Top 20 Best Adult Dating Sites (2020) – Review & Comparisons

The benefits of online dating are easy to ignore once you are caught up in toxic relationships, ghosted chats or flaky dates. Dating sites can be a much-needed tonic to get things on track.

When the first dating site emerged in 1995, people adopted a wait and watch policy. It was considered more of a desperate attempt for a casual encounter.

With technology making considerable strides in the dating market, the negative conceptions associated with online dating have grown.

There are still some people who think that it would be better to meet someone in real life.

Now what does online dating haves to offer? Upon careful observation, you will find that there are a lot of things that you can hardly afford to miss.

First and the foremost you can start quickly and find a partner instantly. Once you create a profile on a dating site you can flip through the profiles of others quickly.

affair dating site

Zero in your preferences, based on your age, location, dating preferences as this is the way to go. The best part is that it is free.

A recommendation is to script your profile properly so that you are putting your best foot forward. You can even save a few seconds by linking to your Facebook or other social media accounts. Just be sure that the profile can win the hearts of people.

Secondly, dating sites tend to be fairly affordable. When you are at a pub or a disco clubyou might end up spending money but there is no guarantee that you will find someone of your liking.

On the other hand, free membership on a dating platform  puts you in the company of like minded people immediately.

In the past, people used to catch up with their partners or dates offline. Now, this might not be the case as most of us are attached to our phones for a long time. Take cue of the fact that the concept of online dating is hardly a couple of years old. It is a fairly young kid on the block.

I Met the Love of My Life on a Dating Site!

The main reason why dating sites or, for that matter dating apps, have become popular is that a lot of  the burdens is taken off your shoulders. Here you are in control of your matches and you can log in anytime you wish.

If you are planning to flirt, just swipe on some cuties and dish out messages. Even browsing has become an easy task with straightforward tools.

Yes, there have been scary stories as far as online dating is concerned, but it is a lot safer than meeting a stranger at a bar. At the very least, you can vet the person online before you meet them in real life. Unlike social places, dating sites have a variety of protocols in place for the safety of the users.

Round the clock customer service, SSL encryption, are is some of the measures in place. Even moderators filter out the fake profiles, and abusive members are removed at the earliest. Also, background checks are done on the members to figure out who they are.

Rejection is a dreaded word but the impact is much less if it happens online. Fortunately, you do not have to bear the disappointment in person or see the tame look of an individual. You just have to move on to the next match and swipe for positive results.

Be aware that millions and millions of people use online dating, and to locate someone special would take more than a few clicks. With numerous options available, we have compiled the top 20 adult dating websites.

  • Popular for - it is making a comeback
  • Membership - unlimited ad-free
  • Estimated users – 3 million
match dot com logo is synonymous with online dating and it has something for everyone. A detailed profile is to be created and via a criteria search, you can find your potential partner. Then move on to the Zen mode meaning that you can be contacted by people who match your criteria.

Though becoming a member is free, you can only send or receive messages if you have a subscription . The subscription charges are $ 12.99 for 6 months. This is a dating site where information is provided about a profile including pictures.

Even details about their present and future are shown. A lot of flexibility is provided as to who you establish contact with using advanced search criteria. The fake or the old profiles hardly finds a place on this site.

Rebel Wilson on - Get Your Heart On!!! screens the sites along with profiles before posting on their site.

This ensures only appropriate information makes way on to the site. It is an ideal site for individuals who are is exploring possibilitiesy of long term relationships, short term relationships or even looking for a large dating pool.

I'm guessing it should be mode instead of code. Zen code doesn't make much sense, unless it actually is the term used  on the website

  • Popular for - sophisticated singles in their late forties.
  • Membership – free and unlimited
  • Estimated users- 13 million
elite singles logo

This is a site that relies on a personality test to match users according to their compatibility. The site ends up matching only 3 to 7 matches every day and all of them are subject to manual verification. Generally, the users are looking for an intellectual match or long term commitment.

Nearly 85 % of the users have a degree and are in the age range of 30 years to 55 years.

The app as well as the website is free. To send out messages to  other profiles you have to subscribe. For a year, the membership cost comes up to $ 24.95 every month.

Rediscover Romance with EliteSingles

The best part about this site is that it is easy to operate. Once you have established a match with someone, it is easy to flip through their profiles. Just send out a smile and you will know whether the other person is interested in you.

