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The Ultimate Guide to Aneros Prostate Pleasure (2020)

Most of us know that even men can experience multiple orgasms if they get stimulated in the right way. The most simple and popular practice is to stimulate the penile muscles for experiencing an intense orgasm.

However, there is another technique that is less popular but is also very effective and capable of providing powerful orgasms.

This technique is referred to as prostate pleasure because it is done by arousing the prostate gland. 

For those who do not know what a prostate gland is, you can feel it in between your penis and gallbladder.

By just pressing the area above it, you can touch the small gland which might be smaller than a walnut in size.

It is one of the important reproductive organs of the male body as it is responsible for producing the prostate liquid which is one of the major constituents of semen.

This gland also helps in ejecting this fluid in the urethra while you ejaculate. It happens to be a very sensitive area as well and is often known as the G-spot for males or P-spot.

Men can stimulate this gland by rubbing the skin over it and they can also use sex toys to stimulate it internally as well. Prostate stimulators or massagers are specially formulated to arouse the prostate gland.

Aneros is one of the most well-known brands that manufacture different kinds of prostate massagers. These prostate massagers or stimulators are engineered to tease your prostate gland both internally and externally. 

As a result, they can deliver an orgasm that you might have never experienced before. This brand was launched in the '90s and it started as a company that manufactured medical kits and equipment.

Aneros Prostate Massagers - Its More Than Just a Toy

Even the prostate stimulator was introduced as a medical device for men as it proved to be beneficial for the overall health of men. 

However, the intense pleasure it provided to the users made it so popular that it ultimately became a brand that made tools and equipment that served the purpose of sexual stimulation and excitement. 

From the year 2003, Aneros started focusing only on creating smartly engineered prostate stimulators that can deliver multiple orgasms to guys and that too without the need of using hands.

Today, they not only have a wide range of different prostate massagers but they also manufacture prostate toys, lubes, and many other products. Today, we will see how these prostate massagers provide ultimate pleasure to users.

Design & structure of Aneros prostate massagers

For those who have not seen an Aneros prostate massager yet, simply visit their website or you can also search them in popular e-commerce websites that sell sex toys. Click on this link to visit their website: https://www.aneros.com/

Most of these prostate massagers look like a small sword with a curvy blade. These massagers are either made up of premium grade silicone or plastic. These massagers can vibrate in multiple patterns and speeds to stimulate your prostate.

Though most of these massagers look similar, they are completely different when it comes to their feel, texture, vibrating patterns, etc. As a result, you can order different Aneros prostate stimulators to enjoy a unique experience every time.

Some of these massagers are designed for beginners. The massagers that are meant for beginners are usually much smaller in size as their anuses are not accustomed to take in large toys. 

Also, they vibrate at much lower intensities and the patterns are also less stimulating as compared to the prostate massagers that are developed for experienced users.

Aneros also provides a wide selection of prostate stimulators that are specially designed for experienced men. These men usually have the experience of inserting bigger anal plugs and prostate toys in their anuses. 

As a result, it becomes easy for them to handle these massagers that are comparatively bigger and also capable of delivering much stronger vibrations with intense vibrating patterns. 

Apart from vibrating prostate toys, they even manufacture manual prostate toys that do not vibrate. However, the design and texture of these massagers are such that you can experience intense orgasms with their help. 

Some men even prefer the manual prostate massagers over the vibrating ones because they feel that they can control their orgasms more effectively with the help of manual toys.

How does it work?

When you use the Aneros prostate massagers, your Kegel muscles and sphincter muscles get worked up. Kegel muscles are the ones that you need to stop the flow of your pee while urinating.

On the other hand, sphincter muscles are the ones that you use to create a passage while farting and while passing stool

Both these muscles might sound a bit gross and dirty to you but you will have to be a bit more flexible with these things if you want to experience the real thing that we will be revealing in the following paragraphs.

Both the Kegel and sphincter muscles can be used for prostate milking that can also lead to powerful orgasms. However, let us focus on how these muscles work as you insert a prostate massager of Aneros in your butt hole.

Firstly, the sphincter muscles contract as you insert the prostate toy inside your rectum. After reaching a couple of inches down, the massager will start stimulating the Kegel muscles.

After a period of stimulation, both the Kegel and sphincter muscles start to contract and release slowly. This might happen simultaneously or one at a time. The period of contraction and relaxation might last a couple of minutes or more depending on the kind of stimulation you are experiencing.

