How to be a Sugar Baby – A Comprehensive Guide to Make $10,000/week (2020)

The life of a sugar baby can be a wonderful lifestyle. If you are looking to get into the sugary baby industry, you have to know that it is not as easy as it looks.

In fact being a sugar baby can be as hard as having a regular 9-5 job. This may come as a shock since you thought to be a sugary baby only consisted of gathering, collecting, and spending money.

Well, this is not the case at all, so before you step into the lifestyle make sure you are ready.

As a sugar baby, the sugar daddy that you are dating is going to want you to look top notch. After all, they are paying for your company.

Sugar Baby

And the millionaires are used to having the best that life has to offer, so when it comes to their sugar babies, you are no exception.

Being a sugar baby does not necessarily mean offering only companionship and sexual pleasure to an older man in exchange for financial support. It is a lot more than that, a lot more serious. Sugar babies are young women who have had unhappy experiences with men of their age.

They look to older men in the hopes of finding a much better quality relationship with them. It is a given fact that if you are a sugar baby, you are pampered with all the luxurious things that your sugar daddy can afford.

Besides getting extra cash, he may also shower you with expensive gifts like Prada wallets, Louis Vuitton handbags, Gucci watches, expensive jewelry and the most up-to-date gadgets. It is one of the best things about being a sugar baby.

But it is not given to you just because you did a satisfactory job giving your sugar daddy the companionship he needs but because he can afford them and wants to please you and make you happy.

How to Get a Sugar Daddy/Mommy - Getting Started as a Money Baby

Incomparable respect from a man is also something you would never find in a man who is your age, but you can get from a much older man.

Your sugar daddy will have had quite a lot of experience already dealing with women - partners or children - which is why they know exactly how to please you, respect you and make you feel truly cared for. Their treatment of you will not be selfish because they will be more into pleasing you than satisfying themselves.

The main perk of being a Sugar Baby is the money. A Candy Couple's typical first date determines whether there is chemistry to make the relationship work. Then, it's understood that on the second or third date he or she will ask for a free contract that outlines their expectations for financial assistance.

This money can come in the form of cash, check, or an in-kind contribution to his/her lifestyle. Some younger men and women ask their benefactor to help them defray their college loans while asking that a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy directly contribute to their upkeep and expanding wardrobe.

Considering Sugar Babies - WHY?

Talking about sugar babies will eventually bring about the question on why anyone would bother paying for them.

Well, there are various reasons and it is not a once size fits all situation. The following are only some of the common things or reasons why wealthy individuals contact sugar babies for their time and attention.

They Give Something to Look Forward To

It doesn't matter what the purpose is of your interactions - whether to enjoy one another's company or to make love - sugar babies, who genuinely care for their partners, give their partners something to look forward to at the end of a long day on the job.

That added energy can increase productivity and bring a greater level of fulfillment to an individual's life. Companionship is the cornerstone of a happy life, and until you have it, your life will not be all that you want it to be.

They Provide Emotional Stability

Such babies can provide you with the emotional stability that it takes to excel in business and life. By always being there as your constant companion to come home to, you essentially have a partner in life that gives you a reason to be a better you and keeps you focused on the life goals that matter. 

Without emotional stability, you can find yourself straying aimlessly and making bad decisions on both personal and professional levels.

They Increase Your Energy

Sugar babies are often younger than their sugar daddy counterparts, and as such, they tend to invigorate these men in ways that add years to their lives. With increased levels of energy and a more active lifestyle, you can enjoy a longer life and a longer quality of life.

You also get the added pick me up of knowing that you can support someone, who gives back to you in so many ways and demonstrates her importance each day.

Sugar Baby Must Have's!

A sugar baby should be careful while entering the world of experienced sugar daddies irrespective of whether it is her full-time job or part-time hustle. Learning is a life long process but one must be able to do something correctly at the start.

These things include the following must haves or requirements:

A profile with a perfect pitching

Once you choose a sugar dating site, you will upload your best pictures and include everything that puts you in the right perspective. However, there is something known as pitching a profile which in literal terms translates to how do you offer or sell your services.

