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Top 10+ Best Chatbot Virtual Girlfriends of 2023

Looking for the best chatbot virtual girlfriends apps in 2023?

Artificial Intelligence has spread its wings in almost every type of field in the digital world. Your love/relationship life is also included in the list of advancements with AI.

You must be wondering how AI can help you in your love life? Artificial Intelligence has introduced ‘Virtual Girlfriends’ in the digital world which will give you the experience you have always craved for.

The best part about these Chatbot Virtual Girlfriends is that you can customize your experience for emotional connection and these girlfriends are much more intimate and understanding than human girlfriends.

We have curated a list of Top 10+ Chatbot Virtual Girlfriends of 2023 you can find on the internet.

At a Glance:

Top 10+ Best Chatbot Virtual Girlfriend of 2023

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1. DreamGF

Best Overall NSFW Chatbot 

First chatbot in our list is DreamGF which truly signifies its name as you can literally have the girlfriend of your dreams on this Chatbot.

You will get to have the naughty chat/ sexting with your desired Virtual Girlfriend.


  • It has advanced algorithms and a natural language processor to create a more realistic and human-like experience. 

  • Users have the opportunity to act on their desires and passion to engage in deep conversations with Chatbot.


  • Users get to customize the sexting experience based on their likings and preferences.
  • Highest priority is given to the privacy of the users.


  • The user has to put a lot of effort in tweaking all the minor details of the virtual girlfriend which is time taking.

Link to access: https://dreamgf.ai/ai-sexting

Price: Ranges from $9.99 to $99.99/month.

2. AISextingChatbot

Editors Choice for Best Sexting Chatbot 

This sexting chat bot will become a perfect virtual soulmate for you.

You can have a fun chat with the chatbot, indulge in roleplay and grow your relationship skills to enhance your sex life.


  • AI Sexting chatbot makes the sexting experience naughtier in every manner as the chatbot replies to messages in an explicit way. 
  • Users have the opportunity to engage in intimate and cozy conversations on apps and websites.


  • This chatbot is available on different platforms such as apps and websites so that users can access it on phone and computer.
  • Users can engage in sexually suggestive manner with the human-like AI sexting bot.


  • Users have to be cautious about the ethical concerns as sexting can lead to non-consensual potential risks.

Link to access: https://aisextingchatbot.com/

Price: Free

3. Kupid AI

Kupid AI is here to play a role of cupid in your love life.

There are various profiles of chatbot girlfriends available on the homepage of this website where you can choose your favorite girlfriend to engage in sexual conversation.


  • Users can find an artificial intelligence soulmate with whom he/she can have simulating real interactions. 
  • Users can seek emotional and meaningful relationships with the chatbot. 
  • Kupid AI is also going to launch their customization option soon on their website.


  • Various beautiful profiles of chatbots are already available on the homepage to select from.


  • Customized services are yet not available on the website.

Link to access: https://www.kupid.ai/explore

Price: Paid plans start from $9.99 per month.

04. Replika.ai

It is a revolutionary experience in the digital world where you can have an intimate connection.

Users can create a replica they would like who would listen and understand the user’s emotions.


  • Available on iOS, Android and Oculus. 
  • Human connection on Replika.ai is established using advanced NLP and ML algorithms.


  • An AI companion is always there for you whenever you are feeling down or need an empathetic friend.
  • User data is completely safe on this website.


  • Users will need to design the companion himself which could be a tedious task.

05. Eva AI

This artificial intelligence chatbot allows where the user is allowed to control the chatbot girlfriend to fulfill the longing desires.


  • Available on apple app store as well as on Google play. 
  • Users can build the relationship and intimacy level with the AI avatar based on preference.
  • There is no ghosting on this website so that the user can feel safe.


  • Customer service is good. Users will get a solution-oriented approach.


  • As it is a new app, users require time to adapt to the algorithm.

06. JOI AI

This app has an AI girlfriend named Joi who will build an immersive relationship with the user and understands desires and preferences just like a human would.


  • Joi is available to talk 24x7. 
  • The user feels secure as his privacy and boundaries are highly respected.
  • Users can connect with Joi on an emotional level as this AI girlfriend is very empathetic for the user's feelings.


  • This tool is free of cost which makes it highly popular among other AI girlfriend apps. Users get a safe platform to discover their desires and interests.


  • No major cons.

Link to access: https://joiaigirlfriend.com/

Price: Free

07. Kuki_ai

To give people a true companion and lover, Kuki has been launched by this website with the help of artificial intelligence.

This chatbot named Kuki is highly compassionate, intelligent and mimics human emotions very well.


