How to Make Money as a Webcam Modeling Agent – $100,000/year (2019)

Let me tell you the best method to make money online in adult space and that is How to Make Money as a Webcam Modeling Agent – $100,000/annum. Apart from the other money-making methods that i have shared on this website like:

I have also been highly active in webcam industry and have made significant cash. I have started many webcam websites (some have failed some have made me decent passive income). Webcam website industry is highly lucrative and can easily be capitalized upon. Already the growth of camming industry is projected to grow at a tremendous pace till 2020 so this market is definitely one to invest in

Apart from starting your own webcam website, you can also become a webcam modeling agent. Starting your own website needs expertise in many fields:

  1. Technical department of theme, server, backend, fronted etc
  2. Marketing the website is the biggest challenge as already many established players rule this industry
  3. Finding a niche that will work requires expertise
  4. Finding and hiring models to work in the initial stage is excruciating

A better way is to refer models to these popular webcam websites like chaturbate etc.

How to Make Money as a Webcam Modeling Agent – $100,000/annum

What is Webcam modeling agent and why should I become one?

If you have read my article on How much money Camgirls make? Webcam model income, earnings then you already have an idea that webcam models make a ton of cash. Yes making $200-500/day is very normal. I am also a big proponent of webcam modeling and have always requested and inspired anyone trying to make a significant passive income to try to become a webcam model.

The process to become a webcam model is also very simple, I have written guide on the same: become a camgirl

If you are a male or even a female and are not interested in webcam modeling or becoming a camgirl then you can become an agent. It is like an affiliate employee of these big webcam companies and you get paid when you refer a webcam model to their network

What are the best websites that have the most amazing webcam agent program?

There here are many websites that can be used to sign up as a webcam agent the best ones being. Check the list of all the top camming sites and networks using this link and then see which networks offers this service for model refer. Sign up and then start making money right now.

What are the different camming websites that offer model referrals for adult webmasters?

There are many established model referrals website on the internet, for you I have compiled a list. Some of them offer model referral directly form their affiliate account, for some you have to apply directly to the camming network.

Note: For some camming networks, you might have to even create a model/studio account to use the benefit of the model referral program.

  1. – 10% for first 6 months
  2. Chaturbate – $50 for each referred model who makes $25
  3. LiveJasmine – Upto 36% for first year revenue share
  4. iFriends – $100/referral
  5. InternetModeling
  6. Flirt4free – $50 after the referred model reaches 50,000 credits
  7. XCamz – 10% for first 12 months or 5% for life (recommended)
  8. CamModelStore – $150 for each referral that makes a purchase
  9. BongaCams – 5%

There are many other networks as well, I will add them later with detailed reviews of each as well.

How to make money as a webcam agent?

Becoming a webcam agent is slowly becoming very popular as many people are starting to see the benefits.Everyone wants to capture a big slice of this huge pie before everyone starts to run for this easy money tactic.

  • When you sign up on webcam websites or camming networks, then you can also sign up as an agent.
  • You will be given a referral code or more like an affiliate code
  • You promote your code and if someone signup on these websites using your referral code then you will get a commission. The best part is that this commission is for lifetime, yes you get paid that particular percentage commission for life till that webcam model is making money on that platform

Note: when someone clicks on your link and does not sign up instantly but after let’s say 20 days, they will still count as the cookie still reside in their browser and is valid for 30 days generally

How much money does webcam agents earn? What’s the income of webcam agents?

On a general level, the commission stands close to 10%. It might be higher for some websites or even be lower but the common figure is 10%. So if you have referred 10 models to a webcam site and each of them makes lets say $100 per day that is $1,000 in total for 10 models so you will get a 10$ commission and that is $100 for that day

The best part is as a webcam model becomes more experienced then she will start to make even more money later so in the future your income will only increase and not decrease. Also, you can recommend that model to our website or even give her my email address:, I will be happy to train her to make big money in this industry


How much money I am making as a webcam agent? How I got started as a webcam agent?

