Top 10 Websites Similar to Brazzers (2022)

Brazzers does not need any introduction as the name itself is enough to churn your sexual feelings.

If the kids of '90s grew on the porn sites like Pinkworld and Literotica, the kids of the 2000s had HD porn sites like Brazzers.

A huge horde of ravishing porn stars who were not shy to show their bodies and sexual prowess made Brazzers an instant hit, and it was always the porn site that featured huge tits and massive buttocks.

Over the years Brazzers has seen many ups and downs, but the one thing it always had was unwavering support of the porn lovers.

As a result, when the site suffered a virus attack in April 2013, there were an over a million users affected by it, but that did not stop visitors from registering on the site and availing a premium membership.

Pornsites like brazzer

Brazzers Alternatives: Top 7 Sites like Brazzers (2022)

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2 reality kings

Normal Pirce: $29

Our Price: $17

3 iknowthatgirl

Normal Pirce: $29

Our Price: $19

4 bangbros

Our Price: 29.95

#1 Reality Kings 


Estimated visits last month – 11.5 million

reality kings 01

Reality Kings is one site which is as popular as Brazzers when it comes to HD porn. Launched in 2000, Reality Kings is far more senior to Brazzers which was launched in 2005, but it still lacks the popularity and customer base that Brazzer enjoys.

However, when it comes to quality porn, Reality Kings is no less and like its name provides porn content that looks and feels as good as real sex.

The premium membership of Reality Kings also provides access to other 43 premium porn sites and therefore a member who has subscribed on Reality Kings will never face any issues while finding exclusive and premium quality porn videos and photos.

The site gets updated every day, and you will find lots of milfs and sexy Latina babes performing hardcore action which you can find on Brazzers as well. The two-day trial offer can be availed at just $1, and the monthly plan will cost you $29.99.

The three-month plan will cost you $59.99 whereas the 12-month plan is offered at $119.99. Therefore, the premium charges of Reality Kings is almost as economical as Brazzers though Brazzers has gone much ahead and slashed down its premium rates by 50 per cent.

Website Features

  • You can find more than 11K HD videos scenes on Reality Kings.
  • You can download and stream sex videos in multiple formats on Reality Kings.
  • Similarly, there are more than 11K adult photo galleries on this site.
  • Over 7K adult models and porn stars work for Reality Kings which establishes the fact it is one of the biggest porn producers in the market today.
  • Most of the adult videos and movies of Reality Kings have one thing in common, and that is the real twist they provide to every porn scene.


  • There is no download limit on Reality Kings.
  • You can download the photo sets in zip files.
  • You can watch and download lesbian scenes, threesomes, anal sex scenes, blowjobs scenes and much more performed by the hottest milfs and teens of the porn industry on Reality Kings.
  • Lena Paul, Jenna Foxxx, Kendra Spade, and many more seductive porn stars can be found giving their best shot on this site.
  • It provides 1080 resolution HD videos to its subscribers, and they regularly get to provide you with fresh content every time you log in.


  • If you do not cancel the trial period before it expires, it will get auto-renewed, and you will be charged with $39.99 for one whole month. Also, the monthly, three monthly and the 12-monthly pack are recurring means they will get auto-renewed if you do not cancel the subscription before their expiry period. Therefore, the users will always have to be in check to avoid unnecessary additional subscription especially if they do not like it on Reality Kings.
  • 4K and VR content still seems to be missing on Reality Kings which is lacked by Brazzers as well. Both of these sites must pull up their socks if they want to be treated well by their customers in the future.
  • Most of the sites on its network have stopped updating content. This is not good news for the subscribers especially when they are paying for the lucrative offer that will provide them with 43 bonus sites. You get all the bonus sites but what is their use if they are not being updated on a regular basis?
  • If you do not like bad acting and flashy outfits, then you might get annoyed because there are quite a few such fucking scenes on this site.



Reality Kings is a great option for those who are looking for something like Brazzers. However, the premium plans of Reality Kings cost almost the same or even higher than Brazzers. Reality Kings has more bonus sites to offer and has almost the same number of HD videos too.

Therefore, if you are looking for smoothing like Brazzers why to opt for a site similar to that especially when Brazzers is also as affordable as Reality Kings.

The decision is entirely yours and those who have already used Brazzers and are looking for a change but do not want to miss out on the daily dose of HD content then Reality Kings can be your ideal porn site. 

#2 BangBros


Estimated visits last month – 18.6 million

bangbros 01

Launched in 2002, BangBros is another porn site which is famous for its exclusive and steamy porn content. From over 15 years it has been entertaining the porn lovers and is considered to be one of the toughest competitions to premium porn sites like Brazzers.

It might be having a little less adult videos and photos as compared to Brazzers and Reality Kings but when it comes to quality BangBros is as good as these sites and therefore can certainly be preferred by the porn lovers.

