Top 17 Best Blow-Up Dolls – 40% Discount Inside (2020)

Blow-up dolls are nothing but inflatable dolls that need to be blown up with air before use. If the air is little less than required, then these dolls do not perform as well as they are designed for.

These are also referred to as air dolls or inflatable dolls and are available in large varieties in the online and offline market.

The blow-up dolls are way cheaper than the silicone or rubber dolls, and this is the main advantage for the buyers of blow-up dolls.

Also, these dolls are easy to store as some of the blow-up dolls can also be deflated when not in use. 

They are lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another. Moreover, some blow-up dolls are designed to be realistic as well.

They might not look as articulated and detailed as the regular sex dolls but they can stimulate your urges visually, and this feature was not available with the earlier versions of blow-up dolls. 


Due to all these reasons, blow-up dolls are in great demand nowadays. These dolls are specially ordered by beginners who do not have much experience in handling and using sex dolls.

We know many individuals would still prefer silicone dolls over them, but most of them have not experienced intercourse with a blow-up doll before.

Therefore, I have decided to present some of the best blow-up dolls that are available in the market today to change the opinion of such men. I am not sure how successful I would be, but I had a great time since I was able to order them in bulk whenever I found attractive blow-up dolls.

Take a look at these blow-up dolls for yourselves:

Top 17 Best Blow-up Dolls




Fantasy Girlfriend Mizuki Air Doll

Stats – 81 * 57 * 87 cm

Neru-Doll Yumeno Neru Snuggle Doll

Figure – 80 * 56 * 76 cm

Hame Doll Hamessy's Pine All-fours Idol Air Doll

Position: On all fours

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#1. Fantasy Girlfriend Mizuki Air Doll

With blow-up dolls, you might not get the body as detailed you would want, but they can certainly look real as far as their face is concerned.

Mizuki is one such doll who has got a realistic face and looks inviting as she opens up her thighs for you.

She has got the voluptuous body and comes with a pre-included Onahole as well.

Price: Mizuki comes at just $32. You might also get an additional discount if you purchase multiple items.

If you are looking for some cheap fun, then this blow-up doll will help you out.

It is lightweight, affordable and comes pre-included with an Onahole to provide you seamless penetration.

It is a great option for those who new to the world of sex dolls.



  • Stats – 81 * 57 * 87 cm
  • Onahole included – Yes
  • Position – Seated


  • The Onahole slot is textured to provide you with a stimulating experience during the intercourse.
  • The open-leg design of this sex doll allows you to penetrate in the Onahole easily.
  • She looks quite like a real woman when it comes to her face and features.


  • Blow-up dolls cannot be adjusted according to your requirements due to their inflatable nature.

#2. Neru-Doll Yumeno Neru Snuggle Doll

It is a Hentai blow-up doll with a pretty face and exceptional features. It is designed to be loved, cuddled and used as a cushion or teddy beside you while you are sleeping. It has an expression of sleeping beauty and therefore if you have a kinky desire of nailing a sleeping woman, then this sex doll can be a great choice for you.

Price: This blow-up doll is offered at $31.

It is a multipurpose air doll which can also be used for sleeping and cuddling. The Onahole is not pre-included, and therefore it would cost you a few extra bucks. However, that should not cost you much as decent Onaholes are available around $50 these days.


  • Figure – 80 * 56 * 76 cm
  • Position – sleeping
  • Length – 140 cm


  • She looks cute, and you can penetrate her from behind.
  • The texture of this doll is soft and proves to be perfect for cuddling and holding while sleeping.
  • It is available at an affordable price as well.


  • The Onahole slot is available, but the Onahole itself is not included in the package.

#3. Hame Doll Hamessy's Pine All-fours Idol Air Doll

If you like to get your woman on all fours, then you would like to take a look at this air doll. Due to her sexy position, she becomes perfect for doggy style position.

Her huge ass and perfect breasts feel great as you nail her from behind mercilessly.

All these features make it an ideal buy for men who crave for blow-up dolls.

Price: This sex doll is available at $31.

Some people might not like the fact that it comes without an Onahole.

However, Onahole does not cost too much these days, and you can easily afford it.

Therefore, I recommend this blow-up doll to all those who do not want to spend thousands of dollars on real sex dolls.



  • Stats: 90 * 57 * 85 cm
  • Position: On all fours
  • Onahole included – No


  • If you love cowgirl or doggy style sex, then you will love this air doll.
  • She is designed to resemble a girl in a submissive position which looks both hot and inviting.
  • The Onahole slot is deep enough to satiate your sexual urges.


  • The Onahole is not pre-included in the package. This doll also comes without a costume. As a result, you need to spend a few extra bucks on the costume and Onahole.

#4. Dynamite Hip Riya Blow-up Butt Doll

Some men might feel that there is no need for a life-sized doll especially when it comes to the air dolls.

