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Complete Guide on How to Please a Man (2020)

There is a wrong perception about a Man’s satisfaction prevalent in the society that it is easy to satisfy them. Pleasing men is more complicated and tough than pleasing a female.

Almost every girlfriend or wife wants to provide some exciting and best sexual experience to their partner.

However, you must keep in mind that your aim is not only having sex with your man but also to please him.

There are many factors and conditions which play key role in men's stimulation. Many women don't know how to please their men.  

If you want to perform well in your sex life healthily then it is important that you satiate your man’s desire. In this guide, you will learn how to please a man in different ways and techniques.

How to Please a Man

Things you must follow to please your man

Confidence and avoid overthinking

There is no doubt that confidence plays an important role in pleasing a man.

Confidence provides you with a special power so that you can be comfortable with your male partner and should keep in mind that sometimes there are many things which we consider imperfect might be perfect for our partner.

So sometimes a little bit of flattery does the job. It will help you a lot in pleasing a man during sex. If a man wants to have sex with you then it’s obvious that he finds you extremely attractive.

Sexting and flirting with sexual implications

There is no doubt that sexting is one of the most effective and popular ideas to impress and please a guy. The ultimate goal of sexting is to turn each other on while having some fun. In sexting you can go in every direction ranging from talking dirty to something hardcore.

Everyone knows that words are the most powerful tools and by asking some sexy questions you can understand the sexual appetite of a man.

You should use your body language to impress a man while flirting. Just keep one thing in mind; don’t send nudes to your partner because you never know what might happen in the future.

You can send some cleavage or selfie in sexy pants to your guy to build up the anticipation.

4 Secrets Men CRAVE For During Sex

Make some compliment on his performance

It is a well-known fact that men like to be complimented on their performance during sex. They might even ask you questions during the act and you must reply to them positively if you want to spice things up.

So, if you want to please your man and to have a great time with them then you should praise his performance. Your non- verbal actions play an important role in this activity.

You can praise and please your guy by saying some lines during sex such as, 'OMG that was excellent my baby! etc. You shouldn't overreact or overdo it. Such types of compliments are important to increase the morale of men during the act and it also enhances the libido of male partners.

In this way, you can have a very good time with your guy. Generally, the time taken by women to reach the climax is more than what is observed in men.

Focus on his prostate

The prostate is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and you must be aware of the fact that the prostate gives extra pleasure and more satisfaction to men. If you will play with his prostate, then you can easily satisfy him sexually.

You can also perform various sex positions, oral sex, and give handjobs for stimulating the prostate.

You should be naughty

Many women can't satisfy their men because they don't do anything because actually they are unaware of their sexual powers. You must put some extra effort and explore different adventures in nature.

Only then can you provide a better sensual experience to your male partner. You should perform some naughty activities such as playing with his balls or biting him on his neck. Keep in mind that you should be an over thinker, otherwise it will affect your capacity for orgasm and sex.

How to please a man with oral sex

In this section of the article, we will discuss how a female partner can please a man by using her mouth. You must be aware of sexually transmitted diseases during oral sex. Nevertheless, oral sex is the most effective method to please a man more easily. Some tips are given below:

Tip 1 - Your Mouth Should Be Moist

You can't satisfy a man with a dry mouth, so your mouth must be moist all the time you are using it for pleasure purpose. You can also use some flavoured lubricant to make the act smell even more sensual.

You can also use your spit, which is considered as one of the best natural lubricants during the action. When you are performing oral sex with your male partner, then you must use of the tongue to its fullest, swirl your tongue and slide it.

Your partner will enjoy this and would wish you to never stop.

Tip 2 - Use Your Hands

You can use your hands simultaneously when your mouth is preoccupied during oral sex.  You should use your hand to stroke his schlong while your mouth is focused on the tip. It provides extra stimulation to the male partner because his genitals would feel more arousal. 

You should never hesitate in giving a handjob to your male partner, as it will only satisfy him. You can use your hand as a non- verbal gesture for your guy by applying a little pressure with your hands and it will help to keep him hard.

Tip 3 - Focus On Balls

The one thing to keep in mind during oral sex is that there is a lot to explore in a man's anatomy. You must remember about his testicles which are an essential part of men's anatomy and plays a key role in giving extra stimulation to him. 

You can rub his testicles using your hands and focus on the tip which gives an intense feeling of pleasure to man while you are performing oral sex. We recommend that you should give it a try.

