Top 30 Best Hook-Up Sites & Apps – Easy Sex and One Night Stands (2020)

The world is full of desperate people who are willing to get laid and often end up doing and following the wrong things in their life.

Dating a stranger is a cool thing if it helps you feel more confident about yourself and similarly, many people in the world would not mind hooking up with someone they hardly know.

However, these people ideally take their time to judge and understand a person before involving in any physical activity.

There are many hook-up sites in the world which claim to provide elite and beautiful matches for casual sex and flings, but most of them are fake sites which take help of bots and artificial intelligence to loot your hard earned money.


However, there are some legit sites as well, and you can use these sites to date someone casually without getting too mentally or emotionally involved with that person. If you are looking for best free hookup apps the you can check our other article.

We have carefully researched and gone through each one of the sites that claim themselves to be hook-up sites but found only a handful of them who are effective and working. Today we will discuss these best hook-up sites which consist of both free and premium sites.

Let us see their details now:

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Estimated visits last month – 59.2 million

Do not get upset over the name as is Adult Friend Finder which is arguably the biggest sites on the internet right now when it comes to casual sex dating.

Therefore, do not get here if you are looking for deep and serious relationships or marriage.

It is perfect for those who are looking only for sex and fun. It is a premium hook-up site which is filled with people who have special fetishes and kinks when it comes to sex.

Therefore, you can date or hook-up with those who think like you when it comes to sex.

The monthly plans can be availed at $40, and the three monthly and six monthly plans can be availed at $81 and $240 respectively.


  • It is one of the biggest adult networking sites with millions of registered users.
  • One can sign-up for free on this hook-up site.
  • It has an ad-free and clean interface which makes the dating experience a lot better.


  • It is not a free hook-up site.
  • There can be few fake profiles or scammers here.

#2. Tinder

Estimated visits last month – 53.3 million

Nobody can undermine the effectiveness and popularity of Tinder when it comes to the hook-up site.

Arguably the most popular dating site on the internet today Tinder is perfect for those who are looking to get laid.

Moreover, it can be used by people living in any corner of the world due to its massive member base.

Moreover, you can use the free and premium version as both of them are effective and usable. The premium versions start $2.99 and $4.99 per month.


  • People belonging to different cultures, countries, and religions use Tinder. Therefore, it has a universal appeal.
  • There are many members of Tinder who are looking for fun, and there are many who are looking for casual sex as well.
  • It has a clutter-free and ad-free interface and is available for mobile users as well.


  • It is something which most of the teenagers used. Therefore, one cannot guarantee that the person they are talking to is interested in hooking up.
  • The match swiping feature provided in the app gets too boring after some time.

Estimated visits last month – 6 million

If you are thinking about a dating site which also has a fair share of users who are looking for hook-ups, then would be a nice choice for you.

Not only it provides an ad-free and clean interface to work with but also is completely free which makes it even more tempting.

There are a few users who are looking for serious dating as well, but if you ignore them, can prove to be ideal for getting laid.


  • It has a clean and clutter-free interface which helps you to find some hot matches.
  • The design and overall look of the site are not great, but it is better than most of the free dating sites.
  • There are lots of handsome hunks and beautiful babes here who are ready to give their everything once they find the right mate.


  • You might get across many who are looking for a real meeting.
  • It lacks some premium features like the IMS.

Estimated visits last month – 33.4 million is the perfect site for everyone, i.e. it can be used by serious daters, casual daters, and their gender could be anything.

Moreover, its cool interface and numerous user-friendly and innovative features have made it one of the most popular sites in the dating world today.

Members can avail its free version, or they can also avail the premium plan which costs just $9.99 per month.


  • is a true international dating site which has members from most parts of the world.
  • It is ideal for casual daters as well as many are looking for sex and one night stands here.
  • The interface is user-friendly, and the site is mobile friendly too.


  • It is not a completely free dating site.
  • It misses the particular fetishes and dating communities which are preferred by those who are looking for sex dating.

#5. Plenty of Fish

Estimated visits last month – 81 million

If you are linked to any dating community, then the chances are high that you must have heard about

It is a huge website which has millions of members, and you can find people from every walk of life here which makes it pretty interesting and at the same time very confusing for some people.

