Top 20 Realistic Sex Dolls – 40% Discount Inside (2020)

People who have an urge to have sex with dolls have always preferred those sex dolls which look and feel like real.

The earlier sex dolls lacked realistic features especially when we talk about their body contours and facial expressions.

However, with the evolution of synthetic materials and technology the sex dolls have come surprisingly close to real female bodies, and therefore the users are now able to enjoy more.

This article will tell you about the different types of sex dolls available in the market. Not just this, we will also share the buyer's guide, which will help you buy the right sex toy. 

The realistic sex dolls are crafted using special materials which make impart a superb feel to them and their body is articulated in such a way that they stimulate the users visually as well. Due to these reasons, the realistic sex dolls are in great demand nowadays.

However, we also see that these dolls are slightly expensive than the regular dolls as special materials and technology are leveraged to make them look and feel better. Today, we are discussing the sex dolls which resemble gorgeous women and impart a realistic feel to the users.

There were many sex dolls in this category and therefore we had to choose them carefully. Their overall appearance, skin texture and internal structure were carefully examined to introduce the best realistic sex dolls to you. These were the top ten realistic sex dolls that caught your attention:

Top 20 Realistic Sex Dolls





155cm (5ft1') Linda Medium Breast

155cm (5ft1') Linda

Medium Breast

Height – 155 cm

# 140cm (4ft7') D-Cup! Shirley

140cm (4ft7') D-Cup! Shirley

Weight – 25.5kgs

Mature Busty 170cm (5ft7') M-Cup Cougar Sex Doll

Mature Busty 170cm (5ft7')

M-Cup Cougar Sex Doll

Figure- 102 * 54 * 97 cm

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#1. 155cm (5ft1') Linda Medium Breast

Linda is a gorgeous petite sex doll which looks realistic from every angle.

She is petite, cute and has a classy figure which makes her your dream girlfriend. Made from premium quality TPE, this doll feels soft and real when you touch or kiss it!

Price: Avail this realistic sex doll at just $1799. The charges may exceed if you prefer to customise it as per your requirements.

There are some sex dolls which look and feel surprisingly close to a real girl or woman, and Linda is one such doll for sure.

It is quite inexpensive when we compare its price to some other realistic sex dolls. It is an ideal sex toy for beginners and intermediate level users.

Therefore, you can commence your ride with sex dolls with this petite love doll.


  • Height – 155 cm
  • Weight – 31kgs
  • Figure- 72 * 58 * 81 cm
  • Material – TPE



  • This doll provides anal, vaginal and oral pleasures to the users.
  • It is made from high-quality TPE. It not only makes it feel like real but also improves its overall dexterity and sturdiness.
  • The facial features and hair are designed in such a way that she looks like a cute and gorgeous girl next door type of girl.


  • Men who prefer voluptuous sex dolls might not like it.

#2. 140cm (4ft7') D-Cup! Shirley

Shirley is an innocent looking sex doll who has beautiful large eyes and a very realistic appearance which sets it apart from the rest.

She has a short height, but her breasts are voluptuous and firm which make her a ravishing beauty.

Price: You can purchase this sex doll at $1799.

Shirley is so beautiful that you fall in love with her. She is not only beautiful but is busty enough to stimulate your senses.

It is manufactured by WM Dolls which is one of the best brands when it comes to the sex dolls. Therefore, you can be assured of its quality and performance.

All these features make it a nice option for the sex doll seekers.


  • Height – 140 cm
  • Weight – 25.5kgs
  • Anal depth – 17 cm
  • Vaginal depth – 17 cm
  • Figure- 75 * 49 * 75 cm



  • It is one of the finest sex doll made from TPE and ideal for the ones who are crazy about petite girls.
  • The texture of her skin and the fine details make her feel and appear like a real teenage girl.
  • You can customise the hair and make-up of this sex doll as per your preference.


  • The oral sex features are not provided in this sex doll.

#3. Mature Busty 170cm (5ft7') M-Cup Cougar Sex Doll

Men who love big breasts get ready as this busty cougar sex doll can blow your mind away.

She looks like a mature woman who knows how to please a man and therefore a perfect choice for everyone who has a thing for hot mature ladies.

Her huge breasts are more than a handful, and you will have to hold them by two hands to cover them fully.

Price: This doll is available at $2199.

Men who have a crush on mature cougars and milfs will find this realistic sex doll to be perfect.

It is ideal for both beginners, and experienced users and its huge boobs allow you to play and fondle them till you get completely satisfied. 

All these features make it the best sex doll, and you can certainly buy it for satiating your lust for big boobs. 


