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Complete Guide On How To Dress Sexy (2020)

Sometimes, changing your hairstyle, adding some extra touch-ups to your daily makeup routine.

Wearing a cute dress can make you feel completely different about yourself, and that feeling is awesome!

While we often dress up to make ourselves feel good, we can also use the same tool to look hot in front of our man.

We know for a fact that women do care what their partners think about their looks.

So, knowing that you want to dress sexy for your man, here’s your guide that will help you to dress right to set the mood right.

What you need to know is that men have different tastes when it comes to attractiveness. What might look tempting to one man might be a total turn off for the other!

However, the good news is, men are not complicated human beings, and it is not very difficult to please them either.


So, before you start doing binge shopping for the best black or red short dress, or a pair of a lingerie set, it is better to get to know from your man about their likes and dislikes. Your man might find you the hottest when you wear a simple white pair of cotton panties.

This means, buying an expensive black dress to appear sexy can be a total waste of time, effort, and money.

We want you to play around your words. Know how to ask the right question at the right time. What you can do is keep analyzing his responses. Look for subtle hints. For example, when you sweat hard while squatting wearing your sweat pants, does your partner expresses how hot you look?

Does he compliment on your make-up skills when you put on some make-up before you walk out of that door? Also, when he is watching something on television, does he share a typical dress or talk about a pair of boots that a model is wearing?

To be finally able to come to a certain conclusion, you will have to experiment a bit.

Another way to know their dislikes and likes is to ask for their company when you plan for your shopping trip. Be specific about what you are actually looking for. Tell him that you want to buy a few pairs of lingerie, and would like him to help you with some choices.

This way, you will get to know about the colour and style that he prefers on you.

Be comfortable with what you wear

This is pretty obvious, but whatever your husband finds sexy might make you feel a little bit intimated. Every woman is conscious about how their body looks like, there will be some parts in your body that you would like to hide.

But when it comes to looking sexy, you have to carry the same attitude to reflect sexiness through whatever you are about to wear. Also, please don’t forget that you are dressing up for your partner. Your partner has seen you naked, wearing something that will please him will make him happier.

Let’s assume that your partner finds you the hottest when you wear a black pair of bra and panty. If so, plan to go out for lingerie shopping. Your husband already knows what you have planned for the night. So, invite him for shopping, he can’t possibly say no.

Be confident about your body. We all feel shy about how we look, but the best part about dressing up for partners is that they are known to you, and it's they who have suggested something. And like we said, keep experimenting with your look as well.

While you are in the bedroom

Inside the four walls, no one knows how you are dressing up or if you are active in your sexual life and like to dress up for your partner frequently, like the same-old black underwear and bra will making everything a bit too monotonous, and eventually, that look will end up looking like everyday clothes. Something you should avoid!

So, what we will suggest is keep your sexiness alive by trying different types of clothes or lingerie. Here are some ideas that might interest you:

Casual get-up

Ladies already know that a pair of high heels is the key to enhance the sexiness score. Buy a few pair of bootie shorts, you can buy them online or offline, your choice. Pair them up with your boyfriend’s or husband’s shirt and watch their eyes getting glued to you. 

To make this casual sexy look turn into something ravishing, take out your favourite pair of heels, and walk inside the bedroom wearing them. Your sexy casual look is now complete. Regarding make-up, we recommend going for a nude look.

Picking the right lingerie

Buy as many lingerie as you can. Your partner will appreciate your fresh new look every day. Your lingerie can be shimmery, simple, shiny, bright, cottony, lacy, or anything that you think you would like for the intimate night.

Don’t forget the finishing touches, though. Wear a pair of black, white or, body-colour stocking, and a pair of high heels. You will have that oomph factor right away!

Regarding makeup, try to match it with the kind of lingerie you are wearing. Also, if you prefer simplicity, put some foundation, eyeliner, and a dark shade of lipstick, and you are good to go.

