A Complete Guide to Shower Sex (2020)

Ever thought about what would be hotter and more romantic than hugging?

The answer is rubbing your partner with soap all over their body and your slippery hands, roaming all over their body and feeling the pleasure?

Nowadays talking about sex is not considered to be taboo. It is instead appreciated that people are getting more open about the same.

Different people have different thoughts about sex. Maybe you have some different views and person sitting next to you have some different, but it's interesting to know about what people think.

shower sex

Real Definition of Shower Sex

Sex is a natural and healthy activity which should be performed only after crossing a certain age. Sex should not be forced, instead should be enjoyed with your partner. This can only be done if there is a better understanding and openness between both the partners.

There are many sex positions and ways which makes the whole process quite interesting and make people go mad about it. One of them is shower sex which is considered to be a romantic effort to go close to your partner.

But we must say, sex is an art and doing it correctly gives your partner the immense pleasure they have been looking for.

Does "Outside the Bedroom" Sex Really Matters?

Yes, sex is a pleasure giving activity and the place and location does not impact that deeply on its virtues.

Be it a Bedroom or washroom, a great session with your partner can boost your bonding.

Different people have different fantasies and this also depends on their experiences and visions that they have created in their mind.

Some examples include sex in the car, sex on the beach, sex in the flight (I have heard people saying this as their ultimate fantasy which they want to do as soon as possible), bedroom sex and many more. 

bathroom sex

Shower sex is also a beautiful, romantic yet can be erotic sex activity which can be made more fun by following some tips that we are going to share over here.

Obviously, the feeling of getting drenched in the shower with your partner is quite superlative but at the same time, one need to be cautious to not be so slippery that they are not even able to hold the partner firmly.

In that case, instead of enjoying the activity, you or your partner may get irritated and wouldn't be able to complete it. Thus, before hitting the same, we would recommend you to have a look at some of the specific points while considering shower sex:

1. Both the partners should keep their feet on the ground.

Yes, it does not sound sexy and might not help you in trying some hot positions, but it is quite necessary so that both of you could have a balance which will help you both to avoid slipping otherwise a romantic date would turn into a horrible accident.

Well, there are certain positions which you can definitely try and enjoy shower sex by keeping the feet on the floor.

2. You can try some innovation in old stand-by's.

Sometimes due to the slippery floor in the bathroom, it becomes quite difficult to stand and maintain the balance.

Therefore, if not while standing, you can try some action in a sitting posture as well. Depending upon the shower size, one can enjoy the sex in many positions like the missionary position. ​

Believe it or not, putting soap on your partner's naked body and rubbing all over it even in a sitting position is equally exciting and can set up your mood. Just give it a thought guys!!

3. Get a shower seat (It's great, if you already have one).

Yes, the thought of shower seat sounds quite perfect when imagining shower sex!!

Individuals with a shower seat could be considered as privileged as they get the chance to try different positions while having shower. Trying different positions would definitely result in more pleasure and more satisfaction to your partner.

Think about playing with your partner seated while having sex, that's erotic! Isn't it?

4. Get yourself a bathmat.

We are not talking about the soft and regular bath mats instead we are advising about the rubber textured bath mats that can help you get a better grip on the floor in the shower.

This bath mat would also give you comfort while lying, kneeling to sitting down. Many positions would have struck your mind until now, right?

5. Use the wall for some considerable grip.

While having shower sex in standing positions, one may think about having something around to have a grip and enjoy a non-stop experience. There are some options for that like the showerhead, the knob available to turn the water on and off or the tab.

But do you really think these can help you get a better grip? I don't think so. I suggest using the wall as a grip as it is considered to be a great support in the standing position. Well, there could be more options if someone is creative enough to think about one!

6. Rails installed in bathrooms could also help passionate people in getting a firm grip.

Yes, this is a great thing that can be done in the washroom for a better grip.

If you are passionate and always thought to have shower sex every now and then, then you must get it installed. But make sure the rails installed are of high-quality as safety comes first.

6. Rails installed in bathrooms could also help passionate people in getting a firm grip.

Yes, this is a great thing that can be done in the washroom for a better grip.

If you are passionate and always thought to have shower sex every now and then, then you must get it installed. But make sure the rails installed are of high-quality as safety comes first.

How you can have the best hot shower sex?

Now, after looking at what you can try for a better grip, let's talk about how you can have hot shower sex.

How to Have Bathtub Sex (4 Tips and Positions)

1. Try to have the right gear.

Well, for shower sex, you must have the correct gear in your bathroom.

You should know that footrests can do a great job in turning your mind on if passion is involved. Similarly, hand grips and vibrating mesh sponges could definitely help a lot to enjoy the time with your partner.