Even if you are not ready to reach out to them right away, you can save them in your favourites section. You can obtain a variety of choices in an easy format.

3. Lumen

  • Popular for - mature dating
  • Membership – Free
  • Estimated users- 350,000
Lumen dating site

Dating in your 50s can be a Herculean task. Lumen makes it easier. An ice breaker message is around 50 characters, and paves the way for interesting conversations. The profiles are detailed and the accounts verified.

Along with a lengthy bio, you need to provide 3 photos. As a free member, you can initiate 6 conversations daily. If you subscribe at $ 24.99 every month you can have up to 12 conversations per day.

Lumen - The Dating App for Over 50s

The registration process is quick and you can link it to your social media profile. You can even sign up using your mobile number. To get your photos approved you need to have a selfie verification done.

The site has stringent security measures making it difficult for fake profiles to be part of the site. You need to go through identification along with image verification before becoming a member of the site. You can even block members whom you find to be rude.

  • Popular among- countryside lovers
  • Membership- Free and unlimited
  • Estimated members- 200,000
Muddy matches

This site is dedicated to country-minded people. To be part of the site you do not have to reside in the countryside. It is possible to find out the interests of your partners and where they went to school. If you love what you see then you could dish out a wink.

Though membership is free you can only send out a message if you become a subscriber. For 12 months of membership, the cost is $ 24.95.

Being a free member, it is possible to conduct unlimited searches on the site. You can edit your profile, photos and find out who visited your profile. You can even select your favouritesThis is a site that specializes in developing relationships among rural communities.

Though the concept is simple. , Dating sites often do not work if the customer base is not sizable. Fortunately, this website has a substantial subscriber base and its track record of providing matches is outstanding. To save time you can even register with your Facebook ID.

  • Popular for - striking a chord with like-minded individuals
  • Membership- limited
  • Estimated members- 220,000
Telegraph Dating

This is a site where you can meet like-minded individuals. You have to specify the type of person you are looking for when you are setting up your profile. You can browse the site and search for profiles until you locate someone who is a good match. You can then send them a message.

With a free membership, you can read the messages of prospective matches and reply to them with a one-liner. Only paid subscribers are allowed to write personal stuff or send customized messages.

For a year’s subscription, it costs $12. You can upgrade to premium for an additional $10 where you can reply to anyone’s messages for free.

  • Popular among- quirky and open-minded singles
  • Membership- Free
  • Estimated members- 4 million
okcupid logo

A detailed questionnaire to enhance compatibility is the essence of this site. You may inject personality on to your profile by incorporating questions like Do you make your bed every day”?

Rather than being bombarded with messages you can only message someone who matches your style. To download the app and interacting with the users is free but for extra features, you need to upgrade to a premium version.

This was the first site to include 22 genders along with 13 sexual orientation types. Such an extensive outlook has made the site fairly popular and as per site records they add nearly 91 million connections every year.

OkCupid Presents - Single on Sunday

Most sites ask people to describe a bit about themselves and what their tastes are. But where this site scores over the others is by asking questions to solve the quantum of prospective dates.

They calculate parameters like your strengths and weaknesses, the things you do not like and what you would be doing on Friday night.

This site has a large and active customer base. In fact, you can use the core features free of charge. Though a potential drawback is that the free members cannot find out who saw their profile.

Both their mobile app and dating site are updated regularly. It must be pointed out that the biggest challenge one can confront is in terms of messaging rules. A vast majority of the members in this site are in the age group of 25 to 34.

  • Popular- for serious relationships
  • Membership- limited
  • Estimated members- 4 million
eharmony logo-min

A modern matchmaking site that claims that nearly 450,000 couples have found their dream match using their services. A user has to fill in a detailed questionnaire to outline their personality traits, and then the team behind of the site sends out compatibility requests.

You can register or download the app, and send out pre-written notes or smiles. This would get the ball rolling in terms of conversations. But to send out customized messages or unlimited access to prospective matches you have to become a subscriber on this site.

For a period of twenty four months the charges are $ 7.95.

"The Glance" by eHarmony

Ideally, this is a dating site for an individual who is looking for a serious relationship. Opting for a premium account would be the best choice as it will enable you to avail better facilities. The website design is simple and easy to navigate.

The site goes on to state that they have members from all over the world. A vast majority of the members are in the younger age groups. Most of them are educated and have a stable lifestyle.

