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The Complete Guide To Becoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model (2020)

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition is one of the most elite fashion magazines of the fashion industry, and only 25 lucky ladies are selected.

The magazine is by far the most sophisticated magazines out there, and every model dreams of being a part of the same.

The magazine opens new doors for modelling opportunities.

So, this might raise a question, how do models end up posing for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition?

Well, the models who appear in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition come from some of the top modelling agencies.

These modelling agencies don’t necessarily belong to one particular region or country, but from all over the world. 

sports illustrated

For example, Petra Nemcova, one of the 25 lucky models is from One Management in New York, Lisa Aldridge’s agency is IMG, and Evolution Talent Agency’s Brooklyn Decker also was among the selected 25 models.

This agency is in North Carolina. You must know that to be on the pages of Sports Illustrated magazine, you must get signed by one of the top modelling agencies.      

The best part about Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition is that it breaks all the perceptions and boundaries. The magazine gives a chance to fresh and reputed models. Each model has something unique about her. Read on to know how to become a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model!

Who can become Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models?

The models of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition are classy, glamorous, and fashionable. Even though the magazine is about featuring swimsuit models, sometimes, the magazine forgets about the swimsuit part. But who are we to complain? The result is always exceptional and impressive.

All the models look fantastic, and you will see some models wearing only the lower half of their bikinis. But the photographer skillfully covers the breasts with some props or the model’s hand without making it look odd. The models are encouraged to be themselves.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition models have fun when they shoot for the magazine. They can be seen posing naturally and having fun. The models usually carry a beautiful smile when they pose. Overall, the swimsuit models look drop-dead gorgeous and sexy.

The photos display their femininity, athleticism, and beauty.

Casting calls for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models

You can’t apply online f     or becoming a part of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model magazine. The magazine sends invite to the top modelling magazines only. Casting doesn’t happen in a conventional sense. The keyword here is “invite.” Your agencies don’t fill in any application.

Sports Illustrated magazine sends an invitation, and then you can hope for the best to happen. So, if you want to become one of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models, then the best bet that you have is to work extremely hard and keep climbing the ladder.

Try to get scouted by some of the top agencies. You should set your eyes on the top modelling market, for example, Paris and New York. Sports Illustrated is headquartered in New York. If you have done swimsuit modelling before, you might get noticed quicker.

Make sure that you work with a niche-specific agency that connects their model with swimsuit modelling jobs. The agency must work hard along with you to promote you so that Sports Illustrated takes notice of you.

Hence, show that you are interested in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine and let your agency know that you want to be one of the 25 models.

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Do you have to sign with only swimsuit modelling agencies?

Swimsuit modelling is a small market, and most of the top agencies in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, and Milan, are fashion or glamour modelling agencies. They will have models working for commercial as well as for editorial divisions, wearing bikinis and swimsuits on demands.

That’s why finding swimsuit agencies could be a little challenging. Not that there are no swimsuit modelling agencies available, but it is better to be signed by them, though it is not mandatory.

All you should be careful about is signing with a reputed and renowned modelling agency that can help in your promotion.

Do you have to be an experienced model to get featured in Sports Illustrated?

No! What a relief, right! The only requirement is that you should be working with a top modelling agency. Whether you are in Hong Kong, New York, or Paris, Sports Illustrated will send invites to top modelling agencies all over the world.

These agencies then send their best portfolios of models to Sports Illustrated for evaluation, and finally, only 25 out of these models get selected. You don’t have to be an experienced model to appear on the pages of Sports Illustrated.

Many models have worked as fitness models, commercial models, and fashion models for a short duration, and because they signed with high-end modelling agencies, they got to work with Sports Illustrated magazine.

Do you need to have an athletic body?

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition often features athletes, but that doesn’t mean that every model has to have an athletic body. Most of the models that you will see in their magazine aren’t Olympic champions. Models can belong to any modelling type.

Some of the models can be curvy, while others are slim. The requirement is to be fit, and your body should be a little curvy to flaunt your assets perfectly. The magazine doesn’t say no to super slim models, but they prefer models with bigger breasts and butts.