Sugar daddies observe the pitch because they don't want to end up meeting someone who might waste their time, energy, and money. Therefore, a sugar baby must be clear about the kind of relationship they are comfortable in, their prices for certain meetups or favors, etc. also must be clearly defined to appeal to their perfect matches.

Some sugar babies prefer to hide their real identities in the public domain because they want to maintain privacy in their private lives. It is also a good practice as it minimizes the cases like stalking that also happens via these sugar dating sites.

A new e-mail

Setting up a new email would be a nice thing to minimize your effort of sorting emails of sugar daddies. However, ensure that the email you are giving on a sugar dating site or any other platform should only be used for interacting with sugar daddies.

A Kik account

Once you have set up a new email account you can use that to sign-up on Kik. Countless sugar daddies use Kik to connect with sugar babies and it is beneficial for sugar babies as well as they can message and call their friends and contacts without revealing their phone number.

A Google Voice Phone Number

Getting a Google voice phone number is important because it gives you a number that you can share on multiple platforms. This voice number is not a real number but it allows you to receive a call from any phone that you have connected under this number.

Multiple phones can be connected with a single voice phone number or you can connect it with selected phones as per your convenience.

Writing Your Sugar Baby Profile

A well-written profile is imperative to your success. As a rule, your profile should be informative and easy to read, but not a book.

The method of receiving more calls, better daddies, and more money is the efficacy of your marketing brand. Your "brand" is what makes you unique.

The efficacy of that brand relies on delivery.  Your profile must evoke emotion, build a sense of connection with your visitor, and captivate their imagination.

An effective profile is one that is enticing and at the same time offers a solution to a problem or fulfillment of a fantasy. Your profile must offer to do this.

Sample Sugar Baby Profile

Don't compare yourself to non-living objects like food, cars, clothes, or gemstones. The same goes for plants, animals, and the elements. It's cliché and tacky to boot. Avoid superlatives.

Let the sugar daddy decide for himself if you are "the best." A basic rule is to write a straightforward ad about who you are as a sugar baby.

Your profile must evoke emotion, build a sense of connection with your visitor, and captivate their imagination. An effective profile is one that is enticing and at the same time offers a solution to a problem or fulfillment of a fantasy. Your profile must offer to do this.

Don't compare yourself to non-living objects like food, cars, clothes, or gemstones. The same goes for plants, animals, and the elements. It's cliche and tacky to boot. Avoid superlatives.

Let the sugar daddy decide for himself if you are "the best." A basic rule is to write a straightforward ad about who you are as a sugar baby.

Your profile is not entirely about you. No matter how good looking you are you must focus on what you can do for your sugar daddy. Let him know you care about what matters to him and that you want to meet his needs for relaxation, stress reduction, comfort, or escape for fun and excitement.

Do NOT talk about explicit sexual services!

If you have a well-written introduction and a clear description of how you will participate in a mutually beneficial relationship, your profile will answer the questions a potential sugar daddy may have. 

If you can pull this off, you will receive calls and emails from truly interested men, who have already determined that you have what they want.

Do NOT Talk

You have made them believe that you understand their situation and can meet their expectations. You have become their solution.

If your profile states to whom you best relate and what problems you solve, you will automatically weed out the wrong type of man. Don't be worried about missing new opportunities. The wrong men never become the right ones. People act on emotion, not fact.

You must create a lasting, powerful impression that you deliver with a unique message.

The sensations, thoughts, and feelings you want to inspire the need to be woven throughout your profile. Use words that you know will click with the emotions of your viewers. Your prospective sugar daddy will instantly feel a sense of connection and become comfortable with you.

Let your prospects know what you offer, what you expect, and what reciprocity you need. Then they can decide if you can give them what they want, if they can meet your expectations and if they can afford your time.

Tips and Techniques in Writing a Pitch-Perfect Profile

Hide your identity

As we have said before, we recommend you to maintain an anonymous profile to ensure complete privacy.

Therefore, there is no need to reveal your face even if you are uploading your photo. Many editing apps can be used to blur or block your face from the pictures and you can use them for hiding your true identity on sugar dating platforms.

Add privacy to the photos

Many sugar dating apps and sites provide the option of adding privacy to the photos. By adding privacy you can share your private photos with only selected members. This is also one of the ways of maintaining a discreet profile.