8. Badoo

  • Popular for- Exploring available options
  • Membership- Free
  • Estimated members- 400 million
badoo banner

If you want to be spoiled in terms of choices, then give Badoo a definite go. The moment you sign in the app there are 4 options that you can avail, casual dates, serious relationship, mere chat or an open relationship.

Though the app has a swipe function you can initiate a video chat with of another person.

The profiles contain basic personal information and you will receive notifications whenever someone dishes out your personal information. This could confuse you as there are numerous users on this site.

Badoo - True Stories Episode 1

This is a social media site for people who want to explore the possibilities of serious or casual relationships.

There is also a mobile app that can be downloaded for free. The site aims to distinguish itself from other dating websites by not using the term dating site and considers itself to be more of a social dating site.

A majority of the users on this site are from European countries and since it caters to the younger generations, fresh ideas are part of the site. You could say that in a lot of ways this site is similar to Tinder.

9. Hinge

  • Popular among- young people looking for love
  • Membership- Free
  • Estimated users – 5.5 million

Hinge is a new name of the dating app block and is popularly referred to as a relationship app. To incorporate your profile you need to provide a one-line bio with 3 photos. This is an app that is free to download and you can browse through profiles, swipe or send messages.

Upgrading to a premium membership is necessary for better results. Founded in the year 2012, the site went through a major revamp in 2015. The site believes that the users  should delete an app once they find their dream partner.

In 2019 it went on to state that it is an app for serious relationships and not one for a casual hook up.

Hinge - The Dating App Designed to be Deleted

They are of the view that today people rely on dating apps to find someone exclusive for serious relationships. Ideally, they want the users to not spend a lot of time on the app.

You can sign in to the app with your Facebook profile or even your mobile number. You will be guided through every step during the sign up procedure.

10. Happn

  • Popular- for busy people
  • Membership- Free
  • Estimated users – 50 million

This app helps connect people who are very busy, and do not have enough time to go looking for like-minded singles on a regular basis. 

There are a couple of ways by which you can create an account. You can link it with your mobile number or your Facebook page. By providing a few basic information you can sign up. This includes your name, age, and gender.

Other information regarding your professional life may be asked but providing that information is not mandatory . Before proceeding further, you might be asked whether you are interestedin men, women or both. The entire process of registration hardly takes a minute or so.

Apart from this, there is no screening or verification.

Make it Happn~

On the member's profile page, a lot of information will not be displayed. Happn will display a few bare essentials. By signing into a premium version you can hide some of this information. You can upload 9 photos once you sync the photos from your Facebook or Instagram account.

The app does keep the fake profiles in check.

11. Scruff 

  • Popular among trans men, bi and gay
  • Membership- Free
  • Estimated users – 15 million

Before signing up on this website the first thing you need to do is to provide your location. Based on the information provided, your profile can be classified into communities. Though nudity is prohibited in profile photos, it is not prohibited on your private albums.

There are various communities and you can click on multiple options. The frequency with which members respond to your messages can also be witnessed. Once you click on someone’s profile icon you give them access to your private album.

When you do this, they are going to receive a notification. Conversely, someone else could log into your profile and give you access to their private album. Profile notes can be added to your accounts but to access that feature you have to prescribe to the premium version.

There are various modes of communication available and you can message anyone at any time. If you are interested in meeting another user you can tick a box on their profile.

12. Bumble

  • Popular- to empower women
  • Membership- Free
  • Estimated users – 22 million

A dating app where the fairer sex is in control. It is a matter of surprise that the male to female ratio of this app is 50:50. On careful observation, if you consider the number of marriages resulting from this app, you will realize that it is one for casual relationships.

The chances of finding your life partner on this app are remote and more suited for men and women who are interested in casual hook ups. You can register with your Facebook account or mobile number.

There is no need to provide any personal information as it is imported from your Facebook profile. It hardly takes a couple of minutes to create your account and the process is rated to be user-friendly

Curious not Loose - Bumble Ad

The drawback is that if you do not have a Facebook account you cannot sign on to this app and many users have complained about this feature. They have changed this feature, and signing up with your mobile number is now possible.

The contract policy of the app is what differentiates it from other apps. Here women initiate a conversation. Once a swipe is made you have an option to respond to that message within 24 hours. For same-sex relationships, any one of the parties can respond first.

