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The Complete Guide to Becoming Victoria’s Secret Model (2020)

It is a matter of prestige to be a part of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. However, not every model gets the opportunity to walk over the runway.

That's the harsh reality. Many women dream of sleeping on a pair of angel wings, but then there are only a few whose dreams come true.

So, if you are a model and walking in Victoria's Secret Fashion show, then it is no less than becoming a superstar!

You will get a chance to wear some of the best brands, can get the opportunity to work with their lingerie brand for the whole year, will be traveling in the world, and some other attractive contracts.

Who wouldn't want to be there? 

victoria's secret models

No matter how much you envy these models but they are incomparable, and their fashion shows are among the best shows in the world. If you are new to this industry and are working hard to achieve a milestone, then you do not want to miss out on the chance to learn more about it. 

Behind their sizzling hot body and the next-door-neighbor smile, there is a lot that these models endure. It feels incredible to see these strong-headed women walk the ramp with full confidence.

If you want to receive the angel status, then go through this complete guide, and we hope that this guide will give you a clear picture of how to go for it. Along with the guide, we will also tell you about the top 14 sexiest Victoria's Secret models that are on the top and ruling the scene.

Let's first talk about what all goes down. Then, we will talk about the real thing.

15 Things You Didn't Know about Victoria's Secret

The models hustle early

Here's the thing, models whom you see walking the ramp wearing lingerie of some famous designers started their career as a teenager.

Taylor Hill, who is one of Victoria's Secret models, started her career when she turned 14 and signed by an agency called IMG.

She had to drop out of school to pursue her modelling career.

However, this determined chick managed to get the diploma degree along with her modeling career, and now everyone knows her. 

So, the agenda is, the sooner you start your modelling career, the better.

Taylor Hill

The models work incessantly and very hard

If you are under the impression that walking the ramp is easy, then you are absolutely wrong.

The models that you see, sometimes, they take part in more than 54 shows non-stop.

Not just that, they keep on flying from New York to Paris, and then finally land into the Milan Fashion Week.

That requires a lot of hard work, and if you are planning to become one of them then get prepared to sweat real hard.

models at the airport

Social Following is Needed

Some producers of Victoria's Secret did not get satisfied with only skinny bodies.      

Sometimes, they do look for a bit of personality too. You never know they may approach you through your Instagram account.

Being funny and hilarious on Instagram will not just increase the fan following, but it can also land you into a good deal too.

It can help you to get selected! So, fingers crossed!

VS social media

Try to Land a Spot in Any of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

What you need to do is show Victoria's Secret that you exist.

It would be best if you show the world, your face and your efforts. You can even walk into the kid's show.

Taylor, the young Victoria's Secret model who started her career when she turned 14, walked for PINK back in 2014, and then she soon became the face of the brand.

Later, she was given the angel tag in the same year.

VS fashion show

Don't Fight to Get a Spot in the Main Show

Before offering the angel tag, you will have to go through the brutal casting. More than 500 models will go through the cast.

Out of 500, 300 will be shortlisted, and finally, only 44 of them will be able to get those tags.

You can imagine how fierce the competition is! If you get the gig, slay the Victoria's Secret catwalk.

If you are among those lucky 44, be confident while walking, blow some kisses to the audience, carry a big smile on your face, and have fun.


We have given you a brief about how to get started; now it's time for us to reveal the real deal. Trust us, becoming Victoria's Secret model is never an easy task. You will have to prove, show, and work really hard to become an Angel.

Remember, there are many models who would like to do a catwalk for Victoria's Secret fashion shows, but only a handful of them get the opportunity. So, you will have to prove that you have what the producers of Victoria's Secret are looking for to become one of the Angels.

Meeting the basic requirement

Modelling gigs have some rules to follow when it comes to physical needs.

However, Victoria's Secret Angels must follow even more strict rules than you would expect.

  • You must be between 18 to 30 years of age.
  • You have to be in good shape and healthy.
  • You should have a slim figure. If you are slightly voluptuous, that can also be accepted. The typical industry standard is 34-24-34.
  • Your height should be between 5 feet and 8 inches to 6 feet tall.
VS measurements

Get Signed by a leading agency

Victoria's Secret is very selective when it comes to accepting submissions.

The brand takes applications only through leading modelling agencies.

So, the next thing that you should look out for is to get assigned by the leading agency.

If this will not happen, then your chances of becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel roll down from slim to zero.

The best agencies to work with are Elite Models and Ford in New York City. Their submissions are mostly accepted.

sign to an agency

To be precise, the brand has a long-term and stable relationship with Ford and Elite Models. Even Lingerie brands also look out for these two agencies when it comes to hiring a lingerie model. However, you can still check out some other popular agencies to get through.

