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Muslims4Marriage Review (2020)


Dating sites are becoming popular day by day.

It doesn’t matter who you are, and what your religion is, the internet is loaded with numerous dating sites catering to every religion and ethnicity.

Looking at the craze of online dating sites, one dating site that caught our attention was Muslims4Marriage.

If you judge the website from its name, it seems more like a matrimonial platform, but you can join this site not just for seeking a marriageable partner but you can find someone to date as well.

Going by the claims made by Muslims4Marriage, you can find more than 5 million registered members. So, if you are a single man or woman who wants to connect with people of the same background, then Muslims4Marriage can prove to be an ideal platform for you.

Muslim people who are residing in different parts of the world now have the perfect opportunity to meet with someone new and develop a relationship.

Muslims4Marriage is visited by thousands of people every day, and the best part is that thousands of people register with Muslims4Marriage on a daily basis. You can meet someone trustworthy with whom you would love to spend the rest of your life.

Many people must be wondering that the website of Muslims4Marriage is exclusively for Muslims only. Well, you might be following a different religion and want to find a Muslim companion for yourself, then this platform is also good for you. But almost 95% of the members here are Muslims.

This platform does not stop anyone from creating an account, but if you are under the impression that you will get a chance to meet people of different religions, then you need to check out another dating platform.

As the name suggests, Muslims4Marriage is a dedicated platform for Muslims living in different parts of the world. Through this site, Muslim people will be able to find the perfect partner that they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

We took the opportunity to review this dating site and enlighten you with all the information that you must be aware of before you join Muslims 4 Marriage.

We will tell you how to become a member, what are the pros and cons, what is the pricing policy, and other features. Read the entire review and then decide whether joining Muslims 4 Marriage will be beneficial for you or not.

What makes Muslims4Marriage so popular?

First of all, there are hardly any dedicated Muslim dating sites available online. And sites like Muslims4Marriage are bound to become famous. Muslims4Marriage provides you a safe dating platform where you will get to connect with millions of Muslim people residing in different parts of this globe.

Whether you are looking for a partner to date, or you are seriously looking for a life partner, this platform would be ideal for both cases. If you are a Muslim man interested in meeting a beautiful Muslim woman, you will find her right here.

And for women, don’t worry, there are lots of good-looking Muslim guys for you to choose from. You will discover people from Arab, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Kuwait, Dubai, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Malaysia, and many more.

The good thing about the Muslim community is that they are scattered in different parts of the world, which makes it easier for the people to connect with different people whenever they want.

Plus, technology has made it so easy for people like us to look out for people who can communicate without any issues.

This platform is useful for both men and women, which means that if you are a Muslim man wishing to meet a Muslim woman, or you are a Muslim woman trying to connect with a Muslim man, then this website will be suitable for you.

Please note that this is only a dating site, and the moderators of the site take profanity very seriously. For women, they have a preference for engaging with Algerian men, Arabian men, Saudi men, Palestinian men, Oman men, Bahrain men, Turkish men, and more.

As we said earlier, even if you are non-Muslim who wants to marry a Muslim man or Muslim woman, you too can join the community and find your perfect soulmate. The platform doesn’t discriminate against anyone on the basis of caste, creed, color, or religion.

Also, the majority of the people on this website can speak English; hence it becomes easy for everyone to communicate with each other. As per the site, it is the number one dating platform worldwide.

And the platform offers you the right space where you will find Muslims belonging to different ethnicities, countries, and backgrounds. If you want to find your true love, try Muslims4Marriage.

The creator of Muslims4Marriage feels very proud that they could come up with a safe and secure platform that allows different Muslim people to find a partner for dating purposes and marriage



Estimated last month’s visit: 1,315,772

Do you know that the site is visited by approximately 15,808,750 people annually? And each month, at least 1,315,772 visitors visit Muslims4Marriage looking for the perfect soul mate.

In this ever-increasing busy life, all of us are lacking time for ourselves, which makes it extremely difficult for some people to look out for companionship that will bring happiness to their lives.​

This is when sites like Muslims4Marriage come into play. The website of Muslims4Marriage looks pretty straightforward.

The main page will not show you the list of online people that you can start contacting. Rather it has a banner of a beautiful girl with a green background.

If you scroll down, you will see some more content below. After reading the content, we got to know that this site is a dedicated dating and marriage site.


Once you register, you will be able to explore different Muslim people. These singles are from Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Saudi, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Dubai, Indonesia, Pakistan, Kuwait, and many other places.

No matter where you are, if you are serious about getting in touch with deserving Muslim people, then you should try Muslims4Marriage at least once. Here, everyone is single and definitely ready to mingle.

These singles are looking for people who are interested in dating, serious relationships, and of course, marriage. The site claims that in comparison to other Muslim dating networks, Muslims4Marriage is the safest place to find someone you can rely on.

Also, Muslims4Marriage is considered to be the number one matrimony site for Muslim people.

There are over a million members here, and becoming a member of Muslims4Marriage will let you connect with all of them. Muslims 4 Marriage is a worldwide community where you will get a chance to connect with some beautiful Muslim people, who are from different parts of the world.

If you are in Qatar, and you would like to meet a Muslim person located in Australia, the good news is, you will find someone who is based in Australia.

Think about any location, and you will find members from that country or region. Whether these Muslim people are Qiran, Naseeb, or Zawaj, you will find someone who is going to match your personality and would love to be with you.

Joining Muslims4Marriage is 100% free. However, for joining, you will be required to spare at least 1 or 2 minutes. The website demands some information, and it is mandatory to fill them all.

Also, do remember that Muslims4Marriage is for adults, and hence you must be 18+ to become a member.


