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We all are born with one process, sex. Everyone knows how important is sex in the overall evolution and development of the mankind.

While sex is such an important part, many people in the world have made it a taboo and refrain from talking about it.

The same refraining has led to misinformation being spread about sex on the internet.

All we have learned about sex is from movies, porn videos and our peers. And, it is safe to say that the information we get is anything but accurate.

However, there are some sex positive accounts on Instagram that you can follow and learn right things about sex.

These accounts share things about sex and sexual health that you may not have heard in movies, peers or anywhere else. Let’s begin.

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Top 20 Sexual Instagrams Accounts  [2022]

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1. Evyan Whitney

Evyan Whitney is an amazing sex educator that we found on Instagram.

She runs a podcast call Sensual Self where she share important sex based information that gives you a better understanding of the act.

She is also the author of the book with the same name as the podcast, i.e. Sensual Self and regularly posts images and reels with important sexual information that helps individuals as well as couples.

2. Juno Dawson

Juno Dawson is one of the most renowned transgender woman in the United Kingdom.

She is one of the bestselling novelists and also writes for Attitude magazine.

She is highly vocal about transgender rights and has penned down a bestseller called THIS BOOK IS GAY and CLEAN.

You can follow her on Instagram if you want to be more aware about queer people and their perspectives.

3. Raquel Savage

Raquel Savage is a no nonsense straight to fact personality who shares sex related information in a way that appeals the youth.

Her posts and videos are easy to understand and grasp visually.

Follow her if you want to get sex education in the most straight forward and easy to understand manner.

4. Portia Brown

Portia Brown is an amazing sex coach who has an instagram account with the name “froeticsexology”.

She coaches women for sexual activities and runs a coaching program for the same.

She also posts videos and pics regularly on Instagram that give you some insightful tips and information about sex that you may have been unaware of.

5. Ruby Rare

Ruby Rare is another gem of a person on our list who helps people by educating them about positivity.

She is a queer herself and is the brand ambassador for a charity organisation called “Brook”.

Apart from posting useful sex related posts on Instagram, she also runs a podcast called “InTouch” and is the author of the book “Sex Ed: A Guide for Adults” where she educates adults about the things that they should know about before involving in any kind of sexual acts.

6. Cecile Hoodie

If you like to watch some quirky and tongue in cheek sex based humor that teaches you about sex along with it, then Cecile Hoodie is the one you can follow on Instagram.

The posts are not something teaching you about sex directly but most of them are images with a message that can be understood if given a thought.

If you like such strong and fun content, follow this account.

7. Karley Sciortino

Karley Sciortino is another amazing woman who has been shedding light on various sex related topics that are not talked about properly, and led to spread of misinformation.

She regularly posts articles on various sexual topics on the Vogue magazine and also has a sex-based show called Slutever where she can be seen exploring various aspects of sex from a woman’s perspective.

8. Erika Lust

Erika Lust is a popular porn film director who owns multiple studios with lots of indie adult cinema accredited to it.

She has been a spearhead in the porn industry when it comes to equal pleasure for both males as well as females.

We often see in porn movies how the videos are made to titillate men and focus on male’s pleasure, while a female orgasm is often ignored.

Erika aims to end this and has been doing it in great ways through her films.

Follow her on Instagram to educate yourself more on sex and get to know things you couldn’t learn after watching porn.

9. Jordyn McGeachin

Another artist on our list who has been focusing on creating content based around sex is Jordyn McGeachin.

She uses her art to share some deep messages about sex that are not very easy to understand, but once you do, you will be amazed.

Her art style is pretty simple and you will love the way how she uses her art to share some deep thoughts about sex.

10. Alayna Joy

Alayna Joy is an LGBT+ digital content creator who has devoted her life to LGBT rights.

She uses social media to share her perspectives related to sexual health and mental health.

She regularly posts videos on her YouTube channel that can give you a wider perspective about the LGBT+ community and create a better society to live in.

11. Noomi Roomi

Noomi Roomi is an amazing painter from Russia who creates sexual paintings that illustrates various sexual activities.

The paintings are not only done beautifully but also depicts the sexual acts in the most erotic way possible.

Follow her and you will be treated to some amazing sexual pics that may melt you down while watching them.

12. Hannah Witton

Hannah Witton is a fun loving mommy who is a sex education enthusiast.

She has a whole podcast and a YouTube channel dedicated to sex education where she shares important information insights various aspects about sex.

This includes videos featuring sex toys, discussion about orgasm and much more.

Follow her and you will get to know things about sex that you never thought about and get smarter.

13. Love.watts

Love.watts is an art page on Instagram that sells NFTs.

The page also posts a lot of sexual stuff that tries to normalize the act and break some preconceived notions about it.

The page is not sex focused but posts some thought-provoking images that may open your perspective about life.

14. Calum McSwiggan

Men are used to hiding their emotions, but Calum is not the one to do so.

Calum is a gay man who loves to travel and is an author of the book “Eat, Gay, Love”.

The guy totally takes his gay orientation with pride and educates and inspire people to be happy with whatever they are.

15. Carly Jean Andrews

If anyone is going to bring sex into mainstream, it is going to be artists for sure.

Carly is another amazing artist on Instagram who loves to draw sexual art.

She regularly posts beautiful nude paintings that are artistically liberating and makes you see more than the nude body that is drawn.

16. Tina Maria Elena

Tina is not just another artist that draws water paintings.

What differentiates her from other artists on this list is that she does not always human paintings to depict sex.

She also uses other normal objects to showcase sexual acts.

For instance, she uses fruits to depict sexual organs and sexual acts.

Such kind of art helps people to understand how sex is a part of our lives subconsciously.

17. Todd Baratz

Todd Baratz is a certified sex therapist who will throw truth bombs at you, one after another, and you will have no option but to agree to him.

He is also a relationship expert.

Todd regularly posts various perspectives about relationship and sex that can help you in dealing with your personal problems in one way or another.

If you like to see some useful info on your Instagram feed, then following Todd is a good thing to do.

18. Shan Boodram

If you ever thought that it would be great if someone could just give you a psychological insight along with some sexology, then Shan Boodram can help you out.

This lady is a superb sexual intimacy educator who loves to share enlightening information about sex on her Instagram account.

The posts and reels are not only about the act but also about the basic thing revolving around it that are often not thought about, but are important.

19. Nikki Peck

Nikki Peck is an artist whose drawings will somewhat remind you of Lily from the hit Netflix show “Sex Education”.

Till now, we have discussed artists who makes art based on sexual arts or objects. Nikki works a bit differently from those people.

Her art is a mix of abstract and sex.

The art is so meticulous that you will have to watch and observe it multiple times to understand it in a true sense.

20. Riyadh Khalaf

Riyadh Khalaf is a personality who is more than just a gay person who wears his orientation on his sleeves.

He is an Iraqi/Irish broadcaster who also won a Master Chef UK edition.

Apart from this, he also wrote a book called “The Gay Guide”.

He is a good example of the fact that you can be whatever you want to be, being gay should not stop you from pursuing what you want to do.

21. Yasmin Benoit

If you think that being open to talking about sex is about doing sex and things revolving around it, then you are slightly wrong.

When we are talking about sex, asexuality is also something that should be discussed. Yasmin Benoit is an asexual and she is proud about it.

She shares perspective about being asexual and tries to educate people more about it.

Many people talk about sexuality, but very less people talk about asexuality.

If you want to be more aware about it, Yasmin is a good source to begin with.

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