To give extra stimulation to a male partner, you have to perform some experiments and a variety of techniques, which will be the best for your man and would also lie within your comfort zone.

Please a Man with Blowjob

The idea of a blowjob is perfect and the most effective to please a man. In this section of the article, we are going to discuss some necessary tips for the best blowjob you can give so that you can satisfy your partner during sex.


This is the initial stage of the blow job. This is the most enjoyable step which is easy and is capable of giving powerful orgasms.

You should also focus on his full body rather than concentrating in some areas such as the cheek and neck, you must kiss on his stomach and back as well.

When your guy gets warmed up, he would be extra eager to get some sensuous oral sex from you.

How to Please a Man

Tips for Performing a Blowjob to Please your man

  • Start from the base: Gently undress him and hold his penis from the base. You should use your tongue to lick it from the base and go all the way to its tip slowly. You should avoid the same monotonous oral sex techniques; you should try some variations also so that you can provide some extra edge and pleasure to your man. Don't forget to pay extra attention to the head of his penis.
  • Use of your hands: Many women think that using their hands in oral sex is cheating but this is not true. You can use your hands during oral sex and hold his penis for a blowjob, just grab his penis's shaft and massage it slowly. You can do it in an up and down motion or a to and fro motion; whichever way your partner likes. You can also try this interesting technique of using your hands to massage his testicles while taking him in your mouth at the same time.
  • Take it deeper: The deep throat blow job gives more pleasure to a man than you can actually think of. But it can be horrible for you without practice.  You must practice for the deep throat by using a peeled banana or a dildo. You can give a surprise to your male partner by telling him that you are going to give him a deep throat blowjob.

If you use these tips as mentioned above, your man will get an incredibly enjoyable orgasm. 

Pro-tip for blowjob: If you don't like the taste but want to try the blowjob then you can use pineapple juice or flavoured condoms to improve the experience of blowjob.

Sex positions that please a man

The pleasure in doing anything is the most important thing in sex and essential for both partners. But sometimes it is difficult to please a man, so we recommend you to try out some sex positions that might help you to please your male partner that provide him with extra pleasure.

Cowboy style

This position is also known as “women on top position.” You can try this position in your bedroom.

You need to tease him slowly, speed the things up and slowly back down again when he reaches his climax during the entire run of this process.

Try this position in a dimly lit area for a better experience. In this position, the hands of men crouch over their female partners and arms are straight with palms doubled in fists.

Although this position is primitive but it works great.

How to Please a Man

Missionary position

This is one of the most satisfying sex positions for a male partner because a guy can maintain his control during sex as well as enjoy to the fullest.

This position is also known as man on top position. In this position, a woman and man face each other and can perform vaginal intercourse easily. It allows men to control the depth of their pelvic thrust and rhythm.

You can please a man by moving your hips and squeeze him closer with legs or arms, this will result in an amazing climax for him and you will feel that he is getting more pleasure and stimulation.

How to Please a Man

Doggy style

This sex position is considered as men's favourite sex position. This position starts with the back and the receiving person bends over or lies on their abdomen.

This position helps you to please a man because he can perform deep penetration and stimulate your G- spot.

You can add some more things for making this sex position comfortable and hot at the same time; such as placing a pillow under your knees.

You must be confident while performing this position and communicate with your partner about satisfaction and pleasure.

How to Please a Man

Spooning style

You can perform this position when you feel that he is lazy but affectionate to you. Spooning position gives an extra pleasure for men and gives them a chance to fully access your body.

You can masturbate yourself simultaneously while he is penetrating you because this position frees up your hands.

By using this position both partners can control the intensity of sex, which helps men to reach orgasm after an appreciable amount of time.  

This is the best position if you want to do sex with your partner during pregnancy because it does not apply any pressure on your abdomen and applies lesser strain on muscles.

How to Please a Man

Butterfly style

This position allows a man to see your full body and it gives him a visual pleasure. It is considered one of the most delicate sex positions.

In this position, you should bend your knees while lying low on a table, and stretching your arms.