Mention your requirements clearly

Write what you are expecting from a sugar daddy clearly so that there is no confusion afterward. It must be so immaculate that it must look like you are writing a profile of the sugar daddy you dream to be with.

Terms/slangs used in the sugar dating scene

If you wish to be a successful sugar baby then you must also be familiar with the terms and slangs used in the sugar dating language. For example, a person who is not a true sugar daddy is termed as salt daddy in this language.

Therefore, it is better to know all these terms to avoid any confusion later.

Drawing boundaries clearly

To give an idea to the sugar daddies about the things that you are comfortable or uncomfortable with, you should list down the limitations clearly in your profile.

Payment methods

List down multiple payment methods and details through which you can receive payment. For example, you can give details such as PayPal Id, Skrill Id, etc. on your profile. However, refrain from giving away confidential details like your bank account number through your profile.

Common Mistakes of Sugar Babies

While not all sugar babies are gold diggers, the few that are making life very difficult for those seeking meaningful relationships. If you want to avoid becoming part of the problem, then you need to avoid the mistakes that often lead to this false conception about what sugar babies are. 

The majority of these women are very caring and want as much of an emotional relationship as they do a physical one. The ones that don't often behave in the following unacceptable ways:

Mistakes Sugar Babies Make - Don't be that Girl!

Mistake #1 Getting Physical Quickly

Life should not merely be about physical attraction or financial means. Too often, sugar babies get a wrong idea of what their actual purpose is when seeking out sugar daddies.

When you make it all about the physical, you ensure that a man's guard will go up even stronger against any advancement of the relationship. 

While some men may be solely looking for physical relationships, this is no way to behave if you are in it for the long term. Make sure there is some substance to your flirtations. 

Being "say-it-all"

If you have a history of jumping from one sugar daddy to another, then this is probably not information that you want to share right up front.

Be choosy with the details that you give about yourself.

Physical Contact

It's not deceitful. It's cautious. Let the bonds of love grow if they are there and let a man get to know you for how you treat him in the present and what you can bring to his future. Not your past mistakes.

Mistake #2 Not Doing Research

Women are as guilty as their male counterparts when it comes to not researching a candidate enough before moving past the awkward hand-holding stage.

A guy will often time anything to get that physical connection, but if that's not what you're after, then you don't need to be falling for it. Make sure that he's as successful at his job and his life as he demonstrates. 

Be cautious of the braggart. These men usually are too self-absorbed to fulfill another's needs, or they're so bad at relationships that they don't know how to treat a lady.

Either way, they're not sugared daddies that you want to call your own.


Mistake #3 Lacking Appreciation

As certainly as there are bad sugar daddies out there, there are also a ton of good ones. As you move into a relationship with one, make sure that you always show appreciation for the things he does.

Let him know he's special to you, and you could have a more fulfilling relationship than you ever dreamed of.

Although most of the time sugar babies search rich men because of their cash, not all ladies are after their money.

They also have the idea that older men like you have had quite a lot of experience already and that there are a lot of things you can teach them about going through difficult times in life. 

If you are dating a sugar baby, ensure you treat her right by giving her the advice and support she needs in achieving her ambitions and dreams.


Whether she needs mental, emotional, financial or physical support, you should try your best to give it to her. You should also treat her right by pleasing her with a lot of different things. Many women love modern fashion items. They feel special when you buy them gifts.  

If you are a sugar daddy, you must give her the diamond earrings that everyone else in her circle of friends is talking about or the latest Gucci handbag in fashion boutiques. These women also have the idea that older men are more concerned about pleasing their partners than themselves.

Treat her right by not being selfish in bed. Find ways to please her, and she will please you back. 

You have to keep in mind that a woman who has all the capacity and ability to attract any young, hot and much sexier man can always walk away from you. This can happen even if you have all the money in the world just because you failed to treat her right.

You definitely would not want to lose her just like that. They know the best tourist destinations in the world, best leisure activities and the best restaurants and if they do not ask directly, they may be hoping and waiting for their rich men to take accompany them everywhere. 

Treat your sugar baby right by asking her what she would like to do and give it to her. Join her and make her feel that you enjoyed it as well.