The three-month pack if offered at $35.40 whereas the six month and 12-month plans are offered at $51 and $81.36 respectively. 


  • It has over 30 million members who are quite a staggering number.
  • People who are looking for fun and casual sex can be easily found especially when you describe your profile nicely.
  • It is one of the oldest dating sites and therefore a secure and reliable site to use.


  • It has seen a downtime now especially with the introduction of sites like Tinder.
  • The membership plans are a bit overpriced as compared to some other hook-up sites.

#6. FriendFinder

Estimated visits last month – 587.6K

FriendFinder is another dating site which does not brand itself as a hook-up site and is considered more a dating community and social networking site.

However, if you dig in deep, you will find that many members are ok about casual dating and flings.

Therefore, it is easy to find your date and mate here like any other hook-up site.


  • The guest account is usable and provides you with some basic features as well.
  • Most of its members are genuine.
  • The premium plans are quite affordable and cheap if we compare it with the leading dating sites.


  • It is not a dedicated hook-up site.
  • There are some members here who are just for making friends.

#7. Mate1

Estimated visits last month – 2.3 million

With over 31 million users this site can boast about its huge membership, but there are quite fewer people who are active on this site.

However, the number is good enough for you to be on one of the most populated dating sites which are dedicated to casual dating.

As its name suggests, it is perfect for those who are looking for casual date and flings.

The three-day trial pack is offered at $1.95 whereas the one month plan will cost you a bit higher at $49.95.


  • Apart from the regular search, you can also search matches from your city or even by a specific keyword.
  • This is an ideal dating site for casual sex and one-night stands.
  • Thousands of online users are waiting to find their ideal mate here.


  • The trial pack will be converted into a full membership if you do not cancel it before three days.
  • There are some fake profiles in here.

#8. Meetic

Estimated visits last month – 9.6 million

Meetic is an international dating site, but it is far more suitable for the residents of U.K and U.S.A.

It is perfect for those people who are willing to meet new people, and they take the association forward if they both seem to be comfortable with each other.

Therefore, it is a perfect site for those who are looking for casual relations. You can use the free version of this site, but the premium plan which starts at $42.90 is better.


  • The main features of this site are e-mail and chat service.
  • The search functions are quite good and yield the desired results.
  • It is laid back dating site for casual dating, but it works for those who prefer to knowing a person better before taking further steps.


  • It is not advisable for people living outside of U.S.A and U.K at least for now.
  • It is not a dedicated hook-up site.

#9. Ashley Madison

Estimated visits last month – 11.8 million

Ashley Madison is quite a unique hook-up site which is meant for those who are already in a committed long-term relationship and those who are looking to date such men and women who are already in a serious relationship.

Some people might think of it as a bit twisted, but it is how it is. The premium features can be availed by buying credits and a hundred credits will cost you $59.


  • It is a strictly hook-up site meant for those who are looking to have fun outside their marriage.
  • It has an appealing and seamless interface.
  • The credit system is good because you can use only those features which you need and therefore you are not paying for anything else on the site.


  • Free membership lets you do everything, but when you want actually to communicate with that person you will need to spend some credits.
  • Many people can find this site weird due to its unique dating policy.

Estimated visits last month – 192.4K

Untrue is a dating site for those who wish to hook-up outside their marriage.

Therefore, it is quite like Ashley Madison though it is far less popular as compared to it. 

However, they maintain the privacy and the anonymity of the users to provide them with a secure dating environment.

The premium plans start at $29.95 for one month, and the three-month plan will cost you $69.


  • It is a perfect dating site for those who want to hook-up with married people.
  • The kink and thrill associated with dating a person who is committed make this site tempting to use.
  • There are a lot of gorgeous milfs here who are looking to get laid.


  • Many married women are just looking to have fun and have no intention actually to cheat their husbands.
  • The design and the layout of this site can be improved.

Estimated visits last month – 1.3 million is a site which is meant for the people who are looking for hot and steamy affairs.

