Top 10 Big Penis Problems (2020) – Review & Comparisons

Almost every guy dreams of having a large penis, at least larger than what they already have.

We fail to understand why there is a fuss about having a large penis , but maybe that’s how the world works.

The larger the penis, the better the sexual experience.

Women often go through a lot of plastic surgeries to get bigger breasts, lips or  butts like Kim Kardashian.

However, many people cannot afford plastic surgeries.. For men, the one part they would definitely like to enhance, is their penis.

It is true that some men do undergo plastic surgery for a nicer butt, but the most popular one is penis enhancement.

big dick porn

If you are an ardent fan of porn, then you would know how difficult it is to not pay attention to those long and thick dicks. It seems like male pornstars get the chance to fuck some fine-looking women just because they have a nice cock.

Do you remember seeing those annoying pop-up ads, which promote penis enhancement pills? Obviously they are made to manipulate you but yes, many men do click on such ads to give it a shot.

The ads look incredibly appealing, and we can wonder how many of you have already clicked on those ads, to see whether those supplements would help you enhance the size of your dicks. Don’t worry, you are not the only one who has thought about getting penis enlargement.

Just like you, there are many men who talk to their surgeons about penis enlargement. 

There are many reasons why men would like to opt for penis enlargement surgeries. Some want to enhance the appearance of their penis, while others are not happy with the size and would like to have a longer penis that will satisfy their partner sexually in the bedroom.

But what about these men who are interested in penis enlargement fail to understand are the problems that a man with a naturally long penis has to go through daily. Yep, you heard it right!

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Those who have a long penis might be able to fuck someone better, but do you know that they go through a lot of problems when it comes to maintaining them? Sounds bizarre, but that’s the truth! 

You might find this amusing because people with big dicks do get to engage in better sexual intercourse but maintaining it is no joke either!

A taller person will usually have a penis, which is larger in size. Even though some short-heightened men also said to have a longer penis, but longer penises are more common in males with taller height, and it is perfectly normal for them to have a longer penis.

Once those trousers go off, the woman will have the time of her life.. Reports do say that women love men with massive dicks because longer dongs help them achieve better and more frequent orgasms. With longer dicks, women can get multiple orgasms, and that is of course better.

However, some of them say that they feel scared of longer and thicker dicks because long dongs may hurt them while having sex. Nevertheless, having longer dicks is both a curse and a blessing. Today, we are going to list out the top ten big dick problems that men suffer.

Go through their daily struggle and read about how they manage to get over them. If you feel that some of the problems are common with you, then you may want to get some tips as well.

The list that we have prepared for you will talk about the issues, and with each problem, we will share a solution as well. Go through all of them and do read the answer as well to know what can be done if you are also going through similar problems. Let’s start.

#1 Oral Sex Can Become a Nightmare


Here’s the thing. You know you love to watch oral sex scenes on different porn sites, but how about getting one from your partner?

A dick, which is too long and thick, will be hard to get inside the mouth. Unless your partner, whether male or female, has a wide mouth, we are sure your partner is going to find it challenging to put your dick inside their mouth and start sucking it.  

A human mouth can open to a limit only. So, men with big dicks might not get the oral satisfaction they would have dreamed about countless times. On the other hand, men with an average size dick must feel satisfied because this is something where the average size dicks win.


Unfortunately, other than masturbating while watching some excellent oral sex videos, or finding a partner with a really wide mouth, you don’t have a lot of options left. We know that it is a hard truth, but that’s what it is.

#2 Your Penis Might Hang Down Into the Toilet Water! Yikes!

toilet water

If you have a large penis and you have been to one of those toilets, where the toilet bowl is small, you will understand  this problem. This one is nothing but a real pain in the ass. You do your thing, and you clean yourself.

You start tidying up, and when you try to hold your thing to put it inside your underwear, it just drops into the toilet water! What a mess! Well, we can only imagine how frustrating the feeling might be.

All you wanted to do is pee or poo, but you ended up giving a shower to your cock in the dirty toilet water.


