Lush Stories Review (2020)

Lush Stories

If you are an aficionado for literature-based romance erotica, this website might be the right place for you.

Lush stories are known for their library filled sexually explicit literature, all of them being wild and raunchy.

It is one of the largest and the sexiest Literotica site.


  • A huge collection of detailed sexually explicit stories. All their stories have a steamy fantasy storyline filled with lots of raunchy details.
  • It also acts as a social networking site between the patrons who are loyal to this website and are signed up members of it.


  • No fresh content on the site. The layout of the site is not upgraded as well.
  • Some of the features need extra payment as well.

If you are a fan of literature porn or tired of watching fabricated sex scenes, this site is pretty decent enough to serve your needs

A lot of categories have been catered to here, so you won’t have a tough time finding the right fantasy novel which has been written on the lines of the fantasy you reserve.

You can also interact with the members of this website as well.

If you are a Literotica romance lover, then you are in the right place. Lush stories is a site operated by Symbios Solution Limited whose office is at Symbios Solution Ltd., 16-18 Barnes Wallis Road, Segensworth East PO15, United Kingdom. Lush stories are known as sexually explicit material.

Lush stories is an erotic way to know about the fantasies throughout in words. Lush stories provide you with erotic and wild adult stories. All these stories include chat and cams, interactivity, a forum, and a porn tube area.

It's just not about reading those wild stories of others, but you can write and submit yours as well. Lush stories will not only provide you with erotic stories but will help you to get satisfied with your lust wishes as well. Lush stories will give you with cams as well.

Lush stories is one of the largest and the sexiest Literotica a communication site. Take your fantasies into real life with the help of lush stories. Get in touch with the adult store from the "Lush Stories" website. You can start a conversation with anyone one lush stories.

There are some points which help you to initiate conversation. Forum is the best and the most visited place for communication here on lush stories.

Why is Lush Stories so popular from others?

The best thing about lush stories is that it is consider as a social networking site for Literotica lovers. There are several ways to get in touch or interact on Lush Stories. Lush stories is all about reading & writing stories, relationship advice, hardcore section, sexy videos, and pictures.

Before the videos and photos, people used to read erotic novels. Today, those stories are not as popular as they used to be, but there are still lots of people that like erotic stories. And if you are one of those people, then Lush Stories is the best place for you.

You can join the groups as well for some extra fun and entertainment. You can chat with the members and participate in live cams as well. Besides reading erotic stories, you can enjoy the Literotica romance with the help of an audio recording.

If you want your account to get recorded, you can request that too. You can talk with men or women regarding your relationship, erotic things, live cam and everything in between. And even if you want to give an audio story, you can give a try. Leaving a comment is available on this site.

There is plenty of possibilities to communicate with the one you admire. You can add them to favourites, and the other person can see it. There are chat rooms that made by the admins. You can create your chat rooms as well.

In the privacy section, you will find the video/photo privacy under the feedback heading.


Website address

Estimate visits last month -1.5 million

The very first thing that comes into our mind on how many people are already using lush stories?

The search shows that lush stories have over 330,000 members.

It also has more than 20million page views and 1.5 million different visitors each month.

Lush stories have a large community, and over 42,000 publishers have published their stories there. 

lush stories lp

This site is massive, and many writers are enjoying alone time with their keyboard writing about their fantasies. The world of Literotica is vast. You choose what kind of story to read, you set the pace, you pick which parts to skip, and you use your imagination to picture what's happening.

All the work on the lush story site divided into two different sections. The main page has represented the list of popular stories. The viewer can browse these stories using the filters, and you will get the categorized list as well. Members can buy sex toys as well.

To be a member of lust stories, you need to provide your necessary data such as username, age, sex. During registration, you can choose visibility for the other users as well. It is suitable for people who don't want any disturbance during sex literature.

After giving your needed information and selecting the browsing mode, you will get a confirmation letter, follow the instructions and complete the process to be a member of lush stories. You can get the sex education as well. There is essential info that says only adults can be a member of lust stories.

