My Dirty Hobby Review (2020)

My Dirty Hobby

As the name suggests, My Dirty Hobby, a German-based website, is a great platform for amateurs to share their webcam shots, photos and video contents.

The genres are tailor-made to let you live your fantasies.

As the name suggests, My Dirty Hobby, a German-based website, is a great platform for amateurs to share their webcam shots, photos and video contents.

The genres are tailor-made to let you live your fantasies.


  • There are more than a million videos to explore with average file sizes so it doesn’t become a load on your device.
  • Slideshow, photo watermarks, all are available to help in finding the match.


  • Photosets cannot be downloaded from the website which is a major setback.
  • With no subscription system, there is no access to bonus videos or websites for added content.

The website is great if you want to share your videos and photoshoots. The collection is extravagant with legitimate quality of the content.

The following review will make you search the site.

The prospect of a virtual adult community might sound very intriguing as well as promising to the curious mass looking for some erotic adult entertainment. It is where My Dirty Hobby comes into the picture.

Published in 2008, this German site has lived up to its brief of being the "largest adult social network" for quite some time now.  This site is a vast community for amateurs sharing webcams, photos and video content.

It shouldn’t be confused with a dating site, as it serves as a hub where you can buy pornographic content from the amateurs present in the website that create those content for you to enjoy.

In this review, we will bring you our comprehensive analysis of this website before you proceed to indulge yourself in the world of amateurs providing tons of home-grown content.

What makes “My Dirty Hobby” worthy of a recommendation?

The virtual community at "My Dirty Hobby" is very, very wide, with thousands of beautiful amateur babes providing you with a considerable amount of home-grown content tailored to your fantasy, be it webcam videos or photosets. The collection of content here is way beyond possible count.

There are millions of videos or photo-sets to choose from. Be it striptease, masturbation, any kind of fetishes, blowjobs, fisting, group sex or outdoor sex- it caters for every type of fantasy you can ever imagine. There are a variety of girls here, mostly amateur or semi-professional, providing you content here.

Be it BBW or petite, be it teenagers or cougars- you can find girls here of all shapes and sizes using this platform to cater to your needs.

There is also an adult dating aspect to this site, which might appear to be just a meagre pay-per-view site, as it contains some social media tools which you can use to connect and chat with the babes providing content in that platform.

You can communicate with the members there and hook-up with them or do whatever you both might be interested in. You might be afraid that some of the accounts might appear to be fake, as it is with anything but "social" aspect- be it a dating site or social networking.

But out-and-out, none stand out. It is as real as it gets, with a network constituted of a flurry of people enjoying content, be it videos or photos, interacting and connecting.

The content might appear to have rough edges; the content update done here is regular, with a video being uploaded every single day (with a few exceptions here and there where they skip a day).

Photosets are uploaded less frequently as compared to the videos but are more than enough to choose from.

The quality of the content varies, and almost none of them are high-definition (so is expected with home-grown and live cam content) - but it passes as legitimate, with some excellent quality content out there.

The interface is straightforward for a user to navigate, equipped with an advanced search engine which you can use to filter content suited to your need using tags.

The part which stands out particularly with this site is that you can also transition from being just an audience to the community to a contributor. You can upload your content, be it dirty videos or pictures, and earn a part of the proceeds your content rakes in.

What it conveniently nail, is delivering its promises to the audience.

 The brief of being an adult social networking site is conveniently achieved, as it works both as a market hub for home-grown erotic content which you can buy as well as contribute, as well as communicate with the member models with its tools.

Website Overview

The link to the site:

The content available in this channel is more than enough.

With millions of videos of amateur girls contributing to home-grown adult content satisfying different fantasies and thousands of photo-sets to choose from, you’ll never get bored of the content in this site.

The quality of the content isn't disappointing at all.

Although high-definition content is virtually absent, it isn't fair to expect high resolution content from home-grown and webcam content either.

Still, most of the content presented here is legitimate enough.