This blow-up doll is perfect for such men as it is an sex doll torso with a plump ass and thin waistline.

An Onahole is not included, but there is enough space to stash in two Onaholes for enjoying anal and vaginal penetration.

As a result, this sex doll proves to be a smart choice for men and especially for beginners.

Price: You need to pay just $21 for this sex doll.

Some blow-up dolls are tailor-made for men who like to do it in a rough and hard way.

This air doll is perfect for such men since it is small and without heads and limbs.

Therefore, I would certainly recommend this unique sex doll.


  • Stats – 33 (waist) * 43 (hips) cm
  • Position – Doggy style
  • Onahole included – No


  • You can easily pack and store it in confined spaces due to its compact size and lightweight. Also, you can discreetly carry it while travelling.
  • The Onahole slot is big enough to adjust deep Onaholes in it.
  • This is a smooth and soft blow-up doll which feels great and looks awesome.


  • The Onaholes are not included in the package.

#5. Nadeshiko Momiji Open Mouth Air Doll

Many of the blow-up doll owners feel that it would have been better if their doll provided oral pleasures as well.

However, there is no need to be sad now as this open mouth air doll is probably the first of its kind that consists of an oral slot.

Therefore, you get two holes to enjoy and that too at an affordable price.

Price: This open mouth air doll is available at just $27.

If you wish to have a unique air doll, then this is probably the best choice for you.

It also comes with an additional slot in its mouth which you can use for stuffing in another Onahole.

Therefore, it is a smart option for anyone who wants to try with a blow-up doll.


  • Stats – 71 * 48 * 78 cm
  • Onahole included – No
  • Position – seated


  • Few dolls have two slots where you can stuff in Onaholes!
  • This air doll is made from transparent material, and therefore it provides visual stimulation as you can see your penis moving inside the Onahole.
  • You can also buy a wig and costume for this sex doll if you are willing to spend some extra bucks.


  • Onaholes are not provided with the package.
  • The costume and wig cost more than the doll itself.

#6. 3D Bijiri Beautiful Butt Yuina

It is an exceptional blow-up doll which is called 3D due to its transparent design.

It has got fairly large sized buttocks which allow you to nail it as fast as you can. 

It is not a full-sized doll but a waist and butt doll which can be stored in a small space when you do not need it.

Price: You need to spend $20 on this air doll.

If you have not used sex dolls ever in your life and wanted to try, then you can certainly buy this blow-up doll.

It is available at an affordable price, but men would have preferred it more if the manufacturing company would have provided the Onahole with the package.


  • Stats – 16.5 (waist) * 33.9 (hips) cm
  • Onahole included – no
  • Position – flat on stomach


  • It is a blow-up doll with a perfect waist and voluptuous butts.
  • It is affordable and easy-to-use.
  • This air doll is perfect for beginners and first-time users.


  • The Onahole is not provided with this air doll. Therefore, you will have to purchase it separately which will cost you some extra bucks.

#7. Love Body Aki Air Doll Edition 2

Love Body Aki Air Doll Edition 2 is an exceptional blow-up doll with a stunning transparent body.

It is designed to be proportionate and comes quite close to a real female body when we consider its shape.

It does not feature ahead but comes with sexy lingerie which makes it look awesome.

All these features make it a desirable air doll and one of the best we have on this list.

Price: It is offered at just $59.

This is a perfect looking air doll which is dressed in a sexy panty by default.

However, if you are ready to spend some more, you can also dress it up in gorgeous attire and lingerie.

The performance of this air doll is exceptional, and therefore I recommend this blow-up doll with all my heart.


  • Stats – 76 * 56 * 88 cm
  • Onahole included – No
  • Position – Sitting on knees


  • It is transparent and has got a sexy figure which makes it good enough to stimulate your senses.
  • You can also purchase additional costumes and bikini for this air doll.
  • It is reasonably priced if we consider its quality and design.


  • The Onahole should have been provided with this sex doll.

#8. Love Body Ren

If you belong to that category of men who like to have sex in a doggy style or cowgirl position, then you would love this sex doll for sure.

It is transparent, and you can also decorate it with costume and face mask by paying more.

The Onahole is pre-included in the package, and therefore you need not spend extra for it.

These alluring features make it a smart choice especially for individuals who have not used sex dolls yet.

Price: You need to pay $50 if you want to buy this blow-up doll.

This is a great air doll which is equipped with a sensational Onahole which is fleshy and stimulating from the inside.

Therefore, the users can enjoy a fulfilling and arousing experience with this sex doll.

It is affordable as well and therefore buying it would be a smart choice for sure.


  • Stats – 35 * 22 * 35 inches
  • Onahole included – Yes
  • Position – On all fours


  • The Onahole is flexible and has a special texture to provide you ultimate pleasure.
  • You can make her look more beautiful by using costumes and face mask.
  • You need not spend much on buying this air doll.


