Top 10 Sugar Momma Apps (2020) – Review & Comparisons

Men prefer to date older women these days because it is much easier to impress them.

Also, they feel more comfortable with older women, as mature women are experienced enough to understand their needs and emotions.

Moreover, a huge number of TV shows and Netflix series portray young men engaging in physical relations and casual encounters with women who are much older than them.

This stimulates the thinking of young men as they feel naturally attracted to such women.

Sugar dating has been immensely popular and successful over the years as the sugar daddies are always more than willing to fulfill the financial needs of young women in exchange for their companionship.

sugar momma

Due to this, individuals have started considering sugar momma dating as a serious dating prospect because women of affluent sections of the society had been indulging in such arrangements even before the advent of sugar dating.

As a result, dating arrangements with older women also became trendy, and dating platforms started noticing it soon. This gave rise to numerous sugar momma websites and apps. Today, we will see the top 10 sugar momma apps that are trending in the market right now.

1 Sudy Les

Sugar mommas aren’t always looking for younger men.

Some sugar mommas prefer sugar babies as well, and Sudy Les is for such girls and women who are either looking for sugar mommas or are seeking an arrangement with sugar babies.

However, this app is meant for lesbians only. You can also indulge in mobile chatting with sugar mommas or sugar babies who live near you.


The good thing is that it includes members from most parts of the world. Therefore, finding a suitable date would not be much difficult for you.

sudy les 3

Premium plans for sugar babies are as follows:

  • Monthly plan - $9.99
  • Quarterly plan - $23.99
  • Half yearly plan - $35.99

Premium plans for sugar mommas are as follows:

  • Monthly plan – $29.99
  • Quarterly plan – $59.99
  • Half yearly plan - $89.99

  • Easy registration process
  • Unique matchmaking algorithm helps you to find high-quality matches
  • Suitable for women of any age group
  • Only meant for lesbians
  • This app is currently not available on the App Store

2. Cougar Dating Life

This app is suitable for sugar mommies of all age groups.

It also provides multiple options to mature women who are also known as cougars.


The older women can either date men of their age or those who are slightly older than them.

Also, they can seek arrangements with male sugar babies who offer their companionship in exchange for financial perks.

Moreover, they can also date younger men who are only seeking plain dating services.

cougar dating life

It is a free dating app. 

  • Ideal app for cougars to find attractive cubs.
  • The app lets you know about the members who stalk your profile.
  • You can browse as many profiles as you like. If you swipe right, it means that you like a profile and if you swipe left it means that you reject that profile.
  • Some users have complained that this app takes a lot of time to approve your account once you submit your details and profile picture.
  • It is only available for members of the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada.

3. Sugar Mama’s Love (Free)

If you are looking forward to use a free sugar momma app, then you can download ‘Sugar Mama’s Love Free’.

Android users can use this app, and it has many wonderful features that help you to find an ideal date.

It not only allows you to chat via text but you can text via audio and video messages as well.

Moreover, it provides advanced search and extended search options for those users who want to perform a detailed profile search.

Moreover, the registration process is quick and straightforward.

Therefore, you can start using the features of this app within seconds after downloading the APK file.

sugar mamas love free

  • You can browse profiles discreetly without letting anyone know that you are stalking them.
  • Sending and receiving messages is free.
  • You can save the profiles that you find hot and attractive.
  • A member can upload and share as many images as he/she likes.
  • You can see the profiles who like you.
  • It has many high-quality sugar momma profiles in it.
  • None that we know.

4. Flirty Desires

Flirty Desire is a sugar momma dating app that can be used only by iPhone users.

It has a vast online dating community, and therefore, presents you with a lot of options.

It is mainly suited for those sugar mommas and sugar babies (both male and female) who want to flirt, hook-up or engage in a sexual encounter.

The app sends you some profiles based on your expectations and interests daily.

There are both private messaging and group messaging features available on this app.

You can even share the profiles with your friend or anyone who is looking to date sugar mommas or sugar babies.

flirty desires 2

Premium plans (Monthly)

  • Basic membership - $19.99
  • Premium membership (with all the features) - $69.99
  • Full upgrade membership - $19.99
  • VIP upgrade - $9.99
  • Connect upgrade - $12.99

  • There are members of several countries in the database of this app. Therefore, it works for sugar mommas and sugar babies of most nations.
  • Premium members can initiate a chat with any profile of their choice. This saves a lot of time for the members.
  • Members can use this app on iPod Touch and iPad as well.
  • It is not a free dating app. Therefore, you need to purchase a premium plan if you are willing to enjoy a hassle-free sugar dating experience.
  • Android users cannot use this app.

5. Cougar Life

Cougar Life is a cool sugar momma dating site for iOS users.

It can be downloaded through iTunes and is a premium dating app for the individuals who are looking forward for seeking an arrangement with sugar mommas or sugar babies (both male and female).

This app has already amassed over 5 million members, and hundreds of new profiles are getting registered every day.

Therefore, you get a lot of choices to explore and to find your ideal match.

A great thing about this site is that it allows women to use all the premium features for free.

Moreover, even men who are using the free version can chat with these ladies to get an idea about the features and usability of this app.

cougar life 1

CougarLife Review

Premium Plans

  • Monthly plan - $49.99
  • Quarterly subscription - $99.99

  • You can browse the profiles based on your location preference. This helps members to find those dates who are living near them.
  • This app has a user-friendly interface that enables you to chat and mingle with sugar mommas and sugar babies easily.
  • Most of the profiles are genuine and therefore, you don’t have to be suspicious while communicating with other members.
  • The app does not ask for any verification details. Therefore, there is no way to check whether a profile is genuine or fake.
  • The premium plans are quite costly.
  • A member needs to pay $5 extra as a one-time mobile access fee even after availing a premium plan.
  • Android users cannot access features of this app.