  • Weight – 41kgs
  • Height – 170 cm
  • Figure- 102 * 54 * 97 cm
  • Anal depth – 17 cm
  • Vaginal depth – 17 cm



  • With voluptuous breasts, plump ass and a stunning figure, this sex doll is good enough to mesmerise us.
  • She looks like a kinky woman who is ready to show you how it feels to be with a love goddess, and her amazing texture makes you believe that she is real.
  • The killer curves and sexy features make her one of the best-looking sex dolls on this list.


  • You will not be able to avail oral pleasures with this doll.

#4. # 168cm (5ft6') A-Cup Ebony Nava

If you are looking for ebony or dusky sex dolls that look no further as we have this ebony beauty who appears and feels so real that you would have a hard time in keeping it away from you.

Made to indulge your desires of having sex with a dark-skinned lady, this sex doll is articulated with perfect features and a curvy figure which make it unique and tempting.

Price: You will have to pay $2099 if you wish to buy this realistic sex doll.

Very few sex dolls come as close to real as this realistic sex doll do. It is ideal for the men who lust for dark-skinned teens and ladies.

Also, it is available at a reasonable price and suitable for both beginners and experienced users.


  • Height – 168 cm
  • Weight – 28kgs
  • Figure- 69 * 53 * 71 cm
  • Anal depth – 17 cm
  • Vaginal depth – 19 cm
  • Oral depth – 13 cm



  • You will get oral, vaginal and anal pleasures from this doll.
  • Made from supreme quality TPE this realistic sex doll is sturdy and durable.
  • She looks like a real ebony beauty who can bust your nuts easily.


  • Men who love BBW women might find her a bit small.

#5. 165cm (5ft5') CLM Tight Body Love Doll

If you love to bang the love dolls which have a super tight vagina and sexy body, then you need to have a look at this sex doll. It has a blonde hair and flawless look.

Moreover, it is amazingly close to a real teen, and its bubble ass can attract any penis towards it.

Price: This realistic love doll is available at $2099.

This realistic love doll is made from CLM dolls and is made from high-quality TPE.

Also, you get a free outfit with it which makes it even more tempting and happening. All these features make it an alluring sex doll, and you can add her in the harem of your sex dolls.


  • Height – 165 cm
  • Weight – 33kgs
  • Figure- 88 * 54 * 87 cm
  • Anal depth – 19 cm
  • Vaginal depth – 21 cm
  • Oral depth – 18 cm



  • It has enough depth in all its three openings which makes it preferable to men of all penis-sizes.
  • It looks like a sexy babe who has youthful busts and curvy assets.
  • You can dress it up with sexy lingerie or hot outfits to make it even more inviting.


  • The customisations can make the overall price a little bit expensive.

#6. Voluptuous 166cm (5ft5') Tiffany

If you are looking for a voluptuous sex doll, then look no further as Tiffany is a stunning realistic sex doll that has an angelic face as well.

The huge breasts and mesmerising eyes make this doll a true beauty, and she has been designed in such a way that it is hard to make out whether it is a doll or a woman.

All these features and its budget-friendly cost make it one of the most interesting and buyable dolls on this list.

Price: You can buy this realistic sex doll at $1699.

The reasonable price and stunning looks of this realistic doll make it that much more buyable.

Its large breasts make it perfect for the men who are crazy about big breasts. Moreover, the materials used in its construction impart a realistic feeling to it.

Also, you can bend and adjust her position as per your choice. All these benefits make this love doll an ideal buy for men of all ages.

However, men with larger penises must analyse it first as its depth can prove to be insufficient for some.


  • Height – 166 cm
  • Weight – 36kgs
  • Figure- 93 * 58 * 87 cm
  • Anal depth – 14 cm
  • Vaginal depth – 16 cm
  • Oral depth – 12 cm


  • This sex doll has a realistic weight and skin texture. Moreover, it looks real and seduces us visually.
  • It is made from tough TPE which makes it durable.
  • You can modify the looks of this doll by changing its outfits and accessories. A free costume is provided with this sex doll which makes it even more buyable.


  • The opening can be small especially for men who have a large penis.

#7. 151cm (4ft11') Huge Tits Silicone Love Doll

Silicone dolls feel and look spectacular.

Silicone has a special texture which resembles the skin, and this sex doll is made from premium quality silicone which makes it one of the best sex dolls in the market. 

It is made to look so real that you will be forced to think that she is a real woman. All these attributes make it one of the most appealing love dolls on this list.

Price: You can buy this love doll at $2199.