Prostate Massage 101 - The Ins and Outs of Prostate Pleasure

Over a period, both these muscles will get tired and they will start shaking involuntarily. This is where the real action begins. As these muscle groups shake and tremble, they also start to hold the prostate massager tightly.

As a result, you feel as if your anus is trying to swallow it. It might lead to worry and confusion among the beginners but there is nothing to worry about as the Aneros prostate massagers have one arm on each side of the massager that keeps it in its place. 

If you are using a manual prostate massager, you might have to use your hand once in a while to correct or change the position of the massager to get more aroused. However, the vibrating prostate massagers will vibrate as per the vibrating pattern or intensity that you have chosen.

The vibrator will apply immense pressure on these muscle groups and you will start trembling involuntarily due to the intense bouts of orgasmic pleasure.

A 10 to a 15-minute session will be enough for beginners to climax while experienced men can control their orgasms for as long as 2 hours with the help of these massagers.  

Remember that the more you control your urges, the better and bigger orgasm you will experience and you will be able to understand the true meaning of prostate pleasure.

How to use it?

There is no one particular technique of using the Aneros prostate massagers but you will mostly need to follow these steps to prepare yourself and your prostate before indulging in some serious pleasure and teasing:

1. Be relaxed & comfortable

The most essential thing is to be comfortable and relaxed while using these massagers. This is because your entire body needs to loosen up a bit before a prostate stimulation.

You can take a warm bath or a hot shower just in case you are feeling a bit tense or if you are using it for the first time.

Warm water will not only relax your muscles but it will also make your body more sensitive and receptive to the various stimulations that you will experience while using these toys. 

Also, you can play romantic music or you can even watch a porn video or a passionate lovemaking scene from your favorite adult movie to get in the mood. 

It is important to feel aroused before using these massagers because your body will be able to react to the sensations only if you are feeling horny.

2. Tease your anus

Once you are completely relaxed and ready for this session, you will have to ensure that your anus is properly lubed.

Though these prostate massagers are soft and much smaller as compared to the regular butt plugs, you will have to lube up the inner and outer part of your butt hole to make the insertion smooth and comfortable.

Also, you cannot touch your penis at any time because it will divert the entire focus of the sensations to another place and this will spoil your entire experience of prostate pleasure.

However, you can tease your anus as much as you can. For example, you can insert a finger in your anus to make its opening a little wider. It will also help you to relax a bit and you will also get ready for a further set of actions. 

Note: Some Aneros prostate toys like Aneros Progasm are slightly larger than the other massagers and therefore, you might need to use more lube while using the larger models.

Also, you can use two fingers instead of one and continue the penetration for a bit longer for making the whole process smooth and hassle-free.

3. Real action

Once you have lubed up your anus nicely, it is time to insert the prostate massager in your backdoor. You can use some extra lube on the massager as well.

However, do not use silicone-based lubes while using these massagers because silicone is a major constituent of most of these toys. Therefore, you can use water-based lubes and even creams and lotions that do not contain silica gel or any other form of silicone.

While inserting a prostate massager inside your rectum, the tip of the prostate toy must face upwards in the direction of your stomach. This is because the prostate gland is located adjacent to the rectum..

Rest the arms of the massager on the perineum or tailbone depending on the design of the prostate stimulator that you are using.

A popular technique is to lie on your back first and then bend your knees towards your stomach. . After that, you can place a pillow (preferably a small pillow) below your buttocks.

To learn different positions, you can also search for videos that are available on YouTube and some other channels. Watch this YouTube video that will provide some insight to beginners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bfu-YX-OSAw

Once the toy has been inserted, you can relax for 10 to 15 minutes. Let your buttocks get used to the feeling and your body will automatically become more relaxed.

Some men watch porn while using these toys whereas some men might just prefer to rest and think about their lovers and crushes. You can also tickle your nipples or any part of your body that is sensitive to get more aroused. 

Relax your buttocks and do not try to exert some additional force on the massager in any way. The idea is to let the massager do all the things while you concentrate on the stimulation that is being generated by it. 

After some 15 to 20 minutes (in case of beginners), your Kegel and sphincter muscles will start to contract and relax as we had mentioned earlier. Let the contraction and relaxation of muscles repeat a few times and you will start feeling the erotic sensations run throughout your body. 