  • There are many blow-up dolls in the market which are available at much lower rates.

#9. Love Body Risa

Risa is one of the bestselling air dolls of Japan, and that is not without reason.

It comes with an Onahole, and therefore you need not to spend anything extra for enjoying with it.

Moreover, this sex doll is waterproof, and so you can use it under the shower without any worries.

Price: Love Body Risa is priced at $47.

There are better blow-up dolls available in the market, but this one isn't bad either as it has plenty of features that will provide you with a stimulating experience.

The highlight of this air doll is its special Onahole which is capable of satiating all your urges.

If you are thinking of buying this doll, it would not be a bad choice at all.


  • Stats – 91 * 57 * 89 cm
  • Onahole included – Yes
  • Position – sitting


  • The Onahole which is provided with this sex doll is not ordinary by any standards. It is fleshy, flexible and feels great.
  • This air doll is of high-quality. Therefore, it would serve you for a long time without any issues.
  • You can even dress her up for enhancing its overall performance.


  • It does not come with complete arms and head is also missing. Some men can find this to be appalling.

#10. Air Doll Azusa

This is a Hentai blow-up doll which is perfect for having sex in a doggy style position.

She has a pretty Hentai face which makes her look innocent and beautiful. It also comes with a special Onahole which makes it even more enticing and buyable.

Moreover, you get all this at a budget-friendly price which makes it one of the best blow-up dolls in this list.

Price: Azusa can be bought at $22.

Also, you can get discounts if you place multiple orders on the link mentioned above.

There are few air dolls which provide a stellar performance as this blow-up doll does.

Therefore, I recommend this sex doll for boys and men who want to try something new and fresh!


  • Height – 158 cm
  • Onahole included – Yes
  • Position – On all fours


  • You can have sex with this doll in many positions due to its submissive posture.
  • You can adjust her hand if you wish to nail her hard in a doggy style position.
  • It comes with lube as well which enables you to enjoy a frictionless experience.


  • This doll is more suited for doggy style sex posture.

#11. Hannah the inflatable love doll

Hannah is an inflatable love doll that has huge breasts, cute face, and three orifices to stick your penis in. This is a life-size sex doll that can fulfill your lustful dreams easily. 

For her kinky body and ample breasts we give Hannah a nice 8 out of 10 stars.

We found this sex doll on Ebay and Kinky Cherries but the price was same at both the stores.


  • Height – 1.60m
  • Material – PVC
  • Waterproof
  • Penetrable length - NA


  • With printed stockings and thong she looks like a stripper who is ready to dance on your lap.
  • Made from allergen and phthalate-free material, Hannah is an obedient lover who will not harm your penis in any way.
  • Her curves and features are realistically designed to provide a stimulating experience to those who purchase it.


  • Her wide open mouth makes her look a bit funny at times.

#12. Inflatable doll pillow

This inflatable doll pillow has got a cute face and body that are actually printed on a pillow. If you are into sexy anime girls then it could prove to be a good purchase for you.

For its amazing concept and design we give this sex doll a decent 7 out of 10 stars.

We only found this doll on Amazon but similar dolls can be purchased from Alibaba and other shopping portals.



  • Material – Vinyl plastic
  • Compatible with any onahole
  • Waterproof


  • Apart from using as a sex toy, you can also use it as a pillow or to just pillow fight with your loved ones.
  • It is fitted with a pocket pussy at its base but you can also insert any masturbator or onahole of the same size in it.
  • You can easily deflate and fold it to store it conveniently after using it.


  • None

#13. Bed Kingfu doll for Amiga Toy

This cute Kingfu doll will amaze you with her protruding and kinky nipples at first. The best thing about this doll is that its sleeve can be easily detached after using it. 

We give this doll an average 5 out of 10 stars.


  • Removable vaginal sleeve
  • Semi-realistic blow-up doll
  • Material - PVC


  • This doll has a sexy kimono printed on it which makes her look as if she has arrived straight from a Japanese movie to your bedroom.
  • The vaginal sleeve feels quite smooth and slippery.
  • You can use it with water-based lube for extra fun.


  • Better dolls are available at a cheaper price.

#14. Upinva Deepthroat Doll

If you are interested in using an inflatable doll that can provide deep blowjob sessions then you can check this amazing blowup doll.

Upiinva is one of the few sex dolls that is designed to be realistic.

We would like to give it 8 out of 10 stars.


  • Material – Silicone
  • Structure – semi-solid blowup doll
  • Heated stick & Sound generator is provided with the package


  • It is made from waterproof materials that increase its durability
  • You can insert your penis in her anus, vagina, and mouth. Therefore, you have multiple alternatives to have fun with her.
  • A heat rod and sound generator is provided to make your experience more realistic.