I have been in the adult industry for very long now. Initially, I started as a webcam website and was earning money from the customers. Later I decided to also work as a webcam model recruiter for these big websites.Then I realized the potential of this method and how easily I can create a recurring passive income source

I started by posting on social media platforms, (like twitter, facebook groups, Reddit etc) and then also blog comments, writing a guest post with referral links, etc. But this method was not scalable as I was getting very few referrals. I have never been happy with less money, I was always hungry for more so I decided to use FB ads Google AdSense, adult ads on porn sites and many other paid platforms

After some time I got more comfortable and started receiving regular leads and within 2 months I was making more than $1000/month of passive income. Now I have scaled that method to a very large number of models under my umbrella and it is growing every day. Even using this blog I send many models to these webcam websites with my affiliate link and I earn a commission from their earnings

How and Where to find these webcam models or camgirls to refer?

Although many have been shared in the above article, I started using another way and it has been working wonders:

Here are the steps:

  1. Buy a cheap adult friendly hosting that comes with a free domain
  2. Make the domain like or something like that
  3. Signup on the webcam website that you like and get your referral link
  4. Redirect your domain name to this referral link. This can easily be done in the hosting backend or even using a WordPress plugin
  5. Your best bet is college girls. They need money to handle their expensive habits so something like “Make $100/day in 2 hours visit:”. Print out flyers, paste them on trees, bathrooms, and everywhere you can imagine. You can do it yourself or even hire someone to do this job
  6. Use printout of flyers, give t-shirts away for free, and many other innovative ways
  7. This has given me many registrations and is the easiest method to get targeted leads

How can I find and refer these webcam models? Where can I recruit these camming models?

There are a number of ways to hire models or refer models to these camming networks. You can either search for new girls who are planning or willing to become webcam models or try to persuade the already established webcam models to join other camming networks. To find these girls who are interested in becoming webcam models, you have to think from their perspective. There are multiple ways of finding the models to refer and I will explain them to you in detail in this article.

Different ways of finding and Recruiting webcam models explained

I will first go with the simple and time-effective methods and then through a little more hard work oriented method.

Using Classified websites for Recruiting webcam models

Considered to be one of the most effective ways of finding and recruiting webcam models. The only problem is that almost all adult webmasters into adult camming industry are doing this method. You must already be familiar with Craigslist. You can also place an advertisement that you are looking for webcam models/camming models/ adult performers and tell them the kind of job it is.

You will soon start receiving emails from prospective girls/boys who are interested. From there you can refer them to the camming network of your choice with your affiliate link.

Note: Make sure you are honest about the type of work they have to perform so its your job to brief them and educate them about this field.

TIP: To get more earnings, Refer them to 3 networks so that they make an account from your affiliate links. Also, to get even better returns try to make a positive relationship with them. Educate them how to succeed as a webcam model, and how to become a highly paid webcam models. Because the more money she earns the more commission you will get. You can also recommend her to read our articles, to educate herself

Q/A sites to recruit webcam/camming models

This is another method that you can use to find and hire adult performers, but honestly, this method is not that highly converting. Websites such as Yahoo Answers,  and recently getting popular Quora, are great platforms to find your target models. Write good answers, give them a reason to email you for more details and from there you can refer them to camming networks with your affiliate links

Referring Established webcam models to other camming networks

This method is a little difficult to execute but offers higher returns. More hardwood and hence more returns. There are thousands of already established webcam models, all you have to do is to convince them to join some other network as well.