  • Height – 151 cm
  • Weight – 31kgs
  • Figure- 93 cm
  • Anal depth – 15 cm
  • Vaginal depth – 16 cm
  • Oral depth – 12 cm


  • She is made to look like a girl who has a small stature, but her enormous busts and big ass cheeks are good enough to seduce you.
  • You can explore all the three openings and enjoy thoroughly with this sex doll.
  • There are different heads available which allow you to select the face which appeals the most to you.


  • The openings can prove to be small for some men.
  • It is a bit costlier than some other realistic sex dolls on this list.

#8. 155cm (5ft1') A-Cup Sexy Doll Brianna Small Breast

Some sex dolls look so adorable that you instantly fall in love with them.

Brianna is one such doll which might not have huge boobs and ass, but her sexy figure and her cute face make her an ideal option for many.

It is one of the best sex dolls as it is made from fine quality TPE. With her hourglass figure and dusky skin tone, she looks like a real babe who has just got her skin tanned on the beach.

Price – This sex doll is offered at $1999.

She looks like a smart Asian girl who is ready to be fucked from all sides.

It is sad that you do not get to access her mouth for oral pleasures, but her anal and vaginal openings are deep enough to provide you with a memorable experience.

It does not have huge assets, but the curved body and sharp features make this doll an ideal buy for everyone.

Therefore, we recommend this realistic sex doll for the men who get attracted to sun-kissed skin and petite babes.


  • Height – 155 cm
  • Weight – 26kgs
  • Figure- 64 * 40 * 76 cm
  • Anal depth – 17 cm
  • Vaginal depth – 17 cm



  • You get a free costume with this sex doll.
  • You can make her look unique by selecting the desired accessories and customisations of your choice.
  • She has got a cute, beautiful and angelic face which sets her apart from the other sex dolls. Also, the articulated body makes her look and feel like a real teen who is ready to be savoured. 


  • Oral insertion is not provided in this sex doll.
  • With the customisation options, the overall price of this realistic sex doll can shoot much higher than the original price.

#9. 162cm (5ft3') Huge Titties Life Like Love Doll Letizia

Letizia is a blonde bombshell who has voluptuous breasts and a sexy face which will make her lusty and desirable.

The super soft and smooth TPE silicone used in its construction and design make it look almost like a real milf.

Her naughty eyes and seductive smile are some of the highlights of her face which make her look like a gorgeous woman who is ripe and ready to be fucked.

All these alluring features and her magnificent looks make her one of the most desirable women on this list.

Price: You will be able to buy this sex doll at $2199.

It is a perfect sex doll as it has got an amazing body which feels and looks like real.

Some individuals might think of it as expensive, but few sex dolls get so realistic when it comes to performance and appearance.

As a result, we recommend this realistic sex doll for sure.


  • Height – 162 cm
  • Weight – 43.5kgs
  • Figure- 104 * 62 * 102 cm
  • Anal depth – 17 cm
  • Vaginal depth – 18 cm
  • Oral depth – 13 cm



  • She has the looks and weight of a real woman. Also, the internal structure of her openings has a real fleshy texture that makes it all the more appealing.
  • If you lust for humongous boobs and huge buttocks, then you must buy this realistic sex doll as it has both.
  • You get a free costume with this doll, and if you are ready to pay some extra bucks, you can also customise her looks as per your requirements.


  • Some men might feel it a little bit pricey.

#10. Ryan Davis 163cm (5ft4') H-cup This and Fat Butt Sex Doll with Big Curves - Shakira... also called Jasmine

It is one of the most busty and thick sex dolls on this list. Also, it looks very close to a real woman in her late twenties which make her even more ravishing.

Price: It is priced at $2299.

Known by different names this sex doll is one of the best realistic dolls in the market today and therefore you can buy it.


  • Height  –  163 cm
  • Weight – 48.5kgs
  • Figure – 96 * 67 * 103 cm
  • Material - TPE


  • Her enormous busts and fleshy ass cheeks can seduce anyone.
  • It is made from high-quality TPE.
  • You can customise the looks as per your preference.


  • It is a bit pricey

#11. Z-One Dolls "Aliza"- 158 cm Medium Breasts

The Z-Doll has been made with soft silicone, meaning you will get nthe optimum realistic experience. She will keep you hooked up for nights. 

Just one look at the doll and you will realize how real she appearslooks. The company is known to manufacture only high-quality sex dolls. 

This full-size beauty Aliza is one of their additions, and her body is made of silicone. 

She comes with an optional voice box and heating or the best warmth and limited speech. While standing, Aliza is 158 cm tall. You will get lots of appearance options. 


