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Escortfish Review


If you are looking for an escort in the USA or Canada then you can try your luck on Escortfish.com.

Escortfish is an escort indexing site that shows us popular posts of the escorts of your city and enables you to contact them via telephone.

A good thing about Escortfish is that it shows you the entire post instead of only phone number and image. Therefore, you can read or guess the kind of services the escort might be offering in a particular city.

Though sadly, this site does not provide services in European and Asian countries. Therefore, you stand a chance of finding hot and ravishing escorts only if you are living in the US or Canada. The design of the site is quite appealing and user-friendly which enhances the overall usability of this site.

What makes Escortfish a bookmark worthy site in your browser?

Escortfish, as the name suggests, allows you to fish i.e. explore the numerous escorts who are working in the city. You will be able to see how they look through their images. Also most of the times, their preferences and services will be listed out in the post itself.

Escortfish is not only for horny men but it can prove to be a wonderland even for  women. Information related to Male escorts is available here in large numbers and therefore even women can find hot studs here.

Also, if you have a thing for transgender escorts then also you have a chance to fulfil your desires here.

Escorts are also classified according to their fetish preferences on this site. Therefore, if you are looking for an escort who can satiate your particular kink or fetish then this site is suitable for you.

As a result, we can safely say that Escortfish has taken care of different preferences and choices when it comes to escort services.

This escort indexing site might not contain a large list of cities that you can find on a site like Backpage. However, the reason is  its dedicated services to the escorts who are active in North America and Canada only. Therefore, the list of cities covered under this site is limited as well.

You need not to worry if you are finding someone in the above mentioned region. There will be tons of escort posts here and the latest posts will be placed on the top. As you move to the subsequent pages, you will notice the posts that are older and these posts might not be even relevant anymore.

You do not need to register or login to access the features of this site. The simple design and layout of this site make it suitable for everyone. Therefore, you can bookmark this site if you are into escort services.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website design


Content updates


Quality of video streaming


Escort database







10/10 (Free)

Worth of site


Exclusivity of content




Overall Score


Site Statistics

  • Escorts – over 10K
  • Escorts – over 10K
  • Payment option – Free
  • Escort age – 18 to 50
  • Advanced search options – No
  • Mobile-friendly site – yes
  • Bonus content – Sex cams, sugar babies
  • BBW shows – No


Website address - https://escortfish.ch/

Estimated visits per month – 2.6 million

When you visit the homepage of this site, it looks like a regular adult indexing site with a list of US cities bunched together according to the respective states.

Below is the list of cities and regions of Canada. You can choose any of the cities from these countries to start your journey on Escortfish.


On the top right corner of this site, you will find some additional options. Among them is the ‘Escorts Now’ section which provides information on the escorts that live nearby your city.

After that, there is a section named ‘Live Sex Cams' which is nothing but a free sex cam site and thus can be a heaven for the sex cam lovers.

After that, there is another section dedicated to sugar babies. However, you should remember that the services of sugar babies are much more expensive as they are only meant for the rich and affluent individuals.

There is also an option named ‘Change City' which can be used to directly type the name of the city in which you are planning to find escorts.

Once you select a city, you will be redirected to a page of escort’s posts, sorted according to the time of the post. For example, an escort post that has been posted a few minutes ago will appear above on the page as compared to the post that has been posted an hour ago.

If you find an escort good enough to hang out, then you can click on that particular thumbnail. Apart from that, you will also find the escorts sorted based upon few filters. There are separate sections for finding only female, male, trans, fetish, and massage providing escorts.

The default filter is ‘All’ which lists down all the posts which are posted recently. You might come across a few attention-seeking ads especially when you click on individual posts. The posts are stored in pages so that you don't get confused while choosing the escorts.

Multiple images of the escorts are given in a post along with their age, post content, service description, mobile number, etc. If the mobile number is not mentioned in the post, then you will either find it on one of the images or you might locate it on the right side of your screen.

 Moreover, it is a great place to find real and genuine escorts. Also, it is not a spam site and you will love to use it to find escorts of your choice due to its simplistic and minimal approach.

Pricing & Membership Fee

This site is completely free to use. Therefore, you aren’t supposed to pay to use any of its features or services.