It is suitable for singles, married people and couples who are willing to engage in casual sex and flings. The monthly charges start at $41, and the three-monthly fee is $81.


  • It is more fun-filled and adventurous than regular dating sites.
  • If you are looking for a decent hook-up site, then is your ideal site.
  • Members here are not just looking for friends but friends with benefits.


  • It is quite similar to but is slightly more decent.
  • The premium charges are a bit on the higher side especially when you opt for the one month plan.

Estimated visits last month – 162.7K

If you are looking for a free hook-up site, then you can register on

This is not meant for those who are looking for serious relationships and provide you with all the local matches near you.

The three-day trial pack comes at $1.66 whereas the one and 12-month plans start at $24.95 and $99.95 respectively.


  • You can find the members who are living near you easily by using this site.
  • It is a free hook-up site so avail the offer quickly.


  • It is not that much popular if we compare it with the leading hook-up sites.

#13. No Strings Attached

Estimated visits last month – 122.8K

No Strings Attached is yet another dating site meant for those who are willing to get laid.

It offers a discreet and joyful dating experience for those who are not willing to involve in deep and emotional relationships.

The monthly charges begin at $29.99, and the three-month pack is offered at $44.97.


  • It is one of the sites of the FriendFinder network which offers safe and reliable dating experience to the users.
  • If you are not looking for committed relationships, then No Strings Attached is the site meant only for you.


  • It is not as popular as the other hook-up sites.


Estimated visits last month – 5.6 million

If you are looking for one night stands and casual relationships, then is a good option for you.

It is a premium site which means that nothing is offered for free, but its charges are quite reasonable.

The monthly charges start at $24.95 whereas the 3 and 12-month plans will cost you $24.95 and $49.95 respectively.


  • It is a dedicated hook-up site.
  • The registration process is simple and lucid.
  • Both quick and advanced search options are available for the casual daters.


  • You cannot view profile pictures in full size unless you are a premium member.
  • Messaging service is only provided to the premium users.

#15. Discreet Adventures

Estimated visits last month – NA

The name itself clearly expresses that this site for the individuals who want to hook-up in a discreet way.

Therefore, you can find a lot of members who are looking for one night stands and sex endeavours on this site.

The premium plans start at $24.95 per month, and the three and six-month plan is offered at $24.95 and $79.95 respectively.


  • This site maintains the anonymity of the user so that he or she can indulge in casual affairs secretly.
  • The site offers affordable plans as compared to most of the hook-up sites.
  • It is strictly for casual dating and sex, and therefore you will not find any romantic head here.


  • This site is not as popular.
  • The layout and design of this site can be improved.

#16. Horny Matches

Estimated visits last month – 116.2K

It can be considered similar to the personal ads section like Craigslist or Backpage but with a more sophisticated look and feel.

This site can be used anyone who is looking for a no string attached relation with someone who is compatible.

If you want to boost your profile, then the plans start from $11.98 per month, and if you are an option for a silver plan, then it will start from $36.24 and if you want to opt for a gold plan the rates start at $42.29 per month.


  • It is a perfect site for showcasing your interests.
  • Anyone who is looking for casual sex can register on this site.
  • There are more men on this site which means that it is perfect for women.


  • Men will not find many choices on this site.
  • The premium plans are a bit costly.

Estimated visits last month – 70.5K is an adult personals platform for those who are looking for a suitable partner to mate with.

The one month plan is offered at $24.97 whereas the six-month and 12-month plan come at $69.97 or $199.90.


  • It is a perfect site for those who are looking only for sex dating.
  • It is an ideal hook-up site for women as the men to woman ratio is 4:1.
  • There are adult forums on this site which allow you to express your views freely.


  • It is not a popular hook-up site yet.
  • The layout and design of this site could be better.

#18. Swing Lifestyle

Estimated visits last month – 6.2 million

Swing Lifestyle is a perfect dating site for those couples who are looking to involve a single in their relation.

Therefore, it is ideal for singles those who are looking to have some fun without the risk of getting entangled in a committed relationship.

The monthly charges are $14.95 whereas the three months, and six-month packs come at $29 and $49 respectively.