2. Try and give yourself ample time.

This is necessary because, as I said earlier, sex is an art, a natural and a healthy activity which can't be forced on anyone.

So, make sure to have ample time to enjoy this mind-blowing experience. Having a wild quick shower sex would not be much, right? Playing with your partner, touching them where they like and doing what they love in the shower would definitely take time and you must not do it in hurry.

After all, it's your personal time.

3. What about setting the mood in the bathroom?

Didn't get me? No problem!

Setting the mood means arranging a romantic environment with lights and fragrance. Petals of roses on the floor, in the bathtub, would also go. I am sure, spending some time on making the bathroom conducive for sex would not hurt much. ​

Try and remove all the unnecessary things from the bathroom and make it tidy, clean and fresh. Decoration with some candles on the countertop along with the shower Bluetooth speaker would definitely be the icing on the cake.

This was just an idea, make it more creative and you will love it! Thank me later.

4. Have some fun before beginning with the show.

Yes, having fun with your partner before hitting the shower will make the environment light and romantic.

You can try various activities to tease your partner and bring them close to you. Make them apply soap over your wet body while you hold them with love and care. It will even help you to turn your partner on. Don’t trust us? Try it, and I bet you will love it.

5. The showerhead could help get her off.

The detachable showerhead is considered to be a trustworthy masturbatory companion for women.

Between both the partners having a shower together, if a woman show her male partner, how things are done, this definitely is an add-on for her male counterpart for a romantic yet erotic shower sex.

6. How can one forget about the mirror!

Obviously, the mirror could be used for some extra effects. Joining your partner in the shower is not the end of the show.

You can try some positions which can help you and your partner see each other in the mirror. In the mirror, you can see each other being so close to each other with soaps and shampoos all over your body. This will stimulate the keen of being with each other and lead to a sensual moment.

Show Sex Positions in Real Life - Not Like the Movies

7. Oral Sex - Many people like it!!

As per research, it has been found that many people are sad and self-conscious about how they smell.

But shower sex could be an excellent opportunity for such people as they can try oral sex therein. After all, oral sex has the power to make you enjoy and feel the pleasure and get along with the moment.

8. Hmmm, Slappy shower sex! Can be tried.

I feel that not everyone likes to have their rear slapped while doing sex, but it can be given a try if your partner has expressed their fondness of spanking. Spanking while shower sex can be satisfying as the sound being generated gives a white stinging sensation.

It can be fun to try with your partner if you are up for some wild and naughty adventure.

9. Use lube for a smooth and comfortable experience.

Water cannot be used as a lubricant. Sex can be more pleasurable and enjoyable if a proper long-lasting lubricant is used.

It is advisable because using water as a lubricant can lead to dryness which can make your experience quite uncomfortable. Well, lube can help you in more lasting and comfortable sex. So, do not even think of missing lube!!

10. Use the soap thoughtfully and carefully.

You must not ignore this point at all cost. While applying soap on you or your partner's body, take care of the places where the soap shall not be applied; otherwise, it will cause burning and irritation. 

This will again make the shower sex uncomfortable and would not lead to a satisfying experience. Try and avoid excessive application of soap to urethra, eyes or mouth along with the places where it might cause string or burn.

11. Try and focus more on foreplay rather than penetration.

I feel shower sex is more about knowing each other, playing with each other's bodies rather than climaxing up to the main event. Focusing more on foreplay to experience the sensations, the feel, and the pleasure and we are sure this will definitely take you more closer to your partner.

Don't try to end up things if they are not giving you joy in the foreplay, might be your partner.

12. Try to use all of the space in the bathroom.

Seems to be a great idea, right? I knew it. Why should you only be under the shower and have sex?

Using all the space available in the washroom is also not a bad idea, though. Moreover, it becomes difficult to try different sex position under the shower if the space is short. It is totally okay to even use the countertop to try oral sex and other sensual positions as well.

Yes, we will discuss the various sex positions also that could be pleasurable. Scroll down!!

Well, we have discussed till now the points to be considered for the firm gripping, do’s and don’ts while having shower sex to make it an exciting experience.

Sex Positions in the shower!

 Now, let's discuss the sex positions that could be given a try while having a shower

1. Standing Up Against the Wall

The name itself explains everything.

It can be an erotic sex position which can stimulate pleasure but to enjoy the moment, you should be slow at times and fast at another moment.

Well, we all know that when it comes to shower sex, it becomes quite challenging to do it because of some of the challenges, as mentioned above.

But this position can work for everyone. 

standing against the wall

This is obvious that you would like to enter slowly into her under the shower considering the safety facts. But you also do not want to spoil the moment by doing anything that can turn her off. 