You can choose from a variety of girls here, ranging from petite babes to BBW girls, from teenagers to mature cougars.

You can also select girls from different countries and races. No matter what fantasies you reserve, there is ample content to fulfil them all.

Starting from solo stripping and masturbation to outdoor and public sex- there is enough video and photoset for every genre and fantasies.

Probably the most exciting aspect of this website, which meets the criterion for being an adult social networking site, is the availability of tools which help you to connect with the contributing amateur babes whose content you like. If luck permits, you might be in for a real treat offline as well.

You can also choose to contribute instead of being just a viewer of the content as well and earn some money for yourself as a part of the proceeds that your content will rake in. There is no such membership or subscription system on this website.

However, you will have to purchase "credits" (named as "dirty cents"), just like they charge you in an arcade game centre to play the games being offered. The credit systems to stream and view the content offered in this varies from 100 credits to 3,000 credits.

The credit system might get a bit expensive for a regular user. Conversing with a girl over this site will set you back by ten credits for every text, and texting back-and-forth might set you back by a lot of money. Also, keep in mind that the content is stream-only.

You won't be able to download any content you see on this website. There might be some non-exclusive content as well uploaded by the user community just for that extra dough that his viewership might bring in.

Pricing & Membership Fees

There is no system of membership through subscription. To access the content on this website, you will have to buy credits (known as "Dirty coins"). The videos range from 100 credits up to 3,000 credits. Any text you send to the girls on the website will set you back by ten credits.

For 800 credits, you will be billed an amount of $10. For 1200 credits, you will be charged with $15. To purchase 2000 credits, you will have to shell out $25. For $50 and $75, you can buy 5200 and 7800 credits respectively.

We suggest you opt for the $75 option, as you get 104 credits per dollar and transactions here might get a bit expensive if you are an avid viewer of content. You will get 100 free credits upon registering here. MasterCard, Online Check and Visa are the accepted mode of payments.

The primary CC processor for this website is CentroBill, while the secondary CC processor is Epoch. Check out the credit rates with this link:

Site Performance Scores (out of 10)



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

9 / 10

Quality Of Videos

7 / 10

Quantity Of Videos

10 / 10


1 / 10


9 / 10


6 / 10

Value For Money

7.5 / 10

Exclusivity Of Videos

5 / 10

User Interface And Layout

8.5 / 10

Overall Scores

72 / 100

Site statistics

  • Bonus sites: None
  • About the Content: An adult social community website with amateur and semi-professional members providing home-grown erotic content.
  • Total number of videos: 1,000,000+
  • The average length of videos: Variable as per content.
  • Maximum resolution of videos: Mostly standard resolution (stream).
  • File Sizes (HQ): MP4 = ~20 MB-200 MB (average size, HQ).
  • Download Limit: Content not downloadable.
  • Download Managers: No available download managers.
  • Payment CC Processor: Primary-CentroBill, Secondary-Epoch.
  • Channel Max: Not available.
  • Able to pause/resume.
  • Test Software: Not available.
  • Download Speed: Not available.
  • Bit-Rate: Not available.
  • Total number of photo sets: 600,000+ galleries.
  • Slideshow availability: Yes.
  • Watermarks on photos: Yes.
  • Picture dimension: 425x750, Sizes vary.
  • DRM Protected: No.
  • Languages available: English, German and Italian.

Competitors My Dirty Hobby

There are a few other established homemade porn communities online. Most of them are subscription-based memberships rather than pay-per-view memberships. Web Watcher's Blue is a legitimate site for homemade content.

A relatively old and grand site, set up in 1998 with hundreds and thousands of amateurs babes with frequent video and picture updates, covering a variety of fantasies. The media options here are pretty good, too. Homegrown Video is an even more popular adult social community.

They started offline; when VHS Camcorders came into a niche, and started developing online content. They offer a platter of real user submissions, webcam porn, and pro-am content filmed by professionals and starring amateur starlets.