Dress-up appropriately

Being sexy doesn’t mean your partner will find you sexy only in a pair of panties! Your partner might find those anime schoolgirl characters with big ponytails on top and cute fringes in front extremely sexy. And we have to admit, these anime school girls do look cute and hot at the same time.

So, if you have figured out that your husband is into school girls custom, dress-up according to the theme you are going for. There are different types of roleplaying acts to carry out. For example, maid, doctor, nurse, school teacher, police officer, and more.

Try to add some props

Here’s the deal-breaker for those who were planning to spend a lot of money just to look sexy for their men. Sometimes, just a pair of high heels, which you might already have, and a fishnet one-piece outfit, which you can easily buy online can do the magic.

In fact, fishnet outfits are super revealing, and they can turn any woman into a sexy bomb right away.

And if you are someone who will not like to spend a single penny, take out the pair of thong that you purchased but never dared to wear, and pair it with a nice pair of stilettoes.

There are some simple things that you wear daily which can turn on the sexiness meter immediately if you wear them at the right moment. You know why you would like to dress sexy for you man, probably you would like to reignite the old passion that has started to fade away.

  • High heels: We have talked about high heels almost everywhere in this guide. High heels are an absolute favourite for ladies when it comes to turning into a sex bomb. When you wear a pair of high heels, it makes your legs appear longer, and trust us ladies, men adore long and smooth legs. And what can be better than adding definition to your legs by wearing a stylish pair of high heels? Even if your partner might have complained or shown his discomfort with the whole lot of high heels that you have kept hidden in the closet, he will notice your legs when you would wear them.
  • An off-shoulder top: Luckily there is one piece of clothing that every man adores, and that is off-shoulder tops. They are fun to wear, make you look flirtatious, and reveals your neck and shoulder area without revealing a lot of flesh. Somehow men are drawn to the décolletage area which is the upper chest area of a female body. Now, isn’t that something you would like to wear because you get to remain comfortable while still looking sexy? Also, if you are a laid back and relaxed person, off-shoulder will match with your personality too! Double bonus.
  • An oversize shirt of your partner: Over shirts are always a huge turn-on. When you wear your partner’s oversized shirt, you give away a sense of reliability and compassion. Your partner feels good that you like to wear their clothes and get the scent of their body through their clothes. So, if your partner has an over-sized shirt that you think will fit you perfectly, wear it. Don’t wear any pants underneath. You should wear underwear, other than that, nothing else is required.
  • Bodycon dresses are gorgeous: If you have never tried a bodycon dress yet because you have an hourglass figure, then go and buy one right away. Bodycon dresses reveal your perfect figure. Also, bodycon dresses hug you from top to bottom, allowing your best assets to play the trick without revealing them at all. You can go for a short bodycon dress, we let you decide that. But wear it as per the occasion. These dresses just like the off-shoulder tops are extremely flirtatious and also an hourglass figure as per science reflects the woman’s ability to become a good nurturer.
  • Say yes to sneakers: We have talked about how a pair of high heels can enhance the sex appeal of a lady, simultaneously, a pair of good-looking sneakers can do similar magic too! Sneakers are comfortable to wear, and men find the boyish side of women extremely appealing as well. You can wear a baggy top and a pair of shorts paired with your Nike sneakers! Men go nuts when they see women feeling absolutely comfortable with their body
  • Yoga pants are so hot: Yoga pants have their fair share of struggle, even now you will hear people commenting on you if you walk past them wearing yoga pants. But you know what yoga pants reveal the best parts of your body, and that is your long legs, and nice round butts. Ignore what other’s say and wear what makes you feel comfortable. Be confident about yourself, and carry your hot yoga pants look like an empowered woman. And, who are we lying too, men can’t hold their eyes when they see a nice pair of legs and nicely shaped butts standing right beside them.
  • Oh! Shorts: The moment you start feeling summer air all over your body, you rush to your wardrobe to take out the shorts. This cute little piece of clothing that you find adorable is actually considered to be very sexy by men. However, stick to the gold old pair of simple denim shorts, please. Avoid wearing shorts that have too much going on with them. Men like it simple, so pick the simple denim shorts that you wore last summer and enjoy the season.
