Earn Money by Selling YOUR Adult Videos on IWantClips

Iwantclips is the perfect adult network for you. Why? Let me help you. Have you ever thought of selling your nudes and your erotic videos on the internet for money?

This custom of selling porn videos on the internet is very much sought after. This trend has been followed by a lot of cam girls and other adult entertainers.

There are many websites on the internet that are accessible to cam girls and sex industry girls.

These websites enables the girls to make an account on these websites which enable these girls to post nude videos of themselves and sell them to interested buyers.

In this article I have listed one such websites that is extremely popular among adult entertainers and cam girls called IWantClips.

This is one of the best website to sell nude videos and earn money.

iwantclips homepage

What is IWantClips?

IWantClips is one of the best and most popular picture selling website. This platform is very much popular among models that have fetish for selling their erotic and sexy videos. This is one of the best platforms to earn quick money and achieve financial freedom.

On IWantClips, models and modeling agencies can sign up and create an account for themselves. This will enable them to open stores and sell their adult videos. Models can sell their videos, while producers from modeling agencies can sell the videos of their models and share the revenue with them.

Apart from posting and selling pre-recorded videos, models and cam girls can also accept request for custom content from the buyers. This results in more revenue as the price for custom content can be charged higher than regular content.

Earnings on IWantClips

The revenue plan of this website is very much simple and promises good return on your sales. The payouts models are very much accurate and are on time. The models can earn good for their videos. The revenue that the models can earn is better than the rest of the websites.

IWantClips pay 70% to the cam girls and the models on their content.

Whatever the content the models and cam girls upload and sell on their profile, they receive 70% of that price from IWantClips. When the models and the cam girls are tipped by the buyers, they are offered 75% of the tips they receive.

This revenue is greater than what other similar websites offer to the cam girls. This is one of the reasons why many cam girls prefer IWantClips for selling their nude and erotic videos. IWantClips offers payouts on daily basis to the models based out of USA and it is transferred to their bank accounts.

For models that are non-USA based, they receive payouts via check, deposits or wire. Minimum payment is $25

IWantClips Believes in Variety of Models

Different Models

IWantClips believe that all kind of models and all genders should have equal opportunity when it comes to making money through selling their videos. That is why IWantClips accepts videos from all genders and all kinds of models.

On IWantClips it doesn’t matter what kind of gender you have or what is your sexual orientation.

Everyone is welcome whole heartedly on IWantClips. Apart from cam girls, male models and transgender can also create their account on this website and start selling their nude and erotic and sexy videos and earn money.

Apart from this, couples who are straight and gay/lesbian couples can also join this website and showcase their erotic and nude videos to the interested buyers and earn money by selling them. Apart from the aforementioned, any other genders and any other type of couples can sell on IWantClips.

Sell Fetish Videos or Vanilla Videos


IWantClips is one of the biggest video selling sites. Their niche is fetish content although they accept other videos too. The biggest customer and seller base of IWantClips is of vanilla videos. As the name suggests, vanilla videos are simple, plain and very much erotic and sexy.

All you have to do is simple upload your videos and your erotic clips on your account on IWantClips and set the price you want for your videos. You can easily make extra income by taking requests from buyers for custom content.

With custom content you can earn more money as the content is tailored according to the specification of the customer. The best thing about custom content is that you can sell them again and again on a higher price to other buyers.

Or, you can charge a large sum of money from the buyer who requested for the custom content to keep the content 100% exclusive which cannot be sold again to any other customer.

Advantages of Selling on IWantClips

There are many advantages of selling nude and erotic videos on IWantClips. Some of the major advantages are listed below for helping making you a better choice of switching to IWantClips:

  • It is the fastest way to earn money by selling your sexy videos. You can upload any kind of video on this platform such masturbating, vanilla or playing with your boobs.
  • IWantClips accepts and welcomes all kind of couples, gender and people of sexual orientations without any discrimination. Girls, male models or even transgender can post their videos and sell it for money.
  • The revenue plan of IWantClips is very much simple and is one of the best in the industry of selling pictures and videos. IWantClips gives 70% of the price that models ask for their content once the sale is done. It also 75% share of the tip that the models receive on IWantClips.
  • The payouts on IWantClips are offered everyday as opposed to the other platform that offers payouts every month or once a week. It is offered by wires, deposits or cheques.
  • Models can accept request for custom content from the buyers and charge higher rate for the custom content.

Start Selling On IWantClips Today!

Now that you have understood the dynamics of selling your nude and erotic videos on IWantClips, you should sign up for an account and start selling today.

It doesn’t matter if you are a fetish model or vanilla model, you can sell your videos to the buyers and generate good income.

Your videos can be sold to the buyers again and again which means you can earn more and more money from one video.

Sell now

You can also get requests from various buyers for custom content and earn more money as the custom content is tailored made to the specification of the buyer. IWantClips accepts female, males, couples, and transgender and studio agencies too.

They can also post their nude videos in which they can play with themselves and sell them to the buyer to earn revenue. IWantClips welcomes everyone on their platform to help them earn money.

IWantClips alternatives

iwantclips is one of the best site to sell your porn clips and adult videos , but it is not the only site. The best part about selling adult porn videos is that you can sell the same clip on many places and hence make much more money without any extra effort.

Also you gain valubale new followers which will buy your future clips as well. My recommendations is to make an account on all these networks and sell your clips. The best networks are:

Phone Sex on IWantClips

Now even phone sex is available on iwantclips. Many models also offer their service as a phone sex operator and this is something that you must also utilize.

Phone sex sites are not that many in numbers on the internet, especially the good quality ones.  With a big name such as iwantclips coming into this scene, its a good move for the industry.

Creating a good profile is everything. Your first impression must be great and enticing enough for people to buy your services.​ Here is a sample of a profile for phone sex operator on iwantclips:

phone sex site profile iwantclips

IWantClips Tips for Making 3x more money

I hope you like this article on iwantclips. also follow iwantclips on twitter for their latest updates.

  • Go through the entire catalog of Top models and studios. Get inspiration, what tactics and kind of videos are they making. Imitation is the best way to grow quickly and make more money on these clip selling sites.
  • They have insane amount of traffic for a clip site. (check image below). So make sure you must not ignore this platform as there is tons of money to be made here.
  • Make Videos consistently and promote your profile on all the platforms you are on other than iwantclips
  • Make HD videos as you need to beat your competition, so offering high quality content is a must
  • Partner up with other models to make collaboration video, its an amazing way to sell insane amount of clips

iwantclips traffic (estimated):

iwantclips traffic

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