Yet again, we don’t have any solution for you. Try to avoid public toilets if you see that the toilet bowl is small because it is a matter of hygiene and at home, purchase a lavatory with a taller vase. This will let you do your thing easily.

#3 Say Goodbye to a Few of the Sexual Positions

sex positions

Sex is a necessity, and with an increasing number of porn content readily available on the internet, we all feel tempted to try some of the positions. Let’s accept it, some adult scenes are tempting and who wouldn’t want to make their sex life a bit interesting.

Also, there is nothing wrong with trying a few poses! However, there are a few sex positions that are way out of your league if you have a large penis. For example, the Big D.

If you would still like to give it a try, then our suggestion is to be a little gentle, else your partner will feel uncomfortable. The other thing that you can do is ask the lady to set the pace, and everything should go according to plan.


The only solution we have for you here is as GENTLE as possible. You know you have a longer dick, so go slow. Insert your dick, and don’t start pounding right away. If your partner asks you to go slow, then you must slow down. Just listen to them and have exceptional sex.

#4 Masturbating with Both Hands

sex positions

Masturbation is an essential part of a man’s life. It feels so good when you touch yourself and you finally cum while watching a hardcore porn scene. For those who have a big dick, you might have to use both of your hands to cum.

Well, some people say that double hand masturbation feels fantastic, but it does consume more energy. Believe it or not, people who use both hands need more power and effort to reach the climax.


Some may argue to this, but if you want to masturbate, then you need to  make your arms stronger. If you  need both hands  to feel satisfied, go hit the gym and lift some weights!

#5 Tight Jeans Could Create a Problem

sex positions

Tight and skinny jeans are in fashion, and men do carry the risk of getting a boner any time of the day.

We know that when a man gets a boner, his penis needs room to erect properly. In case the penis fails to find the right place, the person receiving a boner might feel uncomfortable. A hard-on means displaying genitals in front of everyone.

Winter season is the best time for your penis to get a hard-on repeatedly and unexpectedly.. Unexpected erections are worse for people with big dicks because there might be no room for an erection!  

A pair of tight jeans might show the outline of their dick , which admittedly is not a very good sight.


The best way to keep your penis comfortable when you get a hard-on in some unwanted places is to wear boxers instead of tight underwear beneath your skinny jeans. Boxers are airy, and they are spacious. Even if you get a hard-on, your penis will be in good shape and won’t make it feel uncomfortable.

#6 Some Women May Refuse Sex

sex positions

Most of the men are born with average length penises, and then there are these men who are born with gigantic penises. Even though penises are not meant to hurt a woman’s vagina, some women may scream in pain when the penis is above the standard size.

Some women might tell you upfront that they are not comfortable with a big dick inside them because they are scared about getting hurt.. Now that may become a problem for you if many women refuse to have sex with you.

You know you are getting horny, but then your mate might not be ready!


Taking sexual intercourse slow is the key here. Think about the first time you had sex with a virgin. She had a tight pussy, so what you did was you went slowly so that she can get used to the new thing getting inside. Similarly, here you need to allow the woman to get familiar with the size of your dick.

#7 Trouble with Buying Trousers

sex positions

Those who love wearing jeans might have to say goodbye to skinny and tight jeans.

Buying jeans can be a real nightmare for those with long cocks. If you are not bothered about showing the world your long and thick cock from outside, then be it, feel free to wear anything.

But, if you are concerned, then skinny or slim-fit jeans are a big no because these jeans will show your assets clearly. Those of you who have always wanted to wear skinny jeans might still get a chance to wear them if you tailor makes them.


Instead of skinny or slim-fit jeans, why don’t you move to baggy or loose fit jeans?These jeans look super cool as well, and you will never have to worry about your cock showing. And on top of everything, you can also custom-make your trousers or pair of denim as well, that will allow you to keep your thing intact in one place.

#8 Buying Condoms of Your Size

sex positions

This one is probably the biggest challenges for anyone with a massive cock. The condoms that you get to buy over the counter or the ones that you see on the internet are usually meant for an average size dick.