Pricing & Membership Fees

If we talk about the subscription plans, you can register for a free three-month membership. After the expiry of that three-month subscription, you need to become a paid subscriber. The charges currently range from $10-$50. If you think to read the erotic stories for a lifetime, then it will cost you $200.

There are various discounts available on the website as well. You can also download e-books. The membership plan gives you access to all the parts of Lush Stories. So, take a trial and opt for the best strategy according to your need.

Performance score (out of 10)



Website Design

9 / 10

Number Of Members

8 / 10

Quality Of Videos

9 / 10

Ease Of Use

8 / 10


8 / 10

Safety & Anti-Scam

7 / 10

Customer Service

8 / 10

Value For Money

8 / 10

Exclusivity Of Videos

9 / 10

Quality Of Profile

9 / 10

Overall score

83 / 100

Site statistics

  • Members geography- 41,3000
  • Published stories- 43,915
  • Shared images-365087
  • The average length of videos- 30 minutes
  • Gender rating- male-41%, female-69%
  • Members weekly activity- 39,000
  • Photo slideshow- Yes
  • DRM protection- No
  • Registration availability- Yes
  • Mobile app- Yes
  • Free service- Yes
  • Contact information availability- Yes

Competitors of Lush Stories 

There are many more sites like lush stories which are providing lust stories for the viewers. Lush stories is not the only site that provides sex chats and wild romance, but there are many other sites that are as good as lust stories.

One of the severe competitors of lush stories is ASSTR that stands for Alt Sex Stories Text Repository. It is a website that has a massive selection of many topics regarding sexual desire. This site is known for the wildest content such as humiliation, bondage, blackmail, and many other horny things.

There are many other sites such as Nifty: this site has the biggest database of lusty stories. this is one of the best sites when you are looking for sexy stories to read. Chyoa: another free place for porn lovers. This site has more than 7,000 different sex story.

Mr Racy: it's a blog that you don't want to miss when it comes to quality Literotica. The last site is Sex, Life and everything, this site run by couples who are in open relationship, and this site is worth taking a look. These all are one of the best websites that are as good as lush stories.


  • Keeping your sexual life vibrant with yourself and enjoy with some sexy, seductive, horny, and wild stories for free.
  • Pleasurable experience to orgasm without merge mind and body.
  • Get rid of stress and tensions quickly by just reading the lush stories of others.
  • Profiles are very detailed and well-structured.
  • The profile contains a lot of data of the models.
  • Members can upload user pics.
  • It has a collection of stories, which includes sexual desires and one-on-one intercourse, and oral sex stories as well.
  • It linked with sex stories, relationship advice, erotic photos and videos.
  • It has the most extensive collection of stories that has a broad range of themes and interface. You can easily connect to the browse by clicking on a link.
  • It has the most extensive collection of stories that has a broad range of themes and interface. You can easily connect to the browse by clicking on a link.
  • Members of the lush stories can share the pages of lush stories on Facebook and Twitter.
  • As a member, you'll find the ability to score stories, and there are comment sections, there are means of creating your library of lust.
  • You can follow the author and should offence for whatever reason you found. You can also flag it as inappropriate.
  • You can find the group sex chat here at lush stories to satisfy your wild desires. Get wild with the conversation and indulge yourself.
  • The website does not ask for the viewer's ID.
  • If you are looking for viral and the most famous wild sex stories, you will definitely got those on this website, and it is ad-free as well. So, you won't face any problem while browsing.
  • This site is not only about the male or female, but it also has lesbians, bisexuals, gay men, and transgender people.
  • This site will not ask you for your personal information, ad-free, and not for profit site so that you can browse discreetly and you can browse by the author as well.
  • There is a function called "add a story to reading queue.
  • You can watch this anytime and anywhere to complete your sexual desire.
  • This site has no limitations. You can watch it, and it will not let you down.
  • This site is suitable for single people who have no partner to satisfy their sexual needs. So, here we have clips and videos of masturbation-themed erotica.
  • You can get the audio stories as well.
  • Find out the partners sex, masturbation and many more. You can find by gender: male-female, female-female, male-male etc.
  • This site contains sex toys. This site focused on wild sexuality.
  • The site collects vast information about oral sex, dominance and submission, bisexual and lesbian-sex, role-play, and sex toys, and straight sex as well.
  • You can leave a comment in the comment section.
  • You can see the controversial videos as well, such as step-moms loving their stepsisters and stepfather loving their stepdaughters.
  • You get bounce if you subscribe to the premium. There you will see different and various types of porn videos and stories.
  • Being a member will let you exchange thoughts on the forums, and you can discuss various topics, enter competitions, chat with each other live, and join niche interest groups.
  • Lush Stories has created an Audio Stories category to offer its members the opportunity of listening to porn rather than just reading it.
  • There you will see different amateurs and porn stuff that will satisfy you with their love-making moments.
  • There is a function called "add a story to reading queue".
  • You will get the anal sex stories, masturbation, adult talk, blowjob moments, and also screaming and moaning videos.
  • You will get the full range of porn scenes with thousands of videos and pictures.
  • As a member, you can post your work, create a profile, directly contact other registered users, rate stories and leave comments, but also post on the official forum.
  • You will get the updated videos and content, and you will realize that you have made the right decision by choosing lust stories.