Finally, if you can't get through these top agencies, then your next step should be trying your best and working very hard to get noticed. Do everything possible to become an Angel of Victoria's Secret.

Take Part in Victoria's Secret Casting

Before launching any fashion show, the luxurious brand always holds a casting session.

The brand invites aspiring catwalkers, as well as current Victoria's Secret models (yep, even the contractual ones have to go through casting and prove themselves).

Each model has to prove that they have the right attitude to become Victoria's Secret model.

They show their toned bodies and personalities in front of the executive producers of Victoria's Secret.

The selection panel will also include a creative and a casting director.

vs castings

You must outperform

You need to excel if you want to live your dream. You do not have any other choice.

The Angels of Victoria's Secret are not just mere models who flaunt their bodies wearing the most exquisite lingerie brands.

These models are the faces of the company. So, they have to look more than fantastic.

Paparazzi are always after these models, which means the models have to be spunky, related, friendly, approachable, and also responsible.

vs outperformance

Each model signs a contract, so be prepared for that. What's more? The Victoria's Secret darlings have to document their active and healthy lifestyles on different social media platforms as well. If you want to become one of the Angels, then remember, you have to bring your A-game!

Other than the details of how to go about becoming Victoria's Secret model, there are a few tips that we would like to share with you. These tips will give you an extra push to do even better.

You are a lingerie model, be confident

Being a lingerie model is not a joke. Even the top Victoria's Secret models accept that it is quite intimidating for them to pose in their undies in front of photographers and other crew members, but it is a part of their job.

The newbies, in particular, are going to find it a bit challenging, but the more you pose, the more comfortable you feel.

Not everyone feels pleased to be in their lingerie and smile in front of the camera. But isn't you want to become Victoria's Secret model?


Even if you are not 100% confident, try to give your best shot and look convincing. It works! Remember, you need to look confident in the photos, so give your best.

Blow some sexy kisses, people love it!

We might blow kisses for the selfies, but for Victoria's Secret models, it's a must-have. They asked to do some hot and sexy kisses.

It's a significant move. Don't overthink, all you need to do is walk the ramp stylishly, and once you reach the edge, blow everyone a kiss.

The audience loves it when you include a wink with a kiss.

VS angels

Enjoy your time with your friends

Unlike other cat walk shows, Victoria's Secret is a little different. It's not a one-woman show, instead, a team’s effort.

So, you have to be friendly with everyone. Most of Victoria's Secret models will tell you that the models of the brand are their family.

And it is more fun when they enjoy the show together.

Each girl is comfortable with one another, and that's what makes the show happening and a super-hit.

vs friends

Own it!

Have you watched Victoria's Secret models walking the ramp?

Have you noticed the charisma and the confidence they carry while walking? They own the show.

As a model, your job is to walk the ramp, which means you will have to practice to walk like no one else.

Once your name announced at the backstage, feel the music and beat and start walking. 

vs runway walk

The music and lights will surely help you out, but you need to work on your personality. You are Victoria's Secret model, bring the right attitude, character, and confidence. Give your best shot! You will be successful then.

Never give up on your dreams

Some models in the industry have worked for 10 to 15 years and faced a lot of rejection.

And there are a few who get accepted right away. Never compare yourself with anyone else.

Your journey is going to be an exhilarating one. The process is long, always be prepared for the worst. Never give up on your dreams.

vs casting 2

Victoria's Secret love goofiness

Did you know that Victoria's Secret love models who act a bit naughty and goofy?

You have to bring in your naughty and sassy side if you want to stand out from the rest of the models.

The brand adores the girl with unique personality.

vs goofy

Your Instagram account should be excellent

They not only judge you physically, but keep a close eye on your social media accounts as well.

You have to be on Instagram if you are Victoria's Secret model and keep yourself updated.

Add some beautiful filters and upload only the best photos of yours.

vs instagram

Winking is Good

Victoria's Secret models are great at winking, and if you ask a few models, they will tell you that they love the fact that the brand allows them to show their real personality.

Along with blowing some kisses to the audience, why not become a bit flirtatious? Do wink along with kisses or whatever suits you!

vs winking

Never overthink

When your catwalk for Victoria's Secret, the best way to prove that you are one of the best is to be yourself.

Let everything come to you naturally. Don't overthink anything.

You might prepare before walking the ramp, but anything can happen when you are on the stage.

The cameraman will follow you over the ramp. Try to sync your pace with him. 


Therefore, the only thing which you need to carry is your confidence and be you who you are. We don't think that the backstage preparations will work well.

Always Believe in Yourself

There will be people all around you who won't spare a minute to discourage you.

