Sell Sex Toys Online – Start Your ($2567/month) Sex Toy Business 2019

Are you looking for a way to make money online?Sell sex toys online

Selling sex toys online is the way to go. Let me tell you how you can make more than $2,500/month through your own sex toy business.

Today I will cover this comprehensive guide on making money when you sell sex toys online. The complete guide will cover the most important question – How to start a sex toy business?

Starting a sex toy business and profiting from it is not that difficult, I have done it you can replicate the same process.

Many of you have been complaining that I am covering more webcam model stuff recently and I don’t blame you. But you have to understand that since this website is about Adult money-making methods, and my experience is in adult industry I have to cater to all categories

I have been receiving numerous email from you guys regarding selling adult toys online. So here are few questions that I received from you guys over the months:

  1. How to make money selling sex toys online?
  2. Can I create passive income by starting an adult sex toys store online?
  3. Is adult sex toys business still profitable?
  4. How to sell adult sex toys online?
  5. How to drive traffic to my adult sex toys store?
  6. What is the current state of adult toys business in 2017 and how does its future looks like?

Today I will cater to all these questions and help you understand how all of this works. So without wasting any time, let’s start this complete guide

Selling Sex toys online – the complete guide

Whats the current state of adult sex toy business?

 adult sex toy businessThere are some giants and many websites that sell  sex toys online. It is just like Adult tube websites that if you try to create a general all category website then your chances of making money are negligible as the giants like Pornhub, xvideos rule the adult tube industry and you will never be able to drive traffic.

Similarly, if you are thinking of driving traffic to your adult sex toy store then you need to niche it down. If you are thinking of starting sex toys website then you have to select a niche and then build upon it

Instead of selling all sex toys, just sell dildos, and then sell all the variety of dildos possible

Why should I niche it down? ?

There are many reasons:

  1. The traffic to your sex toy business will he highly targeted and relevant
  2. More chances of making a purchase
  3. Google gives enormous advantage to niche website in search engine rankings, so you will be driving free and amaizng organic traffic to your adult toys online store

But you have to understand that you are not creating a blog or content website. Since you are selling a product SEO will not play many roles here so your only bet is spending money to drive traffic to your website

sex toy industrySex toy industry – some insights

Sex toy industry proudly stands at more than $15 billion with projections for 2020 being more than $50 billion

With people becoming more and more sexually active and everyone trying to add more pleasure in their sex life, this industry and is booming and you can easily take a big chunk of this pie by starting your own sex toy site by following this guide

Also after the release fo 50 shades of grey movie and novels, the demand for sex toys have skyrocketed

How to start a sex toy business?

Millions of adults are looking for ways to spice up their sex life and add some excitement to the bedroom. By starting a sex toy business and finding these adults, you can easily build and scale your sex toys website

I have covered everything in this article for you to know to start your sex toy website online.

How to sell sex toys and how will drive traffic?

start a sex toy websiteWe have covered the driving traffic part later in this article. You need to use PPC (Pay per click) advertisement for driving targeted traffic to your website

  1. Use SEMrush to first make a list of you keywords that you will use. It’s a great tool which will give you all the information that you need to find the best keyword for you. Use this SEMRUSH Coupon for free trail of its guru account
  2. Buy PPC advertisement for your target Keywords
  3. Check your conversion rates, optimize and then optimize more and try to shoot the conversion rate up
    1. Factors like checkout process, website loading speed, ease of checkout, product description, reviews and many other factors decide persons buying decision so research more on that
  4. Find the difference between your expense and revenue that will be your profit

How shall I create an adult sex toys website?

If you try to create everything by yourself it will be extremely time-consuming and difficult since you have to do all the work. There are two options for you

Whitelabel website

You can sign up at a white label website and then sell products and earn a commission. This website will handle everything from hosting, dropshipping, platform, payment processing and all

You will make 40-60% commission on the sales. The disadvantages of using a free white label solution are:

  1. They have preloaded templates, so very fewer changes can be made
  2. Obviously, they will take the money  for their platform
  3. Not so scalable as you don’t have much customization option
  4. You cannot sell your website later.  Selling is white label sex toy website is a nightmare, my friend.