You will not see runway models who are super thin on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition. So, if you are slim and don’t have curves, then your chances to become a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model is less.

Does Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition accept plus-size models?

Good news for all the plus-size ladies, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition does accept plus-size models.

In fact, the first-ever plus-size model to get features on Sports Illustrated was Robyn Lawley. She is 6’2,’’ and has a size 11. 

Robyn even featured on the cover page of Vogue Australia.

If you are a plus-size model and you are signed with plus-size modelling agencies or any top agencies that have signed plus-size models, then get ready, you might have a shot.

Other than Robyn, the gorgeous Ashley Graham also featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition. 

plus size modelling

She has a size 16, by the way! The model garnered a lot of buzzes, but this broke the stereotype! She gave hope to all the plus-size models who dream of appearing on the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition!

How to get started?

The first step is to get signed with a top modelling agency. To be in any modelling agency, you must work hard. Otherwise, your chances to be featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition will get low. Sports Illustrated send invitations only to the top agencies.

There won’t be any direct casting. A model must have a proper height with curves. If you have bigger busts and buttocks, you will have more chances to get selected. We recommend you to do some commercial and advertising gigs. 

You can go to swimsuit gigs as well. There are different types of modelling categories, and every model has a chance to get featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition. However, make sure that your body is curvy. Know your figure and speak to your agency.

Your agency will also promote their models because when a model gets featured on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition, they represent a particular agency. Before appearing in the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition, the first step is to apply to various modelling agencies.

You can start with the local ones. But remember that you must apply to legit agencies only. Many fake agencies ask for money before your career begins. Never accept their offer because this is not how modelling agencies work.

They get a commission when their models get signed for a job. After their work is complete, the modelling agency receives a portion of the payment.

Video: How to Start a Modelling Career

The modelling industry is extremely competitive, so you must make sure to look the best and fight for your position. Start with small gigs, come under the notice of the modelling scouts, and wait for the right opportunity. Once you signed more modelling contracts then you will get noticed by other agencies.

Along with all this, don’t forget to participate in pageants and different modelling competitions. These are the platforms where you can come under the notice of modelling scouts and various modelling agencies. Even if you don’t win a competition, you will still have an experience.

You will learn about posing differently, and you will get the right platform to come under the notice of various modelling agencies.

What are the requirements to get featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition?

Anybody fit but with proper curves is an ideal candidate for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition. However, skinny models with smaller breasts and buttocks are usually not seen in the pages of this magazine.

A plus-size model, glamour model, and athletic model with a good physique also get endorsed by their agencies. Some of the top modelling agencies sign models who appear on the Sports Illustrated pages as these models already have the right measurements when it comes to body requirements.

A model whether new or experienced signed by a non-reputed modelling agency can’t get featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition. The magazine follows the strict guidelines that they will send invitations to only the reputed ones.

So, the only option you have got if you dream of appearing in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition is to keep working hard. Go for different modelling jobs, take part in various modelling competitions, and wait for your chance to get signed by a top agency.

Is nudity included in Sports Illustrated?

Not really, the magazine is a swimsuit edition, and models mostly appear in bikinis and swimsuits. Although, some pictures of a few models could be raunchy, however, their private parts are covered gracefully. You don’t have to pose all naked for the magazine.

Work on your body and look graceful. The magazine allows the model to have a good time while shooting. You can smile, pose in different ways, and be in a comfortable position. So, the final result should be exceptional, and that’s what the brand needs.

Top facts about Sports Illustrated

The Magazine Takes Good Care of the Models

We have seen many swimsuit models posing in bizarre situations.

Many models say that they have to shoot in an extremely windy atmosphere. 

All they have to wear is a small bikini and pose gracefully in front of the camera.

The work behind the scenes of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition is surprisingly the opposite.

The crew sets up heaters all around the model if they feel that the set is cold or the model needs something warm.