You are here in the industry for a reason. So, have faith in yourself. Learn how to ignore criticism and be in your zone.

That will help you. Remember, there are beautiful girls all around the world. So, you will need to stand out in a crowd.

Therefore, the only thing which you need to carry is your confidence and be you who you are.

We don't think that the backstage preparations will work well.

vs interview

Don't Forget to pamper yourself

If you succeed in getting the gig and was pumped up, then why spend the whole night thinking about the show?

Instead, go out with your girls or go out all alone. Live your best night. Pamper yourself as much as you can.

Go for a gentle massage or spa, or else spend your night at home eating something great and spare some time for yourself.

Having a facial before the show is always great because it will make you radiate.


Exercise, Exercise, and Exercise

Even if you are Victoria's Secret model, remember, new models can replace you anytime.

So, you must exercise to maintain your perfect shape. But don't worry, that's what all models do, and they loved it.

However, some models say that they hate exercising, but the competition is so tight that they have to go to the gym to remain in shape.

If you are Victoria's Secret model, a little hard work is required.

vs workout

If you don't like sweating too hard, then eat healthy food and try yoga. That will be good. Work out daily and include Pilates and cardio. You can join hot yoga classes as well. Try everything and then decide which one suits you the best.

Younger Ones are watching you, be a role model for them

Even if you are Victoria's Secret model, remember, new models can replace you anytime.

So, you must exercise to maintain your perfect shape. But don't worry, that's what all models do, and they loved it.

However, some models say that they hate exercising, but the competition is so tight that they have to go to the gym to remain in shape.

If you are Victoria's Secret model, a little hard work is required.

If you don't like sweating too hard, then eat healthy food and try yoga. That will be good.

Work out daily and include Pilates and cardio. You can join hot yoga classes as well.

Try everything and then decide which one suits you the best.

young model

Try Not to fall over

It is quite fascinating to see Victoria's Secret wearing massive wings and high heels, and it needs elegance to wear these things and walk without falling.

You won't be wearing them in real life. You have one job, and that is to walk the ramp without being the chaos.

Be careful while walking, enjoy the moment, but don't fall, please!

vs falling

Top 14 Victoria's Secret Who are Rocking the Ramp at the Moment

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is 37 years old Brazilian lady. She is the longest-running Victoria's Secret model of all time.

The diva won her wings in 2000, and she was only 19 years old back then.

Adriana is arguably one of the most famous faces of Victoria's Secret, and she has also worn the Fantasy Bra three times in total!

Adriana Lima

Elsa Hosk

Elsa Hosk is 29 years old and is from Sweden. In 2011, Elsa walked the ramp for Victoria's Secret for the first time, and she received her wings a bit later, in 2015.

Elsa is famous for her winks and gorgeous smile.

Elsa Hosk

Romee Strijd

The beautiful and gorgeous Romee Strijd is 23 years old, and she is a Dutch beauty.

She started her career with Victoria's Secret in 2014 and earned her wings just a year after.

Romee Strijd

Alessandra Ambrósio

Alessandra Ambrósio is a 37 year old diva and is from Brazil. She is a mother, model, and an actress.

The model walked the ramp in 2000 and earned her wings in 2004. Alessandra Ambrósio has the prettiest smile!

Alessandra Ambrósio

Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine Tookes is a 27 years old American model, and she walked for Victoria's Secret in the year 2012. She got her wings in 2015.

Jasmine Tookes wore the Fantasy Bra in 2016, which was worth a whopping $3 million!

Jasmine Tookes

Sara Sampaio

Sara Sampaio has got a beautiful face and sexy legs.

The 27 years old Portuguese goddess walked for the brand in the year 2013 and receiver her wings in 2015.

Sara Sampaio

Behati Prinsloo

Behati Prinsloo is a 30 years old model, and she is from Namibia. Her wide smile on the catwalk shows has won a million hearts.

The confident beauty walked the ramp for Victoria's Secret in 2008 and became one of the Angels in 2009.

Behati Prinsloo

Josephine Skriver

Josephine Skriver is known for her skinny body and long legs.

The Danish model is 25 years old, and she owns it each time she walks the ramp.

She walked for Victoria's Secret in 2013 and received her wings in 2016.

Josephine Skriver

Stella Maxwell

Stella Maxwell usually pouts towards the end of her walk, and this is what makes her extra special.

The 28 years old Belgian and New Zealand diva walked the ramp for Victoria's Secret in 2014. She got her wings in 2015, just a year later.

Stella Maxwell

Candice Swanepoel

The South African model Candice Swanepoel, is a bombshell, and she first walked in 2007. She got her Angel tag in 2010.

