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Anal Sex: Beginners’ Guide with Dos and Don’ts

You might think that anal play is way too posh and hurtful.

This is probably because you have never tried practicing it. Why do you think a whole month of the year is dedicated to it? 

Yes, August is the anal sex month dedicated to pleasure.

Let’s celebrate then!

Beginners’ Guide with Dos and Don’ts for Anal sex [2023]

It is no secret that anal sex is as old as the universe. It dates back to the ancient times when people high in the hierarchy just accepted it as a regular act of sexual promotion. These days, it is also considered normal.

Get to know it better while watching high quality anal porn videos like those at PornOne for example. Later on, you will find out if it is for you.

If you want to enjoy anal play as much as million people around the world, check out our five beginners’ tips on how to make the first step to this whole new world of experiences with most important dos and don’ts!

Preparation routine

Of course, the first step is to communicate it with your partner. They will surely not mind trying something new, so be brave and go for it!

The next step would be a whole walk… to the drugstore. There you will find many lubricants. We would suggest you go for the very basics-no scent, no flavor. Do not worry! You will have enough time to make a whole collection once you get your first try in anal!

Another thing to buy from the drugstore is an enema. We know it sounds scary. But if you want to avoid the mess, you should probably learn how to use it. First, clean the enema. Then, pour warm water into it. 

Put the tip of it in your butthole.  Squeeze all the water. Repeat this a couple of times until only clear water comes off!  

It is not that hurtful as it sounds, and after the first time, you will actually intentionally sink into this feeling of release you get after the procedure!

Patience is the key!

We know that from the first touch with a finger on your butthole to the intense fuck in the ass, there is a long way to go! We know it is hard to remain patient when you want to make the most of it!

We promise it will be worth it! Start with just a little stimulation-just a finger. After that, you can switch to a toy, and finally, you can go for a real penis or a dildo! Of course, you do not have to do this alone. You can go through this with your partner stimulating you and your butt!

Newbies never find the treasure!

Be prepared for the common case! You will not get pleasure from the very first try, and this is fine! Accept the fact that butthole orgasms are a question of practicing. You have to remain calm if things do not work at first.

Step-by-step is your path to the maximum fun! Do not put pressure on yourself… and your butthole.

Just a little help!

Not only in the beginning but also in even when you are used to the feeling of having your backyard digged, you can use your hands and many, many toys to have an additional stimulation!

In your first steps, our personal advice is to use your hands or let your partner use theirs on your clitoris or vagina! Later on, you can include vibrators and dildos in your sex life during anal play! Our final point of Anal Masters in the University of Sex is a threesome with you partner and your threesome-buddy! Only considering this, it is a great motivation to be patient in this journey to a great culmination and, to be honest, quite a lot of fun!

We have been thinking, “Why it is so hot, and women still do not like it?” And the answer is “their past experience and their wrong expectations”.  This is why we are writing this post right now! Here is how to enjoy anal sex with no fear and a lot of desire! These are our Dos and Don’ts of backyard play!

So, what to do while making anal sex

Talk about that sex in the ass

Before you even think of putting your penis into your partner’s ass, just open up the talk. Even if they are very open-minded, our advice is that you shall start from a very far point. We would go for something like, “Oh, well, our sex life is great, but have you ever thought of putting some new things to spice our bed a little?”

After that, just introduce the idea of backyard play. Do not go straightforward. See their reaction and then decide how to proceed.  The boundaries they set is the thing that will show you how to guide the convo!

If they are very defensive, then just say, “We saw an article on the web, checked out, and realized that so many people love it, why cannot we be those people?!” Peer pressure has always worked properly as reversed psychology!

Anal fingering

When it is finally time to start the show, you have to proceed just the way you do with a vagina. You need to begin with a little foreplay. Of course, natural lubrication is impossible in the anus, but foreplay will surely relax the muscles- in this case, the cervix.  Here, you will need a little touchie-touchie. Finger that butthole up! This will relax it, and the penetration will be easy and painless!

Find your best pose

One of the most important things to focus on is the position.  Think adequately when it comes to this. It is important to choose one that offers easy penetration and no harsh pressure on the organs.

We would personally recommend you the doggie style. It is easy to go in, and mostly, it is easy to have an A-orgasm.

What makes it really a perfect pick is that it gives perfect access to the clit. A well-known fact is that anal sex and clitoral stimulation are best friends and will get you to the body-shaking orgasm in seconds. Literally.

Another one that you might want to try is the lazy doggie style. Your partner lays down on their stomach, and you penetrate from above.

It has the same advantages as the regular version of this position, but the angle is a bit different. Both options are pleasurable and it is all a matter of preferences!

Here is what you should avoid!

Unprepared sex is the worst to do

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to get into bed with this practice is to start the play without being prepared. Communication with your partner is the key to a pleasurable experience.

In addition, it is not to forget that condoms and lube are necessary for this practice.  Safety is only sure with condom, and lubrication is needed for the penetration not to be painful. These two shall be your best friends, as most women are defensive of anal because of the pain and the diseases.

Be handy

The fact that you have butt play does not mean that this shall be the only pleasure source for the bottom partner. Use your hands to add s little more stimulation to their erogenous zones. 

Nipples are a great place to put your fingers on, but what would be even better is the clit. The deep parts of the anus are neurologically connected with the clit. Stimulating both of them at the same time will bring her to the two different orgasms with a snap!

No pregnant women allowed

We truly believe this does not need many explanations: JUST DON’T. There is nothing wrong with this sexual practice. However, it is not quite recommended for pregnant women. 

Even though a woman with a baby in the belly might be in great health condition, the consequences of this sex might be very unpleasant. Yes, you got it right-hemorrhoids…

Not only that the sex will be exquisitely painful, but the problem might get very harsh as the pressure and irritation in this body part is strong and, sad to say, but unnatural.

Don’t be so fast while doing anal

Another fact is that anal sex is great for a creampie! Here is how to do it! As the muscles are very strong, the fast movement out can cause a massive amount of pain in your partner’s butt. So, when you pull out, do it step by step, not all at once. Also, take into account that pulling out quickly may lead to a lot of… hum… mess. And we are not talking only about cum literally everywhere… You know what we mean, right?

Anal fun hides some dangers. It is impossible to clean absolutely everything inside, and there is a slight chance for some mess to happen. That is why you always have to keep a Plan B for the night, and not let such accidents ruin it all.

An option is to keep a pack of wipes right next to the lube just to make sure you can reach them at any moment. This will help you avoid embarrassing situations with your partner. Another way to do is to move the Biggie Funnie to the bathroom at the exact moment when you notice that the mess is getting nearer or that the situation back there is already a real mess.

Backyard play can give you so much pleasure that you cannot even imagine. Keep all your pride and prejudices aside and think about it! This is an experience that surely tightens the bonds between you and your partner and definitely brings joy in your bedroom!

Final Words

Overall, anal sex is great fun, and it is totally worth trying! Many people believe that it is very hard and very painful. Following these tips will guarantee you pleasurable backyard experience, many orgasms, and of course, it will spice up a little bit your relationship!

Most women are not really open to this practice, but this is most probably because of previous unhealthy experiences and the bad rumors floating around. However, doing it safely, having proper preparation, and knowing how things work will surely bring you to heaven in a few minutes! You will never know if you never even try!

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