Even in the outer setting, the brand lives up to its name. It’s a billion-dollar business, and the brand does not take any chances.


Bystanders are allowed    

Unlike other modelling campaigns, if you are at the beach, the shoot might attract some bystanders or beachgoers.

They may even stare or halt to check out the photoshoot. You have to learn to deal with it! 

We know that working with a group of crew members and posing artistically in front of a group of bystanders is entirely different.

But, even if it can turn out to be a little awkward, you can’t stop filming.

Once you are shooting and everyone is ready, you have got to be prepared!


Drones are included too!

How cool is that? Photographers are no longer limited to their high-end cameras.

Now, they also have cool drones, and the images captured by drones are awe-inspiring.

drone shot

Models Use a Lot of Body Oil to Glow in the Photogrpahs!

Models that we see on the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition have glowing skin because they use a lot of body oil and makeup.

Models never seem to mind that extra glow on their face or all over the body.

The makeup artist uses the magic lotion in specific areas so that the model looks stunning in the photos.

This is something new, but this is what they actually do.

Therefore, the next time you see the cheeks of models shining, probably, they have applied lotion or some extra dash of highlighter.

body oil

The Models Have a Lot of Fun

Well, this is one of the most common things that every model will say.

Every photoshoot is fun, and once the photoshoot is over, the models get to have all sorts of fun.

They relax with the crew members, check out their photos, comment on them, and then wrap-up!

models have fun

Getting Represented by your agency

Once you get casting calls from some of the top modelling agencies, ensure that you show up punctually. Missing a casting call means losing a huge opportunity to get noticed. Open calls are a great way to represent yourself to the big agencies.

Be confident when you go for an interview, and remember, only the big modelling agencies have the key to endorse you to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition. Other than that, you can try contacting big names on your own as well.

All the big modelling agencies have an online submission tab on their website. Go to their site and apply online. Submit your portfolio and wait for the chance. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition is a fantastic way to get hired for other big brands.

It is a lifetime opportunity, but to be among the top 25 models, you will first have to start your career as a model in any of the modelling types. Choose your modelling type carefully and get in touch with the agencies.

If you have previous work experience, highlight them. Submit the best of the best photos of yours.

What to do when you get a call for an interview?

If one of the top agencies call you for an interview, the first thing you should do is not to panic. Many models start panicking, and this shows up on their faces when they go for an interview. What you can do now is to prepare for the interview. Pamper yourself.

Go for a facial, get rid of the dead skin. Go for a deep hair conditioning to make your hair look flawless. And don’t forget to add manicure and pedicure to your beauty regime. It would be best if you looked stunning and radiant when you appear for the interview.

The agency is going to judge your personality and will check how well-groomed you are.

Have a confident attitude. Overconfidence can ruin everything, though. Make sure you come out as someone with whom the top agency will love to work with. Wear something beautiful, but simple. Don’t wear any extra accessories that will attract the judges more.

Video: What Modelling Agency Interviews are Really Like

Don’t overdo your makeup. Wear a little foundation if you want, but nothing over the top.

Your clothes should be plain and straightforward. You can go for a white T-shirt without any graphics or prints and a pair of jeans. Sleep well at night before your interview, and always drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated. 

You can go for a skin massage, if you wish to make it look glossy on the day of your interview. During the interview, sit with good posture, and have a bright smile on your face. Don’t forget to make eye contact with the interviewer.

Outshine everyone with your charming, lively personality, and once the interview is over, thank them all for the opportunity and walk away gracefully. Never show any of the top agencies that you are desperate to be signed.

They already know why you are there for the interview. So, let them decide and have patience.

Can men also get featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition?

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition is strictly for female models. Sports Illustrated invites agencies to share their best female models with curvy figures. When it comes to modelling types, the magazine has been pretty unconventional in hiring plus-size models. 

However, there is no report that the brand will feature male models anytime sooner.

What made you think to go for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition?    

Of course, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition opens doors for many opportunities, and it increases your popularity as well. Do you dream of working in some of the top modelling markets? 

