Top 10 Best Sex Doll Torsos – 40% Discount Inside (2019)

Sex dolls are being used on a large scale because most men are not satisfied with their sex lives.

Some men do not have a private life at all due to their busy schedules, and they too prefer buying sex dolls.

There are many types of sex dolls available in the market, but the most attractive and sexy dolls are found in the online market.

Also, you can order them easily by using your internet and credit card. 

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There are different types of sex dolls such as life-sized dolls and partial dolls with body parts such as the vagina, anus, boobs, etc.

Torso sex dolls are available in different varieties and are mostly ordered as they are much cheaper than life-sized dolls.

It is also easy to maintain and use them. 

Moreover, you can use them discreetly and store them in confined spaces like cabinets due to their small size and lightweight.

These features make torso sell dolls a better option for most men.

Today, we are going to see some of the best torso sex dolls which are designed to provide ultimate satisfaction and pleasure to men of all the ages.

Let us see their specific features in a detailed manner:

Top 10 best sex doll torso




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# 85cm (2ft9') Curvy Sex Doll Torso

85cm (2ft9') Curvy Sex Doll Torso

Height – 2 ft 9 inches

85cm (2ft9') L-Cup Sex Doll Torso

85cm (2ft9') L-Cup Sex Doll Torso

Weight – 23 kg

80cm (2ft7) Piper Sex Doll Torso

80cm (2ft7") Piper Sex Doll Torso

Stats – 85 * 46 * 89 cm

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#1. 85cm (2ft9') Curvy Sex Doll Torso

If you are looking for a hot sex doll with a pretty face then this Curvy Sex Doll Torso it ideal for you. It is curvy, busty and is available at a much lesser price than the full-sized sex dolls.

This sex doll can be purchased at $1199. However, the changes in nipple colours, face, hair colour, and other customisations can cost you extra.

It is an appealing torso sex doll with the detailed body. Despite being a lot cheaper than real-sized dolls, it is still expensive than some of the torso sex dolls.

Therefore, we would recommend you to analyse and evaluate the other sex doll torsos on this list before finalising this one.



  • Height – 2 ft 9 inches
  • Weight – 21 kg
  • Stats – 86.5 * 53.5 * 103.5 cm
  • Material – TPE
  • Costume – Available



  • This sex doll torso has a realistic look, feel and weight which give you a sensual and arousing experience.
  • You can carry out anal, vaginal and even oral sex with this sex doll.
  • It is much smaller than life-sized dolls due to the absence of legs. Also, the foldable hands make it more convenient to store when you are not using it.
  • It is slightly costly as compared to the other sex doll torsos.
  • The additional customisations are not cheap and add up quickly to the total price of the doll.

#2. 85cm (2ft9') L-Cup Sex Doll Torso

She is a cute little Japanese girl with huge tits who can arouse any male body with ease.

She has arms, and her designed facilitates doggy style and cowgirl sex positions. Due to all these exciting features, it is one of the best torso sex dolls in the market today.

It is offered at $1499, but the prices may exceed with the customisations you prefer.

This sex doll is suitable for vaginal, anal and oral sex as well. You might need to practice with it a few times before getting used to it because of its unique body contours.

It is capable of providing immense pleasure to the users and can be ordered with different accessories and facial attributes.



  • Height – 2ft 9 inch
  • Weight – 23 kg
  • Stats- 96 * 54 * 86 cm
  • The outfit included – Yes



  • It is a busty and curvy sex doll ideal for missionary and doggy style sex positions.
  • Men who love to have sex with BBW women will find it perfect.
  • It weighs less and is comfortable to use in different positions.
  • Some people might find it expensive.

#3. 80cm (2ft7") Piper Sex Doll Torso

Equipped with voluptuous breasts and a gorgeous face this sex doll torso from the Piper series is available in different skin shades and hair colours.

You can also choose the eye colour, breast and vagina according to your preference. Also, you can order for the dolls with public or without pubic hairs according to your choice.

This sex doll torso is available at $1299, but the prices may increase as per your customisations.