Becoming a Sexy Sugar Baby

To become a sugar baby you don't need to win his heart and talk him into marriage. You need to look and act sexy and fun. You need to be the girl he can show off to his friends and make them green with envy.

Dress Immaculately

You want to look sexy but still classy. Avoid too much makeup. Dress to accentuate best features of your body.

Also, avoid trashy look - you can have a dress with deep cleavage or one that shows off your legs. But you cannot use both at the same time; you don't want to look like a one night stand.

Look Clean and Healthy

The reason why men want sugar babies is to have a young and beautiful girl at their side with no strings attached. You can capitalize on that; you need to get yourself in good shape and have that look of a juicy apple that he just can't resist. 

Exercise two to three hours a week if you don't already. Show him that you take good care of yourself and that you will take good care of him too.

Have the Right Attitude

This is a tricky one - you want to be a man-magnet, but you also want a financial side of the agreement to be in your favor. 

First, you both need to let the other one know what you want from this relationship and make sure you both understand it fully - for you important part it is what allowance and other "sugar" you get, for him how often you meet.

Spell out the duties and obligations of each side, it will save you trouble and misunderstandings down the line.

Once that is done, you still want to encourage him to spend a little extra on his sugar baby - perhaps by having some expensive hobby (like traveling to exotic places) and occasionally get him to buy you gifts related to that hobby.

Have the Right Attitude

Photos that Portray You

Before you begin writing anything about yourself, consider your photos. You must have authentic pictures of excellent quality. Does this mean your photographs need to be taken by a professional? Not necessarily, but they need to look like it. 

Picture-Perfect Guidelines:

  • The pictures you use must be true and accurate. Don't use stock photos. It may be tempting, but to do so is to lie about what you look like. Using fake pictures is bad karma and a bad marketing technique. 
  • You only need one outfit for a photo shoot. Colors can make or break you so know what looks good on you. The right shade will flatter you; the wrong one will leave you looking drained. 
  • Take your time with your hair and apply more makeup than you normally would. You can find free professional makeup tips just by searching the internet.
  • Don't take fully nude photos or photos that bare your private parts. You are high-end, so don't be skanky. Some men, once they see you naked, will no longer be compelled to call you. 
  • Sexy, subtly revealing clothing is much better. It is part of your seduction and makes them call so they can undress you.
  • Informal shots can have a more natural background but, remember, this is about you. Make sure you avoid distracting backgrounds. Choose a screen, or plain wall draped in a subtle fabric for headshots. 
  • If you pose outdoors or in a garden, keep the background simple - leaves are fine, or flowers, but avoid too many colors, or viewers will be distracted.
  • If you are posing indoors, use a full-length curtain as a quick background solution. Bright colors can work well; however, the best color backdrop is one that suits your skin tone. Do you look good in cool colors or warm colors? Some people come alive against shades of red (warm skin tones); others look better against soft shades of pink or blue (cool skin tones). Make sure you know what makes you look your best. 
  • Keep clutter out of the background. Leave your pets out of it, too.
  • Pose like a pro. Lean in toward the camera to reduce a double chin. Angle your body and bend your arms to look slimmer. Keep your shoulders back. Keep your chin down. 
  • Use a good camera of 6 megapixels or higher. Fewer megapixels mean less detail and clarity, which lends to an amateur look.
  • Practice makes perfect. You can take as many photos as you want. No one but you has to see them. This allows you to be silly, creative and make mistakes. Have fun with it!

Sugar Parents Encounters

Meeting up with a sugar daddy or mommy depends on previous arrangements or just plain random calls for the baby's time and attention. Frankly, every encounter can be a daunting task because it can make or break the relationship between the sugar parent and child.

Hence, it is important to be aware of the following tips before heading straight to the meet-up.

Going on a Date

Hold up! Eating out or relaxing with your sugar parent is not as easy as it seems.

First of all, it's not he same with regular dates wherein you can just dump the person right off if the circumstances provided are not up your alley.

You, as a sugar baby AND a person, have to have finesse and control over what you do.

This is especially concerning or important if the baby is meeting the sugar parent for the first time. Thus, remember to read and keep in mind the following advice when going on a date with a potential or current sugar daddy and/or mommy.

