Complete Guide on Anal Orgasm (2020)

When it is about orgasm, the only expression that comes to our mind is euphoric! You will feel energized and amazing right after you are done with your series of orgasms.

It is not quite restricted to one orgasm at a single time, as you can end up having more than one if you need it.

But, if you want to spice up your sex life a bit more, try anal orgasm for a change!

Such orgasms will definitely feel much better when compared to the basic genital ones. You can experience orgasm no matter whatever gender group you belong to!

When men are trying out an anal orgasm for a change, it will make the experience even more intense than usual. 

first time anal sex

Just like that g-spot stimulation for women, anal orgasm comes with a full-bodied and intense climax pleasure. The best part is its long-lasting effect, which will surely make you forget about everything else.

Perfect Orgasmic Feel for Men with prostate massage

Most of the time, it takes a man around 20 to 30 minutes to get erect after the first orgasm hits you hard. Thanks to prostate anal orgasm, now you can reduce that time to just 5 to 10 minutes. The art of prostate play can easily increase the cum amount, as generated during this procedure.

Moreover, you might not know this, but a prostate massage will reduce the rate of suffering from prostate cancer alongside a mind-blowing orgasm.

Any kind of anal prostate orgasm is easier to present to anyone with a prostate. All you  need to do is just lube the anus up and the anal sex toy you are about to use. Even if it is just your finger, don’t forget to lube that as well.

You can even stimulate the penis during that insertion point by adding up a hand-job with the butt sex.

Ways to get started on this journey

There are some women who might hit it really hard with anal sex just by asking their partners for their penises. Then you have others who might need the help of anal sex toys to cover up the deal with ease. Everyone has her own technique to follow, depending on what feels amazing for the body.

The techniques also vary with comfort level.

  • The way you can get started with anal orgasm is purely experimental. You can enjoy a pleasurable anal play with plug or beads, anal vibrator, or even a penis or dildo. For some people, it is just the magical touch of fingers that can cover the deal for sure.
  • Just like any other kind of sex sessions, anal orgasm needs its share of foreplay, as well. It can be anything from mere kissing and touching to some clitoral or vaginal stimulation.
  • Always try taking this measure slowly. Try using your hands or just help your partner to relax. It will ensure that both of you are comfortable with one another before trying out this new sexual move.
  • When you are all relaxed and ready, start this procedure with your finger or tongue for stimulating the anus area gently. When you are completely aroused, you can try easing out just one finger or even tip of that butt plug you just bought.
  • Give some time, and the anal muscles will open up naturally. If you have to force it to get your fingers inside, then you aren’t ready.

The next stages of anal orgasm

Once you have gone through the baby steps of anal orgasm, now it is time to venture into some real-world or anal orgasmic pleasure. If you can feel your finger or the plug moving in and out of anus smoothly and without causing the slightest discomfort, it is time to enjoy some penetrative sex.

  • If you are trying out some anal toy, always go for the one which is slightly longer than your natural finger. It shouldn’t be wider than two fingers combined and must be non-textured. The ribbed pleasure is for your vagina only.
  • With passing time, you can feel your anal area feeling some of the best pleasurable sensations of all time. You might even experience a buildup of pressure that will segue into some of the contraction waves.
  • In case you are experiencing some of the most amazing sensations but fail to reach the climax and still trying hard to get there, then it is time to take a break. Deep breaths will help and try taking the idea of orgasm out of the table for some time. If you are stressed you cannot enjoy sex and experience a sensuous climax.
  • Always try to stay at that moment whenever you are exploring the wonderful sensations of anal play. Just like any other orgasm  you have come across, do not try focusing more towards orgasms all the time.

Get anal orgasm checked from the Pros

Is this your very first time trying out an anal orgasm? Well, according to some pros, enjoyable penetration always needs practice to become perfect. So, you can’t expect to be a pro overnight as that’s not how it works. Starting it off slowly is always a great way to enjoy the flow of anal pleasure.

Starts it with zero and finally leads to the penis or dildo stage when you are ready for it. You can try this method solo and small. It is also termed as anal training. The best way to start is by using your fingers.

Start Experimenting with your own feeling

You have to start enjoying the anal orgasm on your own to know if you really enjoy it or not. Once you are comfortable and have your answer ready, it is time to invite your partner to join you and accomplish the sense of heightening pleasure together.

If you both are trying anal sex for the first time, be sure to inform your partner about your likes and dislikes. It will help him prepare his moves accordingly.

Go for the ones you like only

It is not always possible for you to like the same thing up to your butt like your friend. She might be into fingers, but for you, sex toy always takes the cake. Try using all the options, but finally, stick to the point that seems amazing to you.

As you have tried all the options, you know which one suits you the most and helps you get to the finish line. So, try to use that device only when you are in the mood for something extra to satisfy you.

Some people are into vibration on the clit, and then you have others focusing on g-spot while dealing with anal penetration. If you have any such preference, try keeping the vibrator handy then. Keep the sex toy right between your legs while your partner concentrates on your anus.