Not many sex doll torso is as handy and adorable as this doll is. Men who have a thing for bigger breasts will love it, and they will not mind spending some extra bucks to adorn it with sexy outfits.



  • Height – 80 cm
  • Weight – 21kgs
  • Stats – 85 * 46 * 89 cm
  • Penetrable anal depth – 16 cm
  • Penetrable vaginal depth – 18 cm
  • Penetrable oral depth – 14 cm
  • Free outfit – yes
  • This sex doll provides anal, vaginal as well as oral sex pleasures to you.
  • It has an enormous bust and a slim waist which are good enough to make you horny.
  • You can dress it with skimpy outfits to make it look sexier and seductive.
  • It has a fixed head which cannot be detached from the torso which can be the cause of inconvenience while storing or carrying it while travelling.
  • The penetrable depth is limited in all the three holes. As a result, it is less alluring for the men with huge poles.

#4. Sukimono Labo Body Luxury Sex Doll

Sukimono Sex Doll is one of the cheaper options for men who are looking for sex dolls without the dangling legs and arms on the sides.

Sex dolls without hands and legs are far easier to store and use. This sex doll has an athletic body which makes it your perfect sex partner.

It costs $615, and if you order multiple discounts, you may even get a discount.


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  • Height – 65 cm
  • Weight – 14kgs
  • Stats – 80 * 70 * 90 cm
  • Free lubricant – yes
  • Material – Silicone



  • It is ideal for anal play and vaginal sex. Its tight holes provide great pleasure, and its super smooth material provides convenience while cleaning it.
  • It is lightweight and compact which enables you to store it easily when not in use.
  • Both the holes of this doll are built to be air-tight to provide you with extra pleasure while having sex. 
  • It is made from silicone, and therefore you cannot use silicone based lubes with it. Thankfully they have provided a free lubricant with it, and it is advisable to use only water-based lubricants with the sex dolls made from silicone.
  • It has a proportionate figure, and there is nothing voluptuous about it.

#5. Realistic Silicone Sex Doll Torso

This is a special sex doll made from high-quality silicone and depicts a classic feminine upper body.

It does not have any arms or legs, but that makes it even better to adjust as per the comfort level of the user.

It is reasonably priced and a good option for those who cannot afford expensive life-sized sex dolls.

The price of this sex doll is just $999.



  • Height – 3 feet
  • Weight – 19kgs
  • Stats – 36-24-36 inches
  • Limbs – No
  • Material – Silicone



  • This ravishing sex doll is made from premium quality silicone which is medically certified to be safe to use.
  • It has a stunning face and cute lips that arouse you more having oral sex. Apart from that, it is also suitable for vaginal and anal sex.
  • It is unscathed by dust, marks, and damage which improves its durability.
  • The customisation options seem to be missing.
  • You cannot use silicone based lubes with this sex toy since it is made from silicone.

#6. 86cm (2ft10') Real Doll Torso with Huge Boobs and Booty

Get ready to be smothered by voluptuous boobs and a huge booty by ordering this sex doll torso.

It looks and feels like a real woman, and you will feel that straightaway as you touch it. The highlights of this sex doll are its huge boobs and perky nipples which make it even more delicious.

You will have to spare $1499 for purchasing this sex doll.



  • Height – 86 cm
  • Weight – 29kgs
  • Stats- 120 * 56 * 115 cm
  • Nipple – 5 cm
  • Clit size – 3.5 cm



  • A huge pair of tits with protruding nipples and bulging buttocks makes it a buxom sex doll.
  • You can insert your penis in her mouth, anus or vagina as per your wish.
  • This torso can be assembled with sex dolls of similar size that are manufactured by WM Dolls.
  • Some men may find the breasts and nipples to be too huge and abnormal. However, you can cut the nipples and clitoris of this sex doll to normal size.
  • It is a bit expensive

#7. Mashiro Onedari Body Sex Doll

If you are looking for a headless and limbless sex doll, then this sex doll torso is worth looking for.