  • There are already 176K+ members on this site, and this number is surely going to grow.
  • You can find the swingers who live nearby you using this site.
  • This site is cool for those who are looking to get laid.


  • It is not ideal for the singles those who are not into swinging.

#19. Swing Towns

Estimated visits last month – 835.7K

Swing Towns is another site which helps couples to find singles who are ready to hook-up with them. The premium charges for this site are $16.95 per month.


  • If you are dreaming of having threesomes then this site is made for you.
  • The premium fee of this site is pretty reasonable.
  • This site is perfect for women since the majority of members are male.


  • Not ideal for men.


Estimated visits last month – 1.1 million

SDC is a popular site and is preferred by people all around the world who are into swinging.

The premium charges start at $19.95 per month, and the yearly plan is the most affordable since it costs you $139.40 per month.


  • There are thousands of members online every time you log-in on this site.
  • It does not entertain people looking for serious relationships.
  • The design and the layout of this site are cool and impressive.


  • It is only suitable for those who are into swinging lifestyle.

#21. Happn

Happn is a dating app that uses the geographical location of the members to pair them.

Therefore, it is an ideal app for those who travel frequently and also for those who live in densely populated regions.

It also allows its premium users to hide their location for a certain period. 

This app can be used by people who are interested in hook-ups as they get matched to members who live nearby. Platform availability – iOS & Android users.

  • Monthly plan – $24.99
  • Six-monthly plan – $89.99
  • Yearly plan - $119.99

Over 50 million people have created an account on this app and over 1 million users login on this app every month.


  • Members can add their Facebook and Instagram pictures to their Happn account.
  • The user-interface of this app is very good and enables the members to use the features conveniently.
  • You can add up to 9 images to your account on this app.


  • Free users will have to deal with some ads.

#22. Pure

Pure is an interesting app that provides a time frame of only 60 minutes within which the users have to decide whether they want to take their relationship forward or not. 

Therefore, it is a great app for people who are interested in hook-ups and short-term relationships.

Once the time of 60 minutes is crossed, your profile gets self-destructed and you have to create a new profile to try your luck once again.

  • Platform availability – Android phones & iOS devices
  • Around 10K people login on this site every month.
  • Weekly plan - $14.99
  • Monthly plan - $29.99
  • Quarterly plan - $58.98
  • Yearly plan - $75.60
  • Free trial – Ends after 3 days


  • Limited details are required to be submitted while creating a profile on this site.
  • Members only get to select their matches on the basis of their uploaded pictures and selfies.
  • The suggested matches are mostly the people who live nearby you.


  • Some individuals might feel the need to create a new profile after every login is stressful.

#23. Feeld

Feeld is a dating app that can be used by people of any gender, nationality, or religion. It matches you with people on the basis of your location.

More than 500K people use this app every week. Registration can be done via your Facebook account as well.

  • Platform availability – iOS & Android
  • Monthly plan - $11.99
  • Quarterly plan - $23.99

It has a database of 20 million users and more than 2 million people use this site every month.


  • The premium plans of this app are reasonably priced.
  • Free messaging service is provided to all the members irrespective of whether they are using a basic or premium account.
  • Most of the members of this app seek casual encounters and hook-ups.


  • This app cannot be accessed from a desktop because it is not available in the form of a website.

#24. Grindr

Grindr is a gay dating app that has been serving millions of gay individuals across the world. It is mostly used by gay and bi-curios men for hook-ups and casual relationships.

This app is used by queer, trans, and bisexual individuals as well. Members are suggested on the basis of your geographical location on this app.

  • Platform availability – iOS & Android devices
  • Monthly plan - $13
  • Quarterly plan - $28.20
  • Yearly plan - $62.40
  • More than a million people use this site on a daily basis.


  • The interface of this app is fully functional and user-friendly.
  • Messaging is a free service on this app.


  • Members who are using a free account cannot view more than 100 profiles in a day.

#25. Clover

Clover is an interesting dating app that comes with the profile swiping feature that is comparable to the profile swiping option provided by Tinder.

This app is mostly preferred by individuals who are seeking casual flings and one night stands.

