Top 15 Best Gay Phone Chatlines (2020)

There is a good news for LGBT people. You can now indulge in chatlines to add some spice to your slow and steady life.

Back in the ‘90s, AOL was the king of chat rooms.

However, in the current scenario, there are a plethora of options available for the gay community to meet the love of their life through dating sites.

You can go to live chat forums where you will meet like-minded people having similar interests and desires.

You can chat with people about your favorite movies, tv shows, dating experiences, political ideas, solicit sex, and much more. 

Top 15 Best Gay Phone Chatlines

Many sites offer the best gay dating experience, but we have been able to find the top 15 best gay phone chatlines for you. With a lot of research work, we will take you through the most popular websites so that you can select one and start dating.

Before moving onto the websites, we will tell you about sex chat rooms and the benefit of being a part of them.

The gay phone chatlines enable you to meet gay singles, bisexual men, and curious males who are ready for some fun. You will be able to meet different men available locally and in the nearby areas.

You do have access to the profiles worldwide, but you will require someone who can come and meet you offline. There are free call lines for each site where you will have to call and get started instantly.

First, you can opt for the complimentary trials if the site offers any and then pick a membership plan to experience the paid services. There is always a benefit to using paid services as you get additional benefits from the service providers.

1. LiveLinks

Chatline contact number: 844-797-7569

LiveLinks and RedHot Dateline are quite similar to each other.

However, LiveLinks is a less formal chatline for gay singles and couples looking for men.

You will find cheesy men wanting to have some naughty moments by talking on the spiciest topics.


People are keen to have fun and give you memories that will last forever.  LiveLinks open the door to the world where you will find all types of tastes and kinks, perfect for men having a specific taste. The website is one of the famous sites where you can chat with men sharing the same interests.

  • The chatline offers a 60 minutes free trial where you can get to know what LiveLinks has on the plate for you.
  • Once you exhaust the free trial pack, you can buy ten minutes for $4.99, 60 minutes for $9.99, or 120 minutes for $29.99.
  • You get to meet some of the naughtiest men on LiveLinks.
  • You have to dial the toll-free number, and get into the world of the chat room.
  • You can read other persons’ introduction to send a greeting.
  • Talk about saucy topics and find common interests.
  • You will get lots of users on LiveLinks with whom you can connect.
  • Chat Rooms are available for all the members.
  • The free trial package is beneficial.
  • You can find the active members on LiveLinks.
  • The customer support representatives are happy to help you with any queries and complaints.
  • There are many spam profiles due to extensive user interface.
  • The higher risk factor is involved in terms of securing information.

2. Fonochat

Chatline contact number: 866-837-6102

Fonochat is a famous chat line for Latinos and Latinas. Considering all the aspects of the content,

Fonochat has a sizeable gay community possessing the most incredible Latin passion.

You will get to share your deepest desires with similar men ready to open up with you and share some erotic moments. 

Fonochat is a friendly chat line where you can share not only your fantasies but also your problems and concerns. 


You will find all types of role-playing material and kinks in the chat room. Your imagination will help you craft a beautiful romantic relationship.

  • The chatline is perfect for hookups with Latin lovers.
  • You get a free trial of 60 minutes initially.
  • After the trial, you can buy 1500 seconds for $9.99, 23 minutes for $15.99, and 60 minutes for $19.99.
  • You can test your level of imagination with the best services of Fonochat.
  • The free trial will add a punch in your life.
  • Chatlines offer a satisfaction level that you cannot achieve otherwise.
  • You can communicate with other gay singles and spend some quality time.
  • It is best for Latin lovers and hookup services.
  • Fonochat is not the right place for a genuine partner for a lifetime.
  • The extensive database will make it risky for users.

3. Vibeline

Chatline contact number: 855-404-9900

You can start having an excellent experience by making the best use of the first 60 trial minutes.

Vibeline has a whole new vibe for all the black gays out there.

The chatline covers a large area and allows you to connect with hundreds and thousands of black gays around you.

You need to make a call on the phone line, record your greeting, select a caller, and start chatting. 


The process is quite simple for beginners as you need not go through any strict instructions.

