Top 13 Best Sexting Apps for nudes (2022)

Who doesnt love sexting or nude apps , right?

Just like you even i was looking for best sexting apps or nude video call apps and hence i made this comprehensive list.

Social media applications have changed our lives to an extent we can’t even imagine anymore.

Sexting, nudes app and hookup apps are dominating the market. 

An entire world is available on these applications under one roof which lets you share photos, videos, make phone calls, chat and in some case also book a hotel room on the social media app only.

But the real fact is that we only love them for one purpose, and that is my friend sexting.

Sexting, sexting, sexting, and a lot of it. Install our recommended apps for nudes. Get nudes, trade nudes, nude video chat app and so much more. As much as we can get, could be from our dear one, or from our dear one.

Nude Apps: Best Sexting Apps for Nudes (2022) : nude video call app

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Since the girls are also horny here, so the interests are aligned and you dont have to waste time in general chit chat and getting to know each other.


If you are in a hurry and looking for a one stop solution for your sexting needs and want to keep your penis healthy by ejaculating in a girls pussy instead of socks or tissues then you surely have to try this app. Your search for nude video app ends with adultfrienddinder.

Adult Friend Finder allows you to create a profile by submitting only some basic details. As a result, you can skip the details that you are not interested in filling. Therefore, you can easily hide your identity while sexting with the members of this site. 


  • 100% horny real girls
  • Millions of users, so you never run out of profiles
  • Trusted brand
  •  A great app to trade nudes.


  • App not listed on app store, you have to manually install it
  • Your penis will get tired of fucking 😀

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  • 100% real girls
  • Strong privacy
  • Easy to use
  • Good for sexting, hooking up


  • You’ll get addictive to sexting here

#3. Snapchat 

The name speaks for itself really well, snap a meaning photo and chat is to share texts. Snapchat is one of the most viral apps that ever graced the app stores.

In no-time, the application became as one of the “must have” app for all teenagers. The biggest reason was that of its simplicity.

My favorite pornstars and camgirls are also selling their premium snapchat subscription, you must check our article on the list of hottest girls. Premium snapchat comes on top for the nude girls app.


It's probably one of the hottest application which is available for sexting at present. There are numerous features which are offered by this application including filters, photo sharing video chats, calls chats and more, but that is not what we’re here for.

All the content uploaded on Snapchat disappears after sometime. This makes it a cool app for sexters as well but the users can still take a snapshot of your nudes. 

Therefore, we recommend you to be careful while exchanging dirty messages and nudes while sexting irrespective of the app that you are using.

However, Snapchat lets you know if someone takes a screenshot of your profile or messages through a notification and you can block that person immediately. 

Snapchat is known for it sexting addiction the most among the teens and adults. Other than sharing boring photos with your friends, this one application is quite handy in the old erotic department too.

  • All you have to do is just select your sextee (the person you want to chat with), send them a message with a simple greeting, once the other user is ready, its time to commence sexting.

There are some amazing features in which you can send saucy content on Snapchat.

  • Regular chat messages: You can begin sexting in a conventional way of chatting. Once both the users leave the chat, the chat gets removed automatically. In case anyone of them saves it, it remains saved for both the parties.
  • Sexting Pictures: Share the photo by capturing one with the help of round button on the bottom center of the app. Edit the pic on the go and share it right away.
  • Send Photos from Gallery: Photos which are already saved on your smartphone can also be shared with one click on Snapchat.
  • Send Videos: You can send it a 10-second video of yours with all that you want in it to your dear one.
  • Live Chat: The new feature available on the Snapchat allows you to Live chat with someone if they are online on Snapchat. Just hold down the blue button and voila it begins.

Spice it Up a Little

Before you proceed, note that everyone who has your number can Snapchat you, hence change your settings immediately. Share juicy erotic photos and videos with a timer of up to 10 seconds, after which the files will automatically be removed from everywhere.