  • At first, don't mention anything about money or gifts, or your finances and how much help you need. Seriously, I had one lady tell me over and over again how much she loves money and gifts, within minutes after she first met me. I think it shows lack of class and makes us want to treat you like 'you know what.'
  • Keep the conversation about things of general interest like work, school, current events, movies you saw, i.e., first date type of subjects. After a while, if the subject of 'gifts' doesn't come up you can raise it like: "So David, what makes you look for a sugar baby".
  • You can ask us, gently, about our situation, our marriage, relationships, etc. But don't be as crude as to say something like "So, how often do you cheat?" I kid you not, I have been asked that. People have no manners anymore.
Going on a Date

Shopping Together

Most of Sugar daddies love to take a fun, gorgeous and hot girl out to the best shopping malls in the world and buy for anything she wants.  All the best shoes, purses and clothes are expected from the rich sugar daddies who love young beautiful girls.

Lots of busy sugar daddies give their sugar credit card so that they can shop according to their heart's desire with or without their SD by their side.

Paying Your Bills

Many sugar babies come into plans with existing bills and perhaps even debt. Whilst it may have taken years for a sugar baby to pay off her bills, her sugar dad can wipe her debts clean with the writing of your pen.

The headaches of scrounging up enough money to pay for all the bills by the end of the month can become a memory with the aid of sugar dad pampering.

Discussing Monthly Allowance

The monthly allowance is possibly the most coveted and desired benefit in this seeing community. Sugar daddies often give their sugar infants a monthly allowance varying anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of us dollars a month.

The allocation usually will depend on the regularity of dates and how the sugar daddy and baby negotiate the total amount. As a sugar baby you must achieve your goals. As a sugar you must be the smartest and the most beautiful person on the planet.

They know that beauty and youngness are the best assets that they can never let go into waste, especially when you are broke and need some cash. Life will never be fair hence the need for Sugar Baby to use their brains so that they can get the best man with money.

Rich men aren't going to waste their youthful and beautiful bodies on men about their age that cannot help them get rich men.

How to Ask Your Sugar Daddy/Mommy for Your Allowance

Getting Comfortable With A Sugar Parent

Being comfortable with your sugar daddy is much like being comfortable on a first or second date with any member of the opposite sex when two individuals are trying to see if they are compatible. But in the sugar context, there is, of course, a twist: the 'mutually beneficial' aspect of it.

Many people are not comfortable asking anything of anyone. I just met a very nice lady who told me: 'David, I just cannot ask anything of you, because it is not me. So you will need to be a bit creative and anticipate my needs', which of course I did not mind doing. 

For you to be a good t sugar baby you would need to be a little more upfront. So, back to being comfortable...

There are two aspects to this: not only the mutually beneficial aspect but also the fact that you will be seen in public with a man potentially 20 years older than you. Can you handle that? When I was 25, I used to date 40-year-old women, and I have to tell you that sometimes people's stares made me uncomfortable.

Confessions of a Sugar Baby

Sarah Jane (Sugar Baby)

Hi everyone, I'm Sarah and my friends call me Sary. I've been a sugar baby for the last couple of years and I wanted to share my story with everyone. I know that it is not an easy business but sometimes the right things happen to you when you do not expect them at all.

I'm not one of those sugar babies who do it for money. Being a sugar baby gives me a high even when I'm not drunk and I've always wanted to do this. I started dating sugar daddies through a website that charged hefty fees but was not very happy with how things were going for me there.

I was surely getting a lot of attention but I simply couldn't meet someone who can woo me effortlessly. In straight words, I wasn’t anywhere close to finding my dream Sugar Daddy yet. I wanted to be the mistress of a stinky rich but polished gentleman who would make me happy in every way.

One day one of my best friends told me about a guy who wanted to date an experienced sugar baby. I had shared all my secrets with my bestie and he was more than happy for me.

On his recommendation, I met this guy who rode a luxurious Rolls Royce and took me on a long drive on our first meeting. He was a man in his late forties but extremely good looking and handsome.