  • The chatline is suitable for black gays willing to meet similar men.
  • You can start with the free trial and then buy minutes according to your preferences and needs. You can buy ten minutes for $4.99, sixty minutes for $9.99, and lastly, 120 minutes for $29.99.
  • Meet bisexuals, gays, and hot black men to get cozy and comfortable instantly.
  • The chat room is entirely secure as the information, chats, and calls are confidential.
  • Real men are ready for real-time and 100 percent genuine conversations.
  • The reliable system will help you build trust and have the most genuine talks.
  • The site has hot black men.
  • Accept greetings from black gays and bisexuals to start a whole new dating experience.
  • The free trial of 60 minutes will turn you on.
  • There are no hidden charges.
  • The more you wish to talk, the more dollars you need to spend.
  • Finding the most genuine mate will be time-consuming.
  • The site requires a lot of patience.

4. RedHot Dateline

Chatline contact number: 888-674-8069

People are busy with their work schedules and do not have time to meet others and spend some quality time.

However, RedHot Dateline has become the most fantastic platform to help men find like-minded men partners.

The hotline is full of gays wanting to have the sexiest and wildest conversations.

Get ready to be a part of RedHot Dateline to add some sensual moments in your monotonous life.

RedHot Dateline
  • As soon as you join RedHot Dateline, you will get many hot greetings and introductions.
  • You can initially start with the free sixty minutes trial and then buy 10 minutes for $4.99, 30 minutes for $9.99, and sixty minutes for $29.99.
  • All your conversations will be secured.
  • Your data is secure at RedHot Dateline. 
  • You will get a chance to push the boundaries of the most erotic talks.
  • You will get to see roleplay sessions and have the chance to talk all dirty.
  • Accept greetings from the most genuine black men.
  • There are no hidden charges for using the services.
  • Contacting so many people can be a stressful and time-consuming task.
  • You might not get a partner for a long-term relationship as people on RedHot Dateline sign up for hookups.

5. Two Talkers

Chatline contact number: 800-963-7792

Two Talkers have dedicated their respect and love to the gay community by launching one of the most astounding gay chatlines.

With a sixty minutes free trial package, you can start the process and talk to people with similar interests.

Once you start liking the services, you can upgrade the minutes by purchasing them. 


You will find excellent options on the hotline where you will meet people for friendships, hookups, and much more. It is the best place to find the most genuine gays for a long-lasting relationship. You will get a chance to meet the love of your life through the most authentic platform.

You will get to see the unique and impressive characteristics of the gay community so that you start the best conversations like never before. Read the features of the hotline to get a glimpse of what you will be getting as a member.

  • The gay community will get the opportunity to chat with like-minded individuals.
  • You can make the best use of the free sixty minutes that you get in the beginning.
  • The process is simple where, you need to call on the hotline number, share your introduction or greeting, select profiles to chat with, and start talking.
  • After you exhaust the first 60 minutes, you can purchase further 130 minutes at $29.99, sixty minutes for $9.99, and ten minutes for $4.99.
  • Two Talkers do not have any hidden charges for the services they offer.
  • The free trial is available for first-time callers.
  • The conversations are confidential to protect the identity of the callers.
  • The conversations are confidential to protect the identity of the callers.
  • You can rely on the hotline for a genuine relationship.
  • The extensive database will blow your mind and confuse you.
  • Sometimes finding one partner will become stressful when you get hundreds and thousands of greetings.

6. Chatline Dating

Chatline contact number: 877-448-8935

Every day calls for a new beginning, and Chatline Dating aims at delivering the best dating experience for all gays and bisexuals.  

The queer people make great friends, partners, and fun-loving sex partners.

You can go through the profiles of different users who are members of Chat Line Dating.

Chatline Dating

These men are waiting for you to express yourself, your sensuality, passion, and your fantasies. Chatline Dating is the platform that works for the men according to the men. You get the opportunity to meet bisexuals, bi-curious men, and gays who are all set to get intimate with you.

They will love to share feelings with you and hear you out discussing various topics.

  • The hotline is safe for all the users, and the information you enter will be confidential.
  • You will meet men with similar tastes and interests.
  • Initially, you can start with the thirty minutes free trial and then buy minutes accordingly. You can buy 120 minutes for $19.99, 45 minutes for $9.99, and twenty minutes for $4.99.
  • You can expect the most unexpected things to happen during the session that will make things more exciting.
  • It is one of the best platforms for the LGBT community to interact with each other.
  • The free trial helps all the men interested in the same community.
  • It is the best source to communicate with people in local areas and fix a time to meet.
  • The safety and privacy of the chatline make it a secure place.
  • You have the freedom to express yourself.
  • You do not have to pay any hidden charges for the extra minutes that you buy.
  • You will come across many fake profiles as the network is vast.
  • It has a limited user base in smaller cities.
  • Profiles are not detailed.