If they capture a screenshot, the snapchat will update you about it as well. In Snapchat, your sexting photos and videos are in real-life and are then ‘lost’, making the experience even hotter. Essentially because you’re always leaving your sexting partner waiting for more of them.


  • Temporary pictures which remain for a few seconds only
  • Strong privacy
  • Amazing Filters
  • Minimalistic Interface
  • An easy way to connect
  • Carefree sexting


  • Insane filter craze

#4. KIK

There was a time when KIK was promoted by the Kardashians, and that was the only moment when I came to know about this application. Which certainly shares where my interests with you.

This popular sexting application has been there in the market for long before than any other application.

It was once Blackberry’s messaging service, however today it’s a standalone chat platform which lets you send texts without even using a phone number.

you must also check our article on kik nudes accounts for amazing free sexting with hot girls. Kik is very popular for nude video chat app. 


As far as the uniqueness is concerned, KIK lets you chat anonymously with people from all over the world. Just share your KIK ID and voila the chat begins. The best part is that it has amazing sex chats groups where 50 folks can join at a time.

Hence in you’re planning your next sext party or orgy, it is the app for you. Kik became such a mainstream sexting stage for all the people around the globe, that even today no other application stands synonymous to it in terms of features and sexting.

You'll discover an entire mess of cleavage, masturbation vids and loads of tweets like, "Feeling horny and offering nudes". If anybody asks you the question, wanna Kik, its an indication that they want to sext.

Kiks is one of the safest apps for sexting because you can create a Kik account with just a username. Therefore, there is no way for someone to find out your real identity and you can easily trade the free nude pictures you get on Google in exchange for real nudes! 

However, this also means that you could be sexting a minor. Therefore, it is better to sext only with those people who can be trusted.

What’s Spicy?

There are a number of amazing features which you can take advantage of on Kik messenger.

  • BLOCK MESSAGES EASILY - You can bloack any person whom you want to in Kik with just one click.
  • WISE CHOICE OF EMOJIS & GIFS - Show your erotic side with hot GIFs from Kik
  • UNIQUE KIK CODES -  Connect with the people you know by searching them directly
  • UNLIMITED MESSAGING - No limit to messaging whatsoever
  • SUPPORTS GROUP CHATS - There are numerous groups available on Kik Messenger which are always ready with some erotic stuff all the time. Make your own group of up to 50 people instantly.


  • Simple to use
  • Private chat sessions for your stimulating sessions
  • Make or join groups
  • Wide user base to connect with strangers


  • If you can sext with them, they can do the same anytime
  • Crammed up today

#5. Tinder

There’s no denying the fact that no phone sexting apps rundown would be over without Tinder. Tinder is one of the most prominent applications for anyone who’s living in a dating hole. The most popular nude chat app is tinder.

Tinder is perfectly suited for someone looking for long ranger interpersonal communication, chatting with new dates and essentially getting laid.

The best part about Tinder is that it evacuates the confusion of creating a dating profile by picking up the necessary data from your Facebook page.

As soon as you begin, a list of users starts appearing on your phone screen and all you have to do is just swipe left for those you don’t care about, and swipe right for the ones you find ideal.


Only if the other user also swipes for you, you receive a notification. This spares the humiliation to a great extent. As soon as the chat begins, you can either instantly begin sexting or can either set up a date as well.

Tinder is a cool app to sext because it not only enables you to register with basic information about yourself but you can just unmatch with a member if you don’t want to send or receive messages from him/her anymore. 

How to Spice Up on Tinder?

There are 3 features which make Tinder as the 3rd Best sexting app out there.

  • Know the nearby people- Only the ones nearby to you and are using Tinder will show up on the application.
  • Private chat session- As soon as they also swipe right, the chat sessions begin immediately which are absolutely private.
  • Know the interests of the person you’re interested in before meeting them in person.


  • Countless adventures
  • Make good friends
  • It’s fun
  • You may fall for someone


  • Not everyone fits for you
  • You may find Weirdos

#6. Wickr

Sexting on Wickr is not like any other regular application out there.