Here are the benefits:

  1. She is already experienced enough and knows how to make money. hence your commission will be high
  2. She already has a following that she can drive to her new camming network, so it won’t take time for her to build her audience there.
    1. Also, she has the added incentive of driving her audience to this new network with her own affiliate link to make more money from her fans

The only problem is, it is very difficult to convince these models. You will need to give very strong reasons, and you must have a very deep knowledge about the adult industry to sound authoritative. You should use this method only when you have gained sufficient knowledge in this industry

Now let me cover the most beneficial but time-consuming method of recruiting webcam models: Building a model recruiting website

Lets understand the psychology of someone who wants to become a webcam model. The first thing he/she will do is to search on Google. The basic search queries such as “how to become a webcam model”, “become a webcam model” etc.

If you can create a website and rank it in the first result of Google search, then you will easily get a regular supply of prospective webcam models daily and you can just sit back and look at the money grow by itself.

Then why are not many people doing this? you might ask this questions, because ranking on Google is extremely difficult, and it takes time, patience, strategy, and knowledge to rank high on high volume search queries.


Best methods to refer webcam models as a webcam agent?

Apart from the ways mentioned above other methods are:

  1. Be highly active on Facebook pages and groups
  2. find and target places where desperate girls might be found trying to make quick cash
  3. You can use email blast as well
  4. You can use FB ads to a landing page, grab their email and then market your website to them after warming the audience and building the excitement in them
  5. Post in active forums and engage with these girls
  6. But ads on Porn sites using Trafficjunky. Traffic junky is the best network to buy porn ads on the internet
  7. Using websites like Omegle and then converting those people to become webcam models. although this method is saturated and have been overly used so try to see if it still works



How can I withdraw money, how will I get paid as a webcam agent?

Webcam models get their payments from these websites on a weekly basis, you will be paid similarly as well. Generally, you can withdraw your money in the form os Check, Paxum, and Payoneer.

Making money on the internet is not that difficult now, only thing you need is guidance, patience and smartness and most importantly taking the actions. Don’t just it there and keep on reading, also take action to see actual results

Make money (~$5,000/week) by Building a webcam model recruiting website

I have been a strong advisor of free google traffic on this website, Be it any money-making method that i teach, I always advice people/webmasters or anyone to focus on getting higher rankings on Google for whichever niche you are in. Here are the benefits:

  1. You get free organic traffic
    1. These traffic won’t go down, if you have evergreen content and if you are fairly regular in updating your website
  2. You get targeted traffic
    1. If your website is about how to become webcam models, then you will get targeted traffic of girls who want to become webcam models.

Since people are actually searching for the queries, that means they are actually interested in that query, and hence are most likely to convert.

So if you are a camming agent or model referrers then you need to tap into the power of Google to get free traffic of girls who want to become webcam models, and very soon you can easily refer model and make insane cash, that too for lifetime as you will share their income as well

Now, if you are a regular visitor of my website then you probably know that I give the insane amount of information about doing Adult SEO  of your website. Following my articles and joining my email list is the sure shot way of ranking your website higher in Google search results.

Higher rankings = More money for you

Now either I can explain all the concepts once again in this article, or you can just go to our ADULT SEO Section and try to read all the articles. You will find that doing SEO of your website is not that difficult. You just need to be patient and follow some steps that I have shared in these articles.

Adult SEO for model referral and making money

Adult SEO for model referral websites is not different, all the same, techniques apply that apply to general adult seo websites. Here are the key points to keep in mind while doing Adult SEO for your model referral website:

  1. Doing adult SEO takes time, so be patient
  2. Do not expect overnight or weekly results, It will take months to gain significant rankings, but trust me you will love the result once you gain those rankings
  3. Never ever indulge in black hat or spammy link building techniques
  4. Focus on quality over quantity

With this method of the money-making sky is the limit. Once webcam models start coming onto your website and you start referring them you can easily create an empire of camming models. They will do the work and you will receive the lifetime commission (some camming networks allow lifetime commission, some provide one-time payment, depends on the camming network.). Although the article title says $5,000/week, but the sky is the limit, make even more and do email me when you succeed I would love to feature your story on the website

I hope you like this article on How to Make Money as a Webcam Modeling Agent – $100,000/annum


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