13. HER

  • Popular for- like-minded women
  • Membership- Free
  • Estimated users – 4 million
her app banner

Her only allows you to sign up using Facebook or Instagram. Users’ credentials are not verified during the registration process. This has raised a question about various fake profiles emerging on the site. You can upload both Photos and text images.

The maximum number of photos that can be uploaded is eightIt is even possible to verify the list of other members. The friend list given to you is public to everyone. The main feature of this app is meeting. You are presented with various profiles matching up to your preferences and age.

It is possible to swipe or dismiss them.

HER Dating App Review

You can message people immediately after you match with them. You can interact with each other in real-time via the feed feature without being friends. You may like or comment on the posts. Being active on this feature increases your visibility to people around you.

You can post events and view them on Feed. This app advocates an open-minded approach where you can connect with the queer women in your community and not only for casual hook ups.

  • Popular among- young professionals
  • Membership- Free
  • Estimated users – 1.5 million
The Inner Circle

During registration, new members have to answer a few questions about their personalities. Formulation of a profile depends on how soon you pass the fitness test. Some may pass immediately whereas others could be taking a week or months. You can upload one photo during registration.

You might not receive matches immediately. You need to send out likes to receive them. You just need an active Facebook account or LinkedIn account. It is really hard to create a profile on this dating site.

Authenticity along with integrity have to be verified before you pass the test. Some people have waited for weeks whereas others have got their account approved immediately.

The Inner Cirlce - Meet the Most Inspiring & Attractive Singles

Apart from that, the entire process of registration might take a few minutes to be over. When you are waiting for the account to be approved you can answer the personality test. You can proceed even without passing the screen.

The ability to send or receive messages is limited to the premium class members only. It is possible to send out welcome messages to the new members. You can even send out a wink to the people whom you like.

15. Tinder

  • Popular for- casual dating
  • Membership- Free
  • Estimated users – 50 million

In this app, you are confronted with a couple of options, swipe right or swipe left. There are millions of members to check out. The profile information available is limited.

This is one of the popular dating apps that has a website version. Members who mutually like each other have a chance to meet via this app. You have to keep on swiping until you find the right person. Some people use this site to find acquaintances whereas others try to find true love. P

People might be looking for hook ups whereas others might look seriously for a long- term bond.

Tinder Promotional Video

The process of registration is easy, as you can do it with your mobile number or Facebook profile. A tip to attract more swipes is to upload your photo. Signing up on this app hardly takes 5 to 8 minutes.

Unlike other apps, you don't need to have a Facebook account to sign on to this app. Even without a paid membership, you can sign on to this app. In spite of the signing up process being easy, you might stumble upon certain fake profiles.

To avoid fake people, opt for images with an image of a bio.

  • Popular for- romantic people
  • Membership- Free
  • Estimated users – 7 million
coffee meets bagel

Signing up  on this app is an easy task. Once you download the app on your smartphone you are directed to certain steps for profile creation. You are required to zero in on a few essential details as the photos are uploaded from your Facebook account. At most nine 9 photos can be uploaded.

Women are presented with 6 matches daily. If the number of men who like the photo reaches six, then the site offers potential matches. Since this site is fairly popular, the number of matches is dependent upon the member's availability in various cities.

How it All Began - Coffee Meets Bagel

An interesting aspect about this site is that members are suggested to include tidbits about themselves. This is not going to be shown on the public profile. Termed as ice breakers, it is an ideal course of action for a new member. It would initiate a flow of conversation.

The profile information on this app is more detailed as compared to the other apps. It is a tipping point for starters to be interacting with each other.

  • Popular- for individuals exploring possibilities of a committed relationship
  • Membership- Free
  • Estimated users – 25 million

The registration is a two-way procedure and takes around 10 to 15 minutes. It goes on to collect personal information and a major drawback is that it takes a longer time than the other dating apps. When creating the profile, you might be asked to write a short description about yourself.

Another important aspect of the profile creation is that you can develop a profile for someone else. The registration process is fairly strict that allows you to send a one- time code to your mobile number. It even requires uploading certain legal documents to verify your identity. presents "Sprinkle of Wonders"

Based on the provided criteria you can search profiles with a smart search bar. There is matches’ option where recommendations are provided is based on your preferences. The free accounts can respond to messages that are initiated by the premium members.

However, hidden photos can only be accessed by the premium members. Another important point is that the profiles are very detailed.


