Top 10 Best Celebrity Sex Dolls – 40% Discount Inside (2019)

Pleasure has taken a lot of form throughout history. Human has used many forms of self-pleasure tools of various kind from early ages.

The cock rings, dildo figurines created from stone and wood, pictures created for viewing pleasure and so forth are found in old human societies for masturbation.

The masturbation has brought imagination to reality, people progressed from the use of nude photos, porn videos to modern sex toys. 

The modern sex toys brought about a change where a person could enjoy sexual organ made out of life like material without the need of a person.

The level of sexual pleasure has brought a new revolution where people are fucking life like favourite dolls of their favourite celebrity.

Do not get the wrong idea here jerkers, and you are allowed to jerk only to your favourite porn celebrity. Why call these people who fuck on the screen for our jerking pleasure, just stars?

celebrity sex dolls

Let us take these great stars to a height above normal and call them celebrity - who bend their backs and dance their hips on videos providing some great sex tips along with masturbation session celebrities.

These celebrities are real-life heroes who keep us occupied when we got sick for the need for orgasm. The pioneers of the market are now providing us with a great opportunity fuck these celebrities in a real-life form.

Feel their parts in your fingers and sexual organs while you cum the heavens out with a large ass load. Check these Top 10 celebrity sex dolls of your favourite porn celebrity from porn industries around from countries in a sexy place called earth:

Top 10 celebrity sex dolls



Asa Akira real life sex doll

Real Doll Rin Sakuragi Porn Star Doll

Real Love Doll Yasuragi

with celebrity functionality




Asa Akira real life sex doll

Silicone rubber doll for a real-life sensation like fucking a real pussy.

Real Doll Rin Sakuragi Porn Star Doll

The ability to change one hole to your size downstairs.

Real Love Doll Yasuragi

with celebrity functionality

Titan frame three used provides the ability to be put in any position.

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#1. Asa Akira real life sex doll

The queen of jerkers heart and death goddess of gazillion sperms washed down the drains, Asa Akira whose real name is Asa Takagami is a veteran pornstar.

The pornstar is known for her stunning looks, great acting and the slutty mouthwatering sex scenes leaving porn pundits and masturbators drooling for more.

You do not need to spend countless hours drooling for a chance to fuck her right on your bed while you suck those nipples and fuck that realistic pussy.

Caress her, live out your fantasy and have a great masturbation session with a perfect fine doll which looks exactly like her

  • Silicone rubber doll for a real-life sensation like fucking a real pussy.
  • 5 feet 2 inches doll which has exactly the height of real-life Porn stars height.
  • Get preconfigured doll which precisely likes the real Asa Akira from tip to toe.
  • Same face like a real celebrity.


  • You get to experience Asa's real-life measurements.
  • You can bend the doll to any position doggie, 69, missionary and anyone you like for ripping the fuck out of it.
  • The doll can be customised upon your request at extra cost
  • Natural colours make the doll look exactly like a human


  • It is highly expensive for a doll and comes at the cost of $6000
  • Eyes are not handmade realistic until you order it for extra cash at the time of shipping.
  • You may have to buy the clothes and wigs if it gets shipped with lingerie.
  • The need to buying cleaning accessories can add extra cost.

#2. Real Doll Rin Sakuragi Porn Star Doll

California is not the only place where you find porn celebrities.

The JAV porn industry or in simple terms adult sex videos from Japan in censored and uncensored version has been enjoyed by people for decades.

It's now time to stop stroking the penial tissue of your dick up and down only to those Japanese AV idols scenes and porn vids.

Get the legendary Rin Sakuragi right beside your bed for some awesome masturbation experience.

The exact copy of measurements on the adult toy means you are master of your very own version of Rin Sakuragi.

  • The ability to change one hole to your size downstairs.
  • The doll has a storage unit unavailable with dolls of other company.
  • All real-life sizes of Rin Sakuragi for a surreal entertainment experience.


  • Comes in shape of a real person which is why you do not have to think too much about customisation.
  • Your doll set Comprises of a bidet, camisolce, onahole warmer, condom, and much more.
  • The price tag of below $2500 is not so expensive for this realistic toy.
  • The doll has a comfy handleable weight of 30 kg to help you fuck in the wildest positions.
  • Real life dresses can be put on this sex toy for so much fun.


  • Onahole is not included on the purchase, so use one of yours.
  • It may be a bit difficult to carry around because of the weight.
  • The product cannot be customised according to your needs while being built

#3. Real Love Doll Yasuragi with celebrity functionality

The real love doll Yasuragi may not exactly be like your porn celebrity. However, Real Love doll YAsuragi comes with a great twist every hard boner will love.

This love doll is designed for people who love to pleasure themselves with masturbation session with some of greatest AV idols from Japan.