Quick Guide on How To Use the Best Male Prostate Massager

Now, let us look at some advanced, erotic, and best models of Aneros when it comes to prostate massagers:

List of Prostate Massagers

Helix Trident

Helix Trident is one of the most popular prostate massagers of Aneros. It is specially engineered for beginners who are not accustomed to anal sex toys. 

It is designed to look like a helix and therefore, contains angles that can provide a more stimulating experience to users.

The multiple motion technology is integrated with it which helps it to move in both lateral and up-down directions. As a result, it is ideal for both solo and couple sessions. 

You can insert up to 3.32 inches inside your anus. This depth ensures that the massager touches and teases your prostate gland perfectly. 

Moreover, it has both kundalini and perineum arms that stimulate the rim of your anus nicely. These arms not only facilitate easy movement but also stimulate you externally.



  • When you order a Helix Trident, you will notice that it is an updated version of the older model. You can check its details in the user manual where you will also find the information related to its use and maintenance.
  • It comes in a beautiful box and the white prostate massager is also equally appealing.
  • It is not a big prostate massager but huge enough to satisfy most men. While it is perfect for beginners, the first time users will still have to take some effort to adjust to the pain and sensation that they will experience while inserting it in their glory hole.


  • It is easy to clean this sex toy after use since it is made up of plastic. To clean it thoroughly, you just have to wash it with warm water with some soap and then spray some antibacterial cleaner after that.
  • The tabs that are on either side of the trident will stimulate your perineum and Kundalini perfectly. This will multiply your pleasure by many folds.
  • You can use it with oil-based lube to make insertion into your anal cavity smoothly. The head of the trident stimulates the prostate easily and puts the right amount of pressure on it.


  • The flexible design of this trident makes it ideal to use with a partner but you might have to make some efforts to cum while you are playing solo.

Review: Sakir Khan -- "I had never used a prostate massager before but when I read about the features of the Helix Trident, I felt tempted to use it. I ordered it a month ago and the experience has been quite satisfying, to say the least."

Aneros Progasm

Progasm is the biggest prostate massager launched by Aneros as of yet. It is large enough to be used as an anal plug as well. It is not only huge lengthwise but is also quite thick.

Even the external arms are big and they do the job of arousing you externally. The huge size of this prostate toy means that you have to lube-up the external part and internal cavity of your anus nicely.

You can apply some of the lube on the toy as well to facilitate smoother insertion.

This prostate stimulator is not meant for beginners, but experienced users will enjoy it immensely.

Some men even prefer to finger their anus before using this toy because it is big enough to cause discomfort and pain if not inserted properly.

For those men who like its design but do not want to insert such a huge toy in their anus can purchase the Progasm Jr. that has the same design but comes in a much smaller size.

Aneros Progasm


  • It is one of the biggest if not the biggest prostate massager of Aneros. The thickness and length of this massager make it suitable only for the experienced users.
  • If you need the biggest model both length and girth wise then you can order its advanced specimen.


  • It is an ideal sex toy for men who find regular prostate massagers to be small.
  • The regular massager is made from medical grade silicone which is extremely safe for your skin.
  • If you are a pro at controlling your Kegels and sphincter muscles then you will enjoy it a lot.


  • Not ideal for beginners.

Review: Ven Simps -- "I being a regular user of prostate massager wanted to try something that was challenging. So, I ordered the Progasm ice which looks like it is made from glass but is made from shatter-proof plastic. Nevertheless, I felt some pain at the start but slowly I started enjoying it more and today it is one of my favourite sex toys."

Vice 2

Vice 2 is one of the more recent additions to the list of amazing prostate stimulators that are offered by Aneros. It is a vibrating massager that can be operated with the help of wireless remote control. 

It is suitable for those men who also like to experience some vibrations while experiencing sensations. Vice 2 is packed with features and one of the most popular prostate pleasuring devices as well. 

It includes 18 vibrating patterns and 4 vibrating speeds. Therefore, the range of sensations and vibrations that you can enjoy with this stimulator is immense.

Moreover, a Joy Button is also integrated with it which gives the right kind of vibration whenever you need some extra stimulation. It has a standard girth and length that make it ideal for both beginners and experienced users. 

It is slightly more expensive than the prostate vibrators that do not vibrate but it is totally worth the price due to the wide range of sensations that it can provide.

Vice 2


  • Being one of their recent models, Vice 2 has everything that we look for in a prostate massager. It has a wireless design, option of USB charging, and a stunning design that not only looks good but feels great.
  • It might be slightly costly than the non-motorized massagers but it is certainly worth it as you do not have to put in a lot of effort while controlling your sphincter and kegel muscles.