6. Seeking Arrangements

Seeking Arrangement is not an exclusive app for sugar mommas, but it has certainly got a massive database of younger men who seek dating arrangements with a mature lady.

Moreover, there are millions of sugar mommas on this site who are ready to date younger men in exchange for gifts or money.

It has a database of over 9 million members and therefore, it proves to be an excellent site for those who are interested in sugar dating.

seeking arrangements 1

For sugar mommas:

  • 7-day plan - $34.99
  • 15-day plan - $59.99
  • 28-day plan - $99.99

For sugar babies:

  • 7-day plan - $14.99
  • 15-day plan - $24.99
  • 28-day plan - $39.99

  • Members of over 123 countries have registered on this app. Therefore, the chances of getting an ideal match or mate are high for members.
  • The app conducts a thorough background verification to ensure that only genuine members are using this site.
  • The registration process is quick and takes only a couple of minutes.
  • The site allows young men and women to select an amount that they want to get paid in exchange for their companionship and services.
  • Once you upload a photo, it takes 48 hours to get approval from the creators of the app.
  • There are very few options for free members on this app.

7. BeNaughty App

BeNaughty is a dating app that is ideal for dating sugar momma. It can be also used by people who want to get naughty while chatting. 

It is perfect for those people who are residing in the UK since it has more than 3 million members from there.

The premium plans are quite affordable if we compare it with the rates of other sugar dating apps.

When someone visits your profile, the app sends a message on your behalf automatically if you are offline.

There are numerous filters to find exact matches.

benaughty 2

Premium Plans

  • Trial plan – £0.99 (lasts for three days)
  • Monthly plan – £29.99
  • Quarterly plan – £21.79 per month
  • Half yearly plan - £11.99 per month

  • You can perform an active search that produces results from those members who are online.
  • It is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.
  • You can send gifts (virtual), flowers, cards, winks, etc. to those members whom you find attractive.
  • It is perfect only for the members who are looking for temporary arrangements.

8. Sudy

Sudy is a dating site that works for both sugar mommas and sugar daddies.

You can also download its mobile version from iTunes if you have an iPhone.

There are a lot of sugar mommas on this app who are looking to date and hook-up with younger men.

If someone likes your profile, then they can send sugar to you and similarly, you can also send sugar to attractive profiles.

Profiles that collect more sugar over a period of time are considered to be the hot profiles onf Sudy.

You can send messages and emojis to your matches once your invitation gets accepted.

sudy app 2

For sugar babies:

  • Monthly plan – $9.99
  • Quarterly plan – $23.99
  • Half yearly plan – $35.99

For sugar mommas/sugar daddies:

  • Monthly plan – $59.99
  • Quarterly plan – $119.99
  • Half yearly – $179.99

  • This app has many intuitive features that assist in providing a hassle-free experience to the users.
  • The premium plans are quite affordable, especially for sugar babies.
  • It is not an exclusive app for sugar babies as even sugar daddies can use it to find an appropriate date.
  • Android users cannot use this app.
  • This app is much more feasible for members of certain countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and some European countries.

9. MeetMe

MeetMe is a sugar dating app that works for both sugar daddies and sugar mommies.

Moreover, its extensive database of users allows you to search for dates from any part of the world with ease.

Anyone can join for free, but if you want to access premium features, then you need to spend some credits.

For example, if you want to boost your profile so that it gets highlighted, then it will cost you 100 credits.

meet me 1

Similarly, if you want to send virtual gifts, then you need to buy them by spending credits. Credits can be purchased in bulk by paying via credit card or some other payment method. Moreover, the app allows you to earn credits by filling-up surveys, participating in quizzes, games, etc.

MeetMe allows individuals to indulge in straight, bisexual, lesbian, gay, or any other type of relationship. Moreover, married, single, divorced, and even those people who are in a relationship can open an account.

To download this mobile app, you can visit this link:

meet me logo

Premium Plans

  • Monthly plan – $10.99
  • Quarterly plan – $9 (every month)
  • Half yearly plan - $5.83 (every month)


  • Purchase 250 credits by paying $4.99
  • Purchase 625 credits by paying $9.99
  • Purchase 2000 credits by paying $14.99
  • Purchase 3700 credits by paying $24.99
  • Purchase 16,500 credits by paying $99.99

  • The app can be operated on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.
  • Both free and premium members can send and receive messages from all the users of the app.
  • MeetMe allows the users to start their video stream to become famous or to entertain others.
  • This app provides an ad-free experience only to premium users.
  • The users cannot create a detailed profile with lots of information. As a result, it gets difficult to understand a person by just looking at his or her profile.
  • The app offers limited search options to the members only.

10. Rich Sugar Mama

Young men and women look forward to sugar dating opportunities because it allows them to earn considerably while enjoying company of a rich sugar momma or sugar daddy.

‘Rich Sugar Momma & Sugar Baby’ is a fun site that allows young men and women to approach sugar mommas secretly.

It is also perfect for those sugar mommas who are looking to date hot men and women.

However, only android users can download and run this app on their mobile devices.

Simple and clean UI, advanced matchmaking algorithms, exciting games, and different types of search and filter options make it one of the best apps in the sugar dating niche.

  • It allows you to chat via text and audio. Moreover, you can also indulge in video chats of HD quality.
  • This app allows you to make your pictures private or public as you wish.
  • It has an advanced, basic, and even an extended search option.
  • The instant messaging feature is available in this app.
  • Only Android users can use this app.

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