Do you think that getting featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition will help you get better-paying modelling jobs? If yes, then remember to work double on yourself. Top modelling agencies don’t sign models just like that. They will evaluate your profile rigorously. ​

The process is going to get complicated, and you may face some rejections too. You already know that the modelling industry is never easy, and there is always a cut-throat competition. New faces keep on applying to the modelling agencies, but not everyone gets signed.

If you are serious about your goal, then prepare yourself to get hired by some of the top agencies! First, think about the modelling category for which you are best suitable. Would you like to become a fashion model, a glamour model, a swimsuit model, or anything else?    

What happens if you don’t get featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition?

Never forget that only 25 models get selected for Sports Illustrated.

The competition is fierce, and there are a lot many models who would like to try for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition. The number of models who will be selected for the magazine is limited, and the number of applicants will be over ten thousand.

You will be competing with a large group of models who are all from reputed modelling agencies. If you don’t make it in the top 25, then there are other excellent modelling opportunities waiting for you. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition is not the end! Keep up the spirit and move on.

You can try lingerie modelling, petite modelling, fitness modelling, glamour modelling, and more. Your agencies will help you find other and lucrative opportunities. Don’t lose hope! 

List of 2020 Finalists of Sports Illustrated (Swimsuit Model Edition)

We have the names of some of the Sports Illustrated models. It won’t be possible to mention all the names here, we have mentioned a few names though.

Christie Valdiserri

Christie Valdiserri is from West Chester, Pennsylvania, and she is a 25-year-old model.

She is a fitness instructor, professional dancer, model, and a public speaker. She is one of the lucky 25 Sports Illustrated models.

Christie Valdiserri 2

Courtney Lynne Smits

Courtney Lynne Smits is 23-years-old, and she is from Woodbridge, Virginia.

The model has previously worked as a psychological operations specialist, and has a degree in Bachelor of Science in communication.

She adored models of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition, and now get featured in Sports Illustrated finally.

Courtney Lynne Smits

Djaniel Carter

Djaniel Carter, a 24-year-old model who is a professional dancer, featured on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Edition.

She is from Mesa, Arizona, and has always wanted to be a part of this elite magazine.

Djaniel Carter

Kathy Jacobs

If you thought that age does matter when it comes to modelling, Kathy Jacobs is here to break all the stereotypes.

This 55-year-old model is one of the 25 Sports Illustrated models. She is from Calabasas, California.

Kathy Jacobs

Brielle Anyea

Brielle Anyea is 24 years old plus-size woman.

Another inspirational model, who says that if you have the right attitude and strength within yourself, you can pursue any goal.

This beautiful model is from Baltimore, Maryland.

Brielle Anyea

Katina Taylor

Katina Taylor is 43, and she looks way younger than her age.

She founded an organisation called Camp Katina. This camp teaches life skills and gymnastics to underserved youth.

The lady is from Texas, and her humble confidence clearly shows us why she is the chosen one for Sports Illustrated.

Katina Taylor

Ashley Alexiss

The 29 years old Ashley Alexiss is from Boston, Massachusetts, and she is an oversized model.

She has been working for more than ten years, and this incredibly hard-working woman is one of the 25 Sports Illustrated models.

Ashley Alexiss

Last Advice - Be Professional and Patient

The models who are selected for Sports Illustrated are on the list because of their sheer determination.

You can see that there is a mixture of different modelling types. Sports Illustrated opens the door for everyone, and if you can make it till here, nothing can stop you from getting fabulous modelling jobs. However, never lose hope if you don’t make it.

The models on the list have worked hard. They are punctual, committed, and patient. They respect what they do, and this is why they are on the list.

No agency would like to hire someone unfaithful. If you want to become a model, then you will have to prove yourself all the time! No questions asked! Many models are good looking, young, and willing to double their hard work just to get hired by a top modelling agency.

No one will sign you if you fail to show them what you have got! Mantra of life - Be motivated and confident!    

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