7. Megamates

Chatline contact number: 844-674-8172

Megamates opens up a gateway for the gay community to select from a vast network.

People looking for hookups, long-term relationships, and from twinks to bears to wild wolves, will get it all in one place.

Megamates has the best customer support team that will be happy to assist you in all your queries.

Also, if you think someone is disturbing you, you can block the person from messaging you. When it comes to safety and privacy, you will get it at Megamates.

Further, you can go through the information down below to know what the chatline has to offer you.

  • You have the opportunity to meet the wildest and horniest men.
  • If you seek a genuine relationship, you might find the love of your
  • The safety and privacy policies are excellent and therefore, whatever you share will be confidential.
  • Start the process with a simple call on the chatline number.
  • In the beginning, as a first-time user, you will get thirty minutes for free. After that, you need to pay a nominal amount to buy further minutes.
  • You can buy ten minutes for $3.99, 21 minutes for $14.99, and 55 minutes for $22.99.
  • The free trial is a plus point that attracts more users.
  • You will get all sought of kinks through Megamates.
  • The hotline is famous for the security of information and therefore, people prefer to be a valuable member of the Megamates family.
  • You can now explore the world from a different angle where you will meet people of the having common goals.
  • The chatline can help you have a serious relationship and the most genuine partner.
  • The free trial is less when you are a passionate person seeking love.
  • The time flies quickly and therefore; you will have to spend more money to keep the conversation going.

8. Lavender Line

Chatline contact number: 887-122-1334

You have a chance to reveal your sexy side through the Lavender Line.

You can search for the hottest gay singles and bisexuals to get along with them.

The portal has the most genuine gay chatlines for you where you can share your deepest desires.

Here, you do not have to act fake because you can express your true self in the most passionate manner.

The chatline is becoming the latest internet sensation for males looking for love, sex, and romance. 


The intimidating and exciting features will drive you crazy ultimately. You will get the perfect match through Lavender Line if you have been trying to find someone lately.

  • Lavender Line encourages users to be imaginative and give the best possible intro.
  • Mostly, people on the Lavender Line expect to meet the feminine side of gays.
  • The Lavender Line’s community is relatively restrictive.
  • The platform is a fun and gentle one for gays seeking a partner.
  • The chatline has gentle and genuine people so more than hookups you will come across people interested in a long-term relationship.
  • The signup system is straightforward.
  • The customer service team members are happy to help you all the time.
  • The pay packages are flexible so you can buy minutes as per your budget.
  • The user interface is comprehensive, which means you have a lot of choices.
  • Lavender Line provides you with high-quality services.
  • After you buy the membership plans, your mailbox will be full of priority messages.
  • The more you wish to talk, the more you have to spend.

9. Interactive Male

Chatline contact number: 1-800-698-6986

Try Interactive Male for free and enter into the world where all your fetishes will come true.

The chatline is for males who uniquely seek love and affection. Interactive Male does not require any credit card details from you.

You can start by using the free 60 minutes that the chatline offers. Everything is straightforward and convenient.

Even if you are new to chat rooms, you will find everything going smoothly. 

Interactive Male

All you need to do is, visit the official website of Interactive Male, dial the local access number, select the language, and then press the # key as the membership number.

  • You can listen to greetings and post your message greetings to let people know a little about yourself.
  • There are various benefits and offers for members.
  • The customer support team will be there to assist you 24/7.
  • The website offers some of the best safety tips when it comes to online phone chat lines.
  • Currently, you can purchase 10 minutes for $4.99, 64 minutes for $10.50 (the best current deal), and 90 minutes for $29.99.
  • Interactive Male offers some of the best services to single guys looking for serious relationships.
  • You will get hundreds of greetings as soon as you join the chat room.
  • You will get to meet people interested in both love and romance.
  • The site offers many services for gays wanting to have some sexy moments.
  • You first have to sign up through the website to get started.
  • People make fake profiles to fulfill their nasty desires.
  • You cannot know if the person is a criminal or someone genuine.

10. YummyVibe

Chatline contact number: 899-211-1828

People who seek some yummy chats must come and enter the world of YummyVibe.