Candice Swanepoel

Lais Ribeiro

Lais Ribeiro is 27-years old, and her wink can melt anyone's heart. She is from Brazil and walked for the brand in 2010.

The model got her wings in 2015.

Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill started her modelling career when she was only 14 years old. Now, she is 22 years old, and she is American born.

She walked for Victoria's Secret in 2014 and got her Angel status next year in 2015.

Taylor Hill

Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge is a Californian born bombshell with a charismatic personality and is 32 years old.

Each time you will see her walking the ramp, you will see her smiling throughout her catwalk.

She started walking for the brand in 2009 and received Angel's title in 2010.

Lily Aldridge

Martha Hunt

Martha Hunt is sexy, and she is a true diva. The American model walked for Victoria's Secret in 2013 and got her wings in 2015.

Martha Hunt

How much do Victoria's Secret models earn?

We all look at Victoria's Secret models as the epitome of pure elegance. These divas leave no stone unturned to perform their best on the ramp. And Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows are always one of the major events attended by some of the wealthiest people in the entire world.

Some of Victoria's Secret models, for example, Kendell Jenner, Bella, and Gigi Hadid are well-known faces, and they have appeared in many music covers and fashion campaigns, others are not that popular. They use Victoria's Secret's Fashion Shows as their best opportunity to shine.

However, one question that comes in our minds is, how much do they earn?

What you may not know is that there is a hierarchy in the modelling industry and even on Victoria's Secret stage too. There are some models, for instance, Adriana Lima, who is said to be the second-highest-paid models, and her net worth is around $10.5 million!

However, her Victoria's Secret modelling career alone didn't make her this rich, she took this platform as her launching phase, and she worked in many other areas to earn money. Lima won an endorsement deal from none other than Maybelline.

Then the next model that we have is Alessandra Ambrosio, whose net worth is $5 million. Jasmine Tookes’s net worth is $4 million, and she was offered deals from Calvin Klein and Lancome. The truth is that Victoria's Secret Fashion Show alone will not make you rich.

Appearing in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is undoubtedly is a good deal, but you should try to get an offer from some of the top brands. Some of these models are earning $1000 only for their hard work and efforts.

However, the seasoned models do negotiate, and they make around $100,000 to $1,000,000. It is an excellent deal to launch yourself in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but if you want to earn huge amount, then you will have to do a lot of hard work.

What is Victoria's Secret models' diet?

If you are new to Victoria's Secret, then you will have to follow a strict diet. A foodie will have a hard time becoming a model as he/she needs to follow a strict diet. Your diet should include green vegetables, little carbohydrates, lots of fruits, and proteins.

An occasional cheat day is always allowed, but following a strict diet, the rule is every model's utmost priority. Take a look at Victoria's Secret models' diet:

  • For breakfast: You can have a green smoothie mixed with chia seeds or else have an egg white with turkey or spinach.
  • For lunch: For lunch, you can have some chicken salad with brown rice.
  • For Dinner: For dinner, you can have green vegetables, grilled salmon, cucumber, tomato salad, or boiled potatoes.
  • For snacks: Handful of berries and almonds.

What are the height and weight requirements?

The moment you look at Victoria's Secret model, you think about their perfectly toned body. Everything about these models is excellent.

If your height is between 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet and 9 inches, you are lucky. In terms of weight, Victoria's Secret has a specific measurement to fit into their lingerie and designer clothing. It would be best if you had an hourglass figure, and you must weigh 60 kgs, which is 132 pounds.

The desired model needs to have 34-24-34 as the perfect body measurements. However, VS is known to make some exceptions in some of the cases, but that's the usual standard. Along with all these, a model must have a smooth skin, neat and glossy hair, and her body has to be toned.

Understanding Victoria's Secret Angel's Tag

When someone becomes an Angel of Victoria's Secret, the models have exclusive contracts with the brand. That means that the model has certain obligations towards the brand than the other runway models.

The models you see in Victoria's Secret campaigns, in major runway shows, or even in talk shows are the ones who have earned the Angel title. Although these obligations are discrete, every model wishes to be there.

They are the world's highest-paid models as stated. The pay includes their endorsement events and different contracts. The top Angles leading the pack currently are Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen. The more senior you become, the better the paychecks you get to earn.

You can't become an Angel overnight, though. It takes years of hard work, but once you become one, you will be their family, and you can also get the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing brands from all over the world. It depends on VS, who they want to make their angels.

The best that you can do is work hard for the title.

Final words

We all know that Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows are the best on the globe. Remember, having a good figure will not make you a successful VS model. You will have to prove yourself and get in touch with the leading agencies who can build up your portfolio.

Also, give your best shot during the screening and shortlisting phase.

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