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How much money can you make as a Sperm Donor? Check out the profit margins

There are many ways to earn money in this world which seem pretty easy and one of them is donating sperm which is a great and easy way to earn money through doing minimum.

This pandemic affected time has made people hit different areas to earn money and sperm donations has made its way to the market in full glory.

There are many males between 18 to 39 years who are donating sperm as a part time income and there is decent money in it too.

How much do sperm donor make (2022) - [REAL Numbers Revealed]

If you are selected as one of the sperm donors, you can easily earn around $1500/month. You will get around $100 for each donation you offered and about 90% of the donations get approved as well as you can easily donate multiple times a week. 

This system is great for easy and steady money by doing almost nothing as the sperm production is all natural and continuous as your body produces sperm continuously in your youth.

There are also referral programs where you can refer a person to the sperm donations and when they make it into the donations program you can easily get around $200 and once their donations are released for the distributions you will get $300 additional. So which makes it $500 for each referral that you make into the program.

There is no limit on the number of referrals that you can make into the program so it is an additional earned money in this program that a donor can make. 

There are also free annual exams of the donors and can get the results of the comprehensive genetic testing which saves the money for annual exams of the donors.

The amount that some people have earned by donating the sperm have reached a whopping $264,000 for the donors who have been committed to the program for many years. 

This is a great way to earn this much money without any problems and health issues, rather than wasting the potential of earning this much money by masturbating on a daily basis.

This is also a great way of utilizing the habit of masturbation and earning money through your habit. 

  1. What are the requirements for becoming a sperm donor?

There are some common requirements for becoming a sperm donor like:

  1. Age: 

The ideal age of the donors is preferred to be between the 18 to 35 years and 40 years being a common limit for this program.

  1. Height:

Most of the donation centers require the minimum height to be of 5’7” to 5’10” or 170 cm to 177 cm.

The height is specified according to the demands of most of the customers and many donation centers have specified the height for the donors.

  1. Build: 

The build is basically checked by the BMI of the donor which is required to be of average 18-25 for the donors.

So it is a motivator for many people to stay fit and healthy which is the necessary conditions for the body to produce the sperms on optimum levels.

  1. Education: 

There are many clinics which require the donors to be educated with at least being enrolled in the college degree programs or having a graduate degree.

  1. Health: 

To be a sperm donor the minimum requirement for the health being the person non-smoker and in good health.

  1. Psychological Assessment: 

Psychological assessment is an important test for being a sperm donor. The questions that can be put for you in this test are like the questions regarding how you feel about your identity being shared with potential biological children.

If you are donating for someone you may know then there could be additional questions that can be asked.

  1. Family History: 

It is done to know the genetic problems that have been running in your family and can disqualify you as a sperm donor.

  1. Personality:

This varies per donation center, but commonly if you are not well dressed and keeping proper care of yourself and your hygiene then most probably you will be disqualified.

  1. Appearances: 

This is more of a subtle requirement as most of the clinics want their clients to have attractive children and being attractive will surely count in your favor. The scars and acne can have a negative impact on your candidacy. 

  1. How to become a Sperm donor? 

There are several steps in becoming a sperm donor hence the instant money is after all this process.

There are high chances that most people will fail these tests but once you have passed these steps then it is an easy and steady way to earn money. The process is listed below:

  • Fill the application form which is available online and it will take only 10 minutes to fill this form. 
  • After Submitting the form, you will get an email which will have detailed data for what to expect for the next steps of the program. You will be needed for an in-person visit to the clinic and there is no need for the appointment in the first visit to the clinic.
  • During the visit to the clinic, you will be asked to provide the specimen of your semen for the testing. This specimen is only for the testing and it will also be frozen and thawed to see how your specimen survives these conditions. This sample is only for the testing and there will be no money given to you for this first sample. You need to keep in mind that sometimes repeat non-paid samples are required for checking the variations in the samples.
  • There will be a genetic interview in the next step which takes about 45 minutes and you will be asked to fill a questionnaire about the medical history of your family. You will be asked about the questions for the medical history about your grandfather, father, aunt, uncles and others so come prepared. You will also be asked to sign a consent form for the background check covering the felonies against you.
  • After that there will be a free physical exam, which will check for the color vision test, routine physical and basic eye test. There will also be blood and urine tests for the diseases and other health factors. 
  • After all these steps have been passed by the candidate then they will be fit for the donations regularly and earn a steady income from these donations.

Can you donate sperm just once?

Most probably not as most of the donation centers require a minimum six months or 1-year contract from the donors. 

All this long process of being a sperm donor only for a single donation which is commonly only for the $50-$100 is not worth it. It is not feasible and time consuming for a single time donation that’s why it is not preferred and if you have this much of the time then you are free to do anything with your time.

  1. What to expect as a sperm donor applicant?

As the companies need the best of the best samples, they spend so much money on the testing which are time consuming. The donor will be expected to:

  • Fill out a questionnaire which will include the personal information of the donor like height, weight, ethnicity, education and the medical history of the family or common family backgrounds.
  • After this there will be a clinic visit which will also ask more questions and require a semen sample and blood sample for the testing. 
  • After passing that stage, there will be another visit to the clinic where you will be asked to sign a consent form and the detailed profile would be completed
  • Another sample will be taken and frozen with the help of liquid nitrogen, this test will see the viability of the sperms and if they are perfect for the use with clients.
  • After completing all these tests, you will become a full-fledged sperm donor and can earn money steadily.

What does the donor application questionnaire consist of?

The questionnaire has some common questions regarding the genetic disease history of the donor and his family. The applications would be rejected if the donor are the carriers of genetic diseases such as: 


Cystic Fibrosis


Color blindness

Hereditary cancers

The donor can also get disqualified if they have any kind of sexually transmitted diseases like Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis and any other. 

Recent travel history can also affect the application as if you have been in a country where a disease has been on outbreak then the application can be disqualified.

  1. What are the benefits of being a sperm donor?

There are several benefits of being a sperm donor like:

  • Altruism- being a sperm donor you are helping someone start a family and giving them the gift of a child, which will surely provide the satisfaction of doing a good deed.
  • Earning- being a donor is a great way of earning a nice and steady income of around $1500 a month.
  • Access to free and regular healthcare- being a sperm donor, the access to free health checkups and physical exams is a great benefit as these exams can cost you a good amount of money but the clinic with which you are attached to will have you health checkup regularly to see the health of your specimen and checking for any disease.
  • Free counseling during the process- there are counselors available in the clinics to provide satisfactory answers to your questions regarding the sperm donations and being comfortable with your choice.


Deciding to be a sperm donor for any reason and using your youth donating the sperms is a great way to earn some money regularly through doing minimum.

The altruistic feeling after donating the sperm and helping a couple with the child is also great. Anyone who can must donate the sperm for any reason that seems good as it will help the couples who can not have a baby on their own.

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