Top 5 Best Wand Vibrators (2020) – Review & Comparisons

While it is a boon to have a partner to achieve all your wet dreams; for the times that you are alone on a weekend or being single for quite some time to resist the special kind of pleasure anymore, sex toys are a blessing.

Wand vibrators have emerged as the most superior kind of sex toy in the last five decades that are available in the market.

They are of immense help when you are looking for some rough, hot and wild clit stimulation.

Wands are easy to hold and are of immense help when it comes to giving you the ultimate orgasm ever and not letting your clitoris escape the powerful vibrations. 

For those who have not experimented with sex toys before, a wand vibrator resembles a microphone, along with a handle and round vibrating ball attached to it, which helps you achieve satisfying and focused vibrations around and inside your clitoris.

The vibrating ball and handle are quite flexible, so it bends and flexes pretty well with your body movements.

Lovehoney Mini Magic wand vibrator

Having a rechargeable battery-powered vibrator is your best bet since they can even be used to massage your own body after a tiring day and also because a cordless wand vibrator is easy to handle.

Excited about the possibilities that a wand vibrator helps you achieve and the pleasure you would derive from it, or thinking to buy one now?

Look no further than this article where we have specially curated the world’s top 5 best wand vibrators that will not only help you achieve the ultimate wet dream, but also help you relax and unwind. Read on to find out more.

1. Magic Wand Massager by Vibratex 

When it comes to wand vibrators, one name that has an instant recall and considered by many to be the OG of wand-like vibrators in the market is the Magic Wand Massager with Free Wand Essentials Speed Controller by the electronics giant, Hitachi.

Hitachi’s iconic product was the first one to put wand vibrators on the consumer map, and followed rightfully with a lot of demand from customers, which took the market by storm.

Made of hard vinyl and plastic, it weighs about 1.4 pounds.

Although the wand has two speeds, the speed controller that comes along with the magic wand vibrator enables you to increase the speed upto a maximum high of 6000 rpm, while the lowest is 5000 rpm.

In our opinion, if you go from a slower vibration to a more intense vibration when using it to pleasure yourself, that would be the ideal way to enjoy this ‘truly magical’ device. 

The device is renowned as the ‘King of Vibrators’ across the world. This device has enjoyed much fanfare and noise in the media as well, earning accolades from all quarters. Vibratex manufactures the product, which is the official distributor of the product rather than Hitachi itself.

The head of this wand vibrator is about 2.5 inches soft with a bendable neck, which enables you to pleasure yourself effortlessly.

On Amazon, the device will cost you about $64.97 along with added shipping charges.

  • Product dimensions - 12.5 x 2.5 x 2 inches
  • Requires 2 lithium batteries to operate
  • Hitachi’s best-selling product for over 40 years now
  • Head of the device is made of silicone
  • Includes heavy-duty motor with 2 varying speeds
  • Cordless design
  • It comes with a charger
  • Some users have complained of overheating
  • Some users have complained that it’s really noisy
  • Fake products being sold in the market

2. Lovehoney Metallic Classic Plug-in Massage Wand Vibrator  

A bit of self-love never hurts anybody, doesn’t it? To look after one’s own self, your own desires, is a powerful tool of self-expression.

If you are a fan of sex toys that provides more than just plain, vanilla happiness and are looking for a vibrator that gives you more intense pleasure and leaves you gasping for more, then the Lovehoney Metallic Classic Plug-in Massage Wand Vibrator is the perfect product for you.

What makes it different from other wand vibrators in its category is the fact that it is probably amongst the best designed and cutest (if we might dare say it!) vibrators we have sampled till now.

The new product is a modern version of the very popular Lovehoney Classic Wand, which has been a bestseller in its own right.

The product has scroll-wheel control, which means that you can change the vibration speeds quickly, without  any need to press  annoying buttons, which honestly saves you a lot of time as well as hassle. 

Unlike the other products, the designers have laid much emphasis on a blissful experience from start to finish, given how gorgeous their user interface is.

While the classic Lovehoney wand had a head made out of PVC, it has now been discarded and replaced with silicone, so you know that the product designers are actually listening to the customers.

Since the device works on direct electricity, it should not get wet and the only way you should clean it, is by a body-safe sterile wipe followed by a slightly wet, damp cloth.

The Lovehoney metallic wand is the perfect way to achieve that naughty foreplay before a full-blown session or even the times when you feel lonely and would want to pleasure yourself to a fulfilling orgasm on a cozy Saturday night.

The product is available on almost all major e-tail stores across the US, but if you buy it from the official website of the manufacturer, i.e. - Lovehoney, you can get it for 49.99 euros, which is quite a decent deal.

  • It has a circumference of 7.5 inches
  • In terms of length, it measures about 13 inches
  • The head is made of silicone
  • Flexibility – Firm
  • It is mains powered (yes, UK type)
  • Has a 1-year guarantee
  • Great user interface
  • Appealing and colorful design
  • No annoying buttons
  • Multiple speeds and intensity level
  • Strength and vibrations are similar to some of the best wand vibrators out there
  • A bit noisy
  • Since its mains-powered, it cannot be washed

3. Doxy Massager 

Probably the best wand vibrator in today’s list, Doxy Massager has taken the world of sex toys a notch above the standard practices.

Launched just about 6 years ago in 2013, the Doxy massager comes coupled with a cord, which can reach speeds upto 9,000 RPMs and claims to be 30% more powerful than the Hitachi magic wand.