Wickr has its own private world which is way more secure than any other application and the app has been used by celebrities across the world because of its amazing features.

All those who want to communicate in private, secure digital environment and with to skip from the regular online dating route. It is time that you straight away download Wickr.

The application is best known for its trusted transmission of the information and ensure that you have full control over all your messages, files, photos, and videos which you share.


Either you’re in a group or in a one to one communication, every single text is encrypted with a unique key and you can control who sees it along with the time limit it should be live.  

The best part about Wickr is that just like Kik, this application also doesn’t require any sort of personal information including phone number and Email ID.

Wickr is one of the better sexting apps out there because it ensures complete privacy while messages are being exchanged between two users. As a result, a third sleazy person cannot decipher the videos, pictures, and texts traded between you and your boo. 

How Wickr takes Sexting to Next Level?

There are three big reasons which make Wickr the most secure choice. First, you can send self-destructing messages and the messages will be removed as soon as the timer will run out. Second, the application does not store your personal data at all on its servers or anywhere else.

Third and the last reason is that ones the messages are shared, no one can decrypt them ever.


  • Self-Destructive Messages
  • No personal data storage
  • Messages are always decrypted
  • Can find other users securely


  • Small user base

#7. Facetime

You can use Facetime for sexting as well as it allows you to send high resolution photos to your loved ones without any issues.

Moreover, it has a sleek and beautiful interface that will add that little bit of flutter to your kinky imagination.

Well, not many people are aware of the fact that Facetime is also one of the most amazing phone application out there which can let you sex chat on the click of a button.


Well, it is time for you to add Facetime to your list for the next time you choose a Sexting app for any reason. Many people around the world feel that Facetime is the new Skype.

This application makes it easier for people to connect with their sweetie for some face to face time.

The one and amazing standout feature offered by Facetime is Lovehoney, which is actually designed as a selfie stick which lives streams the images inside your pussy to your love’s eyeballs. Sounds scary? Well, it’s the kinkiest thing you can use out there.

Lick it with Facetime

Facetime allows you to see the other person trough videos. The selfie stick Lovehoney features is the most amazing thing you can find out there and lets you view the inside of your dear ones’ pussy. The best part is that it's not that complicated and is fairly easy to use.


  • Facetime selfie for internal viewing of the pussy
  • Videos chat
  • Easy to use amazing features


  • Consumes huge amount of data
  • Users may need an extra data plan and more storage

#8. Confide

Imagine if a special agency from one of the most powerful nations could track all your personal text messages and communications, what would happen? Sounds scary right?

Well, this particular fact ignited strong interest among the individuals and business professionals for additional security.


Confide is the one single application which aims to go beyond all in terms of sending secure messages.

Confide is the most unique offering available in the market for free. It doesn’t allow you to share messages in the classic threaded format like most of the instant messengers, however, is a good tool for quickly confiding in the people you trust.

Both the sender and receiver have to install the application to use its services. Reading messages on Confide is actually a completely different experience, to read any sort of text message, which appears as an unread series of orange rectangles.

Just like the ones shared in government documents. Confide is an ideal app for sexting because it makes the screenshot look greyish when someone attempts to save your nudes or sexts with the help of a screenshot. 

For reading the text, just draw your thumb down the screen, which reveals the corresponding lines of the text. After this, the block covers the text which you’ve read and turns it grey. Once the message is read, its shattered, meaning the text is deleted.

Confide is also among the best app for nudes.

Some State-of-the-Art Features Offered by Confide

  • Absolutely encrypted texts- The messenger uses industry-standard end-to-end encryption to keep all your messages safe and to ensure they can only be read by the intended recipients.
  • Ephemeral – Once the messages are read they disappear automatically, making them as private and secure as the spoken word.
  • Screenshot-proof- Confide keeps your communication safe by preventing screenshots of your messages.