How to Please a Man

Best tips for pleasing a man by foreplay

It is a well-known fact that foreplay is essential for extra stimulation and giving more pleasure to a man. The men enjoy it very much. In this section of the article, we will discuss some tips for better foreplay:

  • Your look: Your look has the key importance in impressing a guy. You should keep looking at him with priority. Keep in mind you should wear a sexy dress when you and your partner go for a party together. It will create a great impression and build up sexual anticipation with him.
  • Kisses: You must remember that kissing is an important technique to please a man. You can kiss first before he gets a chance to kiss you, it will create a good impression on him. If you want to try something different during a kissing; you can squeeze one of his lips between your lips for extra pleasure. Don't forget to kiss on other parts of his body such as neck and ear lobes.
  • Use your hand: Massaging and touching by hands plays an important role in foreplay. You should grab him slowly first and then tightly in your arms. You can try out something different with your nails and drag the tips of fingers on his arms. You must touch other sensitive parts of man such as cheeks, inner thighs, neck, and back.
  • Sexual body language: Your body language has the strength to please and impress your man in the easiest way. When you feel that your man is feeling romantic then you can try this tip for an amazing sexual experience. Your lips and eyes are effective methods to communicate with your man. You can have some excitement for sex when your man is in the mood of romance or when he is watching television. You can give some signs with your eyes; lower your eyelids and come up to his face in such a way that your nose is about to touch, but don’t touch.
  • Decorate your bedroom: Ambience plays an important role in bringing more sensuality into your relationship. The bedroom is the easiest room in your house and all the magic starts in your bedroom. You must paint your room with impressive colours so that it helps to create a romantic atmosphere in the room. The bedsheets in your bedroom should be soft and made up of cotton. You can try some solid colour sheets. You can add some curtains of various designs and scented candles.
  • Turn on the music: You should turn off the television and switch on the music system before he arrives. The music allows you to dance with him that gives you a chance to please your man within seconds. You can use this tip only when there is good communication with you and your man. You can dance by doing various things such as getting out of your work clothes, it shows that you are in the mood of romance and it will impact him positively. 

What Men Love in Bed

Some pro-tips for pleasing a man


There is no doubt that communication plays a key role in sex. Communication is considered a pillar in any relationship and sex is not different from it. For better sex life, both the partners must communicate with each other easily.

You should discuss some issues related to sex life  with your partner without any hesitation. It will enhance the bond between you and your man. You can perform fantastic sex and provide extra pleasure to your partner if you have some good communication skills.

Praise your male partner

Your man will feel graceful and pleased when you appreciate him in front of others. You must feel secure with your partner. Man feels happy and proud when someone supports him and stands with him. ​

You can give some positive compliments such as if your man’s weight or another issue then tell him that he is looking so sexy and buff in naked. Don't forget to praise the size and power of his penis because it impacts significantly on the confidence of a man.

Let him dominate

Dominancy is the nature of man; they like to dominate on others as well as on a bed. You should admit their urge to sex and show some devotion to him during sex. Lustful sex is an interesting way to please a man because it gives maximum satisfaction and pleasure to your man.

You must appreciate your man when his cock gets deep inside you because he wants to express his powerful sexual feelings.

Know about the mood of your man

You should know that man is a moody creature. So, you need to know about the mood swings of men. To know the mood of your partner, you should spend more time and be honest.

You must take him easy when he is feeling irritated, after driving in traffic or some workloads. You shouldn't perform any cuddling on him at this time.

If you feel that your partner is stressed then prepare a delicious dinner.

Stimulate his hotspots on the body

There are many parts in men's bodies which are extremely sensitive and private and you can please your man by stimulating these hotspots. Don't forget to play with these hotspots.

How to Please a Man

In this section of the article, we will discuss different hotspots and some tips related to these hotspots.

  • Hair: You should keep in mind that if you want to offer extra pleasure to your man. Try to stimulate his hair by running the tips of fingers, at the time of kissing. You should notice that if a guy reacts with sounds and moans with pleasure then pull him harder toward your side and increase the speed of your sexual activities for extra stimulation and sensuality.
  • Toes and feet: You can suck your partner's toes because it is an erotic act. You can lick the bottom of your male partner. You can massage the feet as it will provide him with extra pleasure. According to some sexologists, feet are an extremely sensitive area because there are many nerve endings in the feet. If you want to try something extra then you can also switch positions.
  • Prostate: Prostate is a highly erogenous zone, which is one of the most sensitive parts of men's bodies. If you want to stimulate the prostate then try to run a lubricated finger around men's anus.
  • Buttcheek: It is also known as the sweet spot, which is an extra sensitive part. You should squeeze his butt cheeks and try to grab them.
  • Inner thigh: The inner thigh is very close to the penis of a guy. You can kiss or lick their inner thighs before you start touching the penis during oral sex. You can tease, kiss, and perform some new things by using your lips.
  • His nipples: The male's nipples are less sensitive than the female nipples. You can please your man by teasing and placing some bites on his nipples.
  • Head of the penis: This is the most sensitive part of the penis. Hold the shaft of the penis with your fingers. Keep in mind that you must hold it in a fist like a microphone. You can give more pleasure to your man by opening your mouth and rubbing the head of his penis in between the mouth.