He never made me feel inferior and paid me in cash every time he wanted special favors. I liked his attitude and had no qualms in sharing my body with him. After 3 years we still meet sometimes and he still treats me like his girlfriend. He doesn’t get too drunk nor has he been rude to me even once.

He is married and I'm not going to marry anytime sooner. We understand each other's limitations and respect our privacy as well. All in all, it has been a great relationship for me and I'm looking forward to dating him for many more years.

33 Questions with a Sugar Baby at her $2 Million House

Regan Smith (Sugar Baby)

I'm a businesswoman who runs my boutique and restaurant in Downtown New York. I started my life as a sugar baby as I did not have the necessary funds to approach my dreams. Therefore, being in a relationship for monetary benefits was just like other businesses for me.

However, once I happened to meet a rich guy through one of my sugar daddies who seemed to be interested in me from our first meeting. He also owned a restaurant in Las Vegas and I have always cherished a dream to spend a lavish life in Sin City.

Therefore, I did not make him wait much. He was pretty much like a mentor to me.

We enjoyed the relationship of sugar baby and sugar daddy very much but we also supported each other in times of need. With his guidance and financial support I'm finally pursuing my business goals and I'm very happy about it.

My Recent Sugar Daddy Experiences

Final Tips - Being THAT Sugar Baby 

First and foremost, you need to realize that, just as you have options, so, too, do quality sugar babies. Women who can make you feel the love and warmth in their heart as they allow you to take care of them and feel useful are aware of their value. 

They know what their love can mean to a man's life, so you can't expect to simply wow them with your accomplishments if there is no character or substance with which to back it up. Some of the most valuable women to the busy workaholic types out there are sugar babies.

Sugar babies provide emotional fulfillment in exchange for physical and emotional care. Having someone at home to encourage you can help in so many ways, and if you are unfamiliar with just how much it can add, consider the following.

What follows are things and characteristics that a person should have in order to become a successful and desirable sugar baby. Note that some advice may not be as appropriate for some people but are still good to know or even practice relying on the situation.

Advice #1 Maintain a Lowkey Profile

Women despise men that are too self-involved. While they want you to have goals, objectives, and ambition, they also don't wish to be placed on the back burner of your life.

They want an active role, to share in all the joys and the challenges that you face on a daily basis.

If you are all about self, then you will not be able to find a quality sugar baby, who respects herself as much as she does you. And where's the challenge in that?

Maintain a Lowkey Profile

Advice #2 Use Online Resources

More and more specialty dating sites are cropping up around the web, and as a result, it has become easier than ever before to weed out the good from the bad and focus on the one woman that you can love and trust and take care of.

Use Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy Dating Sites to make your search easier.

Use Online Resources

Advice #3 Trust Your Gut

If you are getting a bad feeling from a potential candidate, trust your gut.

It is said that love is blind, but that's only because some men allow themselves to go on too long believing the lies after they have convinced themselves of it.

Instead of succumbing to the charms of the first sugar baby that comes your way, give your instincts time to kick in so you can see whether or not the person you are with is worth being with over the long haul.

Danger Ahead

Advice #4 Let Heart be Your Guide

If you are getting a bad feeling from a potential candidate, trust your gut.

It is said that love is blind, but that's only because some men allow themselves to go on too long believing the lies after they have convinced themselves of it.

Instead of succumbing to the charms of the first sugar baby that comes your way, give your instincts time to kick in so you can see whether or not the person you are with is worth being with over the long haul.

Heart Be Your Guide

Do Not Be Driven By Material Possessions!

Even though there is an obvious financial aspect to becoming a sugar baby, you should not be solely driven by material possessions and what a man can do for you in those areas.

You need to realize that when it comes to affairs of the heart, it is important to put some of your own heart on the line to get the best results. 

So when looking for that perfect sugar daddy and "testing the market," so to speak, make sure that you get your candidates with the simple question of whether or not you can honestly see yourself spending years of your life with that individual.

To do so and be happy, there needs to be an emotional connection there.

Advice #5 Be Honest - But with Reservations!

Obviously, you don't want to start with the idea that you only want to marry or be with a man for his money.

But it doesn't hurt to show some details of your financial struggles when building the bonds of a relationship. 

When a man is simply looking for a woman to pamper with money and gifts, the rule for this may be different, but most men want to be wanted regardless of what the initial attraction is to them. 

