Top 10 Best Alternative Websites to OnlyFans in 2022

Since the lockdown began, everyone has been trying to earn while sitting at home. Before COVID hit us, pornstars used to go to studios and exotic locations to shoot their sexy porn videos and photographs.

All of this changed once the COVID cases began to rise and lockdowns were imposed around the world.

This was a major blow for the porn industry as they could not travel to the places they wanted to shoot at.

Actors were jobless and had no work. However, pornstars were very quick to understand that the situation is not going to be back to normal for long.

They took advantage of this fact and quickly shifted to OnlyFans where they could upload their exclusive content directly from home. 

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OnlyFans turned out to be a boon for such people. However, Onlyfans is not the only one to grab this opportunity, there are several other platforms that emerged with time.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the platforms that can prove to be a good alternative to OnlyFans. All the sites mentioned in this article provide services similar to OnlyFans to their users. Let’s have a look at these awesome alternatives and discuss what’s good and what’s not.

Onlyfans Alternatives: Top 10 best sites like onlyfans to make money [2022]

When it comes to sites that are best for adult content creation, it can’t be that is not discussed. With Fancentro at your side, it has become easier than ever for fans to connect with the influencers.

For influencers, it is a very nice alternative to OnlyFans. On Fancentro, you can put up content for free as well as put your premium content behind a paywall.

You can earn money using multiple subscription packages and ensure that there are multiple sources of income through this site.

Many users on the site charge from $10 to $20 per month for private content and an extra $5 to $10 for super-special access to private messages and Snapchat.

fancentro lp


  • Free videos are available
  • Easy to use and effective model filters and search option
  • Discover option is present to search for fresh faces
  • Multiple subscription tiers, you only pay for what you want


  • Not as popular as OnlyFans, you may not find some popular pornstars here
  • Refunds may take more than a week if you want one

AVN Media Network is a popular brand in the adult industry. Many great pornstars have received awards from this network.

Being one of the largest networks in the porn industry, it is not hard to believe that their website is a great alternative to OnlyFans. It is a social network where fans can connect with their favorite pornstars.

With its paid subscription, you can enjoy access to premium porn content posted by your favorite pornstars. If you want to create your own porn content and make money through it, you can post your videos and charge for it on a per-clip basis, or give an option of subscription. You can make as much money as you want. takes 20% commission from your total payout and still, you’ll be able to earn thousands of bucks.

AVN Media Network


  • A clean and simple-to-use interface for easy navigation
  • It Has great pornstars in its library such as Cory Chase,  Lauren Phillips, etc.
  • Quick payout to creators compared to OnlyFans


  • Smaller userbase compared to OnlyFans
  • 20% commission is charged on every payment a user makes, which is equal to OnlyFans is a perfect clone for people who want services like OnlyFans. It works and functions exactly like OnlyFans. You can create your profile and upload your content like pics and videos here, and charge the users for it accordingly.

Such features of make it a True OnlyFans experience but without any restrictions to adult content. If you are a creator, you can charge tips for private messages and exclusive clips and videos.

You can make thousands of bucks every month that goes up to $5000 per month, and get a payout as soon as you earn $100., like OnlyFans, takes out 20% of the total payout which is the industry standard nowadays.

fansly home page


  • Offers a truly OnlyFans experience
  • Easy to use interface
  • Fun emoji option to share seductive images with the subscribers


  • Lower reach compared to OnlyFans
  • Many users will pass it off as an OnlyFans clone and ignore it is an online video platform where you can enjoy adult streams and videos and clips. It is a one-stop-shop for adult content where you can get a variety of content and services related to porn.

You can create a profile on Manyvids and earn money by doing live streams and charging money for specific requests by the users. There is no specific amount that you can earn on Manyvids, it all depends on the interest of the viewers.

If you are doing a live stream, and people start coming in huge numbers and start paying you money for doing specific acts, then you can earn hundreds of dollars within hours.



  • Multiple ways to earn money
  • Reliable and helpful customer service
  • Number of varieties to choose from, as per your taste


  • Too frequent emails are sent for advertisement that may frustrate you
  • Payouts are done on fortnightly basis only is a great platform where anyone and everyone can become a star and monetize their followings on social media.

You can give as well as avail multiple services on this site. You can create subscription packages and charge money accordingly. You can earn thousands of bucks every month by sharing exclusive content with your followers. 

When payments are concerned, you receive 70-80% of your total earnings, and the rest of the amount is charged as a commission by the site. The payments from this site are done on a fortnightly basis.

ismygirl home page


  • Variety of content types to choose from
  • Free videos are present on the site
  • Great catalog of models present


  • 30% are deducted in live streaming payouts
  • None of the content is free is a site which we would truly consider as the best alternative to Onlyfans. It has all the things that are needed in an OnlyFans alternative and is equipped with customisable messaging along with other mediums like video and photo sharing, video chats, audio recording etc.

