Top 25 New and Horniest Jerkmate Ads in 2023

Top 25 New and Horniest Jerkmate Ads in 2021

No one can deny that Jerkmate ads are one of the hottest ads out there.

Most of these jermate interactive ads feature top pornstars from the adult industry that makes these ads unresistable and an attention-grabber.

The fact that you can interact with your favorite pornstars and make them do what you want them to, is something which is very unique.

The uniqueness comes from the fact that, unlike live streams, you get to interact with the virtual avatar of your favorite pornstar. They act on your command and do what you want to.

These interactive ads are pretty detailed and give you options like BDSM, blowjob and many more. You can choose what you like by spending tokens that are initially free to use. Sometimes, these ads are so hot that you will forget about the content you were watching. 

This list includes the likes of top pornstars in the adult industry who are not only hot but also have got tons of accolades and awards for their awesome work.

Let’s get started and look at the top 25 new and horniest jerkmate ads in 2023.

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Riley Reid is the kind of hottie that you think about when fantasizing about a sexy college-going girl.

A young woman with perky nipples and a smooth ass, along with a super-attractive face is what can describe Riley Reid.

This 30-year old beauty is nothing like anyone who can be ignored, and is a hardcore performer.

You are surely gonna lose control watching her, hence, a pack of tissues is recommended while enjoying her videos. Riley reid is one of the best jerkmate ad girl.

If you are reading this name for the first time, then you need to up your porn game. Eva Elfie is one of the most popular young pornstars in the world.

The way this hottie smiles is hot enough to get you going. Her hot pair of boobs are perfectly complemented by her seductive face and out-of-this-world ass.

Her boobs makes her the hottest jerkmate ad models.

The way she moves while fucking is sure to drive you crazy. Nights won’t be boring if you have Eva by your side.

Adriana Chechik is a beauty with a gorgeous pair of boobies that will give you an erection almost instantly.

Along with that, her cheeky and sensual smile will make you drool and kiss every inch of her body.

Her amazing ass will ask you to squeeze it and go straight for the anal sex.

Her pussy is also super hot and you won’t be able to think of not licking or fingering it.

Skylar Vox is a 21 years old American beauty who is killing it in the porn industry at this young age.

Her voluptuous boobs and a super-sexy body is an epitome of a curvy pornstar.

Watch her moves and you’ll be jerking off in no time. Her lovely pussy will ensure that you don’t blink while watching it.

Skylar is the girl to watch for, in the coming years. We are sure she will be ruling the industry in no time.

Gina Valentina is another young beauty on this list of ours. This hottie is only 24 years old and hails from the country of sexy babes, yeah! you guessed it right, Brazil.

Her sexy pussy and small tits are the perfect combo one can think of. Along with that, her beautiful and round ass is the one to die for.

Gabbie Carter is another example of the fact that there are many petite young babes in the porn industry who can give veterans a tough run.

This beauty hails from Texas and is only 21 years old. Her body is unimaginably sexy for a girl of her age.

Her gorgeous round ass perfectly complements her big and round boobs. You will be compelled to fantasize about getting your dick stuck between her boobs.

Scarlett Mae is a gorgeous beauty with a perfect and fit body, and hails from Ohio, USA.

This beauty has a petite round ass that looks amazing with her tall height. Her small boobs are something you would like to stick your lips and suck.

The way her ass jiggles while having sex is gonna make you drool for her.

 If you want to have a tall beauty by your side, and who listens to you sincerely, then Scarlett is the one to go for!

Savvanah Sixx is a curvy and fit beauty that you won’t like to miss a massage from. Savannah hails from California and is only 22 years old.

Her soft and rounded tits are sure to make you drool and you won’t be able to resist the thoughts of sucking the mammary juice out of it.

Her perfectly toned body fits well with her perky boobs and tight ass.

She is pretty popular and can often be seen in a Nuru Massage videos where it all starts with a massage and ends with a hot intercourse.

Jasmine Grey is an amazing Asian pornstar hailing from America.

