Future of AI Sex Dolls

Modern sex dolls look so realistic that the only thing differentiating them from a real person is that they can't think or speak. That might be changing in the near future as AI and sex dolls merge to create a whole new entity.

The truth is that many companies are already experimenting with this and there has been limited success. Let's look into AI itself and how it has affected the sex doll market.

What is AI?

Almost everyone knows that AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, but few people know what that really means. In a nutshell, this means programming software so that it has cognitive and thinking abilities like a human.

Most experts break AI into the categories of weak or strong depending on how they are coded and how they interact to different stimuli. Weak AI has very limited cognitive abilities, and it's made for one particular task.

This can be as simple as doing a specific job or as complex as Apple's Siri. While Siri might seem powerful, she can only respond to specific prompts and requests.

If you go outside that regimented task and introduce something unfamiliar, then Siri cannot think of a new solution. She's often programmed to say that she doesn't understand the request, or she might make a joke, but this is to cover up the fact that she cannot process the request.

That's where strong AI comes in. Strong AI is best when facing tasks it knows about, but it has the ability to draw on those old experiences to work on unfamiliar tasks.

Weak AI needs human intervention to program new prompts and solutions while strong AI can react to new experiences and come to a logical solution.

The AI basically programs itself to come up with new and unique solutions. This should sound familiar because it's exactly how our brains work.

Sex Dolls and AI

Many manufacturers are looking to merge AI and sex dolls to provide a better experience for users. While many people form deep bonds with their dolls, it's a one-sided relationship the requires the user to form the bond and keep it going.

It's all in the user's head and doesn't exist in the real world. Manufacturers are looking to apply machine learning to sex dolls. For example, by adding sensors to erogenous zones, the dolls will be able to react to pleasure and return the feeling to users.

They can also learn about what you like and what turns you on, which will allow them to interact with you. If you doubt the popularity of these dolls, then you need to understand just how many are sold a year.

WM Dolls, one of the premier sex dolls manufacturers known for innovation and extreme attention to detail, creates over 30,000 Internet-connected sex dolls every year.

Each doll can cost up to $10,000. Do the math and you'll see this is a driving force within the sex doll community. Remember that this is just one manufacturer, not the entire market.

Current State

Sex dolls are amazing, but they lack the talkative and interactive nature of a real relationship.

While many owners use sex dolls to satisfy their sexual needs, they inevitably form a real bond with their doll and taking to the next level of realness is highly sought after.

While sex dolls seem real to your eyes and hands, you know they're not real because they can't interact with you.

While there is still much to do until a sex doll is just like a human, manufacturers have come a long way.

Many manufacturers have dolls that can realistically orgasm, remember your name and birthday and even remember what turns you on.

Real Dolls and Realbotix have made many of these big leaps, so you can thank them and even get one of their AI dolls to see progress up close and personal.

Future State

Aside from AI sex dolls becoming more human, what else can you expect from these breakthroughs?

While some people are worried that humans will no longer have sex with each other, Dr. Ian Pearson believes this will be a slow progression.

He believes that 2050 is when humans will have sex less with each other and more with robot companions.

There are two reasons for this. One is economic while the other is interactive. AI is still in its infancy.

This means that the demand for AI is still relatively low and the price is high. AI-based sex dolls cost a minimum of $10,000 and can be over $65,000 right now, which means only a small percentage of buyers will be able to experience AI.

Pearson believes, and rightfully so that the price of these products will drop steadily throughout the years until this technology is affordable and accessible to everyone.

While that's basic economics, the other reason is a little more speculative for now. Pearson believes that by 2050, AI will become so advanced that it can hold conversations with people without seeming peculiar.

It will be just like speaking with another person; the only difference is that you bought this person and they are there for your sexual pleasure.

That might sound creepy to some, but the truth is that sex dolls are very therapeutic because they allow people to have relationships when they are other impossible or difficult.

For example, those who just lost a loved one, have a disability or simply have a hard time getting dates and making connections can use sex dolls to heal and live fulfilling lives.

The Popularity of Sex Dolls

There are a lot of reasons why AI sex dolls are in great demand these days but the option of customizing the dolls in multiple ways is probably the main reason behind this.

Everything that you can imagine can be customized when you invest in a AI sex doll. You can decide whether you want the sex doll to have dark or white complexion or you can also decide the hairstyle that you imagine in your dream lover. 

You can even change the length and colour of their hair. There will be a gamut of options available for the buyer. The buyers can change the eye colour for the sex dolls. They can pick from blue, green, black, hazel, grey, and so on. 

You can pick which breast size you are willing to fondle and press on that specific day. The sex doll will be shipped with a breast size but you will have the option to change it according to your mood and fetish.

You can pick from small to large size breasts, whatever flares up your lustful desires. If you are choosing a male sex doll, you can alter the penis size too. You can go for an 8-inch long dick to 11 inches long.

However, you must remember that the insertable length will be different. The companies that manufacture these sex dolls might even give you an option to change the facial looks of the sex dolls.

You can pick a sex doll that looks like your favorite porn star or a popular cam model or a TV star as per your wish. Some of these companies will also let you insert a voice mechanism and temperature mechanism.

This way, you would be able to listen to the moans whenever you fondle her breasts or fuck her. The change in body temperature will make you feel like you are making love with a real partner. 

There is no doubt that AI mechanisms would be more expensive than an emotionless sex doll, but imagine your sex doll displaying different kinds of personalities:

  • Innocent
  • Unpredictable
  • Naughty
  • Jealous
  • Smiling
  • Sad
  • Laughing, and so on.

Due to recent outbreak i.e. pandemic has caused a havoc across the world, even those who have never thought of buying sex dolls are now showing interest in purchasing them.

Individuals who are alone in general are more interested in sex dolls because they feel the need and comfort of a human body. Since the people are more cautious now, they will naturally feel comfortable and safer while having sex with a sex doll. 


While the future is still uncertain in some ways, it's likely that AI will become more enmeshed with sex dolls. This allows them to feel, react and hold true conversations with you, which is something many buyers are looking to experience.

These early AI-based dolls are quite expensive, but they are available and you can enjoy them if you're willing to pay the price. At Lovedolls Review we review many different dolls, ranging from AI sex dolls like the ones discussed here to fantasy, thick and anime sex dolls.

If you're in the market for a sex doll and want to see what's available and what works for you, then read our reviews and we'll help you choose the right one for your needs and preferences.

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