Best Findom Games to Play with Your Subs in 2022

It has been noticed that DOMS have identified different ways for draining the overall funds from the SUBS in the Findom scene.

In this the SUB pays, you can easily connect with them in the different interactive games. It can also be the only way through which they will connect with you.

 If you are more financially dominant then there will be more workload but again it will be fun. In this article, we will discuss the best Findom Games that we can play with our SUB in 2022.

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Findom Games (2022): 7 Best Financial domination games for 10x money

What is a Findom?

Findom is considered as a sexual obsession in respect to dominance and submission behaviour and in this the payment and money is given by the Sub. The connection is also related by BDSM behaviours such as erotic humiliation! In this we call submissives “paypigs” as they offer money to the dominants who are also called “findommes”. It is investigated that the subservient may be a guy and dominant can be a woman and there is a link in which the money is given to a stranger through the internet in which many paypigs also find it intriguing. Also, on the other hand, it has been observed that for many dommes, it is also linked with generating money which also adds value to the overall lives. In reference to Findom games, it can be said that these games add the overall value to the lives and also create excitement for the SUB. These games not only enhance the level of excitement but also helps to increase the engagement of the SUB who gets bored of the insults which are done regularly.

What are Findom Games?

Findom games are known as the games or the different ways for the financial dominants who can earn money easily and also with earning, they can maintain the overall excitement and entertainment level with their SUB. These games can take different forms and can also relate with the rules that are linked with the overall ethics. It has been investigated that you can simplify make Fandom games of your preference which can be played easily with your SUB and you can select the best game as you know your SUB very well!

If we talk about the Findom games, then one of the best things is that it is less discreet as compared to the different services which are offered by Findom and it can assist to enhance the overall group of SUBS. The reason behind is that the fandom games are available on social media platform in which the new clients are attracted who are ready to spend money.  So, here we will discuss some of the games that can be considered to maintain the loyalty of your SUB and also to enhance the overall entertainment and level of excitement.

Most popular findom games

The best Findom games are:

·         Raise the Rate

It is one of the famous findom games and it is popular among the people. If you start playing this game then you will be more addicted but it will assist you to enhance the interaction with your SUB. If you want to play this game, then creating an account is one of the important aspects. If account is created than you can easily interact with your DOM on their findom phone sex line at the time they finish. If your SUB has not been tributed then it would not be possible for them to message for taking permission to call as they will be barred. They will not have any other choice apart from just obeying once they are on a phone call. On every call, the SUB will be increasing or adding the money as DOM will enhance the fee. So, this is one of the games which can be considered for entertainment and also for maintaining the level of excitement.

·         Spin the Wheel

This is one of the new games that assist in narrowing things down. It is similar to the spin the wheel game except the things that the sub should purchase for the DOM. In this game, the product keeps on changing and also in this one offers money to the enslaved individuals and also to the cash cows and others offers you the price category from which you have to select or choose. In this it has been seen that there is one specific option which is linked with “any gift card” with the spin again so you can end up for the two products or you can choose as many as you can to spin for! So, basically this game is linked with the spinning of the wheel.

·         Retweet Game

      The famous fandom games is linked with the retweet game available on Twitter. In this game, it has been noticed that the SUB accepts to give payment to the DOM in a specific sum for particular like, quote or the retweet. If such games are played then these are considered as profitable for them as DOM and SUB both agree on the game parameters. In this for likes and comments, there is also monetary compensation which is given as twitter helps for the infinite comments which are seen on the tweet and also it is important to agree on the comment limit. To be fair enough, the time duration is also set so that it could be easy for both the parties to know regarding the end of game.

The overall excitement and fun starts with the inaugural tweet from the DO stating the different conditions. The other candidates of the scene can also participate by just commenting, liking or retweeting. The overall activities can assist in helping more money for the DOMS who are popular enough. After timeout or when the game is over it has been seen that DOM and SUB can calculate overall how much is due. The SUB can also give payment of what is owed and also it expresses the overall gratitude to the DOM. It has also been noticed that in many cases, you can also take the flat price charge and can make changes in the game rules in respect to some fetish consequences. There could be some penalties also which can be imposed if someone posts their identity on an online platform for everyone to watch. So, in such a manner it can be said that a game is played which involves fun and excitement together.

·         Punishment block

If this game has to be played then it is important for the subscriber to be a follower or they should be also subscribed to your site. So, if they have subscribed then it is essential that they should have dropped a message to you by requesting to be banned so that you can punish them. After that they should also request or beg to get unblocked and now for this, they have to give payment. The unblock charge can keep on increasing and they can also have to pay if they want to maintain communication with you. If payment is not done by them then one notification will be given in which it will be clearly mentioned that you have been blocked and have to give payment if they want to forward the message. With the help of this game, the SUB can learn the important lesson that anyone can be banned at any moment and if you are lucky enough then giving the unblock fee will help to rescue you easily.

·         Cash Soldier

Do you want to sacrifice the soldier or agree to add the overall treasury of the Goddess Lila? So, the aim of this game is linked with sending the money to the Goodness Lila “paid votes” format. The paid votes are always considered as the tribute and you have to work in a group in which soldiers will also be there as it assists in ensuring the Goddess wins. It has been noticed that Goddess has $1750 in the three months in terms of cash prizes but on the other hand, it will not be enough. The greed never ends and it does not have any bounds. In this game, more and more are demanded and the desire to earn money never ends. It is important for the cash pigs to enhance their overall loyal fans by spending the limit to minimum $1000 per day and it is maintained till Sunday to ensure that Goodness wins. So, basically in this game your money which you have spent will be useful and it will be used to make the Goddess more powerful and rich. By doing finally the purpose will be identified by the pay pig and this will be your duty to obey, vote and to send.

·         Financial Fuckery PTV

If you want to start to play this game, then it will be necessary for the pig to sign up to the account at Niteflirt and to deposit a minimum $50 to the account. After signing up you can click on the link right here to continue with the game. Also, you have to go through the inbox at Niteflirt as you will receive a message and after viewing the message click and pay to open. Overall, it is a simple process. The message that will be received will be tricky and you have to pay to find out the loser. The message will be powerful and will be subliminal messages that will help to give training to become weaker and also it will assist in spending more. This will be considered as the right game if you are on the verge to relapse. Overall, we can say that it is considered as one of the difficult and also the dangerous games so it is important to play it wisely and also with the smart approach.


·         Paid, Block and Delete game

To start playing this game, you have to ensure that you have subscribed and after subscribing you have to drop a message to “Goddess Lila” that please block me and make me pay. You have to take care that the unblock fee will keep on increasing and you have to keep paying so that you can interact with me. If payment is not done by you then a reminder will be given to you continuously that you have been blocked and have to pay the fee before sending the message. With the help of this game, we can learn an important lesson that any person can be banned and if you are lucky then just paying the unblock fee will help you to be saved.

So, overall, these are the games which you can play with our SUB in 2022. With the help of these games the overall excitement will also be maintained and through this game you will enjoy and can learn more new things.

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