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Live Escort Review

Live Escort Review / Escort Index

If you are tired of casual sexual exploits and are looking for an online platform where you could search and avail the services of professional effort, entrust your responsibility to Live Escort Reviews.


  • It has a comprehensive location-based database in-built, where you can search for the phone numbers of escorts. 
  • The site is professionally built and is quite easy to use if you have prior knowledge of how these websites work. 


  • However, the design of the site is bland, and the user might even find it unattractive. 
  • Another annoying aspect is that there are a lot of unnecessary pop-up ads and redirect links on the site. 

This review will elaborate more on the pros and cons of the website.

Live Escort Reviews is an indexing site that helps you to search escorts from different locations.

This site was known as Live Escort Reviews earlier, but now they have renamed it to Escort Index, which describes its purpose accurately.

The best thing about Live Escort Reviews is that it explores escort posts and ads from different websites or escort communities and provides them under one domain name.

Therefore, it is a good option for those who are thinking of doing something naughty with escorts but have no idea where to start.

The earlier name, i.e., Live Escort Reviews, made no sense since there were no escort reviews on this website — however, the new name 'Escort Index' suits it perfectly.

escort index image 2

Moreover, the site is not only used for searching or calling escorts, but it provides many different options as well. For example, you can search for free cam sites, live hook-up sites, and you can also try your luck in finding local girls using this indexing site.

What makes Live Escort Reviews happening?

There are a lot of websites that function as an escort directory on the internet. However, not all of them are genuine and useful. Many people avoid using indexing sites because they think that meeting someone hot and real would be possible only if they try their luck on the local dating sites and apps.

However, Live Escort Reviews is much more useful because its database consists of a wide range of locations. Therefore, if you don't grab something lucrative on the local dating apps, then you can explore the various options provided by Live Escort Reviews.

Also, the site is pretty much straightforward, and therefore, you don't have to waste your time figuring out how to use it.

Some people might find its design plain, while some people might also complain about the regular pop-ups ads that make it look like a spam site. However, it is just an indexing site like Backpage, and therefore you cannot expect it to be a lot different.

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Content Updates


Quality of Video Streaming


Escort Database







10/10 (free site)

Worth of Site


Exclusivity of Content


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score


Site Statistics

  • Escorts – over 10K
  • Active posts – over 500 at a time
  • Payment option – Free
  • Escort age – 18 to 50
  • Advanced search options – No
  • Mobile-friendly site – yes
  • Bonus content – Sex cams, masturbation cams
  • BBW shows – No
escort index landing page


Website address: https://escortindex.com

Estimated visits per month – 4 million

This site starts directly from the page where all the US states are mentioned. Apart from the US, cities of Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom are also listed out on this site.

Therefore, you have to pick your location to get started! After selecting a location, you will be redirected to a page that looks like nothing more than a gallery of thumbnails. However, it is a bundle of sites and ad posts bunched up together so that you can find escort services easily.

Some people might not like this, but this is how it works. Moreover, you can choose live sex cams, tits cams, live sex sites, live masturbation portals, and much more here. On most of the occasions, you will reach to pictures of nude girls flashing their private parts seductively.

If you are lucky enough, you will find their contact number, as well. As a result, we can say that the site lives up to its name but does not guarantee a local date of hook-up opportunity to everyone who is using the site.

Also, there are lots of flashy ads and pop-ups, which can be disturbing at times. Therefore, we recommend you to be a little patient while using this site.

A good feature of this site is that it provides some useful information about the escorts. For example, you might find the phone number, total posts that the escort has made in that particular city, and other nearby cities, etc. It also lets you know if the escort has an alternative number or not.

How to Treat Escorts (feat. an Escort)

All this information can prove to be useful, especially when you are horny. When you click on the ads, you will find similar ads that the escort has posted in different cities. Usually, a different number is used for a different city, which means that you might be contacting the agent instead of the escort directly.

However, we are not sure about it. Many dating and hook-up sites like Chaturbate, AdultfriendFinder, etc. put their ads on this site. Therefore, if you click on something called 'live cams,' then you might end up directly on Chaturbate or some other similar site.

As a result, we can say that this site also opens doors to many different video cams site, sex cam sites, and adult dating websites that might help you to satiate your kinky desires in the coming days. There is a separate option to meet local escorts as well.

However, whether you will be lucky enough to get the number of lots of escorts will depend on that particular location. Also, if you are into older women, then you can use the option 'Get Grannies' and this way you might get to meet older women who might be available in the city in which you are finding an escort.