Choose to put on the head of porn queens like Madoka Kurihara, Minami Likura, Asami Konishi, Yayoi Fujisawa, Kaoru Mochizuki, Chigusa Hara, and Shino Sakuragi.

  • Titan frame three used provides the ability to be put in any position.
  • Great joint function to allow realistic movements with the doll.
  • Seven porn celebrity head to choose from.
  • Comes with colour selection.


  • Customizable upon request of the user
  • A chance to get ahead of your favourite celebrity according to personal needs
  • Onaholes come with a choice of octopus shape and whirlpool shape for some amazing fun.
  • Choose the type of pubic hair you want down there or avoid keeping it all.


  • The heads come fixed.
  • The actual size measurement of celebrity is not available with this toy.
  • The doll costs a whopping $8000 which is not as cheap as blowing cum from your sacks. Heck, the price may even make your dick shrink.

#4. The Little Latina Lupe Fuentes Doll

The amazing Lupe Fuentes born to Spanish Father and Colombian mother is a highly sought pornstar among hardcore porn watchers around the globe.

The petite sweet Latina who reign all guys dick is fairly small in height, but her amazing talents on screen has busted many nuts dry to freaking bone.

Try all the positions she has displayed on the screen with a lifelike doll which looks exactly like her.

  • Get customizable eye, human hair wig, real handmade eyes, eyelashes, fangs and much more accessories with this doll.
  • The real skin tone of the beautiful and dashing Spanish lady Lupe Fuentes.
  • A great skeletal system which allows users to place the dolls in the desired position.


  • Dolls come with a great guide, cleaning kit to help you understand the basics of keeping your doll safe.
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty on damages of your doll to make them stand upright.
  • The doll has exact measurements of the real-life superstar Lupe Fuentes.
  • The silicone skin makes fucking her an ultra-realistic experience like never in your freaking life.


  • The doll does not speak or interact.
  • It may not stay steady as it is only 25 kg compared to other dolls from the same company it is pretty light.
  • The tits of this toy are perky because the size of pornstar is also small on preconfigured option. Sorry fellows few things are not easy to get. You will need to pay some extra cash to make it larger.
  • The additional features come with a hefty individual price tag.

#5. The horny Asian lady Kaylani Lei doll

Kaylani Lei is a household name amongst the hardcore porn DVD collectors who love to watch their favourite porn celebrity sucking some cock and riding it out in different locations.

The Chinese and Philippino heritage blessed her with an awesome body and some amazing goodies.

If you are tired of watching the DVD at home and want to enjoy some real action, then it's time for you to purchase this replica of the dashing Kaylani Lei doll to start some great masturbation adventure.

  • This may be too boring to keep on reading the same thing again, but we would like to repeat the measurements are same as actual porn celebrities' measurements.
  • The height of the Kaylani Lei porn celebrity doll is 4 feet 11 inches exactly like real life star.
  • The cup size of the doll is exactly like the one would see on barely legal teen – the cup size of this porn doll is B.
  • 32 – 25 -35 is the measurements of this sex doll — the perfect dream of a jerk nerd who exactly wants the natural body gifted by a woman by her mama.


  • This probably is the easiest sex toy you can carry around and fuck for great ass masturbation. The small height of toy is below 5 feet making it perfect for a person of any fucking size.
  • This is a repeat to my buddies; you would not find the best nipple and skin colour which exactly looks like the one in porn movies. An additional bonus is the colour customisation which is not available with other toy dolls around in the market.
  • The craftsmen making this doll have made it so perfect that the head and neck’s division can be seen only when you look up at the dolls face. Lucky you, your ancestors never got to fuck a humanoid doll.


  • Let it sink you are not going to fuck the real person. Do not feel like a loose though.
  • Do not cum inside the pussy because cleaning this thing is not as easy as written on the guide of this dolls manual.
  • You are not going to hear this doll talk dirty to you because it’s not designed to recharge. The wet dick might get electrocuted if they could make it talk. Nobody wants it right.
  • You are never going to lay your hands on this if you can’t spend $ 6000 on it because this thing is not cheap after all.

#6. Real body Julia doll with some great tits

Some great milfy tits which you can use to stroke your tits are any guys wish. The awesome and amazing huge tits allow tit job unavailable with a woman who possess perky and petite tits.

Well, guys, the dream just got real, the latest innovation in the market is this thick ass masturbation celebrity doll designed on actual measurements of Japanese AV celebrity Julia.

Dick down Julia with your schlong without censored images. Caress the breast, enjoy a tit job, while you dick vagina of a real celebrity.

  • The doll has exact measurements of Julia.
  • The doll has a small size which makes it convenient and easy to carry around.
  • The doll is made up of silicone to give you the realistic fucking sensation masturbation maniacs.
  • The toy has both anal and vaginal holes on it to help you live out the fun of fucking the ass and the vagina for change.