Its head is made of PVC material unlike the aforementioned products on this list, which come with a head made out of silicone.

The PVC head is free of latex and phthalates and thereby, sensitive-skin friendly as well.

Interestingly, the product comes in 4 different color variants, namely – black, white, pink and purple, so you have a lot of choice in terms of what suits you the best, color wise.

The cord is about 3 meters long, and gives you a lot of options and you would not have to worry if the wall or socket is nearer to your bed, sofa or even your dining table, if that is where you would want to play with it! (Wink, wink!)

Doxy’s wand massager is good both for clitoral or perineal stimulation or even to cure issues in your back or any other muscle in the body.

The device will cost you about $135 plus shipping charges if you order it from Amazon. What is even more interesting is that if you order the product from their official website, you would not just get free delivery but also a 12-month warranty period.

  • The head is made up of PVC, which offers smooth, fuss-free stimulation and help you achieve an amazing orgasm.
  • The product is available in 4 different color variants.
  • A 3-meter long cord, which makes it easy to achieve anywhere, anytime stimulation.
  • Designed, assembled and manufactured in the United Kingdom, so you get the assurance of top-class English design and manufacturing.
  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 4 x 3 inches.
  • Looks pretty good, the design is quite amazing and looks straight out of an Apple design book.
  • Softer and cushier head as compared to the Hitachi/Vibratex Magic Wand.
  • Smooth and easy to clean.
  • Free from Phthalate and latex.
  • A super-long cord, which is about 3 meters long.
  • Multiple setting options, that give you the option to go harder or slower, depending on your mood and taste.
  • Longer than the Hitachi magic wand, which makes it difficult to handle when you are being stimulated or indulging in intimate play with a partner.
  • When the speed is slower, the vibrations are concentrated more on the head of this device, causing a lot of pain and issues in your hands and wrists.
  • The Doxy massager tends to overheat quickly, hence it can be used for 15-20 mins max.
  • Three times costlier than the Hitachi magic wand vibrator, pushing it a bit on the expensive side.
  • Some users have complained that the product did not even work when they received it.

4. Oh Moji Rechargeable Mini Wand 

If you are bored of plain-looking, vintage style wand vibrators and want to experiment a bit, one wand vibrator device that you must think about giving a shot is the Oh Moji Rechargeable Mini Wand.

This cute little device is more suitable for you if you want to relive your teenage, when you had just been introduced to the world of sex, pleasure, and intimacy.

The head of this wand resembles that of a heart-eyed emoji. Launched by the generous folks at Lovehoney, who are also the company behind the classic plug-in based wand vibrator, it is available in about three different emoji face variants.

The description of each of the faces on the Lovehoney site is quite heartening as well, and reads something like this:

  • Heart eyes - a simple way of saying ‘I love you’ 
  • Kisses - a flirting emoji and a romantic way of saying goodbye.
  • Tongue out - a fun way of denoting “thirst”

Since emojis have now become the de-facto forms of expressing desire and love in this generation of Snapchat and Instagram, trying out something silly yet adorable as this is surely not a bad idea after all! Available on Lovehoney for about $39.99.

  • USB rechargeable
  • The Oh Moji rechargeable mini wand has 11 setting options
  • Can be carried along while traveling
  • Clean with a little water-based lube
  • Pocket-sized and hence can be carried along
  • Flat, removable silicone
  • Comes with USB charger
  • Some users might find the design of the device silly and irritating.
  • No instructions included in the packaging for charging of batteries.

5. LELO GIGI 2 Luxury Personal Massager 

A large number of women complain about the fact that their vibrators or even any other sex toy for that matter do not help them achieve their orgasm to the fullest.

What I mean by this is that the women often find it difficult to get their hands on a product that not just works well on the clit, but is equally good in arousing them, when they stimulate their G-spot with it.

If the aforementioned situation is something you’ve come across multiple times while trying to pleasure yourself and are not really satisfied with what the currently existing products have to offer, the LELO Gigi 2 massager might just be the product you would ever need to achieve crazy levels of orgasms even as you stimulate through and caress your G-spot.

Unlike other vibrators, this one comes with a curved body that helps you hit all the right places.

In a wellness expert’s own words, the LELO Gigi 2 is the epitome of discreet, both in terms of size as well as in terms of sound.

  • Comes in simple packaging which looks minimalistic yet beautiful
  • Accompanied by a charger in the packaging box
  • Contains a satin storage pouch as well
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 8 x 2 inches ; 8 ounces
  • Costs about $103 at its highest price
  • Easy to use buttons
  • Silicone head
  • Is silent mostly
  • Has a curved shape and body which makes it easy to use when stimulating the G-spot
  • If reports are to be believed, the device is more powerful than most of the devices while users differ from the reports.
  • A little uncomfortable during insertion as per some users
  • Poor battery life
  • The small size of the device can be

Final Words

The aforementioned five wand-shaped vibrators have gained quite a lot of popularity in the last few years among consumers.

These devices help you achieve different types of orgasms and are quick fix for all kinds of moods. They can be put to good use on the bed, in the kitchen or on the dining table, whatever be your fancy.

Even though most of these devices and sex toys are designed for times when you are all alone, it should not really stop you from experimenting with your partner on a vacay, or while hooking up or just when you simply want to add some more spice to your sex life.

Since the price of a few of these devices are a bit on the higher side, it is important that you set a budget according to which you can buy the product that best fits your needs.

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