You can easily create your account on Loyalfans and start earning. You will need to earn a minimum of $50 to get a payout.

The site takes 20% of your total payout as commission. Also, you earn whenever your fan goes and subscribes to another model on the site.

loyalfans home page


  • Awesome referral program to earn extra without much efforts
  • Easy to gain exposure


  • The traffic is slightly lesser than its competitors
  • The options for payment are a bit less if you are a creator out of USA

Justforfans is another great adult site where you can subscribe and enjoy content by your favorite personalities. This site is designed beautifully and is considered as the best for gay adult content.

If you like adult gay content, Justforfans is the one for you. Making your account and earning from it is pretty easy on Justforfans. You can upload your videos and images on Justforfans, and there is also a sexting subscription service that you can avail for.

The site takes a commission of 30% out of the total earnings of a creator. The minimum payout on this site is $50 which is a bit higher than OnlyFans. The payments on this site are transferred weekly which is again later than OnlyFans.

justforfans home page


  • Best for gay creators
  • Full of explicit content that you can enjoy
  • Clear set of Do’s and Don’ts to avoid any confusion


  • Commission of 30% is higher than the competitors
  • No free videos and Snapchat subscriptions are available

If you are looking for the best-looking adult website, then iFans is the one that you should choose. iFans, a promising new site as an alternative for Onlyfans, is designed in the most beautiful way and provides its user with many ways to interact with their favorite models.

Models can also interact with their subscribers through private messages and also sell their merchandise through the site.

The live streaming on allows the users to give virtual gifts and tips to their favorite model. Only 20% of the actual earning of the model is taken by the site, and models can earn more using the referral program.

ifans home page


  • Easy to use interface
  • Fast payouts
  • Creators are also well taken cared of


  • No free content
  • Sometimes, the customer care responses late is a unique site in this list, it looks like a mix of Twitter and TikTok. On this site, you can create and upload adult videos.

The site itself creates a 15-30 seconds clip of your premium content and uploads it, and promotes you. If the users like it, they can give you a gift or add you as a friend to get the whole video.

Through this site, you can earn thousands of dollars every month. There is a calculator on the site to help you calculate the same.

The payout is done on your bank account on a monthly basis. You also get a 5% commission for every referral.

friendsonly.,me home page


  • Easy to use and simple interface
  • Free clips shown to visitors which benefits both visitors and creators.


  • Limited options to explore on site
  • Payout duration is high at one month is another amazing social media site where users and models can interact with each other. As a creator on this site, you have the option to share content for free or as a subscription package.

On this site, the users can avail a monthly package through which they can access content of their favorite personality. Users can also request their favorite creators for any specific type of content that they want to see, and the creator has the freedom to accept the offer or refuse it. is the best for mild X rated content.

The payment done by the site varies as per the tax applicable in the country the service is getting availed from. The standard payouts are 75% on subscriptions, 80% on private media and 90% on tips.

mym home page


  • Easy to use interface
  • Clear instructions to help creators


  • No option to make a free account
  • The content is limited to pictures and videos only

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Onlyfans account?

Onlyfans is a social media platform where you can follow and subscribe to various popular creators. You get access to the exclusive content made specially for the subscribers. An OnlyFans account is an account on OnlyFans through which you can access this content and enjoy all you want, by paying a small amount.

Why look for an alternative to Onlyfans account?

OnlyFans became popular for providing premium adult content to its users through subscriptions. However, recently it has now banned sexually explicit content from its site. This act of theirs has forced people to look for a good alternative to Onlyfans that can cater to the needs of the people.

Is it illegal to watch OnlyFans?

Watching OnlyFans is not very different from watching porn if you are watching adult content on it. However, the legality of the same depends on the country from where you are watching it from. While it is not illegal to watch OnlyFans content in the USA, it is illegal to do so in India. Hence, it totally depends on the country you are accessing the content from. It is best to use a VPN if you are watching OnlyFans in a country where porn is banned.

Can you be anonymous on OnlyFans as a fan?

Your anonymity on OnlyFans totally depends on the manner in which you create your OnlyFans account as a fan. You can use anything other than yourself as your Profile image and set a username that is not your actual name. However, please note that your bank account and email id will be the actual one and you can’t fake that.

How much does the average person make on OnlyFans?

An average person earns upt $180 per month. This increases with the passage of time as the quality of the content improves and more people start engaging with your content. The more engaging, seducing and entertaining the content, the more the number of people subscribe to you.

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