  • Highly secure
  • Great for sexting
  • Easy to use


  • Not too popular among teens and adults
  • Limited user base

#9. Dust

If you’re not aware of Dust then imagine it as a Snapchat of all kinds of messages.

Every single message which you share with the use on the other side, the message immediately disappears in automatically after 30 seconds.

All the messages which your share on the Dust messenger are saved on the RAM of the device only, which most of you may have already read about at the school that its temporary.

This also means that no data is stored ever on the flash storage of the device, hence no one can ever steal it or could take advantage of.


This simple yet secure application got its name from dust, which is like ‘leaving someone in the dust’. This is one of the only applications which allow you to control your digital footprints in your personal life.

Dust is one of the best apps for sexting because it encrypts all the data that is exchanged between you and your partner. Also, all the pictures, videos, and texts that you send to your partner gets erased from the app within 24 hours. Therefore, it is totally made for sexting. 

What’s Unique?

  • Keep your secrets secret - This disappearing Text Messages, Photos, and Multimedia application is simply a run-of-the-mill instant messaging app which you can use to replace any other regular instant messenger in the market.
  • Disappearing TextsThe USP of this app is that as soon as you’ve sent a message it will only be displayed for some time on the other user’s device, after which it will be removed immediately. Along with it, the application also gives you the advantage of the Screenshot detection feature which is same as Snapchat.


  • Disappearing texts will always keep your sexting secret  
  • Screenshot Detection
  • Designed keeping iOS 7 in mind


  • Not much negative to say as its just another alternative to Snapchat

#10. iMessage

If you’re an iOS user and trust Apple data security, then iMessage is the best sexting application you can choose to connect with you dear ones.

But the thing is most of the features are just a run-of-the-mill like any other messaging application out there.

The application lets you get read receipts, meaning whether the other person has read the text or not. You can see if the person is Typing, just like WhatsApp.


You block or turn off iMessages from people who are not in your contacts list, meaning you can also connect with strangers if you wish. And like most of them, you get the ability to share audio and video messages.

Features Offered by iMessage

  • Virus free ans dafe to use
  • Compatible with iOS devices only
  • You can recover all sorts of files including photots, contacts, etc.
  • Covers over 31 file types which can be shared
  • Offers technical support


  • 100% secure
  • Recover your text messages and media files easily
  • Available to iOS users only
  • Offers Technical support as well


  • It’s a paid app
  • You need at least one iOS device for using the app


  • Send adult emojis
  • Emojis for your every mood
  • Complete access to what you are writing

#11. Facebook

It there’s something juicy about Facebook, then it’s the capability to connect with the widest number of users across the world.

Facebook has over a billion active users and is much admired by teenagers and adults.

Its messaging application is easy to use and can give you easy access to as many people as you, except you have to be friends with them.

The best part is that Facebook offers you many features which can make your sexting all the way spicier. This is one of those applications which most of the people are aware at any point in time.


 Its ability to send emojis, videos, audios and video chat in a secured interface can add a pinch of salt to your text messages.

Messages shared on Facebook messenger are absolutely secure, however, the only downside is that when it connects with our personal Facebook account, it gives me chill if all of it is not going to save on Facebook servers or not.

How’s Facebook Unique for Sexting?

  • Facebook Messenger offers one of the simplest fastest chatting experience out there 
  • It's like texting, but without any cost
  • Make video calls and audio calls to feed your thirst
  • Lots of emojis to make chats spicy


  • Simple user interface
  • Wider userbase
  • Video and audio calling feature
  • Tons of emojis
  • Absolutely secure


  • It can drain your device battery
  • Users are forced to use it
  • Takes a lot of space

#12. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp messenger is probably one of the most popular sexting instant messenger available out there.

All the teenagers and adults love its ability to connect with a user with their phone number and then sharing all sorts of messages on it.

One of the things we personally like about WhatsApp is that nearly every smartphone user is using WhatsApp out there, which means as soon as you get their number, there’s a high probability that they are using the same number on WhatsApp.