  • Height  –  158 cm
  • Weight  –  32 kgs
  • Breasts  – 93 cm
  • Hip  – 85 cm


  • Hyper-realistic sex doll with customizable options. 
  • Made of medical-grade silicone. 
  • Flexible and sophisticated skeleton inside. 
  • Moaning sounds and full-body heating. 
  • Realistic soft texture. 
  • Realistic appearance. 


  • It could be too expensive for a few. 

#12. Beautiful Tanya- 168 cm and weighs 29 kg

Tanya is another soft sex doll with beautiful, round tits. She is made of 100% TPE material. Tanya weighs 29 kg, and the steel skeleton inside makes her movable. 

Keep her clean, and play with her because her adorable face will surely seduce you. 

The Tanya sex doll's cost is $664.20 - 844.20, depending on the customization options you go for. You can do oral, vaginal, and anal sex with her.


  • Height –168cm
  • Weight –29 kgs 
  • Chest –  85 cm
  • Waist  – 51 cm


  • You can have anal, vaginal, and oral sex with Tanya.
  • The height of Tanya will make you feel like having a real woman
  • Customization options are available.


  • Cleaning can be a bit of a hassle.
  • She weighs bit too much. 

#13. Seductive Beth- 140 cm and L-cup

If you love Latinas, you will surely enjoy your time with Beth. This seductive Beth is available for customization. 

WM Dolls is the manufacturer, and this company is known for manufacturing high-quality sex dolls. The cost of Beth is $1,499. 


  • Height –148 to 172 cm
  • Breasts  – L- cup to D- cup 


  • Beth is available in different skin tones, hair colors, hair lengths, and more. 
  • Comes with body temperature for a realistic feeling. 
  • EVO skeleton for better movement.
  • You can select her hairstyle, eye color, mouth type, nipple color, nail style, vagina type, etc. 


  • Because Beth is customizable, the price is slightly on the higher end. 

#14. Premium Curvy Lina- Customizable - 150 cm

Yet another fantastic sex doll by WM Dolls that is fully customizable is Lina. Lina is a blonde sex toll with massive tits. 

She is voluptuous and ready to go back home with you. If you like large breast girls, you will adore Lina for sure. She is available at $1,699.00. 


  • Height – 1150 to 163 cm
  • Breasts  –  M-cup to H-cup


  • Made of TPE material.
  • Movable joints.
  • Oral and anal sex possible. 
  • Customizable options are available. 


  • Won't be suitable for men who like small chests.
  • Not easy to clean. 

#15.Amber- 148 cm with 29 kgs

Are you looking for a sex doll that's a replica of a high-class, sophisticated woman? Meet Amber, your very own sex doll who loves to have sex with her partner. 

If you love having sex with a hot and sophisticated woman, this is the right sex doll for you. 

Amber is a high-class, bitch blonde sex doll who adores being spoiled with love, attention and jewelry. “Because I believe I am totally worth it,” she says. “I make slaves of men, and I enjoy my complete sexual power over guys who cannot get enough of my incredible goddess body.”

Amber will keep you on a short leash, as long as you know how to please her in bed. She gets off on a good blow-job, and does not mind having other women playing with her too, if you’re into threesomes.

“Let me tell you a little secret: I love pearls…,” she confesses. “Romance me right with lots of material things, and I will keep your cock hard for life.”

Come on, tie her up with pearls and then have hot, sweaty sex with her!

  • Height –148 cm
  • Weight – 29 kg
  • Bust –32 inches
  • Waist –22 inches


  • The sex doll looks and feels realistic. 
  • The doll has large breasts, as well as sexy elf ears. 
  • Oral, anal, and vaginal sex possible. 
  • Steel skeletal inside for better movement.


  • Some might not like it. 
  • Some of the face choices are not good. 

#16.Lana- The Japanese sex doll- 148 cm

Lana is a Colorado inspired sex doll with a sweet face. You can customize her hair color, eye color, breast size, pubic hair, feet size, etc. 

The doll doesn't come with any storage case. But it comes with additional options  offers are built-in heat, shrugging shoulders, enhances mouth, and penis attachment. 

The cost is $1,699.00.


  • Height  –  148 cm
  • Weight –  23 kg
  • Bust – 29 inches
  • Waist –19 inches. 


  • The Japanese sex doll is made of TPE material. 
  • Oral, vaginal, and anal sex is possible.
  • Comes with a steel skeleton for better joint movement. 


  • You can't take her for a hot bath. 

#17. Scarlett: School Girl Sex Doll

Scarlett is available at $1,799.00, and you can customize her as per your requirements. You can choose her hair color, options are, blonde, brown, red, and black. 