But there are men with massive dicks, and buying condoms for a larger penis can become an issue. Buying smaller condoms for a larger cock makes no sense, and neither it will fulfill the purpose.

The ring towards the end will choke your chicken, and that’s not an excellent feeling whatsoever. Only a few brands provide extra large condoms, so you cannot be picky about the same.


As we said, some brands sell larger size condoms, hence, you’ll have to  buy condoms which will fit you appropriately. The brands that you can go for are Durex Maximum Love or the Lifestyle SKYN Large. Unfortunately, you can’t expect to find a lot of extra-large size condoms in the market, and the best way to go about it is to speak to the seller. The more full condoms you buy, the better it is going to be for you.

#9 Swimming Pools Can be an Uneasy Affair

sex positions

Imagine your dick being at display when you exit a swimming pool, wearing nothing but swimming trunks, which stick to your body after they get wet. My, my, some might enjoy the free porn show. However, for others, it could be quite intimidating.

On top of everything, imagine how would you feel when your dick gets showcased when you least expect it to get displayed. Not a good feeling, though. No matter what type of material you buy for the swimsuit, if you get wet, your penis is bound to be highlighted.


Unfortunately, there is not a lot that can be done here, besides not taking a bath in public swimming pools at all. We will recommend you to take a shower at your private swimming pool or your bathroom and come to the public swimming pool to have fun with your friends. However, swimming in an open pool with your buddies might not be a good idea.

#10 Sitting on Your Cock

sex positions

The last problem is probably the worst one.. Imagine chatting with your friends. You try to relax, and some cute ladies are roaming around the corner,trying to talk to you. You take the opportunity to speak to one of them, you grab a stool to sit on it and CRUNCH!

Gosh, such a sad feeling. Of course, no one will know that you are in an extremely difficult situation, but you know deep down that you have hurt your penis very bad.

The pain will be there for a few minutes, and will eventually fade away, but even those few minutes of pain can be extremely excruciating. You might also need to take a trip to the restroom.


The best way to deal with such situations is to wear comfortable underwear. There are undergarments available in the market that is mainly designed for a longer penis. Wear a properly fitting underwear that will keep your dick in place. If not, then tight-fitting briefs can also be a good alternative.

These are the top ten issues any man with a larger penis will go through. It is understood that having a large penis can be a blessing for many because, as per the general perception, most of us think that having a big penis would mean better sex and better satisfaction.

However, what these people fail to see are the issues that these larger dick men can go through.

We have listed the most common problems that any man with more massive dick would face, but what you can do to ensure that you feel comfortable with your body is first to accept that you have a gigantic dick.

Unless you don’t accept your penis, you won’t be able to feel good about yourself. If you can’t fit your penis into your regular size underwear, then it would be better to buy underwear that is specially designed for bigger penises. There is such underwear available in the market.

If you are too shy to buy them from a physical store, then you can do some research online and place an order online.

For those who would like to have a better sexual experience and are scared that their partner might not feel too inclined to have sex with you, you should instead be open about your penis size.

Tell your partner, whether male or female, that you have a bigger penis and the more honest you will be about yourself, the better intercourse you are going to have. Along with everything, ensure that you are going slow.

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You wouldn’t want to hurt your partner by banging him or her hard, so always go slow. Let their private parts get used to your long dick, and once the vagina gets adjusted to your penis, you will be able to have satisfying and better sex.

Finally, don’t feel bad that you won’t be able to try a few sexual poses because there are many sexual poses out here to work. If your partner doesn’t feel comfortable with a 69 pose, then they might love the doggy style pose.

You may never know which sexual position could be the one giving her an orgasm. So, keep exploring, but be prepared that there could be a few positions that your partner might like, and you may not be able to give her or him that. So, be open and honest.

It is alright to have a larger penis, get used to it, and accept that. The sooner you accept your bigger penis, the better it will be. There are so many men out there who dream of having a longer penis, and they even go for surgery as well to have a longer dick.

At least you are blessed by birth, trust us, you can satisfy your woman way better than a man with an average size penis.

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