Some others might love a bit of BDSM to spice up anal love. So, they want you to tie them up before you start playing with their anuses.

Guys Love Anal Sex?

Lube is the ultimate helping Hand in Here

Even when the matter involves anal masturbation, the main key to successful penetration got to be lubrication. It is really important to keep things smooth and lubricated. The anus doesn’t get to self-lubricate like your vagina.

Therefore, it is important for you to take the lead right there and make sure that your anus is pretty wet for smoother penetration every time. If the anus is not properly lubricated, you will feel friction, which isn’t a great feeling.

If you try to put pressure, it might land up with small tears inside the anal canal’s wall. Even though these are not quite some serious injuries, they are certainly not the most comfortable feel you could possibly get.

So, if your goal is to enjoy anal sex well, you might have to lubricate the area liberally, to say the least. All you have to check is that the lube you are using doesn’t have any numbing agent in it.

For those who are quite anxious about the anal experience, any product that promises to spare sensitive sphincter will always sound great. But, if you are actually numbing the anal portion, that means you won’t experience any kind of orgasmic pleasure at all.

Go for some techniques

Even though it is really great to stick to the idea you have used and love so far, it is also quite interesting to try out some new things to your sexual repertoire. For example, when you are sure of the anal play, try introducing penetrative sex to it. You are surely going to love it.

On the other hand, a finger or butt plug can always provide you with a tighter fit, mainly during penetrative sex. It will not just make you feel pleasurable, but even your partner will enjoy this experience for sure.

Is anal orgasm the Same as a prostate orgasm?

There are times when Cisgender men and people who are assigned male at birth might have a prostate as part of their natural body. During such instances, a butt orgasm will only take place from a stimulating prostate. You can try stimulating the P-spot as well through the perineum.

It is mainly the runway area between the anus and the testicles.

Learning about A Spot and how it actually feels

A-spot stimulation is how anal orgasms work for all the cisgender women out there. Focusing on anal penetration will stimulate the A-spot indirectly in the vagina. A-spot is located inside the vagina, which is around 5 to 6 inches deep.

So, getting to that spot is not easy, but when you get a hold of it, it proves to be just an amazing experience to follow. This area primarily comprises charged nerve endings, which are enough to make you really wet, real fast!

Do Girls Like Anal?

Ways to get started with A-spot Sensuality

If you are trying it out for the first time, minor discomfort might take place, which is quite normal.

Adjustment is what you need when you are into anal sex. With passing time, the severe pain will be substituted with intense pleasure, which you can’t get enough of. Sex is really a fly-fun for many, but in terms of anal play, you need a bit of preparation by your side.

In case you are a receiving partner

If you are at the receiving point, make sure to stay relaxed and aroused at the same time, mainly if it is your first-ever foray into the world of butt play. Some simple tips are all that you need to get started in this venture.

  • Don’t forget to stock up on the lube. There can’t be too much lube when it is about anal orgasm. The use of lube is not just for smooth penetration, but it plays a major part in the safety notion of anal play.
  • You can always try practising with butt plugs before jumping into the real deal. Sex toys will help you feel for that anal play before you can experiment with a partner. Try taking things up slowly and enjoy the feeling of the toy teasing the butt before inserting the same.
  • It is time for that hot shower with your partner beside you! Hot bath right before anal orgasm will loosen up the tight muscles and will increase the blood flow right up to your bits.
  • Always try to start with something, which is pretty erotic in nature. If you are turned on already, the butt play will be pretty enjoyable then. For that, listen to any erotic story or watch porn with your partner. Close your eyes and dream about the wildest fantasies you can possibly think of!
anal sex

When You are Playing the Role of Giving partner

If you are on the receiving end, then anal sex has a different meaning to you. But, if you are into the giving side, the time has come to bring up your “A” game. A little preparation is all that you need to focus on for sure.

  • First of all, make sure to groom your hands. File and trim your nails if you don’t want to tear delicate skin while fingering. Shorter nails mean less space for bacteria and dirt accumulation. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly as you don’t want to transfer bacteria from your hands to her anus.
  • You  need to get into the mood! Foreplay isn’t for your receiving partner only but for the giving partner as well. Foreplay can always help you get ready for what is about to come and ensure that entry is always in a special spot. Kissing, touching and licking buttocks and the areas surrounding the anus will be a good way to get this party started!
  • Not just for the penis, but condoms are really important while using your fingers and butt toys as well. For those trying to use a tongue, you can cut the condom open and use it as an alternative to the dental dam. This method will not just prevent STIs but will keep the gross factor at bay. For the first-timers, going out fully with condom help is important.
anal gifs

How to use your finger

At first, you need to lube up your finger well. After that, slowly start inserting the lubed finger right into the anus and then curl the finger upwards. With passing time, you have to increase the speed and depth of it and even try to insert the second finger.

Once you have come across the pace and depth,  it will feel amazing. Right from the inside of the anus to the outside position, you must always try finding those spots which will make your partner go gaga over you. Try pressing the finger pad just like pressing a doorbell with light pressure.