Men who wish to share some private moments with African American folks should choose YummyVibe.

You can initially start with the free ten minutes that the chat room offers and then buy more minutes once you start loving the content. 


The prices are relatively high, but you will get a worthwhile experience. You will get to communicate with the most genuine men with genuine interests. For further details, you can read the features of YummyVibe below.

  • Maximum members come from coastal cities.
  • The overall design of YummyVibe is genuine and easy to use.
  • The gay community is quite vibrant, where you are bound to find the most genuine relationships.
  • Go for dates and spend some passionate moments with the other members.
  • You will explore a plethora of options for single gays, having an interest in African American culture.
  • After you use the free minutes, buy 55 minutes for $18.99, 29 minutes for $10.99, or 17 minutes for $7.98.
  • The free trial helps you explore YummyVibe.
  • You need not worry about the information you share through chats. Everything is confidential at YummyVibe.
  • There are no hidden costs that you will have to pay while purchasing extra minutes.
  • Find the most vibrant gay individuals for the most passionate dating experience.
  • Go for instant hookups if the other party is willing.
  • You might face security issues as the user database is extensive.
  • The free trial minutes are not enough to have the right experience.

11. Prideline

Chatline contact number: 1-888-504-0808

Instant hookups, friendships, and casual relationships are now possible with Prideline.

You have the opportunity to go out on a casual date with like-minded gay individuals and bisexuals to have the best time of your life.

The gay community suffers a lot in terms of finding good relationships and true love. 


However, Prideline is here to connect you with the most genuine single gays and bisexuals to have some glorious moments. To begin the process, you need to call on the tool-free chatline number and get in touch with hundreds of men.

  • Record your greetings and enter your area code after you call on the toll-free number.
  • You will get access to hundreds of greetings from different and interested men.
  • You can choose the greetings you like and start a conversation instantly.
  • Later, you can share your personal contact information once you feel comfortable.
  • Start with the first-time 30 minutes free trial. Then you can pay $29.99 and get 100 minutes, pay $10.00 and get 60 minutes, or choose to buy 10 minutes for $4.99.
  • The best part of the chatline is the free trial that it offers to the first-time users.
  • You will get many greetings each time; therefore, you can select the ones you like.
  • After you become a member, you will get promotional emails and relevant notifications.
  • The customer service representatives are always happy to help you.
  • Fake profiles will be a waste of time for genuine members.
  • The chatline is a bit expensive in comparison to other similar service providers.

12. Gay Live Line

Chatline contact number: 1-763-390-0000

Live chats have never been so exciting before the existence of Gay Live Line.

The network is expanding by leaps and bounds with over four lakh callers calling every month.

It is a gay party line and chatline that will satisfy even the horniest of men. 

Gay Live Line

Everyone has desires to get sexual satisfaction from the opposite, or same-sex. Gay Live Line will give you what you have been looking for. We will advise you to play safe and not use your credit card to make payments to have a chat with other guys.

  • Get a 60 minutes free trial to talk with men willing to share some hot stories.
  • During the free trial, you can connect and chat with gay singles in local areas.
  • The chatline has above 400,000 callers every month.
  • You can connect with locals freely if you are shy in reality. .
  • You can have instant and quick conversations with people you know or the ones who are completely anonymous.
  • The extensive database will give you a broader circle to connect instantly.
  • You can share your desires and fix a date if you wish to meet someone offline.
  • You can buy the package as per your budget and enjoy talking with gay singles through the most popular chatline.
  • You can have the craziest chats and a mind-blowing experience.
  • You might not be satisfied with the security aspect of the live chat line.
  • The services and availability of men might confuse you.
  • You may not be able to connect with genuine men.

13. BeeperLove

Chatline contact number: 1-855-554-3143

BeeperLove is a popular chat line for men who are willing to communicate with other men.

Here, you will get a chance to talk with some of the hottest gay guys willing to share some private talks with you.

There are three different demographics for which there are live chat rooms. These are, namely, blondes, gays, and Hispanics. 


You can begin with a free trial and see what all you can get from BeeperLove. Read the features and other information to know the chatline well.