Thus, you can give this position a try, and you are definitely going to enjoy it.

To start, let her stand up against the wall, make her stand straight and her hands are supposed to be against the wall or maybe holding hand grips while legs need to be slightly spread for you to enter into her. Now, it's your turn. Yes, from here, you can enter slowly into her from the back.

Hold her waist gently or caress her breasts or rub your hands gently on her body or play with her vagina; you can lead her in any way you want. You can also stimulate her clitoris with your fingers or with the help of showerhead.

Getting into her and then slowly and gradually increasing the speed would definitely make her mad for you.

2. Superman position

The name of this position sounds very powerful as if the man would hold her girl in his arms and play with her. This is true.

To implement this position, you both must stand in front of each other where the girl  wraps her arms around the boy's neck and her legs around his waist.

Doesn't this sound interesting? You must be thinking about how the boy manages to balance the girl in his arms.

This could happen once the boy slightly widens his stance. 

superman position

This lets the girl put the bottom part of her thighs on the top of the boy's thighs. This would make the boy relieved as he does not have to hold the weight of the entire body on his upper part.

Now that he is free from the whole weight, he will be able to hold her butt in his hands and then he can slowly enter her by lifting her up and down and finally enjoying the pleasure of shower sex.

3. Wet Reverse Cowgirl

Well, if you have a fancy bathroom, it must be having a bathtub which could be used to enjoy sex while being wet.

I know that sounds interesting, but I bet you that will definitely feel interesting.

In this position, the boy has to sit inside the bathtub by showing his back to one end of the bathtub.

After sitting, the boy is supposed to widen his legs such that both his legs can touch both of the sides of the bathtub. 

reverse cowgirl

Once he is settled, the girl is supposed to sit back on his penis. While sitting, she should keep her face away from the boy in such a way that they shouldn't face each other.

They should settle such that the girl has control over her movement and can control the tempo and the depth of the penetration. Well, this position seems to be interesting as well as safe also. There would be nil chances of slipping or falling.

4. Anal - One of the Frightening Words for Many

I know that by only thinking about this position, some people become uncomfortable or do not even wish to try this.

Even people who have tried it won't do it often.

This position is considered to be one of the most concerned topics while having intercourse.

In fact, the newbies are the ones who are most concerned about this.

This is why we suggest you to try this position while having shower sex. Yes, this is true. 

anal shower

Trying this position in the shower makes one feel comfortable and the fact that the couple could actually be able to enjoy this position. But it is always recommended that while having shower sex, people should use lubes in an excellent quantity to get a smooth feel.

Now that you have got all the possible positions, you can try them as per your convenience. But one should be creative and always think of what else could be implemented. Everyone has their kinky side and loves to try new and different positions.

Many people have wildest fantasies which they wish to fulfil. What could be a better time other than shower sex? Yes, it gives you ample space to try different positions. You can set up the bathroom to set up the mood of your loved one.

Moreover, the best part is that pleasure can be experienced in the water where you don't have to wait for the rainy season.

  • No need for lubes as showers can act as the best lubes for both of you.
  • Water and sex can be a perfect combination.
  • Anything can happen; be it the oral sex or some hottest moves from your favorite movie.
  • If you rely on condoms, then shower sex might not be the best thing for you as condoms can be easily broken in hot water showers.
  • You cannot try anything acrobatic as the floors might get a lot slippery and there may be some chances that you can fall off.

Final Thoughts on Shower Sex

I know people nowadays are frank, and sex" has become an open topic. People discuss their thoughts and views on sex openly, which is not even wrong. Sharing views and feelings could help another person gain some knowledge and understand the interesting facts about sex.

In my opinion, a person should discuss their problems and challenges with a person whom they are frank with or who they can trust.

Engaging in sex with a mutual understanding between two people is also good. But to have the same level of passion for each other, both of them should know each other well, each other's likes and dislikes.

This is very important between couples because only this could help them to reach to the extent where they both can satisfy each other.

Moreover, apart from better understanding, both the partners should also need to be geared up to accept each other physically. These points if considered and implemented, can lead a couple to have a good physical relationship.

The points that have been mentioned in this article are add-ons for the shower sex.

Showering immense love on your partner, pampering them, doing things they like, surprising them with their favourite gifts and many more gestures helps a person to show their love, affection and care towards their partner.

The deeper the bond, the greater is the pleasure and satisfaction.

Couple get to know each other more while having sex as they explore the kinky side of their partner and this enhances the bond between them but make sure to avoid unsafe positions as this could spoil the romance between you and your partner.

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