  • Lace tops are in: Depending on how you wear your lace top, it can enhance your look thousand times more than any random tops. Even though lace tops are mostly considered to be a part of lingerie items, but if you pair them with a pair of shorts or a classy and elegant skirt, you will look stunning. No man would mind it when you become a little experimental. Just know how to carry on a lacy top or dress, and pair the right accessories to complete your look. Guys always love it when women are able to rock their look. Try to balance everything, and you will spread your sexy aura all over.
  • Sundresses are super adorable: The best part about summer is that you get to try a lot of different things that are a huge turn on for men. One of the must-wear dresses this summer is a sundress. They are to die for. Sundresses reveal your silhouette elegantly without making you look extra. Pick a sundress that has floral prints on them. Something that might surprise you now is that as much as you can’t wait to put on that sundress and walk the streets, men are equally waiting to see you in them . This elegant piece of clothing can enhance your look to the extreme.
  • Only a boss lady can carry pantsuits adequately: If you have heard people telling you that you look bossy when you put on a pantsuit, ignore them. You know you are a lady who is in an authoritative position, and you must ensure that you dress as per your designation. So, if you run a company and you wear the right dress for the right occasion, nothing else can make you more attractive than the right choice of clothes. Men appreciate women who can multi-task and still be a woman. And a pantsuit can make you look damn hot. Add a pair of heels to complete your look. You will appear confident which you already are, and your confidence will reflect your sex appeal.
  • Skip contacts and wear glasses: Even though glasses are actually not a clothing item, we couldn’t resist, but put it on our list. If you have poor eyesight, and you have a sexy pair of black glasses at home, ditch the contact lenses for once, and put on the glass. Wear some eye makeup, and see the reaction. Even if you are not one of the geeks, glasses can make you look intelligent, and intelligence is something that men always find super-hot. A lady with a nice pair of glasses looks intellectual and it gives a vibe to others that they will be able to start a conversation well. So, ladies out with poor eyesight, your glasses are here for your rescue. Both for your eyesight and sex appeal.
  • Baseball caps when you are feeling casual: Guys love sports, and seeing a woman in a baseball cap turns them on instantly. A baseball look can enhance any casual look that you have picked for a day. You can wear a white tank top with a pair of denim shorts, and on top, your baseball cap is already there to enhance your sex appeal. Wear a pair of sneakers to complete the look. A baseball cap also means that the woman wearing it might be interested in that sport too, which is an added bonus! So, why don’t you let men know that you are fun to hang out with!
  • My, the leather jackets: A woman with a leather jacket looks so confident and bold. And that’s something men truly adore. Not every man prefer women who wear high heels, or someone who likes to wear a lot of makeup. There are some men out there who like the masculine side of women. A leather jacket, for example, is the perfect way to display that. It gives you the rugged look that you want to display along with increasing your sexiness. If you are already dating someone, and they like you because you have that masculiine edge, seeing you in a leather jacket will surely burst some fire inside their soul. Guys who know you well will also try their best and will also go over the board to impress you.

Few things to avoid:

  • While trying to dress sexy, don’t try to overdo things. For example, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a pair of shorts, and you are too concerned that it might be showing off a lot of skin, you will end up displaying a lack of confidence.
  • Don’t wear heavy makeup when you are going out during the day time, it will ruin your complete sexy look. Wear light makeup. A little bit of foundation, eyeliner, and lip gloss is enough. You will look cute, and you will be dress ready.
  • Don’t wear something that will make your figure look odd. For example, if you rather have a flat figure, an hourglass dress might not be suitable for you.

Parting words

So here was our in-depth guide on how to dress sexy. Remember you are born sexy, just that these tips will allow you to enhance your sex appeal. Whatever you wear, wear according to the occasion, and feel comfortable in it. Be confident, and be a head-turner.

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