This application consumes the least amount of data and can become your next sex buddy in case your loved ones are far.

It offers amazing video chat and call experience, and the fact that everything which you share including your photos remains end-to-end encrypted is just another great add-on. Which means sharing nudies on WhatsApp is absolutely secure.

Features that Make this app popular

  • Make video and audio calls: If you’re in a hurry, it's always a good choice to use a reliable option. WhatsApp gives you the capability to make easy sexting on videos and audios apart from texts.
  • Create and send Gifs: You can send a nearly uncountable number of Gifs on WhatsApp
  • End-to-end Encrypted: All the things which you’re sharing on WhatsApp always remains encrypted and can only be viewed by person its meant for.
  • Make Individual or Group chat


  • The most popular app out there.
  • Swift and easy to use
  • Encrypted chats all the time
  • Video and audio chatting capabilities to make your sexing juicier.


  • Unnecessary messages
  • Groups are just numerous
  • Probably your father will also be using it.

#13. Instagram

Instagram is a photo sharing application and is a popular choice among all the teenagers out there.

This single application is a one-stop solution to your thirst which you can feed without putting in any additional efforts.

Free to use, Instagram lets you share images on its platform which people can like and can also comment upon.

There’s a wide userbase using Instagram and the unique thing is that you can connect with the people liking your posts.


All the chat messages remain absolutely hidden and encrypted. And there’s nothing as such message read, received a receipt or not. You can sex with you near one or you can do the same with someone who’s new to you.

Apart from that, there are hundreds of hashtags which you can use to make sure that all the strangers out there interested in sexting could connect with you.

  • Wide userbase: Instagram gives you the ability to connect with people by just sharing photos. And the best part is that it has one of the widest userbases out there.
  • Private and secure: Only the people above 13 years of age can use Instagram and only if the person accepts your follow request, you can then send them a text.


  • While WhatsApp is just a messaging application, Instagram is a photo-sharing app. You can connect with as many sex buddies as want just by using photographs.
  • Keep secrets secure: All of the text messages always remain secure all the time.
  • User-friendly interface


  • Texts remain as long as the other person doesn’t remove them
  • Anybody can connect with you just like you can connect with them all
  • Follow to sext 

How to sext?

If you want to learn the basics of sexting quickly, you can go through the below pointers:

  • Start slowly - There is no need to hurry while sexting as you need to make your partner excited and horny so that he/she doesn't mind sending revealing photos and selfies to you.
  • Understand the preferences of your partner - The preferences when it comes to sexting differs from person to person. Therefore, it is important for you to understand what your partner is interested in. This will also help you to explore more areas that might arouse you as well.
  • Improvise smartly - Do not agree to everything that your partner has to say while sexting. You will also have to improvise on the situation and scenes created by your partner to arouse him/her more. Sexting is more like escalating towards a climax and therefore, you must try to add your bit to every steamy situation created by your partner.
  • Play safely - Don’t send nudes to your partner if he/she is not ready to exchange his/her nudes in return. Therefore, you must play safely and smartly to tease your partner so that he/she gets impatient and has no choice other than exchanging naked or suggestive pictures.

Apart from these simple rules, you also need to be careful while sending your naked selfies. For example, you might take a picture of your private part in which your face is clearly visible. Therefore, you should be extra careful while doing such things. 

If you want to sell nudes then check our comprehensive guide.

Also, do not forget to enjoy all the sweet and sour texts because things can start and end too soon. Therefore, we always recommend our readers to relax and enjoy every sext slowly. 

How to Sext Like A Pro - Ultimate Guide to Going Sexual Over Text

Buyer's Guide

Now you know all the best sexting apps available in the market along with some free sexting apps. I don't think you will feel lonely anymore. Start enjoying your time with these sexting apps and have the sexist moments of your life. 

Begin your sexting game and start impressing ladies out there. I am sure you will get what you want out of it.

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