So make sure that you can manifest genuine feelings for your potential sugar daddy, or there probably won't be a future in the union - at least not one worth remembering.

Be Honest

Advice #6 Show Off - Market Yourself

The best way to show a sugar daddy that you are interested is not to let his age deter you from showing genuine feelings.

Many people look at the sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship with disdain because they mistakenly believe it's based on material possessions.

If you never give of yourself, then you can perpetuate that idea.

Show Off

Advice #6 Be True To Yourself - Understand What You're Going Into

You need to be true to yourself always and understand exactly what you are getting yourself into. Receiving financial help and expensive gifts is great, but you will be expected to fulfill some of his expectations. 

The person may well not be enthusiastic about creating a permanent relationship, or he might already have a relationship, for example, be married.

Rich men risk a lot by sacrificing the time they can spend with their families to be in his company their sweets babies. 

Therefore, as a sugar baby, you have ensured that your man satisfied in every way.

Be True To Yourself

When you treat and do everything reluctantly then your man may notice. Not all sugar babies can be good actors. Great looks are important, but they won't do you great if your personality isn't admirable. 

When you wish to enter in this type of lifestyle, it's important to understand what you are getting into and it’s impact on your self-esteem.  Moreover, in case you feel uncomfortable with dating a sugar daddy that is married then don't consent to meet one in the first place. 

Although, understand what mind dating a married sugar daddy, you need to know when and the way to respect their restrictions and become discreet. No man will want his family to know that he has a sugar baby out there.

Sugar Relationship Case Studies - Why Many Consider Getting Into One?

Case Study 1: Using Sugar Parents to Pay Off Student Loans

With college life being so high due to textbooks, tuition, and living costs rising higher each year, many lady students face daunting debts that force them to get creative with how to survive in college.

According to a research conducted at South Bank University in London, in a group o three students, one would be willing to exchange sex with a sugar daddy. The survey was conducted on 1477 students, and over 70 percent admitted that they would sleep with rich men for money to support their education.

So stop being shy and join other lady students as they enjoy and make extra cash to help them have a better life on campus.

Case Study 2: Financial Benefits

With life being so hard after college and the high unemployment rate, being sugar baby can be a career. You can make as high as $2,000 per month and also gifts. You can go for a dinner with a sugar daddy and get paid. All you should do him to make him laugh and laugh his jokes and pay attention.

According to a research conducted by the University of Pennsylvania over 30% of all student complete, their studies from the university get their first finance from sugar daddies. Over the last one year, over 59,000 students signed as sugar babies in various dating sites.

Research showed conducted on major site "Sugar Baby University" proved that they have over ten million users with Cambridge University topping the list and Exeter and York was ranked among the fastest growing sign-ups.

Case Study 3: Sugar Baby-Sugar Daddy Mutual Benefits

According to a study conducted on the sugar dating culture, it was found that that the sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship thrives well because of the mutual benefits enjoyed by the two parties. The sugar daddy may be a CEO or the owner of a top firm.

Thus, he may be knowledgeable in the aspects of business and making money. He can be a mentor and guide you well if you aim to start your own business someday. They can inspire through their achievements, failures, and experiences.

Apart from that, a sugar baby enjoys all other luxurious benefits that come with having a sugar daddy, such as traveling for free, shopping, etc. On their part, the sugar daddy will reap a sense of sweet companionship and in some cases, sexual gratification.

Sugar Baby Benefits - Traveling with Your Daddy's Money

Finding a Sugar Parent

Don't have a sugar parent yet? Don't worry; it is a lot easier to find one than you might think.

There are several specialized websites for just this kind of relationship, sugar daddies seeking sugar babies.  But to succeed there, you need to invest a little work (about 15 minutes) in your online profile. 

Put on a few pictures of yourself looking cute and adorable, both close-ups of your face and of your whole figure. Be sure to enter as much data about you as you can - like height, weight, age, etc.

Write a few words about yourself, about what you expect and what you like, mention that you are loyal and punctual - sugar parents love a dependable sugar baby.

Find some interesting websites where you can find sugar daddies through this article.

Finding A Sugar Parent

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