  • Escortfish is a secured website as it is encrypted with HTTPS security. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data or information.
  • You don’t have to register or login on this site to use its features which means that you don’t have to provide any information to the site as well.
  • The site has hundreds of cities to find escorts from. Moreover, you get to choose the escorts as per your kinks and fetishes which is a great thing.
  • The site does not charge you for seeking the information of escorts. It only catches the posts from different websites and provides you with the information that enables you to contact the escorts directly.
  • There are thousands of escorts from Canada and the United States. The profiles of the escorts also seem to be trustworthy and attractive. Therefore, you might close many lucrative deals through this site.
  • The sorting of the escorts is done cleanly to avoid any confusion. Posts of different websites are classified in a clean and hassle-free way which makes this site user-friendly and accessible.
  • When you enter a particular escort profile, you will see the latest photos and posts of the escorts. Therefore, it would be easy to decide whether you should go forward and contact them or not.
  • There is a separate section of the escorts that provide erotic massage services. Therefore, it is a paradise for massage lovers as well.
  • Most of the escorts also provide their other specifications such as height, eye colour, hair colour, etc. apart from the age. This helps you to find the escort of your dreams.
  • At the bottom of each post, the site provides a direct link to the site from where the post has been retrieved. Therefore, you can also check those sites for additional information about the escorts.
  • This site also provides you the option of sharing the post on your Twitter page. This might seem to be a wild idea but the escorts may give preference to the individuals who help them to promote their services.
  • Escorts can get their posts removed from Escortfish if they want to. For that, they just have to click on the ‘Removal Request’ option available on the bottom right corner of the site. After that, they need to provide the URL of the original post along with some other information to get the post removed.
  • You can also convey your message, feedback, and suggestions by using the ‘Contact’ page of this site located at the extreme bottom right corner of the website.


  • ‘About Us’ page is not available on this site. Therefore, there is no information regarding the origin and details of this site. Some people might find it fishy.
  • There is a lack of search filters on this site which makes it hard for the users to target a specific niche of escorts. For example, there is a separate section for fetishes but you will not find individual fetishes listed under it. Therefore, you will have to go through all the fetishes to find your favourite ones.
  • The site provides information on escorts that post in the cities of North America and Canada. Therefore, this site is of no use to you if you hail from any other part of the world.
  • There might be multiple and similar posts of the same escort scattered across the cities and states. Therefore, the actual number of escorts might be far less as compared to the number of posts you will find on the site.
  • Some escorts use fake pictures and model photos to promote their services. Therefore, do not forget to check the veracity of their pictures through a video call before meeting in person.


Escortfish is a unique site as compared to the other escort indexing sites. Therefore, though many indexing sites provide information about adult services, you will hardly find a site like Escortfish.

That being said, there are numerous sites like Skip the Games, AdultSearch, etc. that provide more categories, features, and information of escorts belonging to different cities around the globe.

Escortfish have limited categories and filters which is a major drawback. The website design is fine but there are many websites like 5escorts.com that have better layout, design, and navigation.

However, Escortfish remains useful since it is completely free to use, you don't have to register to it to use its services and other features.

Customer Support

The site acts as a central directory of the escort posts. Therefore, there is no scope of any complaint registration on this site. However, you can use the ‘Contact' page of this site to register your inquiries and the escorts have the ‘Removal Request' page to get their posts removed.

Final verdict

This is a cool escort indexing site for those who live or at least visit North American cities or some places in Canada frequently. For others, it is just a plain browser to explore hot pictures of escorts.

This site does not look like a spam site and there aren’t many escort complaints about it either. Users of this site have got nothing to lose since they don’t have to register or pay anything for using this site.

Moreover, it has got hundreds of escorts in each city which provides you great options when it comes to zeroing in on the best escorts. Therefore, we would certainly recommend this site to everyone.

Parting words

Sometimes, it gets hard to choose from a bunch of indexing sites, especially when it comes to adult escorts services. Also, all the escorts do not provide adult services.

However, Escortfish is majorly dedicated to adult escorts services and therefore you won’t mind using it to explore your chances of landing at hot and gorgeous escort.

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