Things to keep in mind during pleasing a man

Extra Care For Scrotum

This is he part that holds your men's reproduction power. So don't use any pinching or biting in this area. You can squeeze or suck this, but be sure to do it softly and slowly. You can use your mouth also which might help your man to reach climax easily during sex.

 You can use some of the techniques with scrotum if you are involved in foreplay, you can hold this part with the hand and bring your fingers together over him.

Use of Sex Toys

There is a myth in the minds of many people that sex toys are suitable for only solo sex, this is not true. Some sex toys can be used by couples during sex. You can use a vibrator in front of your guy and provide him with the visual pleasure and encourage the desire of sex.

Sensual Play

It is more apt than foreplay for satisfying your partner. There are many sensual activities that a woman can engage in to express their attraction and love for their partners. This act plays an important role in building a special relationship with strong emotional and sexual bonds.

Kissing is a key factor in enhancing any sensual activity.

Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation gives the guarantee of satisfaction to both partners because in this activity you both can hear the moaning sounds that will lead to pleasure and extra stimulation.  

Try Sex in the Shower

As you know that shower is a great place for heating things up and you can perform this activity by using your hands or a simple sponge for rubbing and washing the body of your man.

The man feels extra pleasure and excitement when you kiss on his back and if you try to give him a blowjob in the shower, water will act as a natural lubricant and it will please your man.

How to please a man by using his G- spot

The G-spot is one of the most sensitive and erogenous areas in men's bodies.

You can stimulate this area by gently pressing the skin between the balls and anus. If you want to give some additional pleasure to your man then massage his G-spot by using two fingers, sucking, or while you are performing sex.

You must trim your nails while performing this activity otherwise, it might lead to some health issues in men's bodies.

Show your desire for romance

You can build up your relationship by expressing desires to one another. This is a well-known fact that both male and females are responsible for creating a unique relationship.

You should try to impress your guy by expressing your wild desires and make him feel that he is special and unique to you.

Try to Find His Fantasies and Fetishes

This is the most powerful thing you can do if you want to satisfy your man sexually in the bedroom.

You can perform well if you know about some of the fantasies of your partner during sex in the bedroom and it provides some extra pleasure to your man and you also.

Please your man emotionally and sexually

This is not an easy task to please a man emotionally and sexually in a relationship. You must keep in mind what are his needs and what makes him happy.

If you want to please your man emotionally, then you must follow these things.

How to Please a Man

Tell him that you like him most

You should talk with your partner about how you feel about him. It will increase the trust of men in a relationship. You don't need to stick with him 24 hours or text him every time.

Do Some Fun

In modern words, many women are busy in building the perfect relationship and forget to sit back and relax, and have some quality time with their partner. A strong relationship is built by a strong and nurturing bond.

Eat Nutritious And Healthy Food

As nutrition is a very important component of our body. If you are taking healthy food daily then it can avoid disease and stress which can pose a great hindrance in sexual pleasure for both partners.

Use Different Places

The man gets bored if he keeps on performing similar sexual activities in the same place for a long time. So it is essential to change the location and improvise your sex life. The new place gives you more energy and you can please your man very easily.

In Summary: 7 Ways to Please A Man


Everyone knows that it is very important to please a man during sex for a better experience and a long relationship. In this guide, we gave a brief description on how to please a man and tips for improving your performance.

The oral sex and handjob play key role in extra stimulation to the male partner.

Your hands are the best tools for giving sensations during any sexual activity. During sex, it is very important that both the partners understand each other and there is an excellent understanding between them, which helps in healthy and better sex life.

In this guide, we came to know that seldom males take more time to reach the climax than females and their nipples are less sensitive than female's nipples. You must talk with your parents as well as your partner about some sexual issues such as sexually transmitted diseases and STIs.

You can grab him while he is busy watching T.V. or using a mobile phone but keep in mind that touching plays an important role in pleasing your man, so you must not forget to touch sensitive parts of your man which will give him extra pleasure.

You should remember that sex doesn't end even after the orgasm, so you must do some after-sex acts for your partner. You can use many signs to communicate with your partner and understand whether he is liking it or not.

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