Another site we would recommend as an alternative is Wife Bucket, which is focused on married couples (emphasised on women). It is a huge adult community site, and it has hundreds and thousands of content update in both video and photo sets every day.


  • If you like amateurs showing off their wild side in life, this is the site to look out for, without a shade of doubt.
  • If you want to live erotic action, then this site is one of the recommended ones.
  • The website is one of the most established home-grown content websites, with millions of contents to choose from and regular content updates.
  • There are millions of porn scenes to choose from, suited to your fantasy and a lot of genres to choose from; you can also use tags to filter your search and choose.
  • Legitimate quality of content in this site.
  • The videos have variable lengths, so you will be able to suit yourself.
  • Tons of videos to choose from, each unique from the other.
  • Live videos are available for downloading and streaming. Apart from that, you can select standard definition photos as well, which are of legitimate quality.
  • You can select videos to watch of your own choice.
  • You can select videos to watch of your own choice.
  • Amateur sites mainly feature in this website, along with a hundred other semi-professional babes to choose from. You can select girls according to your own needs, as it covers every genre there is. You can also interact with a model using the tools provided by this website.
  • Convenient credit-based pay per view system. This site is worth the value for your money.
  • Convenient credit-based pay per view system. This site is worth the value for your money.
  • It also allows you to rate and comment on a video.
  • Various modes of payments accepted for billing.


  • There is no high-quality content provided as compared to other well-known porn websites.
  • Transactions might get expensive due to the actual pay-per-view based credit system. Even interaction modes might set you back by a huge amount.
  • Since there is no subscription system, you don’t get access to any kind of bonus videos or websites for more contents.
  • Non-existent downloading facility. You cannot download any content from this website as all the videos are stream-only.
  • No high-resolution photo sets available. You also cannot download any photosets from this site.
  • Non-exclusive content uploaded here by contributors.

Customer Support

This site is owned by MG Social Ltd., and for any complaints regarding transaction aberrations or fraudulent transactions- you can visit their website at

Their online support is efficient, and it also maintains user privacy. Hence you can contact them freely and securely without any worry. In the case of any kind of support, credit discrepancies or any kind of FAQs, you can visit the above website. You can attain the contact form at

You can also e-mail them using: [email protected] You can also receive technical support for any kind of problems at the above website.

Bonus sites/videos/offers

There are no bonus sites to choose from, as the website is exclusively pay-per-view and there is no subscription mode of transaction. There are no bonus videos provided here as well. However, you will receive 100 free credits on registering with this website.

External Reviews

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Total average: 74.8/100

Our score: 72/100


My Dirty Hobby has nailed the initiative to bring in the element of passion to their exclusive, interracial material. We didn’t find any of the site's promises failing in any aspect, and it delivers what it promises.

The quality of the content is legitimate enough, but it would fare much better if the content were of a higher quality than the existing. Content update is scheduled, regular and abundant.

This site has been established as a quality home-grown content provider, but it needs to smoothen out the existing rough edges to appeal to you and all the viewers in general. The collection is wide and abundant, and it does not disappoint at all.

There are numerous fantasies to choose from and feature girls of all varieties and all kinds who give a good performance- be it solo or any kind of action. Every video has varied length and is fluid, not monotonous. The action shown here is instantaneous and direct.

Some scenes have solo action like masturbation, squirting and stripping, and others with hard-core proper home-developed sex, but no matter what, the action is always tailor-made to suit your choices, as promised by the channel.

The amateur babes featured here deserve praise, as they continuously update content suited to all kinds of fantasies. There are almost a million-plus videos to choose from, equipped with a frequent upload schedule.

Although shifting from pay-per-view mode to subscription would benefit this site a lot, as the transactions here become expensive. You don't receive any bonus sites or videos. With the tools provided, you can also interact and communicate with the babes.

If you're into watching home-developed live-action, then you should check this one out.

Parting words

Hope you liked our complete review of My Dirty Hobby. Stay tuned for more such comprehensive reviews on porn channels, and keep entertaining yourself with erotic porn content.

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