You will get to explore every imaginable fetish and kinky desire that you will ever wish.
  • The premium plans are reasonably priced with some great offers and discounts as well.
  • The Swing Lifestyle is also very activity-oriented. Here you will get to plan, advertise, and participate in various swinger clubs, parties, and cruises.
  • The Privacy at the Swing Lifestyle is great too. Here you can choose to block a user. Also, to view your profile photos, any user will be required to cross a three-wall protection. This way only you will get to decide who will see your pictures.
  • The Swing Article section is yet another added attraction at the site where the users can read about the latest happenings in the ‘Swing-Universe’ and stay updated about the latest ‘Sexual trends’ around.
  • Also, you are somehow educated about various fetish and sexual preferences. Topics such as 'Wife swapping', 'Threesomes', 'Husband sharing', and much more are explained in a detailed manner, that offer the viewer a better take on things. 
  • The article section is well written and quite updated. The various topics are in the latest trend-style with relevant ‘GIF’ and Photos to explain properly.
  • The site cares for its users. Here you are also given proper safety tips. Various aspects like using masturbating toys, exchanging partners, and hygiene-related activities are also addressed.
  • The Swing Club is yet another attractive feature. Here you will get to meet people who will share your interests and sexual requirements. This will allow you to celebrate your uniqueness while mingling with people who entertain different fetishes and interests.
  • There is also the ‘Calendar’ feature at the Swing Lifestyle. This is yet another convenient way to announce the dates you are available for a certain sexual adventure or for sharing about your upcoming date with a certain person of interest.
  • The Swinger’s Events is also a great feature of this site as it clearly states what the upcoming events are and where they are organized. Here, you will also get to visit places where you might just be yourself and enjoy your erotic experiences without any apprehensions.
  • ‘Swingers by State’ is another well-thought category at the site, where you simply need to punch in your preferred location. This way you will be informed about the other swingers of that area and the possible events together. This also makes meeting new contacts quite easy
  • The privacy factor on the website is also another major advantage. The users and the members of the Swing Lifestyle are treated with care and their privacy is ensured always. Careful steps are taken to ensure that your encounters are fun and safe simultaneously.
  • You also get to share your stories. This makes it easier to make contacts and to meet people of your desired sexual preferences.


  • The interface is not as modern as you would expect.
  • There are featured advertisements of various products on this site that might lead to a certain degree of distraction.


Though the site is quite user-friendly, it faces some stiff competition from other adult sites such as SDC, Swinger Zone Central, etc. SDC (Swingers Date Club) is older than the Swing Lifestyle website as it was established in 1999 whereas Swing Lifestyle was launched in 2001.

SDC has a mobile app that can be used in both android and iOS devices whereas Swinglifestyle does not have a mobile app yet. The membership cost of SDC is slightly more expensive than the Swing Lifestyle but it also provides better features to the free users. 

Therefore, we can consider SDC as one of the stiffest competitors in the market for Swing Lifestyle right now. Real Swingers is another dating site that is dedicated to the swinging lifestyle only.

It does not have a mobile app yet and has a lesser number of registered users when compared to Swing Lifestyle. However, its affordable premium plans and user-friendly interface makes it an interesting option for those who are interested in swinging.


As the Swing Lifestyle is wonderfully categorized and well-detailed, the support offered here is good too. In case of any issues you can connect via:

Or drop a mail at: Dashboard Hosting, LLC P.O. Box 9896 Coral Springs, FL 33075

Final Verdict

The Swing Lifestyle is a sex wonderland. Here your lust will always be encouraged, and your fetishes shall be celebrated. All your kinky desires will be catered to and the site makes sure that you find your perfect match.

The various features and categories will ensure that there is a place for every user here. The best part about the site is perhaps the way in which every sexual aspect is dealt with. 

Some various activities and events are updated and properly advertised for all the members. This makes it convenient for you to physically check out the boundaries of your sexual desires. The Forum and the Club at the site prove to be useful.

The Passing Note

Swinging is a new lingo for the sex-craved minds. It is not a taboo any longer and is gaining acceptance in society.

As the world tends to get more and more open and expressive about its orientations and needs, it is quite obvious for the people to be able to express their preferences and exercise their options as well.

It is important to understand that sex is a natural flow of nature and needs to be addressed accordingly.

Swinger Lifestyle

If there is a person who feels low with his or her current sexual options it is always fun to indulge in something new for spicing things up. Be sure to gang-up for a nice gang-bang, and you will be staying in ecstasy for a long time.

As more and more people are now easily expressing their exact requirements, the site will be helping you accordingly. You are just a click away to excite your clit or your penis. There is a place and a position for everyone.

You will simply need to tap into your inner sex god or goddess and unleash the strength. Make sure that you read the various satisfying stories that are shared by the other users as some of the stories might address your ultimate sexual fantasy. Also, as humans, we often get bored easily.

So a little bit of an experiment is never bad. Try out the ‘blindfold’ sex to observe how your body will react to the mystery surrounding the entire experience.

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