  • Low-quality porn videos are there in lush stories. Some scenes highly enacted which viewers do not expect from a website like lush stories.
  • This site has some upgrading issue which is quite irritating for the viewers who have been watching this site for a long time.
  • There is no information about the models and porn stars.
  • Sometimes viewers have to face issues regarding videos because it consists of low-quality videos even after upgrading it.
  • The main and the worst point about the lush stories is, it shows ads between the intercourses.
  • There is no fresh content on the site. The site does not update with the new content search engine.
  • The site does not have an app.
  • Underage people will be personally responsible for the no minor registration on lush stories.
  • Some of the quality videos and features are paid.
  • The limitation of downloading a video is 10GB, and some videos come in the size of more than 4GB. You cannot download more than four videos per day.

Customer Support 

The services provided by this site are amazingly excellent. You can submit your stories and comment on accounts as well. There is the availability of voting on accounts. Receiving private messages and receiving a friend request is also there. You can request a support section in the technical part.

This site has some limits and privacy for our viewers.

  • You can contact them directly: +44(0) 370 490 0000.
  • Company's registration number is 4316056.
  • VAT number is 758224319

And for more information you can visit the website. Link is given in the Reference section.

Final verdict

If there is one website that can boost your erotic needs then it is definitely be Lush stories. There is a massive collection of erotic sex stories. You can get the perfect structure, live cams, chat, and Camshare here in There are multiple ways of finding the topic you desire.

Either by a search box, choosing from top authors, story picks, popular tags, or the mentioned list of niche titles carrying; hardcore, office sex, masturbation, MILF, spanking, straight sex, lesbian, sex toys, taboo, voyeur, and many more.

This site is one of the most visited places in the literature platform. The speed of its visitors is rapidly growing, and the viewer of lust stories explained it very well. Lust stories do care about the comfort of the viewer. This site has thousands of viewers daily here at the website.

More than 55 thousand stories and more than 3.5 million forum posts are also there. Members are very active, and they can communicate any time. You will get a great company even if you see this website at 3 AM.

Everything is straightforward, and you can sort content in several different ways, either by views, popularity or by date.

For those that appreciate the written word, covering topics such as BDSM, anal sex, exhibitionism, fetish, Sci-Fi, gay male, group sex, and lot more, you indeed will find what will please your pornographic palette here. The written seductions will leave you breathing hard and excited.

This know-how to stimulate your largest sex organ for foreplay. Throughout the tales, you'll find yourself being drawn into the stories. You'll associate with characters and feel a possible connection to the sexual excitement. We have read some of the stories, and they are great.

The details are boiling and sexy. Lush Stories is a must if you like to read and indulge yourself in this adult kind of entertainment. The main aim of lush stories is to provide you with great stuff such as good quality of videos, HD photos, and so on.

Lush stories are providing you with the best and sexiest content over the web.

Parting words

Hope that you liked this complete review of lush stories. It is a fantastic site for porn lovers. Enjoy the porn activities and stories here at lush stories. Visit the website and enjoy every event that done at this site. Even if you want to be a member of lust stories let us know about that too.

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