  • Popular- For Christians seeking a long- term commitment
  • Membership- Free
  • Estimated users – 110,000 users
christian connection

This site is ideal for single Christians  who are looking for long term commitment. This dating site is gaining popularity at a global level. It can be termed as the best site for Christians who are looking for a long- term commitment. Different classes of people pay a visit to this site. 

The younger and older people will enjoy what the site has to offer in terms of features. This dating portal has gone on to publish certain pulsating love stories in the past. The community is diverse. Most members are 18 years and above who visit the website and the app.

Some members are more into romantic relationships whereas others prefer friendship.

#StartsWithFaith - Meeting via Christian Connection

Among the members, the age bracket of 24 to 35 years is the most active. Apart from that, both male and female profiles are present on this site but women comprise the majority.

By filling in a few personal details you can start operating your account in just a matter of a few seconds. There is a free three-day trial version as well.

  • Popular among-  Single Muslims looking for love
  • Membership- Free
  • Estimated users – 1 million

Muslim culture is a wee bit different from others. They tend to perceive things differently from others and give due importance to religious sentiments. They are one of the cultures where marriage or for the matter dating is encouraged within their community.

To date, Muslims could be a bit tricky and there are fair restrictions to be followed.  To sign up for this app could be very difficult for people who are not keen on to revealing much about themselves.

Meeting the Muslim Parents - Muzmatch

If you are planning a dummy account it is not going to work since this app is good at filtering out fake accounts. A self-verification process is there whereby for security reasons you have to take a selfie. The selfie that you submit is verified with your profile photo.

As far as the signup process is concerned it is fairly simple as you just have to enter your email id along with a nickname. The entered details can be updated at any time. For a faster profile sign up, it is possible to link up via your Facebook account.

In a lot of ways, this site is similar to Tinder. The premium version of this account has a free 7-day trial.

20. JDate

  • Popular among- Jewish Singles
  • Membership- Free
  • Estimated users – 2million
jdate logo-min

This is a dating site for Jewish singles. There is no need to be Jewish to be part of this site, but it is better if you belong to the community. On this site, you can look up for casual encounters or be it long term relationships.

You need to check out the review of whether this site is the right one for you. On closer observation, you will find that the site has a lot to offer. Though this site is offered for both sexes an interesting trend is that the number of females is more than men.

The reason is safety and authenticity is a priority on this website.

Introducing the New JDate - The Better Way to Date Jewish Singles

The registration process is fast, easy, and quick. The more personal details you share, the better will be your  chances of finding your perfect match. There is a chat room where members can touch base with each other free of charge.

Contacting members through this site poses a challenge if you are not planning to opt for a paid plan. The number of fake profiles is significantly lesser on this site.

Important adult dating tips 

Be confident- You need to be confident about yourself. If you are not, then you can say goodbye to this and look at other options. If you can prove your confidence, that is nearly half the job is done.

  • Do not settle - ideally, you should not settle quickly. Make sure you are availing the perfect package. If you do not get what you deserve to hold on till the last moment.
  • Play around - do not grab the first opportunity as a better suggestion would be to play around a wee bit. Flirt around a little till you can find someone matching your preferences. This is a better way to ensure that you might be satisfied in the long run
  • A good first impression - You might have found someone of your choice and your tendency might be is to go all out and foster a positive impression in her mind. Just take a step back and put in a little bit of effort at your end. Once you can nail the first impression this makes a lot of difference. Get it right from the beginning as the future would also look great.
  • Listen carefully - a lot of us are not very inclined on listening and want to always speak. Not paying attention to the other person and talking constantly is very rude, and it could hurt your chances of going further. 


A major takeaway from the dating sites is that they work. Not to mention that these sites are a testimony to certain mesmerizing love stories from their esteemed members. Though one might be a strong critics of online dating, one should take note of the fact that it is not for everyone.

You may be hesitant about it but at some point it is bound to generate positive results. From the above discussion, we have portrayed the benefits of online dating, the popular adult dating sites, but a major upside is an enormous opportunity to meet and interact with new people.

You can even learn to build the kind of relationships you want to develop with people.

The adult dating sites are not a magic wand, and in no way can they be deemed as perfect either. However, it is a good way to put yourself forward and to explore an ideal match in a few minutes. Your objective should be is to have fun while looking for potential matches.

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