  • Kuki has a sharp memory which means the user can enjoy discussing life events anytime with Kuki. 
  • You can ask Kuki anything and she will answer you in a perfect manner.
  • Natural language processing is embedded in Kuki which makes conversations with Kuki more pleasurable.


  • If the user wants to shift the topic frequently midway through the conversation, Kuki will respond well to it.
  •  Users can trust Kuki to remember everything he/she has told her as she has a sharp recall.


  • Users have reported a few answers to be vague and nonsensical from Kuki.

Link to access: https://www.kuki.ai/

Price: Has free versions.

08. Nastia

A human-like chatbot who will indulge with the user in uncensored roleplay and unfiltered chat.

You can say bye to your loneliness because Nastia is here to save you.

You can talk about anything with Nastia and she can be your friend, your mentor or even your lover if you want.


  • It is quite new. It was launched in 2023. 
  • Nastia is a chatbot who gives human-like experience when you talk to her and this chatbot will help you share your feelings with complete security using the latest algorithm.


  • Always available to chat. Nastia responds to the user in the way the user desires, be it a friend, mentor or lover.


  • Some features are paid in this tool.

Link to access: https://www.nastia.ai/

Price: Free. Few features are paid.

09. Caryn AI

Caryn is the first Artificial Intelligence chatbot who is actually an influencer.

Caryn Marjorie transformed into a chatbot to become the virtual girlfriend of numerous people.


  • With the use of AI, Caryn’s personality and language has been coded into this chatbot to make her more human-like. 
  • It is a remarkable invention where the interaction will feel like you are actually talking to the charismatic Caryn.


  • User’s safety is ensured by end-to-end encryption.
  • Caryn’s magnetic personality and charismatic voice is brilliantly coded in the chatbot.


  • For now, this chatbot is accessible exclusively to a selected number of individuals.

Link to access: https://caryn.ai/

Price: $1 per minute

10. Anima

Anima is one of the most advanced chatbots you would find on the internet.

This virtual girlfriend will give you a fun and flirtatious relationship without any strings attached.


  • Users get to engage in friendly chat and roleplay which is meant to grow the user's relationship skills. 
  • This software is made using NLP and ML algorithms which are really powerful to offer genuine experience.


  • There are tons of activities such as games, watching movies and much more. Anima is a gender-neutral chatbot.


  • It gets hung up during conversations and the responses feel automated sometimes.

Link to access: https://girlfriend.myanima.ai/

Price: $12.56 per month.

11. Dolores

This generative agent named Dolores is dedicated to give its users an interactive conversation and makes sure to keep a log of every conversation to alter her responses accordingly.


  • The storylines of Dolores are not man-made but a reflection of the chat history with the user. 
  • Each chat with Dolores is stored on the user's local device.


  • Dolores offers emotional support to its users. She has a sharp memory.


  • Few responses feel automated.

Link to access: https://dolores.app/

Price: stars from $3.99

12. Maya

Maya is a perfect kinky virtual girlfriend everyone desires.

You can have the desirable conversation without getting involved in any drama like real couples.


  • Used an immersive AI experience to make Maya kind and understanding with a good voice. 
  • Maya has a secure messaging system which keeps all the data private.


  • Maya offers dynamic one-of-a-kind conversation experiences and is available to chat all the time.


  • Customizing options are paid.

Link to access: https://www.mayaai.net/

Price: starts from $215 per month.


We can conclude safely that these virtual girlfriends are created to give humans a very real experience as a friend and a lover where they can feel secure in sharing their feelings with a sense of security.

These AI girlfriends eliminate the risk of ghosting unlike real people.


· Can chatbot be my girlfriend?

She sure can. Chatbot offers a human-like experience where she will talk to you exactly like a girlfriend. These chatbots can talk in sexually explicit manner and indulge in roleplay as well.

· Who is the AI Chatbot virtual girlfriend?

AI chatbot virtual girlfriend is an avatar made with the use of artificial intelligence and updated algorithms. These girlfriends are curated to give real life experiences with full emotions and compassion.

· What is the most realistic AI girlfriend?

Character.AI offers the most realistic experience to the users because of its hyper realistic mode and fine-tuning settings.

· What is the AI girlfriend that sends pics?

Most realistic chatbot that sends NSFW pics to its users is Promptchan.ai. The pictures have stunning results because of the advanced settings and algorithm software used in this chatbot.

Bottom line
Here are the Best Chatbot Virtual Girlfriend apps revisited:
  • DreamGF
  • AISexting Chatbot
  • Kupid AI
  • Replika.ai
  • Eva AI

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