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How To Make Money Reviewing Sex Toys

There’s many good ways to make a little extra scratch online if you know how to properly monetize your content and website. A sex toy review website is much like other review sites except for the very obvious point that they review, well, sex toys.

It’s a good niche to be in, that’s for certain, sex toys are a multi-billion dollar industry.

People don’t like being seen walking in to a brick & mortar sex toy shop so the discretion of home purchasing reigns supreme.

On top of all that, sex toy reviews are extremely worthwhile to consumers because it’s unlikely that even if you did go to a sex shop that the employee would be able to give you a straight up overview of how the sex toy works.

Those two reasons are huge driving factors into why someone would want to start a review site for these types of products.

Monetizing these review sites isn’t out of the question by any means, and if you play your cards right you might even be able to make a healthy living. 

Here’s just a few ways to have your sex toy reviews end up making you money:

Sell Ad Space

Advertising absolutely anything adult related is extremely difficult for advertisers on the internet. Google Ads won’t touch you if your ads are explicit and lead to sexual content, and even if you were to strike out on your own most sites don’t want to touch anything even remotely risque.

So webmasters of any adult toy websites are in the lucrative position of having a website that can easily get away with promoting adult content of any kind, no site visitor would scoff at the idea of a sex toy site advertising for sex toy manufacturers, now would they? 

Selling ad space on a monthly basis can bring in hundreds of extra dollars in revenue depending on your traffic numbers.

The more traffic your site gets on a daily basis, the more ammunition you have when negotiating rates for putting a few ads up on your site. It’s quick, easy, and requires no work from you since the advertiser typically does all the designing themselves. All in all, it’s a very lucrative business model, provided you can drive traffic to your website.

Use Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is the bread and butter of many online webmasters as you’re essentially getting credited for any sales you bring to a particular company through your website. The way it works is that if anyone clicks a link to a product from your site and then buys it you’ll receive a commission for that sale.

Commissions in the adult toy niche are typically higher than those offered by Amazon or other product manufacturers and since people enjoy buying sex toys online so much it’s a no brainer.

Chances are if you’re a competent reviewer you’ll end up linking to where your readers can find the product anyways, there’s no reason for you to not be paid for your efforts reviewing sex toys and driving leads to a particular toy company. With sex toys being for the most part a pretty unregulated industry, the sky’s the limit with the products you can promote.

Monetize An Email List

The goal of any site should be to have compelling content that your recurring visitors want to read to stay updated on what’s going on in the industry and what’s available to them as consumers.

Sex toys are the exact same if not more so since it’s unlikely you’ll see the newest vibrator in a full-page advertisement in a magazine you read in the doctor’s office.

At the same time, they probably aren’t going to want to religiously check your website daily, so offering the chance to sign up for your email list is a fantastic way to serve them up content that they’re already interested in and likely to purchase. 

Affiliate links could be inserted into your newsletters when talking about new toys while some people that are related to sex toys but don’t necessarily sell them directly might pay you for the traffic you’re able to generate for their site. It’s all about monetizing the attention your site is retrieving, think big as opposed to small here.

Accept Sponsored Posts

All around the internet people are trying to get links back to their site, and adult content is no different. Once your site becomes sufficiently popular, chances are you’ll be approached by people who are looking to post either sponsored or guest posts on your website.

How these posts work are simple, a valuable article is posted to your website either written by yourself or whomever wants the post and inside said post is a link back to their website or service.

You’d be surprised at the sheer volume of people looking for ways to promote themselves through sponsored posts. Sponsored posts can easily be sold in excess of $150 a pop even on relatively small sites, so some sex toy reviewers make serious bank on sponsored posts alone.

These three methods are more or less the most profitable ways to make money reviewing sex toys. There are some other ways like generating leads or selling content outright, but the above tactics are much more likely to result in success and enough money to justify all of the hard work.

Shrewd business sense also goes a long way when figuring out how to monetize this kind of website, the premium of having a website that toes the line between clean and dirty content means you can dip into both sides of the spectrum for potentially massive payouts.

After you’ve built your site up to making a few hundred dollars a month, there’s nothing stopping you from selling the site for thousands of dollars and sitting pretty with that huge buyout. 

The bottom line is, there’s lots of money in sex toys. It’s entirely possible for just about anybody to slice off their own tiny piece of the massive sex toy pie.There’s many good ways to make a little extra scratch online if you know how to properly monetize your content and website. A sex toy review website is much like other review sites except for the very obvious point that they review, well, sex toys.

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