She has a slim waist, and men will undoubtedly fall in love with her when they see her. Scarlett's profession is horse training. 


  • Height  –  157 cm
  • Weight –  28 kg
  • Bust – 26 inches
  • Waist –30 inches. 


  • The sex doll is made of TPE material and feels very realistic. 
  • She is 157 in height and can be customized in different ways.
  • You can do vaginal, oral, and anal sex with her. 
  • The sex doll doesn't weigh much and has a steel skeleton inside. 


  • You can't take her for a hot bath. 

#18. Renee- Eastern redhead sex doll- 157 cm

She commands your attention everywhere she goes. You just can’t assume her presence.

Her beautiful chisel-shaped face, glowing eyes, pulpous lips, soft B-Cup breasts, and fantastic ass are too much not miss.

She also has a flat tummy and long hair that only serve to add icing on the cake.


  • Height  –  157 cm
  • Weight –  28 kg
  • Bust – 26.4 inches
  • Waist –18.9 inches. 


  • The doll looks hyper-realistic.
  • Manufactured by an award-winning company.
  • She has long hair manufactured with a flat tummy. 
  • Her ass size is right too. 


  • Very expensive. 

#19. Lara- Perky tits and little waist- 166 cm

Lara is 166 cm tall, and her weight is 33 kg. She has a beautiful face with a tiny waist. The soft breasts, long, luscious hair with seductive eyes will make any men go crazy after her. 

The sex doll with stay with you and want to have sex with her whenever you wish. This sex doll is available at $2094.32.


  • Height  –  166 cm
  • Weight –  33 kg
  • Bust – 81 cm
  • Waist –53 cm


  • The sex doll is made with both TPE and silicone material. 
  • Feels and looks real. 
  • Movable joints. 
  • Tiny waist to hold the sex doll easily. 


  • The weight of the sex doll is heavy. 

#20. Exquisite Olivia- 140 cm with huge breasts

She is suitable for vaginal, oral, anal sex. She has blond hair and a skinny figure.  

Olivia is made of silicone resin, and when you touch her, you will feel like touching a real person. The silicone used is FDA certified. 

The cost of the Olivia sex doll is $1,180. 


  • Height  –  140 cm
  • Weight –  24 kg
  • Bust – 72.5 cm
  • Waist –50 cm


  • Realistic silicone material sex doll for the optimum experience 
  • Three holes- vagina, anus, and mouth. 
  • Feels good and real. 
  • The doll is offered at a wholesale price. 


  • People who like mature looking dolls might not like it. 
  • Buttock size is small compared to breasts.

Buyer's Guide - How to Purchase Sex Dolls

Choose robust, realistic sex dolls

Sex dolls can be made of different materials and chemicals. Two of the most common materials used are silicone and TPE. However, you will find others in the market too. You must ensure to go through the label before buying one.

Your sex doll will be an investment, meaning you can't have one that will work for only a year or two. Go for a mid-ranged one offered by a good manufacturer, and the one that is made of good-quality materials.

High-end sex dolls are preferable too, but if you don't have enough budget, choose a robust quality mid-quality sex doll.

Customized sex dolls are the best

It is better to customize your own sex doll because you can be sure that you can do whatever you want to with her. You can decide her weight, breast size, height, waist size, hair color, eye color, etc. 

Not just this, you can even tell the company whether you are looking for a fixed vagina or a detachable one. High-end sex dolls come with many options. 

Sexual spots

The main crux of buying a sex doll is to allow yourself to have pleasure. If you buy a sex doll with a tiny vagina or non-expandable mouth, you will be pushing yourself too hard. Ultimately, it's you who will be dissatisfied. 

High-end and mid-range sex dolls are made with care. The manufacturer understands what a man wants from their dolls. You will see that their body parts, such as butts and boobs, are bouncy. Vagina will be soft, and the material used par excellence will be excellent. 

Quality materials

Cheap dolls are usually made with cheap materials. The sellers' end purpose and the manufacturers of cheap dolls are to make maximum sales to generate more and more revenue. 

This is something you should stay away from. Your sex doll must be made of good quality material. Sub-standard materials are not suitable for your health. Plus, your vital organs will be going inside it, that's why you should pay optimum attention to materials. 

Price range

Here's the thing, the cheaper the sex doll, the worst the materials used. He higher the price, the better it will be for you and your experience. 

We are not asking you to spend millions of dollars on your sex doll, but have some savings, and then buy. Buy a mid-range and slightly higher-end sex doll. They will be of good quality. They look real and will give you will get a realistic feeling. 

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