Some white label are free and some charge a one-time fee (~$2000) plus a monthly pricing of approximately $150/month but that will add a lot of pressure on you to make profit from this website, I never recommend this method

Create it yourself

Since I have had my love for WordPress for long so I have always created all my website through it. Here are the steps

  • Buy a adult friendly hosting – (i recommend hostgator, I use the same for my adult sex store)
  • I brought a great looking WordPress theme, with wooCommerce plugin. Great management of products and cart etc. You can easily find a great Adult Ecommerce theme on
  • Use an adult payment gateway  and you are good to go
  • Used a drop shipping API for drop shipping adult sex toys products

Since it is your own theme there are multiple customization options. Also, these themes are built by professional so they are already amazing looking. Make sure the following points are checked on the website:

  1. The website is extremely fast to load. I have written an article on this Speed up Website and Decrease WordPress Page Load time
  2. Make sure the website is mobile optimized. Google has started giving enormous advantage to mobile optimized website and hence make sure your website design is responsive
  3. Adult SEO is correctly done. Check out Adult SEO guide, and other articles in Adult SEO section to learn the ins and outs of properly optimizing your adult sex toys website for search engines

What are some popular and best sex toy websites online for some inspiration

Here is a list of few

  1. Lovehoney
  2. Amazon
  3. Simply pleasure
  4. Nice and Naughty
  5. Esmale
  6. Honour

Where will i get the products and how will the products be shipped to my customers?

If you are importing the products from China for selling it yourself then there is that. There is another way to make money and that is using affiliate income. You can drive the targeted customers to your website and then drive them to websites like lovehoney.

When they buy the adult toys through your affiliate link you will get a great commission (20%) approximately

If you have contact with vendors then you can do that as well

The other thing that most people do is dropshipping. If you don’t know what drop shipping is then let me tell you that first.

sex toy dropshippingWhat is adult dropshipping?

When you as a sex toy website owner don’t have your own products stored in a warehouse but rather wants to sell someone else product without handling the logistics that is dropshipping. You are just selling the product, shipping and delivery are taken care by the drop shipper. You list the product, sell it, make your commission and then enjoy the money

How can i find drop shippers: You can search on Google, use forum to get the high quality ones, the few I know are: etc

The best part about adult dropshipping is that you don’t have to invest a huge amount of money upfront in  order to maintain the inventory for selling these products. With minimum investment, you can just create your sex store website.

Finding a good drop shipper must be a priority and you must find someone who has experience and is cooperative. also, talk with him about the refunds or exchange of product policy. This issue becomes problematic later

You don’t have to worry about the company name not mentioned on the product. Here are the steps:

  1. Customer makes  a purchase on your website and pays you money
  2. You receive an email about a sale.
  3. You go to drop shippers website and place an order of same product or you can also use API to automate this process
  4. The drop shipper will send the product with your Company logo  and packaging
  5. You also don’t have to worry about the packaging being discreet as they are experienced player and they know the sensitive nature of the products being sent

You just login to the dropshippers website put in the details and he will ship the product. For automation, you can use the API to automate the process

Ok, i have a website but how will I drive targeted traffic to my website. What should be my marketing and promotion strategy for selling sex toys online?

Driving traffic has been the considered the most difficult and most troubling for any website owner. I totally agree as just like you even I want to have thousands of targeted visitor to my website the moment I launch my business

There are multiple ways of driving traffic to your website and we will go through them one by one

  1. Adult forums
  2. Adult friendly social media especially twitter
  3. Adult Ad networks and adult PPC campaigns
  4. Adult Media Buying
  5. Adult SEO

Driving adult traffic for sex toy website through adult forums

Actively become a good participant in these forums. Engage and give useful value to the forum and soon you will be loved by the people. A quick search on Adult sex toys forums a then checking their traffic stats at and checking their Alexa rank will give you an idea about the quality of that forum

By actively participating you will become a useful member and then transferring traffic to your website will become easier over time. If you have enough money then you can also try buying advertising space on this website and then check the ROI, if it is highly positive then buy the banners for a longer time

adult twitter trafficDriving adult traffic for sex toys website through Twitter

Although twitter does not allow promotion of adult sex toys but people are still doing it without any problem. Use IFTTT for automating everything. Just automate all the tweets, tweet regular and smartly. Select your hashtags wisely. There are websites which give statistics for hashtags use, so try to make a comprehensive list of what hashtags gives the best result for adult sex toys

Target the consumers as well, if someone has tweeted about their experience, or someone is in need for one then they are your target customer.Retweeting such tweets will help

Driving adult traffic for adult sex toy website through PPC campaigns

You can use Google and bing ads to drive target customers to your website and check the ROI for better conversions

adult media buying for sex toy businessDriving adult traffic for your sex toy business through Adult media buying

Media buying can be extremely beneficial as well as tempting to lose it all if you don’t do it correctly. You have to do extensive research, start many campaigns, optimize and optimize more and then select the winners and forget about the losers

There are many sources for your media buying like Trafficjunky, juicyads and many more. You have to understand what you are selling and where your target customers reside. So first make a list of such website and then either contact them directly or buy the spots through media buying website

Apart from Adult media buying you can also contact the webmasters that rank higher on your target keyword and then contact them for negotiating the rates for placing banners on their websites

Driving adult traffic for sex toy website through Tumblr, Stumbleupon, and Reddit

All of these have an NSFW sections and hence you won’t face much problem promoting your products here. If you directly put your product page link you won’t succeed so you need to give then some interesting content and then drive the traffic from there to your website

Have you started you own sex toy business? Do you need my help in setting up your adult sex toy website, just shoot me an email after buying the Hostgator hosting and my team will help you set up your adult sex toys store.