The premium charges of BangBros start with the trial pack itself as like many of the premium porn sites it also does not offer free trial pack. There are two trial packs offered on this site one which comes at $1 for one day, and the other comes at $4.95 for seven days.

The one-month and 12-month packs are offered at $14.95 and $120 respectively.

Website Features

  • If you are looking for steamy hot sex videos, then BangBros has more than 8.5K scenes to please you.
  • Also, BangBros has more than 8.5K photo galleries as well.
  • There are over 40 porn sites in its network. Therefore, when you subscribe to a plan, you get access to 40+ additional sites without paying anything extra.
  • You can stream and download porn videos in multiple resolutions on BangBros as well.


  • Photo sets can be download in galleries which provides much convenience to the porn lovers who are keen on saving adult photos.
  • The adult images are clear, crisp and are available in higher resolutions as well.
  • All the newer videos are completely HD, and only the older videos are not available in high definition.
  • There are solo sex scenes, softcore porn scenes, and hardcore scenes as well on this site.
  • The masturbation videos of the top porn stars of the adult industry are worth watching as they nicely explore and expose their pussies and other assets with pride.
  • The layout and interface of BangBros are quite good which enable you to browse and search the desired porn clips with ease.
  • There are many full-length videos which can be enjoyed by porn lovers.
  • They update at least one video and one photo gallery daily which is a great thing.
  • Some of the leading porn stars of the industry such as Gianna Michaels, Luna Star, Anissa Kate and much more are a part of the BangBros roster.
  • There is a huge bunch of fresh amateurs as well. Also, they come from different ethnicities as some of them are African, white, Asian, Latina babes and more.
  • Hot blowjobs, deep throat jobs, threesomes, butt fucking scenes and much more can easily be found on BangBros.
  • If you have a thing for lesbian videos, then there are lots of them on this site. You will find hot and sexy babes kissing, caressing, eating each other out, and thrusting each other's pussies with sex toys and much more on BangBros.
  • BangBros is mobile-friendly as well which is a huge bonus to its users.


  • The bonus sites are not getting regular updates.
  • The search methods on this site are quite regular and nothing unique. It needs more search methods and tools.
  • All the premium plans get automatically updated if you do not uncheck the automatic renewal box while subscribing.
  • The trial packs offer only limited content, but this is a drawback that all the major premium sites including Brazzers have. Therefore, do not expect to get unlimited downloads and streaming for a couple of or more days if you are on a trial subscription.
  • The older content is still not in HD quality, and that is an area of concern.



If you are looking for an alternative to Brazzers, there are very few of them, and BangBros is one of those alternates for sure. There is nothing much to complain about its features, design, and layout.

The search functions need a revamp, and if you are looking for some premium HD content, then BangBros will never disappoint you. The bonus 4o+ sites is not a huge advantage because most of them do not get freshly updated on a regular basis.

However, its network is growing, and with new sites in the network, you can certainly get your daily dose of entertainment with ease.

Also, the pricing of this site is very similar to Brazzers, and therefore it can prove to be a very good option for those who have already been on Brazzers for some time.

We recommend this site to anyone who is new to the porn content because of its balanced quantity of softcore and hardcore stuff.

#3 Evil Angel


Estimated visits last month – 6.8 million

evil angel 01

Evil Angel has won the prestigious AVN awards on multiple occasions for producing epic porn movies. Therefore, we cannot question their production values and content. It was launched in 1989 which means that it has already completed almost three decades in the industry.

Then what left it far behind than Brazzers? Probably the marketing and promotional part is missing but rest everything seems to be in perfect place. They are probably the oldest makers of gonzo style porn and also have a cool collection of transsexual videos.

Their technical team provides an awesome service, and most of the videos feature hot milfs and fresh teens. Therefore, if you are looking for a solid option to Brazzers, then Evil Angel has got everything you need.

The  2-day trial pass is available at $1, and the monthly premium pass is offered at $14.95. The three-month subscription can be availed at just $68.95 and the one year plan is available at $95.40.

Website Features

  • The percentage of HD videos can be far less on Evil Angel just because they have been on the internet since ages. However, most of the newer videos are available in the HD format and therefore if you are looking for a porn site that provides HD quality content, then Evil Angel will not suppress your needs.
  • They have the best directors and porn stars of the industry with them. Rocco Siffredi and Mike Adriano are a few of them, and recently the hot porn star has also signed a contract with them as a director. The videos are surely going to get a lot hotter!
  • The porn movies get released exclusively on this site which is a great bonus to the porn lovers.
  • They claim to have 10K+ videos in their collection. Considering the age of the site, there should have been more videos, but probably they are  not counting the older videos which are of low quality.
  • There are over 12+ videos in their archives to be precise, and the photo galleries are up to 6.3K in numbers.