It has got a flawless figure, slender waist to hold and wide buttocks that ask to be spanked hard. Moreover, it is quite affordable as well.

Mashiro Onedari Sex Doll torso is offered at just $283.

It has a slender waist which can be used to hold the doll tight while ramming it in doggy style or missionary sex position.

Moreover, its inexpensive price and juicy boobs make it one of the most beautiful sex doll torsos on this list. We recommend it to everyone who has a craving for super tight holes.


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  • Height – 50 cm
  • Weight – 8 kg
  • Stats – 32E-17.7-30 inches



  • It has a juicy and attractive vagina which can make any man lust for it.
  • The protruding buttocks of this sex doll make it perfect for anal sex.
  • It does not have head and limbs. Therefore, it is much easier to hide or store it in confined spaces.
  • One cannot have oral sex with this sex doll.

#8. TPE Sex Doll Torso

If you are looking for a sex doll with perfect features, then you must check out this masterpiece made from premium quality TPE.

It is manufactured by WM Dolls which is a reputed brand in the world of sex toys.

The texture and feel of its skin resemble real human skin, and therefore it is capable of providing limitless joy to the users.

This sex doll is offered by WM Dolls at $1099.

Few sex doll torsos are as aesthetically crafted as this doll is.

It is unique look wise and feel-wise too and is specially crafted for men who do not like to play with huge sex dolls. We recommend it for everyone who wishes to make out with love dolls.



  • Height – 82 cm
  • Weight – 17kgs
  • Stats – 81 * 60 * 93 cm
  • Material – TPE



  • This sex doll torso has a cute face, and its body is curvy and voluptuous.
  • You can make her wear sexy outfits to accentuate your visual stimulations.
  • She feels soft and warm which make her an ideal sex doll.
  • The head of this sex doll is not detachable.

#9. 170cm (5ft7') M-Cup Torso Version

Most of the regular sex dolls have an expressionless plastic face.

However, this doll has expressive eyes and a cute smile that instantly captivate your attention if you manage to look up as it has humongous boobs as well.

It has got slender and flexible arms which can be used for holding it tightly while nailing it from different positions.

It is a bit pricey at $1499. Moreover, the cost can get a little higher as you customise it according to your sexual preferences.

Many men have a craving for BBW sex dolls but cannot handle their excess weight.

This sex doll torso is tailor-made for such guys and comes with a cute face as well. All these aspects make it a buyable sex doll.


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  • Height – 87 cm
  • Weight – 31kgs
  • Stats – 102 * 62 * 109 cm
  • The outfit included – Yes



  • You can change her face, hair colour, complexion and much more as per your requirements.
  • The vagina can be removed to clean it effectively after using.
  • You can use it for oral, vaginal and even anal sex.
  • It is quite heavy and therefore can be a bit inconvenient especially for the lighter guys.
  • The overall price with customisations can make it quite expensive.

#10. Love Doll E Body

Many men around the world have a hard time while keeping the arms and legs of their ladies in one place while having sex.

Sex dolls torsos are for such men who want to hold the waist and bang them hard.

Love Doll E Body is an amazing love doll with a pretty face and perfect assets. It looks innocent, and its sharp features excite you to the core.

At $3170 it seems to be quite expensive if we compare it with the other sex dolls on this list.

A major drawback of this sex doll is its expensive price.

You can order a full-fledged doll at this price but this doll scores when it comes to its looks and texture.

However, it has many special features as well, and therefore we leave this decision up to you.


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  • Height – 58 cm
  • Weight – 10.5kgs
  • Stats – 75 * 52.5 * 80 cm
  • Cleaning tools – Included



  • You can also order this sex doll with tanned skin and under hair. However, dolls with under hair will take a long time to arrive at your doorsteps.
  • You can also order this doll with movable eyes.
  • Cleaning tools are provided free of cost with the package.
  • All the additional features such as tanned skin, moving eyes, etc. require much time and the delivery of your order gets late by months.
  • It is a very expensive sex doll.

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