She is fairly lightweight at 41 kgs and has a height of 1.2 meters only.

You won’t be able to comprehend what is coming your way. If you like tiny tits and ass, then you can’t afford to miss Jasmine Grey.

Not only does she know the moves, but she is also pretty cute as well.

Her featherlight body will make you fantasize about fucking her against the wall as she moans with pleaasure.

Lulu Chu is another gorgeous Asian beauty in this list of ours. Lulu Chu is really cute and you will fall in love with her amazing smile.

Smile is not the only curve on her body that you will find beautiful. She has a tiny toned body that you will want to hold and fuck non-stop.

She is like an Asian sex doll, but alive. Her gorgeous pierced boobs and dark pussy makes her a beauty to jerk off all night to.

Bridgette B is the first MILF in our list. Her gorgeous and curvy body will make you wet in one go.

Her gigantic tits are the perfect place to put your dick into. This 38 year old sex-bomb leaves no stones unturned whenever she comes on screen.

People who love MILFs adore Bridgette for ultra-hot figure and sexy moves.

Along with this, her tanned skin is also something that makes her even hotter. That juicy tanned ass and pussy of hers are what we are a total fan of.

Jewelz Blu is one of the loveliest pornstars we have on our list. This beauty hails from Germany and is only 27 years old.

She has got a perfect body and a perfect smile. A smile that will melt your heart the moment you see it.

She also has light pink tits and pussy that will grab your attention, and you will be fantasizing about them in no time.

Her beautiful blue-dyed hairs are something which give her a unique look and personality, and will help you in identifying her easily.

Rebel Lynn is a young 24 years old pornstar with a sexy face and slim body. Her pointed nipples are something that will grab your attention once you glance at them.

Her sexy pussy and slim ass are like a blessing for people who want to watch slim-trim babes.

Her smoky eyes and curly hair are also something that you’ll find sultry and sensual. Whether you like slim beauties or not, Rebel Lynn will surely steal your heart.

Daisy Stone is one such pornstar, who, at the age of 25, looks highly mature. Her curvy ass and small but rounded boobs makes for a good spectacle for the viewers.

The blonde hair of hers looks great with her slightly tanned body and makes the viewing experience all the more enticing.

If you like to see a huge ass going up and down slowly while fucking, then you should definitely give Daisy Stone a chance.

Karla Kush is an epitome of a woman who refuses to age. This amazing diva is 30 years old but does not look a day older than 25.

Her slim waist, tight ass and medium-sized boobs will excite you and arouse you. She is a perfect next-door girl who you fantasize of fucking, kissing, getting a blowjob.

Her aroused nipples look simply the hottest thing in the world that you would like to suck. Her sexy ass is the one you would like to lick, smack and kiss.

She is the perfect beauty to jerk off on lonely nights. We recommend a pack of tissues before checking her out.

Penelope Cross is a cute yet hot pornstar hailing from the beautiful country of Spain. She has a slim figure with a perfectly shaped ass.

Her brown hair and big eyes are what lure many towards this beauty. This hottie does not discriminate and fucks every type of guy.

She likes vaginal sex and you will find her participating in the same in a multitude of videos.

Emma Hix is a pornstar with a chiseled jawline and an awesome smile. The kind of smile that will make your day.

This hottie hails from Canada, and is 24 years old. The hottie knows how to seduce the audience and keep them engaged.

Her pink pussy and her round-jiggly ass will give you a visual experience like never before. Her cute little tits are something one would want to hold onto while fucking.

Harmony Wonders is a 22 year old beauty who has the looks of a teenager. However, when you see her in videos, your views will change drastically.

Her beautiful and pointed nipples will suely lure you in and you’ll be jerking off to this beauty’s thoughts in minutes.

Apart from this, her well-rounded ass and amazing pussy are something you can’t ignore. The way she moans will force you to have an erection and give you an experience you won’t forget easily.

If eyes could give you orgasm, Alice Visby’s eyes would have become the reason for millions of orgasms all over the world.