  • Initially, you get a 30 minutes free trial where you can talk with other like-minded men.
  • After you consume the free trial minutes, you can buy ten minutes for $4.99, sixty minutes for $10.99, and 100 minutes for $29.99.
  • The chatline is affordable and gives you a full database.
  • Keep things direct, dirty or clean with other gays.
  • The members will make you feel comfortable in every aspect.
  • You can have the naughtiest conversations with men around you.
  • The chatline offers a free trial for beginners which makes it interesting.  
  • The prices are affordable in comparison to other chatlines.
  • You can have nasty chats through BeeperLove.
  • The user base is full of attractive men.
  • It is not the right place for serious relationships.
  • With an extensive network, the whole process will be time-consuming.
  • Security might be an issue when there are people from all across the world.

14. The Manhole

Chatline contact number: 1-310-484-7272

The Manhole chatline is the most popular gay chatline with bi-sexual, single, and couples will make all your fantasies come true.

The chatline gives you a choice to talk live with other men in a straightforward manner.

The phone line is easy to operate, and you can share your dirty stories.

You can also listen to the dirty stories of men willing to tell their experiences. 

The Manhole

Men pre-record their stories to add some spice to your chatline experience. The best part of the Manhole is that you can record your own story and if the operator loves it, you get bonus minutes on your membership plan.

  • The chatline gives a free trial package for beginners to get an insight into the services and content.
  • Real people are available to share practical and genuine feelings.
  • The coolest feature involves the bonus minutes you get for posting your stories.
  • The chatline is perfect for people ready to hookup.
  • Meet locals having an interest in other men.
  • The packages offer 50 minutes for $9.99, 200 minutes for $15.00, and 400 minutes for $25.00.
  • Watch and record your stories so that you attract more men towards you.
  • The chatline will give you a super sensual experience.
  • You can show your talent and record the hottest videos to get bonus minutes.
  • You can choose men willing to share some private moments with you through live talk sessions.
  • Finding the right person is time-consuming.
  • The chat room is not suitable for men looking for serious relationships.

15. GuySpy Voice

Chatline contact number: 1-888-774-1535

The chatline is for turned-on men who are in for go-to dating and chat experience. Here, you will get to talk to men in North America.

It is up to you to choose the type of conversations you wish to have with gay men. You can have the steamiest conversations with the men you like.

The local callers are ready for hookups; also, the bi-sexual and gay men who are living across the world will be here to share the deepest desires.

You can start the whole experience with the sixty minutes free trial package and simultaneously buy minutes when you start loving the services.

Read the information below to get an insight into what GuySpy Voice has to offer.

GuySpy Voice
  • The free trial services are available for all the newcomers.
  • The calls will be confidential, and the chats will be safe.
  • You will communicate with hot men ready to have the most flaming talk.
  • You can connect with local people or people from around the globe.
  • You can buy 10 minutes for $4.99, 60 minutes for $9.99, and 120 minutes for $29.99.
  • The free trial package will give you pleasure for one hour.
  • The database is vast hence, you can connect with as many men as you want.
  • It is the hottest chat line where you can talk about your intentions and deepest fantasies.
  • The entire network might confuse you when you have to stick to one person.
  • The chatline is more for casual hookups.

Final Verdict

Dating is a good experience in adulthood where you will get exhausted and have no time to get in a relationship. In a hectic lifestyle, it is imperative to indulge in some extra activities.

You may not have sufficient time to meet each individual every time, therefore, gay dating website designers have come up with a straightforward and excellent way to help you connect with different men.

With the help of gay dating websites, you will see many doors opening for you to spend some quality time with quality people. There are many options for you to have a great experience, but you need to choose only the best website.

You will get a wide variety all over the internet, but you must know what you want and go for it accordingly. When you have a tight schedule to go out and find the perfect match, you must opt for online dating sites to save time.

However, seeing the cons of these sites, we will recommend you to not share your personal information with every individual you come across online. You can get yourself in trouble when you share personal information with strangers.

You must talk to people online, build trust, and after that only meet them and share whatever you wish. The pros of the site depict the benefits of each website so that it will be a worthwhile experience for you.

Parting Words

Chatlines are much more than just phone sex, as it includes dating practices and meeting people. It has its negatives and positive impacts on the mind, body, and soul. You will not regret having a valuable time with your favorite people when you choose online dating websites.

You cannot ignore the fact that they record the calls, so you need to be cautious while opening up with people on the other side of the lines. The sites do instruct you about the things you can discuss online and offline. Also, we have been able to gather the best information based on our research.

We hope the information will benefit you in all aspects and you will have a great gay dating experience.

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