The site does not have any premium features and is completely free! To understand the terms and conditions of this site check this below link - https://escortindex.com/tos


  • The site has a wide list of cities, districts, and states of the United States. Also, numerous cities of the UK, Australia, and Canada are mentioned on the landing page itself, where you can search for the phone numbers of escorts. Therefore, we can safely say that it has a wide location-based database to explore when it comes to searching escorts.
  • The site is simple to use, and anyone who has a fair knowledge of how a website works can use it without any confusion.
  • The number of escorts that you will find on this site depends on that particular location. However, usually, you will find posts of numerous escorts in a single city.
  • Phone numbers are provided in almost all the posts, and therefore you will not have a hard time finding someone hot and attractive.


  • The design of the site is plain, and many people might even find it boring. Therefore, the developers of the site must try to make it appealing.
  • There are a lot of unnecessary pop-up ads and redirect links on the site. As a result, the user might get a bit confused while using the site, especially if he is a new visitor.
  • The information provided on escorts is limited. Therefore, you cannot verify whether the escort is genuine or not. Also, the list of services provided by the escorts is not mentioned anywhere. So, you have no choice other than calling on the number provided on the site.
  • A lot of redirect links can make it hard for you to concentrate on the core functionality of the site. For example, running ads, sex cam links, and misleading titles appear at times that make the users feel that it is a spam site even if it is not.
  • The navigation of the site is not up to the mark as it gets hard to surf smoothly through different pages of the site.
  • Some adverts on the site are fake. Therefore, you need to be careful if the ads ask you to provide your personal information or credit card details.
  • The pictures of escorts are repeated in most of the pages. As a result, you cannot rely on the authenticity of the escorts that are displayed here.
  • Some of the content looks like it is straightaway borrowed or copied from Backpage. Therefore, you cannot be sure whether they are providing original content, especially when it comes to live cams.


Live Escort Reviews has many competitors, and some of them are performing better than it. If you want to explore an escort indexing site that is similar to Live Escort Reviews, then you can take a look at Backpage. However, Backpage is a lot more than just an adult indexing site.

Adultsearch.com is one such website that not only has more options when it comes to escorts and locations, but it also looks more genuine than Live Escort Reviews. Moreover, it does not disturb you by flashing pop-up ads and redirect links.

The navigation and design of this escort indexing site are also much better. It provides you better hook-up options as the escorts are nicely classified into different categories and tags.

5escorts.com is another website that might be having a confusing name, but it is better than Live Escort Reviews when it comes to website design, layout, and navigation. Also, you will find a lot more information about escorts here, and therefore, it proves to be a tough competitor for Escorts Index.

If you are looking for a clean and comprehensive escort indexing website, then you must visit Skipthegames.eu at least once. The information on escorts that you get here is a lot more reliable, and therefore, you can easily book the escort of your dreams.

If you want a complete escort indexing site that is relevant across the globe, then you can take a look at Adultwork.com. Here you will find escorts of most of ethnicities and countries.

Moreover, different options such as SMS chat, phone chat, webcams, etc. are provided, which means that you get much more than a simple indexing sites like Live Escort Reviews. Thus we can see that List Escort Reviews, i.e., Escort Index, has a lot of competitors, some of them are better than it. 

Therefore, it has to do a lot of work, especially on the design and layout. Also, it has to make efforts to provide genuine information about the escorts if it has to truly sustain the stiff competition in the adult indexing site market.

Honest Thoughts on Escort Index


Live Escort Reviews does not provide a lot of options when it comes to customer support services. However, you can report any ad on it if you find the information misleading or inappropriate. Moreover, you can send your queries and complaints on support@escortindex.com

To remove an ad, you can click on the 'Report Ad' option. To find this option, you will have to scroll down on the content page, and then you will find it on the right side. After that, you will find a file named 'Remove request.' Click on it, fill the form, and submit it to get the ad removed from the site.

Also, it is a plain indexing site, and therefore, it does not allow escorts or escort agencies to post.

Final Verdict

Live Escort Reviews, i.e., or Escort Index is a pure escort indexing site. It does have a few complaints regarding plagiarising and duplicating content.

Some escorts have complained that the site did not take their permission before using their posts. You can see one such escort speaking in the first YouTube video mentioned above. You can use this site just for getting the phone numbers of the escorts but be prepared to answer their questions when you call them.

This site does not provide any other information apart from the phone number and city for which the escort has posted. This is a major drawback of this site.

However, the site is not bad for the ones who do not want to spend extra money to find the escorts. It does not provide any premium feature, which means that all the features are free to use.

Parting words

Searching for an escort is not a hard task these days, especially since there are a lot of premium and free escort indexing sites. Live Escort Reviews is a free escort indexing site and a great option, especially for those who are trying to grab affordable escort services.

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