  • All of the adult content on Evil Angels is exclusive. Therefore, the content you watch and download on Evil Angels would not be found anywhere else.
  • If you love the porn stars of the golden era, then Evil Angel has some of the best collection because it started 30 years before.
  • The porn content, i.e. the videos and photos are daily updated. They are certainly better in the update department than the Brazzers.
  • Like the other premium sites, Evil Angel also allows you to stream and download content in multiple formats.
  • The photo galleries can be downloaded in zip format in this site which is similar to the photo downloading feature provided by Brazzers.
  • The payment can be done through debit card or credit card. They also allow you to exchange the gifts cards with the premium plans which is a great thing.
  • Evil Angel expertise in hardcore fucking sex but if you have a fetish for anal sex scenes then no one can provide perfect butt fucking scenes like Evil Angel does.
  • The overall design, layout, and navigation of this site are pretty impressive and user-friendly.
  • You can sort the content by date, rating, popularity, views, etc. Also, you can filter the transsexual porn content if that is required. Therefore, finding a perfect video on Evil Angels is not a big deal at all and here this site scores above sites like Bangbros who are still crawling with their age-old search methods.
  • All of the content on Evil Angels is rich, to the point and versatile which make it perfect for the porn lovers.
  • Evil Angels have hundreds of beautiful porn stars and over 35 directors in its roster. They also know how to take care of their raw and amateur talent.
  • Ass gaping, anal sex, and threesome sex scenes are available in surplus quantities on Evil Angels. Therefore if you like such videos, then you must give it a try.
  • There is no restriction on download limit on this site. As a result, you can download and save as many videos and photo sets as you like.
  • Most of the porn stars on their roster have won awards at XRCO, AVN, etc. Therefore, they know how to perform and make a scene steamier and hotter. Also, the acting in the movies and videos produced by Evil Angels is certainly better than most of the other production houses. This aspect can also work in their favour when the porn lovers are looking for premium porn sites.


  • There are no bonus sites when you subscribe to a premium plan of Evil Angels. This is a major drawback when you compare it with porn site like Brazzers which provides access to 30+ sites with a single subscription.
  • A large part of their content is not available in high definition but they are uploading everything in HD after 2005, so it must not concern you so much.
  • The premium plans get auto-renewed if the auto-update box is not unchecked during the subscription or else you will have to keep a check on the expiry date and cancel the subscription before it ends.
  • The pagination of this site is poor, but we also have to consider the fact that there are hundreds of pages on this site.
  • The model bio is not available which needs to be corrected.



If watching hardcore videos is your only dream then Evil Angels are a perfect choice as their videos are getting more rough and steamy day-by-day. However, we are not sure that it is a perfect replacement for a porn site like Brazzers.

Surely their plans are as affordable as Brazzers, and they even provide more updates than most of the other premium sites do, but one thing they lack is the bonus sites.

Also, their member database is far less as compared to Brazzers which tells that there is a lot of difference between these two sites. However, Evil Angels are certainly catching up speed, and it should not surprise you if it gets as popular as Reality Kings or Brazzers in a couple of years.

Therefore, if you are thinking about booking it before it gets pricey, we think you should do it.

#4 Mofos

Estimated visits last month – 5.1 million

mofos 01

Mofos can be considered as the Brazzers of amateur porn stars and models. It does focus on amateur porn talent, but it does not mean that it provides low-quality videos and clips.

Each of the porn movie or clip on Mofos has a unique story, and they have a superb blend of realistic content and raw talent. These features have helped Mofos in being a credible paid porn site, and its growing database of members says a lot about its growing popularity.

The monthly, 3-monthly and yearly premium plans are offered at $19.99, $59.99 and $119.99 respectively, and the trial pack is offered at $1. 

Website Features

  • The premium plans of Mofos are cost-effective, and therefore you can avail them easily.
  • The quantity of HD porn on Mofos is quite satisfactory.
  • With 14 bonus sites, Mofos continues to be one of the fastest growing sites in the porn world.


  • If you wish for a clean and ad-free porn streaming experience, then switch to Mofos premium.
  • If you are bored of watching amateur porn content, there is a collection of professional porn stars as well. The professional porn stars are none other than the hottest chicks like Mia Malkova, Jynx Maze, etc.
  • It has an amazing roster of raw and exclusive teen talent which is hard to find elsewhere.


  • The advanced search option is not provided on this site.
  • Extra charge of $9.99 is levied if you want to avail VIP membership that provides access to exclusive DVD archives.
  • Many sites on its network do not get updated regularly with photos and videos.


Mofos is an excellent site both regarding quality and quantity. Its amazing amateur talent is its huge advantage which gives it a competitive edge over its peers like Brazzers.