  • The toy comes with a lubricant to protect your dick from friction and dangers. You would not want to visit the hospital while you are having fun, would you?
  • The doll is smaller than regular dolls which makes it easier to hide.
  • You can call yourself a true fan because toy comes up with the signature of celebrity.
  • The toy is more economic than other products in the market and comes at the cost of $724 only.


  • The toy does not have head, hands or the legs, and you are fucking torso guys.
  • The non-air release hole can get your dick stuck at the time because of the vacuum created in that hole.
  • Finally, you are not fucking the real pornstar; you are jerking off to a toy which needs regular maintenance.

#7. The insatiable Stormy Daniels

You will not see her say no to dick in any holes of her body on the screen.

The sexy porn celebrity mama with some awesome body shape like the sand hourglass will now take your dick on the bed for you.

Fuck the woman of your dreams stormy and get insatiable for her pussy as you become addicted to this awesome masturbation toy which looks exactly like her.

  • The toy comes preconfigured to your need, and if you do not want to fuck a loose porn celebrity vagina, then you can always change the pussy type for a tighter one.
  • The toy is sturdy and big as it is 5 feet 7 inches tall, you do not have to worry about the doll falling apart while you are fucking the thing on the bed.
  • The toy is made from realistic looking silicone which does not get dark spots or loose colour after use provided you take care of her as you love her.


  • You get to fuck the girls of your dream.
  • The doll bends down to any position you want, would your girlfriend do it? We know the answer guys. You better buy it for some adventure guys
  • The boob gets a little loose like the real thing over time for allowing you a great realistic feel. So keep sucking and playing with the tits on this toy buddies.


  • The toy comes at a great expensive price.
  • The toy can takes a month to get shipped if you choose to modify it to your liking.
  • The customisation each part adds some more cost.
  • The need to buy the cleaning accessories can drive you mad and leave a hole in your wallet.

#8. Dive deep into Blue eyes of Alektra Blue

Masturbate to the pink rose like pussy of Alektra for killing your free time people. You can now fuck Elektra Rose any time you want anywhere in your apartment and house (i.e. if you live alone).

Fuck her over the kitchen while she stands or misch her on the dining take for some dirty session while you look deep into her blue ocean like eyes fellows.

The Alektra toy is now available for purchase at real dolls wicked section to choose from for some brilliant cuckolding time.

  • She is made up of dang real looking skin to pleasure your erectile skin. Sink your dick deep into realistic silicone doll for some adventure.
  • Doll comes with huge tits which have exact measurements like the real Alektra.
  • Blue eyes on this thing are surreal like the real person eyes.


  • Customizable on request - you can make her bend you can get her the way you want her to be people.
  • You can also pierce her body the place you want it to be pierced.
  • The weight of the toy is not so heavy for a performing great Kamasutra move because it is only 36 kgs or 80 lbs pounds in weight. The weight is subject to change according to the requests you make.


  • The eyes do not move and if you want them to move it's going to cost.
  • The delivery of product takes a long period
  • The product comes in a huge box visible from all corners of the neighbourhood. So people can guess what you are buying.

#9. The saintly angle Samantha Saint

If Huge is your forte, then Samantha Saint doll is just the right product for you. This huge sex doll captivates the eye of every avid pponr masturbator.

Enjoy her huge pierced tit, fresh pussy and some smooth and sexy skin while you masturbate to her on your freaking bad guys.

Get the doll from the link above to start blowing out load.

  • The doll is 5 feet 8 inches and built for the tall ass large cock man hiding deep in you.
  • The dolls weigh around 30 to 35 kg for some awesome fucking adventure people.


  • Come preconfigured or customised
  • Lot of accessories to choose for putting on to your brilliant toy.
  • Customizable vagina according to your needs people.


  • Only cleaning accessories come free with this product.
  • Extra the customisation longer the delivery period.
  • Hard to care and clean up.
  • Takes a lot of storage room

#10. Taylor Swift Celebrity doll

This must probably be the only real celebrity doll from outside the porn world. Choose to fuck the Taylor swift you see in VMAs, your favourite songs and the television sets on your homer.

The dreams of being with a real celebrity are now fulfilled with this celebrity doll.

  • You can now fuck a dumb blonde for masturbation right in your room.
  • The breast sizes on this thing are F cup for fulfilling your dreams holding a great pair of boobs in your fingers.
  • The body is made up of real steel joints for some realistic movements.


  • Fairly economical than another full-sized doll on the list.
  • Seven inches deep vagina to fit any size of dick down there buddies.
  • You can also perform anal and oral sex with this toy.


  • It's a look alike because Taylor never authorised her body to be copied for masturbation purpose. The face resembles a little, and that's as close as you get.
  • The doll does not show any reactions, and you are not going to get it speaking dirty as it lacks the feature.

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