  • Platform availability – iOS and Android devices
  • Monthly plan - $29.99
  • Quarterly plan - $59.99
  • Six-monthly plan - $89.99
  • Over 1 million members use this app every month.


  • You will only receive messages from your mutual matches.
  • Premium members can use advanced filters to sort the profiles that suit their dating preferences.
  • Premium members do not need to buy additional boosts to increase the visibility of their profile.


  • Only premium users can send and receive unlimited messages on this app.

#26. Whiplr

Whiplr is a dating site that dedicates itself to the relationship preferences of individuals who are into different types of kinks and fetishes.

It has special features for over 230 special fetishes and uses the location services of the members to suggest compatible matches to them.

  • Platform availability – Desktop, iOS, and Android
  • It has over 800K registered users and around 40K people use this site every month.

You need points to send messages and icebreakers to new profiles. Similarly, you need them for sending virtual gifts as well.

These points can be purchased in bulk and the cost per point differs according to the package of points you purchase:

  • Package – $19.99 – Total points - 50 – Cost per point - $0.40
  • Package 2 - $49.99 – Total points - 150 – Cost per point - $0.33
  • Package 3 - $99.99 – Total points - 500 – Cost per point - $0.20

One monthly membership plan is also provided at $19.99 for those who are interested in accessing some additional features.


  • It is a great place for casual relationship seekers to find someone who has similar interests and fetishes when it comes to sex.
  • Members can use the video chat option to interact with each other via the Whiplr app.
  • Members can join public groups to find people who are interested in casual sex and fun.


  • None

#27. Down

Down is a dating app that can be used by anyone according to his or her dating preferences.

The profile swiping feature provides you the option of skipping, dating, or hooking up with the suggested matches.

Therefore, it is a unique dating app in itself. Members are verified from their Facebook profile on this app.

  • Platform availability – iOS & Android devices
  • Around 10K people used this app last month
  • Monthly pack - $19.99
  • Additional packs - $1.99 each


  • Anonymity of members is preserved keeping their ‘Down’ membership secret on the Facebook app.
  • Its user interface is engaging and fully functional as well.


  • It does not have an active database of members.

#28. Instant Hookup

Instant Hookups is one of the best apps for you if you are looking for casual relationships.

It has a 1:1 male female ratio which tells that this site is preferred by both men and women equally.

This site has managed to gather over 3.8 million members in the first 4 months itself. It also provides the option of swiping profiles to its users.

  • Platform availability – Desktop only
  • Monthly plan - $39.95
  • Quarterly plan - $34.95 per month
  • Over 3 million people have used this site since last few months.


  • The matches are suggested according to the location of the members.
  • Free users can receive messages from anyone but they will have to upgrade their membership to send messages.Cons


  • It does not support mobile devices.

#29. iHookup

 iHookup is a site that matches the members on the basis of their physical attributes. Therefore, it is a perfect site for those who are into casual relations and one night stands.

  • Platform availability – Desktop, iOS, Google
  • Trial plan - $9.98 two day trial plan for those who are interested in gold membership

Gold plans

  • Monthly plan - $34.99
  • Quarterly plan - $22.99 per month
  • Yearly plan - $9.99 per month

Silver plans

  • Monthly plan - $30.99 per month
  • Quarterly plan - $19.98 per month
  • Yearly plan - $9.99 per month

A little less than 1 million people visited this site last month.


  • Members can interact with others via live chat webcam on this site.
  • Members can share the keys of their private photo galleries only with their crushes.
  • It is a cool app to register on because of its user-friendly features.


  • There are many ads featured on this site.

#30. Casualx

As its name suggests, Casualx is a dating app that is meant for those are keen in meeting someone for casual sex and flings.

  • Platform availability – Android devices only
  • Monthly plan - $20.99
  • Yearly plan - $79.99
  • Less than 1 million people login on this app every month.


  • Replying to messages is a free service whereas you will need a premium account to message someone first on this app.
  • The profile swiping feature is provided on this app.
  • The user-interface of this app has been ingeniously designed.


  • The number of female users of this site is quite low.

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