Hailing from Virginia, she is 25 years old and has a beautiful body that gets all the deserving attention by the audience.

Along with this, her lovely pair of medium-sized boobs are really attractive. Also, her wet pussy looks like a thing to lick and rub, and deserves a dick inside it.

Sarah Vandella is the perfect blonde MILF you fantasize fucking. This hottie is 37 years old and still shows no signs of getting old.

Her perfectly round boobs are something you would want to stick to your lips forever. She has a beautiful curvy body that is as perfect as it gets.

There is no body part of hers that you would not want to feel and kiss. Her round ass and pink pussy is what will give you dirty thoughts all night long.

Texas Patti is another gorgeous MILF in our list. She hails from Germany and is 39 years old.

Her sensual boobs and super-sexy pussy makes her a wet dream of everyone who has seen her in videos.

Her experience, mixed with her seductive body makes a deadly combination. She’s the one in whose tits you will sink your head in, and fuck her in the most hardcore way possible. Stars like Texas Patti makes the MILF category a hot one.

Good things come in pairs, and the duo of Jade Kush and Avery Black is a proof of it. Both girls are Asian cuties and have perfect bodies.

Their features compliment each other perfectly. You will love the way they romance each other and will want that fun to never end.

Their scissoring scenes will surely give you an orgasm. Watching these girls have some action on your command is going to be a surreal and ultimate experience in itself.

It is a unique pair as both the pornstars are from different ethnicities. While Kira is an African-American model, Athena hails from Los Angeles.

Both the hotties have beautiful asses that are seductive, and sensual at the same time. While Kira is a bit muscular, Athena is a bit curvy.

Both have different skin colors and bodies, and this makes them a unique pair. Their differences are what makes them a beautiful pair to interact with and watch in action.

Sheena Ryder and Donnie Rock is a deadly female-male combo that everyone would love to watch. While Sheena is a 37 year old hot MILF, Donnie Rock is a handsome hunk in his early 40s.

They both together create magic when on screen. The way Sheena’s boobs jiggle when Donnie and her are fucking together is another level visual.

The freedom to see both of these hotties together and interact according to you makes the experience worth having.

Kinsley Anne is a young 24 years old beauty who looks like a college going girl, whereas Romeo Price is a muscular guy who is in late 30s but does not look a day older than 30.

When you see Kinsley and Romeo together in action, you will feel instantly charged up.

When a muscular guy will be fucking a girl in her early 20s, then it will be a scene worth jerking off. You will be amazed how good they look together.


So, these were some of the pornstars that you will see on new and horniest Jerkmate ads in 2021. All the pornstars mentioned in this list are unique and each one has a different vibe that you will feel when you will watch them doing what you want, in the interactive ads.

On Jerkmate, you will find all kinds of pornstars with their interactive ads. There are MILFs, there are blondes, there are brunettes, and there are several other categories that you can explore. The wide variety provided on Jerkmate is amazing, and the fact that all of the pornstars mentioned in the list are interactive and will do whatever you command and pay for, is a blessing for many.

If you like young blood, then you can have a look at hotties like Eva Elfie, Emma Hix etc. If you are into MILFs, then you can check out Sarah Vandella, Bridgette B etc.

There’s a plethora of pornstars who are waiting for you on jerkmate with their interactive avatar.

For me, I loved Bridgette B is the MILF to go for, along with Sheena Ryder. While among the young pornstars, Skylar Vox was the one who got me. Let us know who is your favorite pornstar who you would like to interact with, from the list.


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Is Jerkmate free to use?

Yes, Jerkmate is free to use. You can create a free account and start using the site. You have the option to create an account on the site, or you can also login through your Google account which is a bit rare in adult sites. It is important to note that you need to pay for private one-on-one sessions.

Do I need to subscribe to Jerkmate?

There are no specific subscription charges for Jerkmate, however, you can choose to be a regular contributor for your favorite who will receive money every month you pay.

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