  • Dual motors make this massager powerful enough to create stimulating sensations.
  • You can toggle between 4 vibrating speeds and 18 vibrating patterns while using this prostate massager.
  • It lasts up to 1 hour 30 minutes after charging it fully. This makes this vibrating massager ideal for longer sessions.


  • Beginners might find the vibrations a bit too harsh especially at higher vibrating speeds.

Review: Tim Jones – "I do not mind working my Kegels but this toy has made me scream with pleasure as I reached a big orgasm after using it a couple of times."

The Maximus Trident

The Maximus Trident is developed for experienced men who like to enjoy a massager that fills up their anal cavity completely.

The head of this massager is curved upwards and has the perfect angle for stimulating your prostate gland.

It is also the perfect toy for beginners who want to experience something bigger but do not want to try something so big that it would hurt.

It can be bought at a reasonable price and therefore, it is popular among men of all ages. 



  • The Maximum Trident is the bigger version of the MGX Trident. Therefore, it is more suited for experienced users.
  • It is made from medical grade plastic and can add the right kind of pressure on your P-spot to make your experience much more intense than before.


  • The longer length of this device and its curved structure enables you to target the prostate without taking the help of a partner.
  • You can use silicone lube with this toy to make a smooth insertion in your dirty hole.
  • It is easy to clean this massager since it is made from tough plastic.


  • It lacks the textured stem that other variants of Aneros prostate massagers have.
  • The Maximum Trident is not meant for beginners or first-timers.

Review: Sam Rowseer – "I love it when my partner uses this toy to arouse me. However, I would recommend everyone to use it with lots of lube."

MGX Syn Trident

MGC Syn Trident is made up of premium grade silicone and is a perfect prostate stimulator for beginners. It has a simple and non-complex design with the curves at the right places.

Experienced users might find it a bit limited since it does not contain extraordinary angles and has a relatively small bulb or tip.

One of the highlights of this toy is its ribbed handle that stimulates your anus externally as well.

Its handles and arms not only arouse your rim, tailbone, and perineum but they are also designed to provide the utmost comfort to the user.

This stimulator is 3.7 inches in length which is more than sufficient to stimulate your prostate gland.

It might be a bit pricey but it certainly has the quality and design that make you quiver with pleasure especially if you are new to the world of anal and prostate pleasure.



  • Engineered from premium quality silicone, the MGC Syn Trident is known for its bulky head, textured handle, and a curvy design that helps to stimulate the prostate perfectly.
  • The ribbed handle is meant for stimulating your anus externally. Also, the signature design along with the dual arms work together to provide an exciting experience to the users.


  • The MGX Trident is perfect for those who have newly stepped in the world of prostate pleasure.
  • You can insert it up to 3.7 inches in your anus which means that it will get deep enough to tease your prostate.
  • It is a perfect toy to explore different sensations by stimulating the p-spot.


  • The price of this sex toy is a little on the higher side.

Review: Ray Miller – "I have tried it only once but the curved bulb was good enough to give me the orgasmic pleasure of my life. Waiting to try it once again. Also, I hope that if they make it a bit thicker for me because I have been using a prostate massager for many years now."

These were some of the top prostate massagers of Aneros. If you want to explore more prostate massagers then you can read this blog.

Simple Techniques to use prostate massagers

  • Take a hot bath or shower
  • Use lube
  • Apply massage technique to stimulate the prostate

Some tips for beginners

Beginners must be careful while using the prostate massagers since carelessness can be a cause of great discomfort and pain. They can follow these tips to avoid any pain or inconvenience while inserting and using the Aneros prostate massagers:

  • Do not insert the Aneros prostate massagers if you are not feeling aroused. This is because your body reacts to sensations only if it is sufficiently stimulated.
  • Do not use them while your anal cavity is dried, as slight friction can damage and tear the walls of the anal canal. 
  • Beginners can avoid using the vibrating massagers in the beginning because their body will not be able to bear different sensations. As a result, they would not be able to enjoy the session completely. 
  • Clean the prostate massagers thoroughly after every use as you need to eliminate the bacteria and other germs that can damage its texture and quality.

Infographic Guideline

Infographics: Prostate Massager
Infographics: Prostate Massager
Infographics: Prostate Massager


These are some tips and suggestions for men who want to explore the world of prostate pleasure. If you have developed your own technique of using the Aneros prostate stimulator please let us know in the comments section.

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