Is selling of sex toys online illegal?

Legalities of selling sex toys online vary from country to country. Many countries do not allow the sale of sex toys online. While countries like the US have no issues for sex toys sale online. If you are in a country outside the US then I will advise you to first check the laws or hire a lawyer before moving forward.

As I have always preached, that adult sex toy business or any money making method in adult industry must first be verified and laws be checked before entering into one

For example selling sex toys in Malaysia and India is illegal, although companies like iambesharam and others are finding loopholes to operate. In Japan, companies are being smart by making dildos in the shape of animals and cartoon characters to sell

In the US sex toys have become increasingly available in various stores such as Walmart and others. Also, amazon has taken the biggest pie of sex toy industry by selling sex toys at a much cheaper price compared to other sex toys seller

Getting your numbers right

Whenever you are starting a business, you need to have a strong control of the financials. The money you have invested, ongoing expenses, profits, cash flow, sales projection etc must be regularly checked.

Checking your conversions from paid traffic, continuosuly optimizng your landing pages, checkout process and testing various other metrics to drive the conversion rate up. You must check out this article on Conversion optimization from brian dean of backlinko for some help

Free tools for your sex toys business

google analytics for adult sex toysYou must use these free tools to help your sex toy business.

  1. Google analytics:  Check a comprehensive view of the traffic that you generate for your sex toy website
  2. Google webmaster: To check organic rankings of your websites for your target keywords
  3. Semrush : A beautiful tool to find profitable keywords for your business. will help in driving organic traffic and will also help in your PPC campaign
  4. Aweber : For handling your emails and the emails you send to your customers

Adult toy parties

Let me also give you some idea about sex toy party business model.

How to start a sex toy party company?

Yes, you can start an adult home pleasure party business as well to make money. But honestly, it requires a lot of time and investment. Two things which are extremely important for me. So I won’t be covering this in detail and also will advise you to stay away from such business ideas

Already I have shared so many money making methods on this website, follow one of them instead and make money on autopilot just like me

Turnkey adult websites

Adult turnkey websites are those that make huge promises like they will help you make $10,000/month if you buy their product. Since you are a beginner and this sounds too good, you might be tempted to make a purchase and shell out your hard earned money

Adult novelty fulfillment and adult sex toy business consulting scam is also going on these days. Many fake websites have started giving these consulting gigs and are looking for potential beginner customers like you, so make sure you don’t get entangled in their web of deceit.

turnkey sex toy website are everywhere, and promise for huge payouts like 20-30% if also given

Most novelty adult turnkey sites will never gain organic traffic because all they are doing is spreading the duplicate content. That leads to google penalty and you never gain any free organic traffic.  A website received organic traffic when you follow our Adult SEO complete guide. After you read that massive guide, only then will you realize that all those promises of quick money from selling sex toys online are just a shady scam y these expensive turnkey software

Yes it is possible to make more than $3000-5000 from your sex toy website business, but that needs, expertise, commitment, smartness and also shelling out some money on getting traffic


Types of sex toys for yoru sex toy business

i wont be covering this in detail but here are some categories for yoru sex toys business

  1. Erotic electrosimulation
  2. Dildos
  3. Sex-machine
  4. Anal beads
  5. Butt plugs
  6. Vibrators
  7. Nipple toys
  8. Penile toys

All these terms will come across you when you will start teh research for your adult toys business.

According to Sex toy industry statistics shared on this link

Vibrators are the most popular sex toys and contribute a massive 20% of the overall sales. Rubber penis coming at second with 16% share

Tips for your sex toy business

  1. Make sure your website loads fast and is responsive (use Hostgator hosting for making your website extremely fast, mine loads in 1.03 seconds even with many images)
  2. Make sure you do proper research for the niche you select. Riches are in the niches my friend
  3. Optimize ad testing your landing pages, checkout process is extremely critical
  4. Regularly check and analyze which traffic sources are giving the best results, what kind of sex toys are selling the most
  5. Use similarweb to check how your competitors are driving traffic to their website. Analyze the website for your competitor in a detailed way and replicate the best points

Additional resourceful article that you must read: Adult sex toy manufacturers talk about sex toy industry

Here is an infographic that will help you understand about adult sex toy industry

adult sex toy industry infographic

I hope this article on Make Money by Selling sex toys online was helpful for you.

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