Though Mofos is less popular than Brazzers, it can soon catch up, and its ever-growing member base confirms that undoubtedly.

#5 PornHub premium

Estimated visits last month – 89.8 million

pornhub prem 01

PornHub is amongst the most visited sites on the internet, and porn lovers all over the world seem to prefer it over other sites due to many reasons. PornHub premium is even better since it provides an ad-free experience to its users.  

Also, PornHub is the cheapest premium site on this list since it provides a monthly premium plan at only $9.99.

Website Features

  • PornHub is updated more than once on a daily basis.
  • You can now pay via cryptocurrencies as well for the premium plans of PornHub.
  • Each porn video is at least 17 minutes long if we consider the average.


  • PornHub arguably has the largest collection of hardcore porn content. There are more than 250K clips which mean that you have sufficient porn content to last for a lifetime.
  • The quality of the videos is far more superior in PornHub premium if we compare it with the free version of PornHub.
  • PornHub premium has full-length videos and movies which means that there is no need to miss every a single scene now.


  • The videos on PornHub premium are not exclusive.
  • The older videos are not available in true HD quality.
  • Its user-interface needs to be upgraded.



PornHub premium is an excellent choice for those who are looking for excellent quality at cheap rates. Also, the range of hardcore content on PornHub cannot be rivalled even by top paid porn sites like Brazzers.

Therefore, it is a natural choice for porn lovers who like to experiment with different genres and categories.

#6 Naughty America

Estimated visits last month -9.5 million

naughty america 01

If you are looking for 4K and HD porn videos few sites can prove to be as good as Naughty America. Established in 2001, this site has hot American babes and extremely sophisticated design.

Therefore, there is hardly any flaw in this site except the fact that it has a lack of both amateur and hardcore content. The monthly plan is offered at $29.95, and the yearly plan is offered at $95.40. For bonus content of seven sites on its network, you will have to pay $239.40 per year.

The trial pack is offered at $1.95 and lasts for three days.

Website Features

  • Naughty America has 4K, VR porn, and AR porn content as well.
  • You will never find a low-quality video on this site.
  • The user interface is smooth and provides seamless browsing experience to the users.


  • Payment can be done through credit cards, cheques, debit cards, and even bitcoins.
  • Premium members can directly message to the porn stars and can also enjoy live cams.
  • This site scores look-wise and also provides an ad-free experience to the members.


  • Lack of hardcore content can make this site unappealing for many porn lovers.
  • The site needs to update fresh videos on a more regular basis.



The quality of the porn videos on Naughty America is unquestionable, and they are among the few sites those who focus more on quality than quantity. The premium charges are quite expensive if we compare it with Brazzers and therefore people naturally tend to go for the cheaper options.

#7 Digital Playground

Estimated visits last month – 6 million

digital playground 01

Digital Playground is well-known for its DVD quality porn and porn movies that reflect high production values. Even the hardcore movies have a realistic storyline to them, and it provides a blissful experience to the viewers.

The monthly, three-monthly and yearly plan of DP are offered at $19.95, $59.95 and $119.95 respectively, and the trial plan comes at $4.95.

Website Features

  • Bonus content and downloading option require an additional payment of $20 per month.
  • This site gets updated daily with fresh content.
  • Advanced search options and filters provide convenience to the members while searching for a particular type of videos.


  • The quality of videos is sharp and flawless on Digital Playground.
  • The streaming player is exceptional and provides a hassle-free experience to the members.
  • Full-length movies are available for streaming on this site.


  • The downloading option is only available if you pay extra.
  • There is a lack of amateur content, and though many newcomers are featured in their movies, the realistic approach seems to be missing.



Digital Playground is a perfect porn site for those who are not interested in low-quality porn. The premium plans might be a little pricey, but the stunning quality content makes them buyable.


Conclusive Thoughts

These were the sites that are as good as Brazzers when it comes to their quality and quantity as well. If you think of any other site that can give a tough competition to Brazzers in the coming years, then please let us know about them.

Brazzers is a damn good porn site, but it certainly needs to buckle up as these sites are not that far too!

The prices of premium plans of Brazzers have been cut down significantly over the years, and it has only helped its database of members grow. Brazzers is one of the few sites in the world which enjoys massive support and love of its members despite being a paid porn site.

Brazzers has always been a propagator of milf porn, and therefore you will always see the hottest porn stars and amateur stars on Brazzers. However, over the years Brazzers has to face tough competition in the online market.

Some of these competitors are well-established porn sites whereas there are many new sites which are being launched every year and manage to attract a wide customer base as well.

Today we are discussing those sites which are almost like Brazzers when it comes to their porn content, quality, and range of services. Some of these sites have even managed to go a few steps ahead, and therefore Brazzers needs to evaluate them all if it has to sustain its wide following.  

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