  • We found this blowup doll only on this portal.

#15. Extravaganza's Lexi Tyler or Cayenne Cleure

This is an ultra-realistic blowup doll that looks beautiful and has got natural curves and a busty figure.

Your search for a small and visually appealing inflatable sex doll might end once you see her and explore her features.

We give it a happening 8.5 out of 10 stars.


  • Height – 145cm
  • Weight – 9.8 pounds
  • Vibrating bullet and inflator is provided along with the package


  • A set of huge breasts will arouse you the moment you see her.
  • You can insert your dick in her vagina and anus for enjoying a deep pleasurable experience.
  • The speed of the vibrator can be changed as per your requirements.


  • It is slightly expensive that some other sex dolls that we have seen in this article.

#16. Transparent body parts

Instead of purchasing a life-sized blow-up doll, you can go for cheaper alternatives like transparent body parts of sex dolls.

These dolls will cost somewhere between $15 and $30 and will be easier to clean as well.

We give 5 out of 10 stars to these transparent sex dolls.  

Buy a fully transparent inflatable sex doll by clicking here.


  • Color – Clear
  • Material – PVC
  • Penetrable length – As per the model


  • These parts can accommodate a pussy sleeve. Therefore, you can also experiment with different pussy sleeves for enjoying  a unique experience every time.
  • Since they are transparent, you get more stimulated as you can see your penis moving in and out of their holes.
  • If transparent dolls do not appeal to you, you can cover them up with clothes.


  • None

#17. Loftus International Inflatable Judy Doll

It is a customizable inflatable sex doll that can also be used to prank your friends because of its creepy and funny face.

It can also be used in bachelor parties as a decoration and you can dress her up in various ways as well. 

We give it a generous 6 out of 10 stars.


  • Material – PVC
  • Waterproof
  • Penetrable length - NA


  • It is a multi-purpose sex doll that can be used as a swimming pool float, for parties, etc. apart from using it for relieving your sexual tension.
  • It is made from safe and allergic-free material.
  • You can fold it after deflating easily when you do not intend to use it.


  • None

Benefits of having a blow-up doll

  • A blow-up doll is available at much cheaper rates as compared to fleshlights and sex dolls.
  • You can deflate and store them easily whenever you are not using them.
  • Many inflatable dolls come with onaholes these days that can be detached to be used as a male masturbator.
  • It is cheaper to clean and maintain them and even if it gets damaged, you can buy a new one that feels and looks different.

How to clean a blow-up doll?

  • You don’t have to clean the entire doll as most of the mess will be accumulated in the onahole itself. Therefore, you just have to remove the onahole and clean it with soap and warm water thoroughly.
  • Do not use hot boiling water to clean them as it will destroy their texture and effectiveness to a great extent.
  • Once you clean the detachable parts of your blow-up doll, you can leave it aside for sometime or use a clean and soft towel to dry it completely.

How to maintain its quality?

Once you have cleaned your inflatable sex doll thoroughly, you can also dust and spread some renewable powder on it to maintain its quality and texture for a long time. Do not use regular talcum powder as it might cause itchiness on your skin.

Guide for customization for blow-up dolls

It is easy to customize your blow-up dolls with wigs of different colors and styles to make them look more realistic. You can also dress them up with sexy lingerie and revealing outfits to make them visually appealing.

There are many cheaper ways of making your experience much better while using a blow-up doll. These methods or tactics are mentioned in the below paragraphs:

Remove the onahole that is fitted in your inflatable doll and insert pussy vibrators of realistic design to feel more stimulation while using the doll. You can add the cheap bullet vibrators inside the love hole to feel different sensations while fucking your beloved blow-up doll.

If possible, stuff your blow up doll with the stuff that is found in bean bags. The microfiber beads will make your inflatable dolls more pleasurable as you can squeeze and press them as per your requirements.

For stuffing the inflatable doll with microfiber beads or any other plush material you will have to make a small cut or incision on that part from which the air is blown inside the doll. Once you have filled it completely, you can fix the hole with a tape.

A little creativity will make your blow-up kinkier than ever and you will also not feel the discomfort of the plastic or any other rough material from which the inflatable dolls are usually made.

Now, let's check the types of material that are used for making blow-up dolls:

  1. 1
    Vinyl – Most blow-up dolls are made from Vinyl because it is durable. However, it might have rough edges and seams that can be the cause of discomfort while using them.
  2. 2
    Latex – Blow-up dolls that are made from latex are more softer but they can be easily damaged as well. Moreover, some people are allergic to latex. Therefore, you must ensure that the blow-up doll that you are using is not inconvenient in any way.
  3. 3
    TPR/ABS – The accessories or detachable parts of a blow-up doll is usually made from TPR or high-quality ABS plastic.

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