With time, gradually improve the speed and increase your pressure as well. Circling is another interesting point to consider with anal orgasm. Rub your finger pad in circular motion in the area of P or A-Spot.

The circling point must start slowly and then pick up the pace gradually, only if your partner wants to. For that magical combination, you need to play with perfect pressure and speed. On the other hand, you might need to simulate the vibrations as well.

The Perfect Way to Play with your tongue

It is true that your tongue might not be able to stimulate A or P spot directly, but it can easily work well and smoothly on the rest of the perianal area along with some of the other erogenous zones. Tease the butt cheeks first with the tip of your tongue before you can finally hit the anal hole.

Make sure to swirl the tongue just around the anus for some time and then push the tip into the opening.

Sexplanations - How to Eat Ass

Using your penis, strap-on or any other kind of anal sex toys

There are a few points that you must consider while working on your anal orgasm. First of all, it has to be pressure. Start by applying either more or less pressure just to help you find your partner’s sweet spot.

It is a trial and error phase, and you might have to spend some time and actions before you find the best fit. Now, when it comes to depth, there’s a golden rule you have to follow. Remember that no two butts are the same.

So, you need to play along with the depth of anus just to figure out how deep you need to get just to maximize your partner’s pleasure points. Always take it slowly and gently, unless your partner wants it all rough and BDSM style.

The market houses some of the best vibrating massagers you can come up with. Each comes with multiple pulse settings and various vibes to them. You can always speed up the vibrations just to take things a bit over the edge,  only when the right time comes.

Then you have some other sex toys in the market, working double duty because of their external and internal vibes. The external vibe helps in stimulating the clitoris or perineum during penetration.

Trying out some of the best anal sex positions for ultimate orgasmic relief

If you are planning to try out an anal orgasm for the first time with your partner, you might want to reach out for the ultimate orgasmic relief. There are some of the best sex tricks and tips available, which will help you  enjoy anal sex for the first time and feel the orgasms right from the start till the end.

Illustrated Guide to Anal Sex Positions

The first one is piledriver

If you want your man to have firm control over the entire action, then piledriver might be the ultimate goal for you. But, trying out this move isn’t simple as you have to be pretty flexible and must have enough lower back strength.

anal sex missionary
  1. 1
    To try out this position, you need to lie on the back first. For the next step, ask your man to grab your legs and then push them back so that the ankles are on top of your head.
  2. 2
    This might be one vulnerable position for you, but it will make it easier for your man to penetrate deep within to help you feel the anal sexual pleasure.
  3. 3
    He just has to follow some squat movements to thrust his rock hard penis inside you. There’s nothing much for you to do other than just lying back and enjoying the efforts of your man.

Try out the High Chair position

You have not heard about it before, but the High Chair is one great anal sex position for anyone to try at least once. To perform this sexual position with your man, you need to sit down on the seat with your butt sticking out.

Your guy will be either standing behind your back, kneeling or even squatting, based on the chair’s height.

high chair pose
  1. 1
    Now, he will grab your shoulder or waist for support and will enter you from behind. He will thrust you from behind with a gradually growing pace.
  2. 2
    Always remember that you will find it a lot easier to perform this task if you have a tall sized chair. It will make your man stand, and that helps him get a good grip and balance.
  3. 3
    If you are right in front of the kitchen or wall counter, then performing this high chair position is best suited for you.

The Turtle position for a change

Want to feel submissive and small during sex? If so, then this Turtle anal position is the perfect one to give a try. However, there is no room for you other than being flexible while trying out this move.

To move forward with this move, you have to start on your knees first and then place your body upright. For the next stage, you have to lean right over and then pull your body towards your thighs. At the same time, your man will stay behind you kneeling.

This position is really comfortable for men but not for you. Therefore, don’t try to be in this position for a long time.

turtle ride

Go for the rear entry

Looks more like spooning, but on your belly, rear entry position for anal sex is gaining quite some popularity among masses. Here, you have to lie down on your stomach. It is up to you on whether you want to keep your legs together or just spread them apart for a better entry.

Now, it is time for your man to just lie right on top, facing your back and then entering you from behind. If your man is a bulky person with a large belly, then having anal sex in this position isn’t a great choice.

anal sex spooning

Teaspooning is the ultimate goal

A less vigorous and easier version of Bodyguard position, Teaspooning is a perfect and delightful experience for men and women. For performing this task, you have to follow the same position as you do in the Bodyguard position.

The only difference is that you will be actually kneeling in place of standing. If you have tried Doggy style before, then teaspooning won’t be difficult at all. You can reach back and hold onto a man for keeping up that balance.

In case you are into rough sex, you might try teaspooning in front of your wall to help push back onto your partner without the fear of falling.

anal sex doggy 2

Go with the Flow for Sure

If you are into the world of sexual pleasure, you should try out anal orgasm quickly! With so many new butt plugs available alongside vibrators, going for the best anal pleasurable experience is not that difficult anymore.

Run through all the available options and select the one move that seems to hit the spot really well. But make sure to keep an open mind for experiencing new methods as well.

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