Whether you decide to try the paid membership or stick to a free plan, you will be able to enjoy most of the features on this website for free.

For example, you will be able to search for unlimited people; you can upload photos, create a profile, and even contact the members at absolutely no charge. However, to try the most advanced features, you have to become a paid member.

But it is entirely up to you. A free account can be upgraded to Platinum membership whenever you want to.

Platinum membership cost

  • 1 month: $49.99
  • 3 months: $99.99
  • 6 months: $149.99
  • 12 months: $199.99

In terms of price, we do think that the price is rather expensive. But then the site is secure and lets you connect with thousands of honest people from all over the world.

Hence, we don’t think people would mind paying this price. Once you become a paid member, you will be able to send unlimited messages to as many people as you want.

You can send a message to anybody, but if you want them to read your messages, they you must be a paid member because the reading option is available only for the paid members.

This is yet another flaw that we think the site must be reconsidered. We mean, what is the purpose of sending a message to someone if they can’t read it! This is one of the major drawbacks of Muslims4Marriage.



Quality of Members

8/ 10


8 / 10


7 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

9 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10

Bonus Features

8.5 / 10

Our score: 81/100

Site Statistics 

  • Sign up: To register, everyone needs to click on the “Join Now” option. Then, you have to add certain details asked by Muslims 4 Marriage.
  • Profile Quality: Members are mostly Muslim. These people generally fall under the age group of 24-50. We did not find any fake profiles.
  • Gender Ratio: 60% male and 40% female.
  • Mobile version: There are no apps available for Muslims 4 Marriage; however, you can browse the website on your mobile phone browser whenever you want.
  • Making contact: Once you become a member, you can send messages to as many people as you want.
  • Making contact: Once you become a member, you can send messages to as many people as you want.
  • Total number of members: 5 million+
  • Total number of daily active members: 43,282
  • Live Cams: No.
  • Photo quality: Good.

Competitors of Muslims4Marriage

Even though the site claims that it is the number one dating and matrimony platform, here's the truth. Islam is not a small community, and that’s why there are a few dedicated Muslim dating sites available in the industry that are actually pretty good.

These sites are visited by at least 10 million people every month. Three of the leading sites that we think you must know about are MuslimMarriageSolution, Helahel.com, and IslamicMarriage.com.

Each of these sites is designed to help Muslim people find their true companionship. Let’s discuss them.


MuslimMarriageSolution is considered to be the most visited site among the Muslim dating industry. This is where you will find a compatible match. This site is completely dedicated to Muslims.

The moderators of the site always show you the list of people who are most active, while deleting the remaining members who are inactive.

The site puts 100% of its focus on compatibility so that you get the right match. The good part about this dating site is that it is free, and you can browse the site on any device you want to.



The next site that we want you to visit and compare Muslims4Marriage with is Helahel.com. It is a free matrimony site for all Muslims.

The main agenda of this platform is to help Muslims find someone suitable irrespective of their geographical location. 

You can search for people by using the advanced search engine as well. You can look out for people on the basis of their location, religious sect, and according to their age.


You can connect with the members of Helahel.com for free. Also, you don’t need to add your credit card number for joining the community. This site is also very safe and extremely hospitable.


The last one that you might want to compare Muslims4Marriage with is IslamicMarriage.com.

This one has an extensive range of members, and the platform helps each of the members find their potential match easily. 

One good thing about IslamicMarriage.com is that the site keeps all the personal information of its members secure, which means you don’t have to worry about losing your personal details to a third-party network.

Just like any other Islamic dating sites, IslamicMarriage.com is also a free site where you can create a free account, receive chat invites from the members, and can freely upload up to 20 pictures.

This site is ideal for both Muslim women as well as men.



  • Muslims4Marriage is an extremely easy site. You will find the navigation of Muslims4Marriage smooth. You can fill up your profile quickly, and the site will not even ask for any credit card information.
  • To find the members of Muslims4Marriage, you can simply use the search bar at the top. Contacting the members is super easy. You can send unlimited messages to as many people as you want.
  • Muslims4Marriage lets you connect with more than a thousand people instantly. You can browse this site on your mobile phone as well. No fake accounts were found, and the moderators of the site take profanity very seriously.
  • Even if you don’t become a paid member, creating an account, sending messages to the members, viewing the profiles, remains free for everyone. This site has been joined by more than 1 million people.


  • One thing that genuinely disappointed us is the fact that no one can read your messages until they become a paid member of Muslims4Marriage. This means that even if you have shown interest in someone, that person must have a paid account, else, he or she will never know that you are interested in his/her!
  • The site is honestly stringent when it comes to their rules. You must obey their guidelines and adhere to them. It is not completely bad, but the rigid rules often lead to sudden account deactivations.


We can’t really say that the Muslims4Marriage’s customer team is available for you 24x7, but the customer support team is cooperative and responds fast. There are three ways to connect with customer service of Muslims4Marriage.

You can fill up their online form, which is the easiest way to communicate with the team. Other than this, you can call them on their contact number, or else, you can send them an email. The site has a dedicated FAQ page too.


Muslims4Marriage definitely has the potential to become the best dating platform for Muslim people. This is the right platform for every Muslim individual who is looking for true love, or in a simple case, a dating partner. 

The site allows you to connect with more than 1000 Muslim individuals, who live in different parts of the world. The majority of the members are from Muslim community. Hence it is best that you join the community only when you are looking forward to connect with Muslim people.

We found Muslims4Marriage safe for everyone, and you won’t find a single fake account here.

Parting Words

This was our review on Muslims4Marriage, and we hope you learned a lot about this dating site. Go and check this site today to know more about it, and try to evaluate for yourself whether the website will be useful for you or not.

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